Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh accuses Anupriya


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima saying which saree shall I wear for Maa’s aarti. Dadi gets the saree for her. Mayura talks to Riddhima on call about Navratri puja. Riddhima recalls dropping her phone. She wishes happy navratri. She says I wish you always find the difference between right and wrong. Mayura says I was wrong, I wish there is no misunderstanding between us. She wishes her best of luck. Riddhima says take care and ends the call. She goes to get ready. Angre says Ishani, how can you wear such clothes for Mata rani’s aarti, its not right, Dadi won’t like it. He scolds her for ignoring him. She asks how dare you take my headphones. She angrily tears his shirt and says you are ready for Mata aarti now, you were giving a lecture to me. He scolds her and asks her to wear clothes according to aarti, only then she will get her headphones. She goes.

Dadi asks Anupriya to let Riddhima keep the chunri for Mata rani. Dadi sees Vansh and gets him. Vansh looks at Riddhima. He takes the bangles and makes her wear it. Dadi says your problems in marriage will end with this ritual, if husband makes the wife wear it, its good. Vansh gets close to Riddhima and says red colour is for Suhaag and the colour of cheat is blood, red blood. He thinks I have got to know the secrets hidden in your heart. Her hand gets hurt. He says don’t worry, I will apply the medicine. Chanchal says shagun bangle broke, its abshagun. Dadi says you got a good shagun. Vansh says ask Riddhima if its shagun or abshagun, she knows everything. He goes. Riddhima gets tensed. She prays to Mata Rani. She thinks how can Vansh know my secret if Sejal didn’t tell him anything, his trust broke, I m a cheater for him, tell me what to do, how to win his trust. She lights the diya.

Dadi says since Vansh’s mum left him, he never celebrated Navratri, he never did puja, his pain gets fresh, he stays away from everyone. Aryan says everyone knows his pain, his wife doesn’t know his pain. Dadi says its not Riddhima’s pain, she will know it when we tell her. Dadi asks Riddhima to tie the chunri and start the aarti. Riddhima ties the aarti. Riddhima does the aarti and prays. Riddhima goes to get the phone. Anupriya asks what are you hiding Riddhima.

Riddhima gets the phone. She says you always think I m hiding something, its nothing in front of your secret, I was finding my phone, you are intentionally hiding your secrets, I can’t advise you, before anyone else tells your secret, it will be better you reveal your secret. Anupriya smiles. Riddhima says its Navratri starting today. Anupriya says you think you will say and I will run to tell my secrets, how stupid. Riddhima says I made a big mistake, when you burnt Vansh’s mum’s painting, I should have told Vansh. Someone looks on. Anupriya says you are crossing your limits, I will decide to bring it out or not, you are acting to be Vansh’s ideal wife, I know how true you are, you also have secrets, you are also cheating Vansh. She goes. Riddhima thinks how can she know my secret, what’s happening. Dadi calls Riddhima. Riddhima goes.

Chanchal says don’t know what will happen now. Anupriya asks what are you doing here. Chanchal says I came to ask what will we wear for puja, I got Vansh’s message…. come to the hall, a big secret will come out. She asks what is he planning. Anupriya thinks what will happen today, relax, he won’t know my secret. Chanchal says Aryan heard Vansh saying he will expose a cheater in our family, do you know about it, I think its Riddhima, she got Kabir there. Anupriya asks why are you so scared, you also cheated Vansh right. Chanchal worries. Anupriya asks why did you kidnap Sejal by taking risk. Chanchal thinks how did she know it. Anupriya says leave it, come.

Dadi asks what happened Vansh, why did you call us, is it about Navratri. Vansh says I have to punish someone, who cheated me. Chanchal worries. Anupriya thinks he can never doubt me. Riddhima asks who is it Vansh. Vansh says that devil who cheated us, its from our family, I m saying this after thinking well, the person who always stayed close to me, who cared for me. He sees Riddhima and says who always wished for me, I m getting punished, I got to know care and love was acting. Anupriya thinks Riddhima is finally caught. Aryan says its about Riddhima, mom. Anupriya says such person is one, Riddhima, she broke our trust also. Vansh says no, Riddhima isn’t the cheater, you are the cheater. Anupriya gets shocked. He shouts you….

Riddhima thanks Maa for helping her. Anupriya thinks how did Vansh know about Kabir and me, impossible. She says I m your mum, how can I cheat you. He says you have cheated me, I got much love from you, you never let me miss my mum, I trusted you, I never thought you will cheat me. He recalls his mum’s painting. He says you had burnt my mum’s painting and blamed Riddhima. Anupriya thinks oh, it means he doesn’t know about Kabir and my relation, he is saying about painting, I can get saved easily by some more drama. She says yes, I admit I have burnt that painting, you punish me, listen to me once. He says sure, you can clarify. She says I always tried to keep you happy, one person always stopped me, your wife Riddhima. Riddhima asks me? Anupriya says yes Vansh. She keeps her hand on the diya and swears on Mata rani. She says I will just say truth, so that this question doesn’t arise again, Riddhima had blackmailed me about this truth. Vansh stops her and asks what blackmail. She says I had hidden this secret from you and this family, I had a son before my marriage. Everyone gets shocked.

Anupriya says I have kept him hidden till now, I was immature that time, someone kidnapped my son, I couldn’t find him, don’t know where is he now, your dad knew my truth, I promised him that I will always love you all as my own children, I have seen my lost son in you Vansh, I burnt your mom’s painting to end bitter feelings from your heart and make place for myself, this is my crime, cheat, whatever you think, you can punish me, Riddhima got some pics of this secret, she had blackmailed me, I didn’t tell you anything so that our trust doesn’t break, I agreed to her conditions. Riddhima asks when did I blackmail you, why are you lying. Vansh shouts shut up, you…. my mom isn’t lying. Anupriya cries. Vansh says you are lying, you have blackmailed my mom, whatever happened with her before marriage, that incident, how dare you play such a bad game with her. Riddhima says I didn’t blackmail her. Anupriya says she is trying to make my truth a lie. Riddhima says look in my eyes, you think I m lying. Anupriya says no, I m the liar, I will punish myself. She takes the trishul and says I will get punished, I don’t want to live. She stabs herself. Vansh and everyone get shocked.

Precap: Ridhima makes sure Vansh is sleeping and then watches a video clip in laptop in which someone points a gun at Ragini. She begs to spare her. Ridhima wonders who that person is. Vansh wakes up.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. First comment 🤟🤟🤘🤘

  2. I’m super fast just 9 secs.

  3. I have to admit the story is kinda dragging.The only secrets Riansh have discovered so far is that there are many more secrets.Still so far so good.Thanks for the wu

  4. It wasn’t a dream!!!!Really!!!
    But now I think it’d be better if it was a dream.
    Damn it! Now we have to see the typical melodrama of saas-bahu and the son taking mom’s side and blaming wife!!!I mean WTH!!
    C’mon makers!!It’s a thriller show. Not saas-bahu drama.
    Now we have to wait for Riddhima winning Vansh’s trust by becoming the naukraani type bahu of the house.
    Vansh is in immj 2,,He’s a criminal dude.Not a typical Raja beta of the family. You guys are gonna give him raja beta plot in this thriller show??
    I’m done with the show..
    I don’t know who will like this crap where saas-bahu drama will go on in a thriller show but I’m not buying it, Sorry.
    If it hurts anyone I’m sorry.

    1. Exactly, exactly! Even though its IMM, but Rrahul’s plight is almost same in both the shows where he’s surrounded by a selfish family and a loving Dadi, and an unloving wife.
      He takes care of the entire family but never for himself. Only difference is in his character…
      For heaven’s sake Vansh is supposed to be the Mafia, but not once do we see anything related to this except the 1st episode. Instead he’s always seen getting involved in these stupid house politics.

    2. I guess makers are doing for sake of its TRP. Indian TV viewers are mostly attached becchari bahu ,cunning SaaS , torturing husband and non sense dramas. Yuck! Whenever they are doing so TRP is increasing.

    3. @Nia After all the while he just found out that Anupriya brunt his mom’s painting, nothing else. Just tell me what kind of mafia, mastermind is he that he needed so much time to find out this only?
      They are also bringing Ragini again. No one is exposed yet. What did Ragini do, how she got vanished, what was Ragini, Kabir and Vansh’s relation, what happened to Vansh’s mom, what is Riddhima’s truth, truth Anupriya and Kabir- nothing is clear yet. Not a single thing is out. But Ragini is coming back just for the jealousy track (I guess).
      Kuch bhi sort out nehi huyi aur sab plot ek saath chala dega abh. Hum fans ko kya ghanta samajh aayegi ye show?
      Zero logic and zero charismatic show it is now!

    4. My thoughts exactly. This became a typical saas- bahu show. Now i completely list interest in the show. And i agree vansh is getting involved in family politics plus uske ghar mein itne dusman hai. VR mansion mein Mrs D’Souza aur original DSR ka khoon hogaya aur vansh ko pta bhi nai chala ki original DSR got murdered. Ek chiz samajh nai aa rahi ki vansh himself said that usko ek nayi shuruat karni hai and shadi se pehle he doesn’t care who Ridhima was toh ab kya hua. I completely lost interest now as nothing makes sense.

    5. I totally agree wit you…even I’ve lost my intrest ..

  5. Oh god…what a bakwaas maa beta drama…mtlb bichri riddhu kuch nhi krti phir bhi sb use hi fasa dete h…i think riddhu ko pichle season wali tara ke bare m batao….aisi nautanki saas ko tara hi sambhal skti h….
    Makers please ab riddhu ka bhi dark side reveal karo…..tb jaake maza aayega…I’m done with this bichari riddhu…now i want a bold and daring one…..

  6. Vansh will trust Anupriya and blame Riddhima again. It has become quite predictable.

  7. Arre yaar…On seeing heading & reading half update- OMG!! M on cloud 9…and on completion- Distraught…
    Earlier Vansh was over lovey-dovey & now over strict with Riddhima..For God’s sake keep a balance..Starting one was apt for me..Nothing more to say…

  8. so hereafter i guess vansh comes to know that kabir is anu’s real son, riddhima and kabir’s relationship and since anupriya told that she doesn’t know about her real son, he taunts riddhima for joining hands with kabir and cheating him and blackmailing his mom since he thinks that riddhima knows about anu’s real son and throws her out of the house. but later on comes to know that it’s anupriya who is the real conspirator and again loves riddhima. now i feel that there’s no new twist as of now in this story. but i wish vansh to be mastermind all the time.

  9. Guys I’m giving you an open challenge💪!!! !!!
    Currently who is in the title role (being cheated in love )? Kabir ? Ridhima? Vansh? Ya koi aur ?????

    Award :- I will reply for every comment put by the winner for whole couple weeks

    1. I think ragini will be the one who would have got cheated in love

    2. Riddhima and Vansh.

      Riddhima got cheated by her love Kabir. But now she’s falling for Vansh.
      Vansh because he got cheated by Riddhima, his wife.
      Most probably I feel is Vansh.

    3. Riddhima doesn’t know kabeer’s reality and without knowing his intentions she starts loving vansh so technically she didn’t get cheated but yes vansh definitely got cheated by riddhima because she is not saying her truth to him. If she trust him so much and she has overconfident that vansh can’t harm anyone (she had said to kabeer) why isn’t she telling him whole truth about her and kabeer relationship because if she will say him everything obviously he will understand but if he will get to know by some other person then definitely he will do something wrong

    4. It’s Riddhima because kabir always lied to her and Vansh I guess didn’t believe her 🔫🌹❤

  10. Kabir’s real enemy is not Vansh or Ridhima. It’s anupriya😂. How she is blaming Ridhima. She doesn’t even thought about his son’s hard work of 2 years for this😅

    Thank God, its not a dream sequence😁

    1. I think ye pura hi dream sequence h…kl bataenge shayad…😂😂

  11. Ye vansh kya koi 2 saal ka bacha h koi kuch bhi bolta h aur wo sach bs riddhu jhothi…like why…itna shak..
    Phle mujhe lagta tha vansh is the mastermind..but actually he’s the dumbest one here…for God’s sake thori buddhi do ise….

    1. Mere vansh kae baraemae koyi bee isi tharha Baath karae thoo my bardaash Nahi karungi

    2. @M dear I don’t care tum bardasht karogi ya nhi…
      But this the look at his charecter kya tha aur kya hogya…pehle use sb pata hota tha…aur ab achanak se mumma’s boy
      ..why…phle use past nhi janna tha aur ab jhoothe ilzam laga raha h riddhima pe…
      He’s no more that fiery vansh…ab ye show kahi aur hi jarha h…..i feel bad for you tumhe bhi aadat hogi saas bahu beta crap ki…..tabhi u’re enjoying it….but I’ve lost my interest in this…

  12. What nonsense is this! When I first read the title I was like wow, finally Anu’s truth has come out, but by the end of the update I was left agitated. Ok, so Anu disclosed the truth about her having a son before marriage to the entire family. If just like that she could tell the same thing to Riddhima also before, then all this wouldn’t have happened. And why is she hell bent on blaming Riddhima everytime? She is also included in Kabir’s plan right? What she does never makes sense to me.

    1. Exactly the same title thing happened with me.

    2. I was like finally she got caught I never knew she would bring kabir down with her …😂😦

  13. Na dream tha aur na hi sach…. kuch bhi….. MATLAB kuch bhi….. koi plz maker ko ye batha do ki ye regular sas bahu wala drama nahi hai ye thriller show hai…really yar kuch zayada hi drags kar rahe hai show…… the show is lossings it’s charm….

    Sorry kisiko bura laga to tho

  14. O my god what is going on in this show 😔 saas bahu drama like another tv serials. vansh was hating Ridhima then he was falling in love with ridhimma that was really nice but now he started hating her again and because of Anupriya ji vansh is shouting on ridhimma 🥺 this is so bad 😟 .Please don’t do this .
    Ridhimma was telling about his past in an episode but vansh had stopped her by saying that I am not interested in your past and what happened in your past .I don’t know why he is doubting on innocent Ridhima now 🤔 I think someone has told about Ridhima and Kabir to vansh .
    😟😔🥺😭 When Kabir and Anupriya’s secret will be revealed .please Aab nhi raha jata jaldi se sari sachai samne ajaye

    1. Exactly, truth I am telling u how can he do this just like 2 faces of same coin like once being strict and once being loving isn’t she a human being how can he tolerate so much of torture by the family blaming her from all the sides all the time
      Ridhima is so very strong girl who is so innocent that she is not understanding what is happening around her oh My sweetie

  15. I don’t know whose talent it is? Makers of this show or whole television serials industry. They are talented enough to convert a thriller into saas bahu drama with presence of the most stupid character in the whole show i.e. of male lead. It’s hard to digest that Vansh Raisinghania is playing that iconic character. I mean Vansh doesn’t suit this idiocy.
    First they create suspense only to find out that bahu will be again accused and then she will try to clear her husband’s misunderstanding till the last episode. It is fine that Vansh came to knew Riddhima’s truth because someday it was bound to happen but what was need to insert this saas bahu drama? This serial has started to walk on wrong track.

    1. I’m confused now. Who is the actual idiot I can’t identify now.
      Vash find out just about painting after all the while and just to clarify this he made such scary statements. Faltu Don.
      Anupriya spoiling Kabir’s plan by accusing Riddhima. Riddhima ko Vansh se dur kar degi to kya pata lagayegi woh?
      Riddhima becomes a devi but hides everything, don’t know what to do, deceiving bf as well as husband.
      Now tell me who’s the dumbest of all?
      Vansh, Riddhima or Anupriya?

    2. I think yeh saab voo malum hokar hee kar rahaehai,lekin humane bekar Mae tension lae rahaehai. Aab bolo Kon dum Hai 😂😂😂😂

    3. Pls any one can tell me, how vansh find out that painting raas

    4. @ M I think Vansh was that ‘someone’ who was looking at them.

  16. i understand that right now story is extremely bad… but every story has this kind of time… we need to hope for better… and keep watching the show so that they can give us better story

  17. I think it’s a dream, I mean Rhidimma wasn’t trying to fight against Any in the precap but instead she’s investigating ragini’s death as far I can understand from this serial I think vansh isn’t a Mafia because nothing as been show of him being a Mafia, mafians gets to scrutinise anybody coming into their home, I think Anu only guess him being a Mafia.

  18. With Anupriya’s blackmail,Vansh will go looking for his ‘lost’ brother the rest is trouble.BTW I looked up this weeks trps but couldnt find them can anyone who knows the numbers please share?

    1. I don’t know much about TRPs but I checked at this site…
      and the FMN rating is 643 (though i don’t know what that is ;P)
      and otherwise it is 1.7

  19. It’s really very annoying me for the first when I was watching this episode on tv. If he doesn’t want to believe ridhu then y he is barring her. Just get rid off ridhu from house. Today’s episode is totally sasu maa hee laeliyae. Saach Mae vansh Anu ji Kae baaraemae kehana chathaethoo, ridhu Koo kyu hurt Karna….
    Apart this so-called drama, my Rahul acting is supeeeeeeb. I love him a lot bcz of his attitude

  20. Guys let’s all discuss what do you think ? Does vansh really know the truth of ridhima and kabir and if so how does he know ?

    1. He heard kabir and riddhima conversation

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