Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kabir enters VR mansion


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chanchal asking did Riddhima say anything. Ishani says no, I know her story is really fake, she can try to hide the truth, but I will find it. Aryan says lawyer gave the papers, Vansh had named everything to Dadi. Ishani says thank God, if Vansh made Riddhima a nominee, then she would have danced on our head, it means he had a doubt on her. Chanchal says leave the will, you will be managing the business after Vansh. Ishani gets a call and goes. Aryan says I thought we will get everything, but he named it to Dadi, what will Dadi do about it. Chanchal says Vansh named it to Dadi, game is in our hands, be the best grandson for Dadi, she will name everything to you, you are the only son left now, don’t know when will Siya come to senses, we just have to provoke Ishani against Riddhima, everything is yours.

Riddhima asks Dadi what are you doing. Dadi says its Vansh’s tervi, Anupriya wants to donate some things to needy. Riddhima says its good. She asks Anupriya shall I help. Anupriya says no. A man gets a parcel for Anupriya. Riddhima signs and receives it. She asks Anupriya to check. Anupriya asks her to open it and see. Riddhima sees the school bag and clothes. She asks what’s this. Dadi says its an old uniform of a little boy, whose is it. Anupriya cries. Riddhima asks is this of your son. Anupriya says yes, my son who got kidnapped when he was 5 year old, he had this bag and bottle that day, he never returned home. She cries. Riddhima says there is a letter inside. Anupriya asks did my son write it. Riddhima says no, Raghav wrote it. She reads… I kidnapped your son Anupriya, I kidnapped him for money, when you didn’t give me money, I threw your son in the river, but I got punished, I m suffering from cancer, I found out about you, I m sending this to you to get forgiveness. Anupriya cries and asks why am I getting punished, my children shouldn’t get punished.

Riddhima gets a glass of water for her. She asks Anupriya to be strong. Anupriya says I have hurt you so much, I never trusted you, so I m getting punished, forgive me. Riddhima says calm down, I have no complains. Dadi takes Anupriya with her. Door bell rings. Kabir comes and sees Riddhima. She asks how dare you come here, get out. He says I had called you, I came to say final good bye, I took my transfer to other city, I m going, I can’t return what you lost, I want to meet everyone and apologize. Riddhima says no need. Ishani asks him to get out. Anupriya says we lost everything, what do you want. He says nothing, I came to say sorry. Ishani asks him to leave. He stops and sees the uniform. He asks whose uniform and bag is that. Aryan asks why do you care, just leave. Kabir checks. Anupriya says leave it, it belongs to my son. Kabir says its mine. She says stop nonsense, it belongs to my son. He asks what, Maa…. Everyone is shocked.

He asks are you my mum. She asks what nonsense. He says I was 5 year old when I was going to school wearing this uniform, someone kidnapped me, you don’t trust me, my name’s first initial is written behind this collar, see K. He shows everyone. She asks how do you know. He says I m your son, but how did you get this, that kidnapper kept it. She gives the letter and cries. Ishani says kidnapper threw him in the river, sorry, but he would not get saved. Kabir says right, that kidnapper threw me in the river, I was drowning, a police officer saw me and saved my life, he tried to find my parents, he raised me, I have become a police officer because of him. Anupriya says it means you are my Kabir. She hugs him and cries. Riddhima looks on.

Anupriya says I can’t believe that my son is in front of me. Kabir says I can’t believe that you are my mum, I don’t remember anything, but just mum’s love. She cries. He hugs her. She says what a plan you have made, everyone is convinced. He says great acting. He says look I was leaving the city today and I got my mum, I got all my happiness, I stayed away from mum’s love, but now we will stay together, come with me. She says you stay here. Chanchal asks will he stay here now. Kabir says I know I can’t stay here, but mom can stay with me, you come with me. Dadi says stop, Anupriya is a family member, you can’t take her, Riddhima is Vansh’s wife, she has a right to decide, if you will stay here. Anupriya and Kabir think game over if she says no. Ishani thinks please Riddhima, say no. Riddhima says yes. Kabir smiles. Anupriya thanks Dadi and Riddhima. Kabir laughs. Riddhima thinks of Vansh. FB shows Riddhima getting food for Vansh. She asks are you upset that Anupriya didn’t tell about her son. Vansh says no, I regret that she didn’t trust me that I will not respect her or accept her son as my brother. He shows the water bottle. He says its mom’s first gift for me, its precious for me, I didn’t tell her that I love such water bottles, I was seeing this at the shop, mom understood and gifted it to me. He says I wish I get justice for mom, she is a stepmom, but she gave me much love, I wish to find her son and make him my brother, if life supports me, I will give a gift to mom. FB ends. Riddhima says I know if you were here, you would have done this too, I wish you stay happy, I m your Riddhima, I will always do what you would have done. Ishani says Riddhima did a big mistake by getting Kabir in this house. Aryan says I see Kabir’s face in this punching bag. They get angry. Ishani says Vansh would have never let Kabir come home, maybe Kabir knew Anupriya’s story and used it to come here in Vansh’s absence. He says I think you are right. She says I hope he doesn’t do wrong with family, he may have enmity, we have to show Riddhima her place. Kabir comes to Riddhima.

She asks how dare you come without knocking. He says sorry, I came to say thanks, I didn’t think you will permit me to stay. She says I did this for Vansh, not you, my hatred will always be there, you are responsible for Vansh’s death, gets out of here. He says okay, relax. She asks him to get lost. He asks what happened to you, I got to know the truth later, I also regret Vansh’s leaving, I m also like Vansh now, I m the son of this house. She says no one can be like Vansh, you can never be like him. He says time will show it. She asks what did you say. He says I mean, time is needed to know someone, you will know my intentions aren’t wrong. He leaves. She says why do I feel weird, did I do wrong to let him stay here. Vihaan says your work will be done in one hour. The man says there is another work. Vihaan says I don’t have time for small things, I m planning something big now, my journey to become Vansh from Vihaan begins today, Riddhima I did last rites of Vansh’s body, now I m coming. He smiles.

Riddhima thinks why do I feel Anupriya and Kabir are together since always. She gets Kabir’s note. She says it means they are fooling us. Kabir says I knew you will reach this truth. He pushes her in the pool and says I won’t take a second to take another life.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Honestly, if it turns out to be the truth that Vansh has multiple personality disorder, it would make so much DAMN sense. It would give a plausible answer to his behaviors so far. I think the makers will present the different personalities of Vansh throughout time stamps of the show. We will also get to see how all his personalities fall in love with Riddhima all over again. Riddhima will have to tolerate with his flaws in the name of love as the tagline of the show is “would you still love me after knowing my dark side?” Now I would understand why the writer made Riddhima’s character such a naive and easily manipulated one. She is reckless and selfless in love. And we can attest to that given that she left her life behind just to enter VR mansion under Kabir’s influence. We know that she can do anything for love. She also has a next side to her I’m eagerly waiting on. If that’s the case then the writer made Riddhima and Vansh’s character too perfect. They are practically the missing pieces in each other’s life❗ This is insane❗🤯 The two of them are psychos❗ I mean look carefully at it. Vansh has multiple personalities. It’s hard to deal with so much personas but Riddhima has the capacity to deal with all of them. Such a perfect puzzle fit🤯 Riddhima is the only one for Vansh. And that is why he told her that she will never leave him. They will both become possessive of each other and crush whoever challenges their love. Kabir is definitely in trouble. He doesn’t even know what he did by giving Riddhima to Vansh. Such a dynamic couple❗They are destruction 😂 But Kabir is a pretty slippery guy. He’s a coward who hides behind women and manipulate them to do his work for him. Then when the time comes, he frame and throws them under the bus and takes the rewards. He will probably be the one to kill his own mother just achieve his goal. He’s disgusting…

    1. Vernali Mohanty

      I think you are right….

    2. Hey he told he did the last ritual to vansh’s body did he mean that gentle bansh is dead and I am also new to this forum

    3. @Facemask. Its impossible that Vansh is dead as he is one of the main leads of the show. There is some big trap going on which Vansh himself is involved in…

    4. @Asen I think you are right angre is way too calm after vash’s death

    5. If Vansh had died,why didn’t they show his face so we could confirm that he really died. Another piece of the puzzle how comes vihaan refers to Vansh as ‘this man I picked’ and says to himself that ‘there is something special in me’ I hope the makers don’t keep the tention going too long

    6. I believe the same about the characters.
      Maybe there is a turn : vansh found a lookalike ( vihaan ) long time ago and they both planned this …

    7. Denza

      It might be like that he rejuvenated from Vansh to Vihaan for his Revenge. Chance is there

  2. Why colors is not promoting immj2 . There is no promo yet . Ffom tomorrow there will be no repeat telecast also. I am worried about show’s future. Cause if a channel stops airing promo of a show then then that show will go off air soon . I am eagerly waiting for the promo

    1. Actually I am also searching for new promo but the last one was 24 hours baazi. I also saw the promo of a new show of Gul Khan featuring Shruti Sharma and also the updates of another show (whose promo has not been out yet) in a YouTube video. I think immj2 might end. In the trp chart the last two Daily soaps of colours tv are pinjara and immj2. Don’t want it to end so soon but somethings are indicating that.

    2. I don’t want it to go off air soon . I am addicted to riansh .

    3. Well also Kabir’s truth is shown to Riddhima… So it may go off air soon. I don’t want immj2 to go off air so soon 😢💔

    4. What about Shubharambh? Is it not having least trp on colors channel? And do you know whats IMM2 ‘s current trp??
      See IMM2 is a romantic thriller and not telecasted at prime time, so I think the channel would consider this. Plus I feel IMM2 is doing much better than what IMM1 did. If they could extend the 1st season to 2 years, then they can extend this season to atleast a year. But I sincerely feel if the makers feel that they can’t do justice to the show anymore, then its better to end the show early and not worsen it like the 1st season.

    5. Current trp is 1.6 . Subharambh already went off air. I hope immj2 will not go off air soon

    6. @Nia Shubharambh has already went off air. It has been replaced by Molkki. If we serially arrange the trp of this week then the last is big boss whose trp is 1.3 I don’t think think it will end before the scheduled time. After that Naagin 5’s trp is 1.5. I don’t think it would so soon and its online trp is much higher than that of immj2 ‘s. After these two only pinjara and immj2 is left with a trp of 1.6. The trp of shows like shakti, choti sardarni and barrister babu is much more. That’s why there is less chance of these shows going off air. I don’t want immj2 to go off air as a die hard fan.

    7. @TSA immj2 is doing well on 7 pm slot .if it would have come at 8 or 9 pm then trp would be 1.8 or 1.9 . Immj2 is very popular amongst colors shows . I guess shruti sharma xhow will come at 9 30 pm and upcoming new show may come at 10 30 pm after big boss to counter yeh hai chahatein of star plus . But i am worried cause they are not airing promo

    8. Denza

      Shubharambh is going to be off-air. i read an article.
      Current TRP of IMMJ2 is 1.6 with 13 position
      Does anyone pls tell me Whats the plot of IMMJ1? I had only seen few episodes atmost 20.?

    9. I just hope that what afe you saying comes true.

  3. Oh hell…kabir and anupriyas melodrama…God please bring vansh back because i cant deal with these 2

  4. Well this episode full of drama only. Maa beta 🙄 so called pre-planned meeting. But tomorrow I hope at least someone saves Riddhu or maybe she will save herself. Waiting for Vansh’s entry back into how house. Don’t know when will happen.

  5. What a drama this Kabir and Anupriya did, oh god so irritating. So Vansh named everything on Dadi’s name. I think Dadi might in turn name it to Riddhima.
    Ishani is smarter than Riddhima. She identified Kabir’s fake drama but Riddhima did not.
    Also I’m curious to know how Kabir would transfer the property to his name. No comments on the precap because it looks like a dream.

    1. So true. The only one I trust in this show is Ishani and Dadi. Ishani isn’t afraid to show her true colours. Therefore, we can defined believe everything she says cause it’s only truth

    2. Denza

      Ishani dadi and Aryan are the only people left for trusting. Even sometime I doubt Dadi. But the crooked duo cousins always do what really in their mind.

    3. @Asen @Denza Right now I really feel Riddhima should team up with the cousins (especially Ishani) to expose this mother-son duo. Because both Kabir and Anupriya are so shrewd and always one step ahead of Riddhima, that she really needs someone else to help her. But unfortunately the cousins hate her and so does she.

  6. Denza

    1.They should drop this ‘Dreams se Marjavaan’
    2.What this story of reunion….. Doesnt left anything to say😪🥴
    3.Why Ridhima’s brain is not coming after the excursion?? is her brain left her for not using??😂😅
    4.And Vihaan…. is he mesmerized seeing Ridhima or something is cooking up in his mind??🤔
    5.Dadi will transfer properties to either Kabir or Ridhima….But in between Vihaan enters mansion with fake beard😂…….Sab plan khatm.
    6.Surely Ridhima’s brain will come to proove he is not Vansh.😡

    1. Don’t know about other possibilities but your last one will surely happen.
      Riddhima will again go after Vansh/Vihaan to prove him wrong.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. It looks like Vihaan will save Ridhimma and enter VR mansion i really hope it not no lookalike like season 1 please hope this reach to the writers we only want Vansh not no lookalike

  8. WOW!!!!!WOW!!!!WOW!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆
    Meri to aasu nehi ruk raha hai bhai!!!!Maa beta phir se ek ho geya!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Someone plz cut the crap of this melodrama. It pains my eyes.
    Finally Ishani and Aryan are thinking about family. They’ll stand against Kabir and Anupriya. Loved it!
    I’ll support these two now.
    Why this Riddhima is such a jerk!!!
    If Vihaan is actual Vansh then he’ll come and see Kabir-Anupriya-Riddhima trio together and hatred for Riddhima will reach 7th sky for sure.
    Why this girl is no numb and dumb when it’s action time?

    Precap seems to be a dream to me of someone.
    Whether it’s Vihaan or Vansh, plz come man!!!!Save the story. Plz plz plz!!!
    Untill your entrance, we’ll see only melodramas ..😑😑😑😑

    1. Denza

      Yaar….. sahi kaha….i hate this melodrama……aur woh bhi itna crap….aur isse Anupriya brilliant bata rahe hain……koi 80s ka movie mein bhi maine aisa crap reunion nahi dekhaa
      And Ishaani, dadi and Arayn are the trio left for trusting.
      Doesn’t know when Dadi is gonna wear mask👽👹🤭

    2. Ya irritating to c anupriya and kabir drama….sab bakwas…cAnt digest…

      Waiting fr vansh entry….cum soooon…

      Without vansh scene i dnt feel lik watching the show.

    3. Precap is either dream or if it s true vansh wil cum nd save her.

      Most probably vansh will give entry into vr mansion wen they discuss abt property.

    4. @Tonni
      Yes, tonni, it is clearly a dream of Redho or Kabir. I don’t know why, after all this, Ridho cant know the truth of the two and is easily fooled. I also hope If Vihan is vansh knows the truth because if he doesn’t know it he will kill this Redho soon

  9. I think vansh is not vihaan because in the episode he was on the phone and he was telling his journey from vihaan ti vansh is starting that’s why. But maybe not cause he is definitely lusting on riddhima and vansh will definitely not committe suicide before bringing justice to his mother Uma.

    1. P.S-if he does have MPD he was also lusting over her during his mafia man phase and the gentle bansh loves her and vihaan is…..

  10. Bakwas acting thi … ma bete ki…. just w8ng for vansh(vihan)
    Entry…. it will be exiting to watch trio( vansh riddhima and kabir) all under the same roof and playing their own games … btw where is angre…. ??

    1. Denza

      Rimsha i had replied to your comment. Pls check it

    2. Sorry to say but I lost it link … Plz do share it … hope u dont mind

    3. Denza

      Dear , Just search on google – ‘BRAINS AFTER PICNIC’

  11. I knew u guys were going to comeback here for updates, I know today we will hit more than 50comments.

    1. Denza

      Yesterday without WU it hits almost CENTURY!!!

  12. I am obsessed with this show although I am not happy with storyline but I am not able to skip the written update.
    And now I am excited to watch tomorrow’s episode. Today’s episode seems okish.

    And I am dying to listen that Vansh was pretending everything to find real culprits. And so much romance between Riddhima & Vansh. BTW I like this less beard look of Rrahul 😍😍 and I am like yeh banda toh maar hi dalega 😍😍😵😵.

    1. I know right! When I saw Vihaan onscreen, I realised he actually looks so good. Vansh’s beard gave him a devilish, ruthless and emotionless kind of persona. On the other hand Vihaan seems like a cheeky yet smart kind of personality. I feel after his entry into VR mansion, he’s going to flirt a lot with Riddhima!!
      Also Vansh’s beard used to hide his smile, but now we can see him smile ear to ear!

    2. @Nia I guess now we will see Rihaan romance and this one will be pure gold as well.

  13. I really became tired of thinking
    Kabir easily entered the mansion, and Redho did not understand his intention yet
    Now, I hope that Redho knows the truth and that tomorrow’s episode is not a dream

    1. Denza

      If its not a dream then Vihaan will be saviour of Ridhima. (his entry to VR Mansion)
      but its not possible to end Kabir’s game so soon.

  14. I think the precap is a dream of someone if not I thought kabir loves ridhima but he is ready to kill😂😂😂 her then our vansh(vihaan)will save her but ridhima will not find out kabir truth soon but find vansh truth always😞😞and guys i have a question❔❔❔ y vihaan is saying that he is coming for ridhima whether he is mesmerised seeing her or any other pls reply

    1. Denza

      2 possibilities
      1. Vihaan attracted and mesmerized to her at first sight(on pic)
      2. Vansh wants to take Revenge.

    2. Dream ka tho pata nahi par riddhima is back again to jasoosi mode …. vansh chala gaya lekin riddhima jasoosi karna nahi chodegi 😂😂

  15. Guys pls 😥 I had already so many doubts and many questions. So please please don’t make your own scripts and don’t make me more confuse 🤣
    I want more and more FB with vansh at least we can see our old vansh in fbs so pls make more FB
    OMG!!!Anu Ji savitri garu is not alive so pls don’t make more drama to become mahanati. How much you try, but you can’t become savitri. So pls stop your so-called drama. I am completely tired of it probably it was boring know. Try something new. Update your version other wise you will completely make your show flop.
    Riddhima…. i am feeling so sad for you.bcz, You using your positivity on bad things and negativity on good things… Pls learn how to use your power.
    When vansh is alive you hate him but now you are loving him. How crazy you are.
    Jaab cheej hamare paas Nahi hothae jab hee vusa mahathv hamkoo pathachaltha.
    Poor riddhima 😴😴😴

    1. We know the value of something when it’s gone…similar is the case with riddhima

    2. yaar let’s just wait and watch what the makers have in store for us….they are not gonna disappoint us.
      But I really worried whether the show will go off air or not as many of us are talking about it.

    3. @Ravi if you watch immj 1 you’ll know that makers are pro in disappointing the viewers.😂
      You know what I feel? The writer himself hasn’t written story further. Even he doesn;t know what to write next. He’ll just observe the viewers reaction, then instead of making us happy he’ll just write the shittest
      storyline ever to kill our excitement.
      I don’t want this to happen but trust me..they did it before.

    4. @Tonni Actually thats the problem with all Indian shows. The writers themselves dont know how the story is going to progress. It all depends on the TRPs. That is why all tv serials are good in the beginning but later become illogical.

    5. I agree with you

  16. The best part of todays episide was flashback …seeing vansh again 😭❤❤❤❤

  17. An still It has to complete 250 can’t go off air like of sudden.I hope writers got some future storyline if not they should not drag Kabir and Anupriya’s drama.I noticed there is no mission left for Riddhima,Kabir as all ended at a full stop.I wonder how will the storyline go.

    1. after vihaan came into vr mansion she will try to find about him and that her new mission like she always do to find about vansh but she still has a mission to find out who killed vansh mom and ragini

  18. Wait….kabir was wearing vanshs clothes …really😂😂…im so irritated with whats happening…i will do anything to get vansh back 😰💗💗💗

  19. I beg you writers …no Rihaan romance please…i said i will do anything to get Riansh back …PLEASE 😭😭😰😰

  20. OMG after so many years these mother son met feeling emotional.Kabir and anupriya should go to hell.Currently my favorite character is ishani if vansh will return he will be my favorite ofcourse hope he returns soon.hope vihaan is vansh and he enters soon. Bcoz I can’t bear this melodrama more.yesterday there was no episode telecasted but when I checked the comment box it had more than 80 comments power of imm2 It is such a show in which we want to know what will happen next.Do u know a easy way to know what will happen in the show whatever you are expecting opposite of it will happen when I thought ridhima will get to know about kabir that time she did whatever kabir said.When I thought that mother son are going to be exposed opposite happened there plan started getting successful.When I thought that now ridhima will tell everything about chanchal and aryan ‘s intentions to vansh that time she hid about it from vansh. I think the makers first see what audience or viewers are expecting and then they do opposite of it.Just hope vansh is alive.bcoz vansh is soul of this show.

    1. @xyz
      If this happens, it will be really difficult for us. We want to vansh return, then if they do the opposite, the number of enemies will increase
      With Vihan entering the palace, now Ishani and Aryan are together to find the truth, and that is good, but Redho doesn’t seem to know anything soon, I hope if Vihan is vansh , when he enters the mansion , he can’t find Redho close to Kabir and Anubria, and this will increase his hatred for her.

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