Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Riddhima determined to solve her parents mystery

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima finding a note that says this is not a prank. Vansh comes to storage room in basement and looks for something. Riddhima continues reading the note that says Vansh knows about her parents. She thinks why Vansh didn’t talk to her about it. She decides to talk to him. Kabir smiles.

Vansh takes out a box and opens it. There is a locket inside it. He looks at it and recalls Riddhima having the other half. He says if Riddhima finds out about this locket, then everything will be over. He can’t allow anyone to come between him and his love. Riddhima is thinking if Vansh knew, then he would tell. She’s confused whether Vansh knows anything. He takes the locket and puts it in his pocket. He says now no one will find out about the past. Riddhima is searching for Vansh. Lights go off. She goes in basement. Kabir says now it will be fun. She sees a shadow and walks in, but no one is there. She wonders whose shadow was it then. She finds a note there which asks whether she fully knows her husband. She wonders whether this has connection with her parents’ secret. She thinks of not asking Vansh anything about it as after long, situation has improved between them. Kabir watches and says he just needs to wait until Riddhima loses her patience.

Angre wonders who wants to create doubt in Riddhima’s mind. Ishani, Aryan, and Chanchal say she will start with new spying now. Angre says they are over thinking. Ishani says he can make them quiet, but how he will make Riddhima quiet. She will surely try to find out the secret. But if this time, she hurts Vansh, then she won’t spare her. Chanchal agrees saying this time it’s about her parents.

Riddhima is thinking those letters are trying to create difference between her and Vansh. She sees Vansh’s jacket and picks it up to put it away. Vansh sees and recalls he put the locket in that jacket’s pocket. He runs and grabs it. As Riddhima doesn’t doubt, he makes her wear the jacket and says he wants to spend romantic time with her without any disturbance. It’s been a while. He tries to take out the locket, but she goes back holding the jacket. She says she won’t let him come close that easily. He pulls her to him, sits on his knees and kisses her belly. She takes the jacket and puts over their heads. He manages to take out the locket. They were about to kiss, but he slips and they fall in the bed. She sees the locket and compares with hers. She says it’s the other part of her locket. One part remained with her and other was with her mother. How the other half of the locket is with him? He says she told him once that she only has half, so he made the other half with a jeweler as he knows how important that locket is for her. He wanted to surprise her by giving it as a gift. She hugs him and says it’s the best gift ever. He gave her childhood back. He thinks sorry, I had to lie. There was no option. You have no idea how much I love you. I cannot take risk of losing you. I cannot see you going away from me ever. She thanks him again and decides to give rest of evening to him. She asks to go out for dinner. He says sure.

It’s morning. Riddhima comes out of shower. She drops water on his face with her wet hair and smiles. He wakes up and pulls her to him. She says someone will see. He says door is locked. It’s such a beautiful morning. If he could get a kiss, then it would be perfect morning. He further says if she doesn’t give him a kiss, then he won’t leave her. She tricks him and releases herself. She goes to get ready. He makes her wear earnings, then mangalsutra. He gets a call and goes to attend it. She finds a note from her jewelry box. She quietly reads and it’s again about parent’s secret. It asks her to start from place where she grew up. She thinks this is getting complex. She thinks about the orphanage. She decides against talking to Vansh about it. Vansh’s call ends. She asks if she should make breakfast. He says ok. She leaves. Kabir grabs her hand. She asks how dare he. He brainwashes her and she is in dilemma again. She decides to solve the mystery, but without letting it affect her relationship. She thinks there is only one person who can help her.

Riddhima comes to meet a lady in her orphanage. Vansh comes behind her. She asks the lady how she came to orphanage. She wants to know about her parents. What happened, how it all happened… whatever she knows.

Precap: The lady tells Riddhima that her parents had a big accident. Vansh thinks Riddhima is getting very close to the mystery that he wanted to keep secret. Riddhima comes back home. Vansh moves a cover from an old car. She hears noise and stops.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Why it is always about the past 😅🤣and rip coat😂😂
    And about yesterday before sia when in coma she was walking properly and yesterday she was again in wheel chair 😑to writers oo pata ni ji kon sa nasha karte hai😅🤣🤣
    And also I want ishangre moments please writers 🥺
    Maine suna tha rust, rust term chemistry mai padha tha…. Aur 24-25 saal ke baad bhi gadi ekdam white hai 😅🤣😂…. Matlab kuch bhi

  2. Seems the whole family knows about this. And they are planning to hurt Riddhima further by hiding the truth of her parents from her🙂🔪. I’m sure Riddhima won’t be so forgiving next time her heart is broken.

    1. Neha1

      I have also the same feeling… If any involvement of Vansh in Riddhima’s parents death then she won’t forgive Vansh so easily and might be possible to take revenge from him…
      But until n unless the secret won’t disclose we can’t think that Vansh did something wrong, maybe Vansh didn’t do anything and Riddhima’s parents were killed by someone else..

    2. Nehal, i was thinking the same. Kabir is a villain and never want Ridhimma to leave in peace, it was all his plot to make her doubt Vansh again so that they can throw her out of VR mansion.

    3. How can Vansh be involved in the death of Riddhima’s parents. He was a small boy when they died. But I think maybe Vansh’ father might have some involvement.

    4. Gabriela

      I think Vansh must risk telling her the truth. The second time she won’t forgive him

  3. Neha1

    Interesting episode…
    I think that Vansh or his parents are involved in Riddhima’s parents accident… Was it an accident Or a murder…??? That’s a big question…??
    Also why Vansh’s looking so tensed about Riddhima’s reaching close to the truth….??? Did Vansh is behind Riddhima’s parents death but Vansh wasn’t big enough…. I’m confused…
    Let’s see what makers wanna show…
    Waiting for Monday’s episode.

    1. I think it’s somewhat involved with Vansh’s Dad. So far we still don’t know what happened with him. I think it’s the perfect time to introduce his arc. Maybe we’ll find out how and why he died. If I’m recalling correctly, Dadi did said to Vansh that sometimes she feels that Vansh knew all of what happened when Vansh’s Dad died.

    2. Gabriela

      I don’t think Vansh is involved, but he knows the truth, like his whole family

  4. What r makers doing this drama is like roller coaster ride .it only makes a head spin going round and round .again a secret .is shown .this drama will turn me in to detective .always guessing .what will happen next.

    1. Gabriela

      This is going to happen to me too and now I really don’t like being a detective. That is, the secret that suddenly appeared confuses everyone’s lives

  5. I went blank when suddenly so much romance in an episode. I think immj is back to track, with romance and thrill at the same time. But after seeing that car i think vansh’s parents dashed over riddhu’s parents and that white car is the one they drove. And he fears that if riddhima knows abt this, she will go away from him. But who will keep car and locket safely like this?

    1. Yes. I agree to it. Now after many days, there is no melodrama. Just suspense, romance & importantly thrills.

    2. Yah me too 🤗

  6. What r makers doing this drama is like roller coaster ride .it only makes a head spin going round and round .again a secret .is shown .this drama will turn me in to detective .always guessing .what will happen next.
    First riddhima will think vansh did something then she will find out vansh is innocent. The roles r switched now vansh has to fight for his marrige .kabir is like ghost invisible but knows everything

    1. Gabriela

      That’s exactly what I thought the roles would change between them

  7. Soon my hair will go white with overthinking .love riansh plz dont sperate them again.

    1. don’t overthink. Just enjoy the show & fell thrills.

    2. feel not fill…

  8. @NEHA 1

    1. Gabriela

      Yes, Vansh only knows the secret

    2. Yes i agree with u..i think anupriya is behind all this.thats why kabir knows it very well

  9. Riddhima forgives Vansh so easily. Like when she was leaving I thought now there will be scenes where Vansh will be convincing her and we will witness some cute moments but story is going on different direction.
    Now they have this stupid parents mystery of which I am sure will come out to be very lame just like Ragini’s case.

    1. Gabriela

      I don’t like this twist at all, the writers could now focus on something else, that is to take revenge on Kabir or another mystery, not something that would separate them as soon as they reconciled.

    2. @ Gabriela
      The revenge plot from Kabir will become boring. Beg to differ but I was very bored by Kabir-Anupriya & the whole plot rounding near them only. At least now something different & fresh which we wouldn’t have guessed will be show. It will be fun to watch.

  10. Can we just commend our Kabir😂👏🏼. He’s a masterplayer in all this. Kabir knew from about Riddhima hence he selected her for this whole game from the beginning. Damn Kabir. I just knew Kabir won’t go ahead with this plan so blindly. He would have had cards up his sleeves. He’s navigating this game as how wants. Just like chess. Kabir can be mastermind behind all this😂😂😂😂😂😂. As I said earlier, he just knows the strings to pull to manipulate people. Especially Riansh. Kabir is a true villain😂😂😂😂🔪🔪🔪

    1. Gabriela

      Damn Kabir!

    2. Neha1

      Yes Kabir is and the only villain who give a tough competition to Vansh….
      I don’t know why but I think, that Kabir already knew about Riddhima’s parents and their death connection with Vansh Raisinghania and his family… And maker will now slowly reveals that why Kabir choose Riddhima only for his revenge.? Why Kabir now want Riddhima to learn about her parents and how it’s connected with Vansh and Raisinghania family… And Raisinghania family, I think they also have clue about Riddhima’s parents truth, coz Ishani with Angre, Chanchal Chachi and Aryan were discussing about Riddhima’s Jasoosi will starts again…as they all knew that there are many secrets hidden in the walls of VR Mansion…

    3. @Asen, seriously yaar!! Kabir is the true mastermind!! He knows to make and break riansh very well! At the beginning he created situations for vansh to fall for riddhima and now when he sensed danger with this duo, he has readymade plans to separate them too! Now i understand why he chose riddhima for his mission inspite of having so many orphan girls…

  11. What i get from this epi is ridhima parents died in car accident done by vansh father.she became orphan becoz of next question will riddhima accept vansh after knowing the truth.will she stay with rai singanias

    1. If something like this is to come up then it’s so bad that they are copying story from other serial.

    2. Gabriela

      Hard to believe.

    3. If Vansh’s father did that accident then why would Riddhima get angry with Vansh? His father did that accident & now he’s dead. Matter over. Why will Riddhima punish Vansh for deeds done by his father?


    2. Yes I saw that too. He was nearly crying maybe he knew what happened but can’t tell riddhima it could put her in danger and he might lose her

    3. Gabriela

      @Ridhityagi Yes I saw Vansh is suffering

    1. Gabriela

      Nice, very nice!

    2. Hello cherry 😊😊
      After long meeting you here

  12. Kabir chose riddhima becoz she will go for revenge mode again if she finds that her family was killed by her inlaws kya mind hai kabir ka .heads off to him.

  13. Wow I have no words after seeing Riddhima and Vansh romance in today’s episode 🤭😶😶 I thought it would happen only in fan fictions 😂 but makers surprised us. I don’t want to predict anything about new mystery I think somehow Vansh parents is involved 🤔 but let’s see maybe both of them were friends before and tbh Kabir is a much better villian than anyone else in the show

  14. Gabriela

    The strange thing is that the whole family knows the secret, and yet in past episodes they took revenge on her like bastards. Incredible how much hypocrisy!

    1. Maybe the family didn’t knew that Ridhima is the same Ridhima connected to them, and they discovered that yesterday after seeing the necklace…
      The good thing is there is no place now for the theory of brother and sister hhhh

    2. When did they show that the whole family knows the truth & all of them are trying to hide it?

    3. when it cames to this family, you can expect everything.

    4. @B, when Ishani, Angree, Aryan and Chanchal was taking together … They spoke about the secret and about Ridhima may come back to spy mode to reveal it …

    5. @ Khawla
      No Khawla. I again watched that part. They were just discussing that Riddhima will again start spying but they didn’t discuss anything of the sort regarding her parents death or something which clearly indicated that they know about the secret. So, I think only Vansh, Kabir & possibly Anupriya know that secret.

  15. RiAnshfan
    have a look…it says that vansh is connected to Ridhima’s parent’s murder….and this will separate them

    1. RiAnshfan
      this says that vansh killed Ridhima’s parents…don’t know if this is true but i think vansh is connected with ridhima’s parent’s death

      1) VANSH
      2) GOD

    3. Gabriela

      We certainly have to expect scenes with fights, suspicions, espionage and finally breakup

  16. They showed the same place where Ragini was locked. Was she in VR Mansion’s basement? The showed the same place & staircase from where Riddhima found out Vansh & Vihaan’s pic in locker, just the entrance way was different. Earlier it was in store room through hidden door under the carpet & now it’s through hall. Earlier only Vansh had keys to basement. But now even Kabir (since he put that clue in there for Riddhima) & Anupriya (she dragged Mrs. D’souza’s body into that basement only) has. They showed different staircase & lobby earlier during Uma’s mystery & now the entire staircase & lobby has changed. Have they forgotten their own house or a special renovation has been conducted just for viewers? Makers, I know you’ll are very busy people but spare some time to watch your own show & unforgettable mistakes. No, no sorry. Intolerable blunders.

    1. C,mon yaar, they are doing this because they can only shoot in their sets. Even today i noticed the entrance of anadh ashram to be vr mansion’s entrance. Maybe they are doing this just because they can’t shoot outdoors a lot due to COVID issues. Lets ignore these things

    2. The anath ashrams enterance was the same of kabirs office where sejal got kidnapped by aryan…. but let’s just ignore… as @SM Said coivd issues May be ….

    3. @B, we have to enjoy the show just enjoy, they are doing a lot of hard working and we should be thankful.

      But, if you want to talk about mistakes, I think everyone make some even you and me, sometimes it is linked to us or sometimes it is out of our control like difficulties linked to COVID for example.
      Sometimes also hard working make people tired and don’t pay attention to some mistakes, we should understand.

      For exemple in the episode 107, 8:45 Ridhima is wearing her tall Sandel but in 9:00 she is wearing a slipper then in 9:10 she is wearing again her tall Sandal. If that can tell something, it would be that they repeated the scene many times, that they were so tiered so no one noticed that, all we should say is thank you to them, ok we can laugh a little bit about the slipper in 9:00 hhh 😀 but this can’t make the show less wonderful to me.

    4. @SM @Rimisha @Khawla
      My moblie is taken away so I am typing from laptop. That’s why I couldn’t add funny emojis. May be that’s why you’ll couldn’t understand that I am not pointing out mistakes in that way you are thinking but in a humorous manner.

    5. @B, I can’t understand how in the show having the best TRP for many weeks how the makers forgot that a lady is pregnant a hole year and after a year they remembered that she was pregnant, like her pregnancy was frozen the hole year!! and yet no one to complain and the TRP still high !!
      It is not just a year in real life but also it was shown as a hole year in the show!! Makers showed her secret pregnancy before Karwa shot last year, then they revealed her pregnancy in the Karwa shot this year when she refused to fast for health concerns !! that kind of storyline mistakes should not be acceptable !! as viewers if we accept that we accept that we are also stupid !!

    6. 😂😂😂😂
      Is ishani even pregnant?
      Or was it a lie…makers did you forget ishani 😜😂😂😂

    7. @ Khawla
      That’s why before starting to watch any new show, I see that who is the producer.

  17. Thakur Priyanka

    Ab yeh kaunsa twist hai aur yeh sab kabir ko kaisa malum hua hai

    1. May be Kabir came to know from Anupriya or even he investigated by himself as he is a police officer.

  18. MNO

    Keep voting with randam email id and phone for multiple no. Of times….
    Specially for Rrahul

    1. I don’t even know how many times I have voted for them. Everytime I was upset with the storyline, I vent out my frustration by voting. It really works. Two works at a single time.

    2. I have a doubt. Will the vote be counted even if we vote multiple no of times using same email id?

    3. MNO

      U can use diff random email id..still it gets accepted..

    4. @TSA, if you will vote whenever you are frustrated by the story line, writer should make you more frustrated !! sorry I am just joking hhhh 😀

    5. Gabriela

      I voted about 100 times

    6. @SM I don’t think so. You can vote by using random emails like [email protected] and 0000000. I saw it in a video that it accepts vote only once from a single email.

      @Khawla I vent out my frustration only by voting but the other fans will not spare them who are on Twitter and Insta. Like they had forced Shashwat to reveal that Ahana won’t marry Vansh😂😂😂

    7. @TSA, will the voting be counted even though we use some random email id which is not a valid one?

    8. Guys, I read terms & conditions for voting. It’s one point says that you should be minimum 18 years of age, citizen & resident of India. So it may be possible that your votes won’t be counted if you do not fit in these terms & conditions.

    9. I am from Kazakhstan, I voted

    his life is full of mysteries HE IS A RIDDLE

    1. Do add unsolved mystery..
      And a person whose mood,behaviour can change anytime..what he thinks none gets a slightest clue about it..

      Mujhey lagta hain VR mansion se zyada raaz toh vansh mein dafan hain..

  20. Please writers, show us something different!! not misunderstanding, then someone is hurt then separation or maybe revange…
    OK make us in the beginning think that there is a danger to the relation of Ridhima and Vansh, ok give us some mysteries, let Kabir think that he is so close to win, let him think that he succeeded to separate Ridhima and Vansh but show us after that they was together from the beginning, she told him about the notes, he told her about what he knows, it may a part of the story for example Vansh’s parents were involved in Ridhima’s past, all the evidence was against them but Vansh tell Ridhima that the real murder still unknown and she trust him, so Ridhima and Vansh make a plan to reveal the real murder that may be Anupria or Kabir’s dad !! in that plan they show Kabir that he succeeded to separate them but they turn the table against him in the last minute to reveal the hole truth of Ridhima’s parents’ death and that they was not separated they just acted like to fulfill their plan !!
    Ok for any other surprises but just don’t repeat the show reversely !!

    1. I know yaar but we have no other way other than to put faith on makers atleast for the sake of trp! Our show is in warning state and if we complain abt this track, then it seems like pressurising them to do this, do that. Last time the same mistake did by our fd, without patience many started complaining abt vansh-ahana marriage which didn’t even happen. Lets put faith on makers and lets hope the track to be insteresting. After all if they show riansh always being happy then how will the story progress? This is not a lovey dovey story. Here always some or the other problem comes in an relationship and we need to accept that. Lets not lose hope and keep watching atleast for the sake of trp.

    2. Gabriela

      Exactly, Riansh changes roles, Vansh hides something from Ridhima, Ridhima will be upset, Vansh innocent, and and here we go again

    3. @SM, I am not saying makers should show riansh always being happy, they may make us and Kabir think that they are separated, we may complain for some episodes about that but in the end of this track, we discover that they acted to be separated to turn the table against Kabir and other potentiel enemies in the last minute, then makers show us unseen scenes of riansh helping each other to reveal the real murder of Ridhima’s parents and how they succeed their plan while we thought that they was separated and give us a very nice surprise by that!!

      Im sorry SM, this is what the show made us do from the beginning: investigate, predict and hope for the best, I think we are so spoiled funs hhhh but for sure we will watch and enjoy the show 😀

    4. @SM, I am not saying makers should show riansh always being happy, they may make us and Kabir think that they are separated, we may complain for some episodes about that but in the end of this track, we discover that they acted to be separated to turn the table against Kabir and other potentiel enemies in the last minute, then makers show us unseen scenes of riansh helping each other to reveal the real murder of Ridhima’s parents and how they succeed their plan while we thought that they was separated and give us a very nice surprise by that!!

      Im sorry SM, this is what the show made us do from the beginning: investigate, predict and hope for the best, I think we are so spoiled funs hhhh but for sure we will watch and enjoy the show 😀

    5. @Khawla, I know… our makers really made us mad and that’s y we are making such wild predictions😂😂

    6. @ Khawla
      If we go according to your theory then as soon as the viewers see Riansh against each other then many will run out of patience. They’ll stop watching at that moment only, start cursing & won’t bother enough to watch ahead.

    7. @B, yes maybe you are right like what happened with Vansh’s revange episodes ….
      I can understand the tough work of makers !! It’is so hard to satisfy all funs, it is an other difficulty added to COVID-19 restrictions …

      Let’s just wait and watch 😀

  21. First of all so much romance between them good to see them like that
    I dont know why family all behaving like this as they all are kids that time as according to story among all these youngsters after Vansh and Angre – Riddhima is elder from all as how can they know as today episode there was some connection to Vansh family and Riddhima parents but if her parents died what about her relatives and how many years was riddhima ……………
    And i dont know what Kabir knows as per story logic on before episodes may be Vansh was 8-9 years old when her mom uma died and Riddhima may be 2-3 and also Ishani and Aryan ………………
    So there are so many secrets to reveal
    I dont know my mind was overthinking as i think Angre and Riddhima are brother-sister as IMMJ anything can happened as they didn’t mention about Angre family and even not attend his family………
    Let see how this new track goes on…………..

    1. Gabriela

      @Rishi This is something new, Angre and Ridhima brothers, what would it be like to be true?

    2. If Angre and Riddhima turns out to tb brother and sister then I am not able to understand the reason why Vansh is not revealing the truth to Riddhima.

    3. @Rishi, good to see new ideas, interesting very interesting

    4. Very simple Gabriela……………
      Angre backstory was not shown and no on at present at his wedding and i dont know may be small hunch as they both have special bond as After Vansh ……….Angre accepted her and they both share a brother -sister bond…………..
      And if u are iMMJ 1 Fan and watched that season we dont know that Tara Mother and Aunt are in love with Same man and lot of twits were unrevealed later

    5. Gabriela

      @Rishi in fact, I would like Ridhima and Angre to be brothers to see how Ishani reacts. Hahaha

  22. Riddhu spy mode on 👾
    Kabir Manipulation mode on👻
    Vansh Mastermind mode is yet off 🤧
    WHY our Spy expert isn’t thinking about the person who is putting those note papers in her place (Actually everywhere she go ))
    If she find tat person then she can directly get the secret nahhhhh😹
    But yet … this small soul is satisfied with the episode.. RiAnsh together 😻
    And yet waiting for our VR🤖🎃
    Until then,, Iam not going to build any theories and assumptions
    Because now I think writers are doing their work properly 👌🏼
    Loved todays episode👏🏼
    Thank you for the Update Amena 🎁

  23. Vansh is scared of losing Riddhima just like Riddhima was scared of losing Vansh before he knew her secret. They will get through it I’m loving the track

    1. Gabriela

      Yes, but now will Ridhima forgive Vansh?

  24. only vansh knows the secret of ridhus parents but vansh is not involved in it.

    1. Gabriela

      Vansh and whole his family knows the true

    2. @ Gabriela
      How can you be so sure that the whole family knows the truth? May be elders know but I don’t think all the members know the truth.

    3. Gabriela

      Ishani, Aryan, Chachi, Angre they talk today about something

    4. @ Gabriela
      They were just discussing that now Riddhima will again start spying. They didn’t discuss anything about the secret which Vansh is trying to hide.

  25. Maybe Anubria is the real criminal, and the of Vansh’s and Ridho parents and also vansh were on the day of the accident because how does Kabir know about the accident, Anubria must have been there on the day of the accident , so kabir used Redho because they knew her truth , so he used her to get revenge on Vansh , and also maybe Vansh’s mother knew the truth about Anubria, so she killed her

    1. Gabriela

      Are we good, what do we do, do we still open the IMM2 detective agency?

    2. @Gabriela, can I join you? I am already burning my brain with this show so let’s upgrade to the professional level hhhh 😀

    3. Gabriela
      Yes, we have been since the beginning of the series, and now we have a lot of experience because of the makers😂😂🤣🤣

    4. Gabriela

      Khawla and Jasmin you are all welcome. The more minds, the faster we solve all the secrets of IMM2

    5. @Gabriela, thanks dear 😀

  26. Y this riddhima is tolarating kabir … as evrything fine between riansh she can tell to vansh about ragini being murdered by kabir … Y is she not saying that…. anyways if she will say how will the story progress .. she should at least ask about sejal …..this track is also interesting but wo pehle wale mysteries (sate, desuza,real dsr,ragini mudders &sejal kidnapping) slove hojaye tho zayada acha hotha ….

    1. Even if Riddhima tells Vansh that Kabir murdered Ragini, what’s the use? They don’t have proof, so they can’t send Kabir to jail. And even if Vansh throws Kabir out of the house, he’ll again enter.

    2. Gabriela

      In fact She should tell him everything, all Kabir’s crimes, maybe they can put him behind bars and get rid of him

    3. I share you opinion about “she should at least ask about Sejal”, she stopped looking for her after knowing that she was with Kabir so she thought she was safe, but after knowing thar Kabir is a murder she should be concerned about her !!
      Friendship relationships should be considered as important as Family relationships.
      Also, Sejal was the only family member that Ridhima had …
      Now after starting revealing the past of Ridhima, Sejal may be involved ….

    4. Gabriela

      @Khawla You’re right, I think Sejal knows all the secrets of Ridhima

    5. Exactly don’t know why they are keeping Kabir in the mansion ,riddima knows Kabir very well she suppose to ignored him instead of listening to him ,after all he has done,and she didn’t learned anything at all from her experienced that she almost lost the love of her life,she should involved vansh in her finding so that they won’t misinterprete her next time.

  27. Last time, we saw how riddhima crossed limits for her love and to save their relationship. This time we’ll see how far vansh goes to save their relationship. Really, makers want to show us that both are equally obsessive lovers! I’m loving this track! Infact its good to show that both are equal in their love. I just wanted this: to make everything balanced between them and not always riddhima to suffer. This time lets see how far vansh goes to save his relationship…

    1. In fact I am also loving this track but many are annoyed by this one. Can’t understand why? But this track will add freshness to the stale story of Anupriya-Kabir.

    2. SM
      Yes, this is very equal as vansh was looking for his mother’s killer and now Redho is looking for the truth about her parents

    3. MNO

      Yes i love this track…interesting..

    4. Gabriela

      SM, MNO, Jasmine and B I know that almost everyone loves this twist, it’s interesting, but I would now like another kind of twist that would not endanger their newly renewed relationship. That is why I am afraid that their relationship will not withstand a secret that has just appeared between them

    5. @ Gabriela
      That’s the point. If they endanger the lead male & female’s relationship then only viewers will become curious to watch what happens next & it would increase their trp. If they endanger Riddhima’s & Siya’s or Ishaani’s relation, no one will give any attention to it. Makers are cunningly playing to win in the game of trp. That’s why in every serial they always endanger the lead’s relation. It’s the psychology thing. Like in Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai, the show’s trp wasn’t increasing since weeks despite of many efforts. So they killed Naira’s character. Resulting it’s trp increased & again came in top 5.

    6. Gabriela

      @B You’re right but for me it has become like a small obsession, it seems to affect me, I sit and think about all the possibilities, what can happen, who is the murderer, who is the instigator, who is the intriguer, who did what, I didn’t think I can never get attached to a show. I think I went crazy!

    7. @ Gabriela
      The same used to happen with me few days ago & till now I am not able to get out of it. But I am trying to get out of it because this is a bad habit which wastes our precious time.

  28. Guys colours tv released the promo of a new show. Don’t know it is going to replace which show. Now we have to ensure the trp of immj2 as colours tv is trying to bring new shows

    1. Families love saas Bahu shows and most of us watch the series online, so trp is very little

    2. Gabriela

      I don’t think we are in danger, even if trp is down the show is a huge international success, I am from Europe and I watch it. So income for the show I think is coming so once trp increased we no longer have to worry

    3. @Gabriela, you are right about international success!! I am watching from North Africa, I remember seeing more Africans commenting here and also I saw people form America commenting here …
      So it is a multi continent success !!

      It is now telecasting to Arab audience in Arabic on MBC Bollywood channel, so makers may earned a lot from the show hhhh 😉 😀

    4. Gabriela

      @Khawla For this reason I don’t think the show will end soon, IMM2 fans will raise trp

    5. The show is telecasted on “MBC Bollywood” (and Arabic Channel) and also on web on “Shahid”. Just when they translated it to Arabic they changed the name to “Secret Agent”.

    6. Gabriela

      @Khawla Secret Agent, how cool is that!!!!!

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