Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima seeks help

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima saying what happened yesterday, what was Vansh planning and what happened. She tries to recollect. She panics. Vansh sees her and comes. He asks her to relax. She says I recollected who wants to kill me. He asks who. She says someone was wearing yellow gloves, he tried to kill me, someone wants to kill both of us. Vansh says I will find out, relax. Someone looks at them. Vansh says who is it, who shot at me, Riddhima took the bullet, if her partner did this, then she would have supported him, she said the yellow gloves man tried to kill her, her partner won’t try to kill her, someone is wrong, we have to find out. Anupriya asks him about it. Dadi says Vansh prayed for you. Riddhima asks what, but he is a non believer. Dadi says yes, he changed, he was afraid to lose you, you should have seen it, he protects his loved ones, his love isn’t seen, but he loves you a lot.

Vansh says I will find out the person behind the shootout. She asks him to leave it, he didn’t sleep all night, take rest first and then think what to do. Vansh says no, so much happened in my house, that person can harm anyone. He goes. Dadi says you are his wife, he will care for you, its his Dharm to protect you. Riddhima gets thinking. Ishani thinks Riddhima killed Sunny and taking rest, I won’t let her stay in peace. She writes the message on the mirror. Riddhima comes and gets scared reading the threatening message. She cries and shouts Vansh. She runs and slips in the stairs. He asks what happened. She says room….. She gets him. They see the clean mirror. Everyone comes. Riddhima says there was a message written. Everyone doesn’t believe so. They go. Riddhima sees Ishani smiling. Ishani goes. Vansh asks Riddhima to relax. Riddhima says I have seen the message, that person is here, maybe he is a family member. He says I also think you lost your mind, why will anyone try to kill us, there is no message written.

She asks what if I give a proof. She shows the lipstick mark and says its proof that something was written, I m not lying. He says you are thinking a lot, I promise, I will find that person. He goes. She tries to use the lipstick on the mirror to check and says its different shade, who can it be, Anupriya, no, a mum can never think of killing her son, I know who uses this lipstick. She comes to Ishani’s room. She sees Ishani applying the red lipstick. Riddhima thinks Ishani wants to kill me, she thinks I killed Sunny. Ishani goes. Riddhima says I have to tell Vansh about Ishani, I can’t tell him without the proof. She gets the lipstick. She looks for the yellow gloves. Ishani comes and stops her. She shouts to everyone. Riddhima says I won’t give it, its a proof against you. Ishani falls down.

Riddhima says sorry. Vansh and everyone come. Ishani says this poor girl was stealing my cosmetics. Vansh asks what, I don’t believe it. Chanchal asks Riddhima to ask Vansh if she wants anything. Riddhima says I was trying to prove that Ishani is the person we are finding, I m saying the truth. He says enough, come with me. She says no, yellow gloves person is the one who tried to kill me, Ishani thinks I killed Sunny and wants revenge. Ishani says I dreamt that you died, but I didn’t do anything, I was on a video call with my friend when this accident happened, check it. Riddhima says but the lipstick is of same colour. Vansh shouts Riddhima. Anupriya says she isn’t well, take her. Vansh takes Riddhima to the room. He says I told you that I will handle this case, you created this mess. He checks the lipstick and says look at it carefully, Ishani will never do this. Riddhima says it means Ishani isn’t that person, who can it be. Someone looks on.

Vansh helps Riddhima wear the saree. They come close and have a moment.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Woooooo…….
    Crazy man……
    Today’s update is amazing. Vansh is caring for Riddhima but still he is same Vansh who suspects in everything. This time Vansh also doesn’t know about what is happening in his house. Kabir……. he is doing negative role . He planned very well . I feel so bad about Riddhima because Kabir used her and also tried to kill her. I think that masked one is Siya. Maybe she is acting . Lots of questions……. Update soon next episode……

  2. Oh my gosh….. It’s really unbelievable. Saachmae aapko lagthahai kee vansh can control his love on ridhima. It’s Im… possible.
    Just chill……

  3. I have already seen the episode.Thanks amena🥰🥰

  4. How is the update of 15th already posted on 14th. Where are you guys watching ?

    Loved the storyline.

    1. Voot select.. episode comes before 24hrs

    2. Dailymotion has it always before it is shown on television

  5. It’ll be interesting to see how Vansh plays the game to catch the real culprit. Riddhima should let Vansh handle the matter. Instead of Running behind the masked man/woman she should focus on finding Ragini’s history because it’ll lead her to Kabir’s truth. At the same time, romance should go on.

  6. @Indu they r watching all episodes on voot app…
    if u subscripe then u can watch episodes earlier than it is telecasted on tv

  7. I’m curious to know what Vansh will do next. He seems to be thankful to Riddhima, but he still has not started trusting her completely. So will he try to find out the culprit first or will try to uncover Riddhima’s truth? On the other hand, Riddhima has somewhat started trusting Vansh; she is no more scared thinking he might harm her. This shootout has definitely put a stop to both Vansh and Riddhima’s respective missions.
    Also spoilers say that Kabir will soon enter VR mansion. Can’t wait for it!

    1. Yes I also felt ,Riddhima is no more afraid of vansh, instead she started trusting him😍.
      Well right now everyone is curious to know who the masked person is,but I’m the only idiot who is more excited to watch their night scenes, bedroom romance😍..pta nhi Riddhima abhi bhi vansh ko bed pe sone degi ya nh🤔

  8. i think the masked man is Aryan. It obviously cant be a woman from the way the person is dressed.

  9. This dadi is so irritating. Her speeches on relationship dharm god etc were so annoying.she is just trying to impose vansh on riddhima and riddhima on vansh.what will she do when she will learn the truth of riddhima. This show has become a normal saas bahu serial

  10. This masked man has some sort power I think, visible to no-one and roaming in mansion so freely…..
    It’s a woman coz of eyelashes glimpse while shooting Riddhima

  11. I think that masked person will be a women bcz of her eyes I totally agree with you Avira.
    Anamika Ji always watching suspense thriller is also some much of boring….. Thodasa, romance, thriller,drama,anger,laughter,aa sab Millar rahitho voo immj2


    Thank You so much to write these updates as not getting time to watch this serial at all so i everymorning open these updates

  13. i think the mask one could be sunny,ishani,aryan or siya also could be.
    i think that nia sharma could come back in immj2 as ragini.
    what is your thought on this statment?

    1. No , not Nia Sharma, swarda thigale will play the role of ragini.

  14. Jibola

    I don’t think the masked man is any of the family, it must be Kabir’s junior or anyone else but can’t be someone from the VR mansion

  15. Kuldeep Kumar Sharma

    It is a fantastic drama. Today I really enjoyed this episode. This serial is totally different from saas – bahu drama and this serial deserves number one position in TRP chart according to barc . If we talked about today’s episode so I think the real mastermind is Siya who acts like sweet with everyone . I think she is not paralyzed and I think Vansh’s Uncle is also involved in Kabir’s plan because after the death of Vansh’ dad the whole business is controlled by Vansh so he revenge for this .

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