Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Kabir makes a new plan

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh asking Riddhima to come home, VR mansion. She nods. He takes her bags from the taxi. Everyone waits for Vansh. Siya says I m sure Vansh won’t come back without taking Riddhima. Vansh brings Riddhima. Ahana gets angry. Dadi says Riddhima, I m sorry for whatever this family did with you, I will do your aarti and welcome you. Vansh and Riddhima enter the house. Vansh says it was a big misunderstanding, annoyance is where there is love, I loved her a lot so I was hurt, now I want to start a new relation with Riddhima, I want support of you all, accept her as my wife. Dadi and Siya smile. Vansh asks Dadi to bless them. Dadi blesses them. Dadi says Riddhima, I doubted you by believing Vansh. Riddhima says I know your blessings will always be with us, that’s why we united again. Siya holds Vansh and Riddhima’s hands. She unites their hands. She says promise me, you will never leave each other.

Riddhima says stop Ahana, its time you leave the VR mansion. Ahana says whatever you both did with me, I will never forget it, you remember it Vansh, this chapter didn’t close, when I get my turn, the story will be written again. She leaves. Dadi asks them to light a diya and pray for a new start. Vansh sees Riddhima. They do the aarti. Everyone prays.

Vansh says it was my revenge plan to get Ahana as my wife, I involved the family, I know I did wrong, I m sorry, there is one truth, just one girl has the right to become Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania, that’s Riddhima, only you have the right to have my name’s sindoor in your maang. He fills sindoor in her maang. He says I promise, my trust will never break, our relation will not fall weak. Kabir comes and rings the bell. Dadi says I will call pandit to keep a Ramayan paath. The servant says a parcel came for Riddhima. Vansh stops Riddhima. Dadi says she is just going to get the parcel. Siya asks Vansh to let her go. Vansh says I got her after much difficulty. Riddhima goes and receives the parcel. She asks who has sent it.

She signs and takes the parcel. She goes. Kabir says your entry happened in this house again, this parcel will pose many questions, Vansh and you won’t have the questions, you both will become enemies of each other. Riddhima checks the parcel. Vansh stumbles. He holds her. He jokes and teases her, praising Ahana. She gets upset. He holds her. Dekha hazaaron dafa aapko…… plays… They dance and romance. He says I gave wife’s place to Ahana, she came in this bedroom, but she didn’t sleep on this bed, I didn’t give her any right that’s yours. She hugs him and says when love is much, there is a fear of losing it, we shall promise to always protect our love. He says done. She says wait, I was just checking this parcel.

She says its my old things, I think warden had sent it from the orphanage. She asks him to see her letters to her mum and dad. She says I used to write my feelings to them. Vansh says wow, that’s many letters. She gets a gold chain and locket. He gets shocked seeing it. He asks this locket?

She says it used to be in my neck always, I don’t know about the other side, I just got half of it, I just want to meet my parents and ask them why did they leave me, who does this with their child, they left me at the orphanage, alone, when I needed them the most. She cries. He says Riddhima, you are going to make a new start, someone said, if we don’t get answers to the questions, we must trash it, smile. She smiles and hugs him. He sees the locket. She wears it in her neck.

Its morning, Vansh sees Riddhima’s locket and thinks who can send it. Everyone is sitting in the puja. Dadi asks pandit to read Ramayana book which Vansh’s mum got for them. Pandit reads the Ramayana, the story about Mithila King Janak finding a baby girl. Kabir comes and looks on. They hear about the girl having Om’s half locket in her neck, her mum had the other half locket, that girl’s name is Riddhima. He says what’s written in Ramayana. They all get shocked.

Vansh asks what nonsense are you reading, its ?Ramayana. Pandit says sorry, I m reading what’s written in this book. Vansh checks it. Riddhima also checks and gets shocked. She says my name is written in it, this Om locket is also mentioned, maybe someone wants to tell about my life’s story, which I don’t know. Vansh asks what rubbish, maybe someone had put this page to trouble you. Aryan asks who would do this, I got this from Dadi’s room. Kabir recalls keeping the page in the Ramayana. He says when things don’t work according to me, I will change fate, Riddhima I promise this story will be interesting. He hides. Aryan comes and takes the book.

Riddhima says there would be some truth, maybe my mum has the other half of the locket. Vansh says relax, we will find out. Ishani says it maybe someone’s stupid prank. She asks pandit to read Ramayana. Vansh and Riddhima sit back. Pandit reads about Sita. Riddhima holds the locket and thinks why was this paper kept in Ramayana, someone knows about my mum and dad, did they not leave me by their wish, is their secret somewhere here around me. Angre asks do you think this story is real. Vansh says find out the person who had put this story in Ramayana. Kabir keeps a note in the prasad tray. Riddhima asks where did Vansh go. Angre says don’t know. She sees the chit and reads… I m the one who came to your room with a rod just to get your attention, I had put that page in Ramayana, the story is true.

Riddhima thinks what can be my parents’ secret. She goes to check the basement. Vansh checks the other half of the locket. He says if Riddhima sees this, everything will be ruined.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Thanks Amena 😀

  2. Salluzz

    Now they are showing that vansh has some connection with ridhima’s parents

    1. Gabriela

      I am scared now

  3. Wait leave the episode before siya was in coma she was walking but not she is again on wheel chair😑🤨
    Angre ki smile uff🤭
    Ye ramayan mai kya tha😅😂
    kahi vansh aur riddhima bhai bhen toh nahi hai 🤣🤣🤣
    kahi vansh ke parents ya kisi family member ne riddhima ke parents ko kuch kiya ho aur mujhe nhi soochna(predict karna) hai 😅🙏

  4. Hey.. i am new here..

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    3. Welcome to our crazy fan club

  5. We got our dadi that loves riddhima so much and our Sia who helped our Riansh reunite back….💕
    Dadi and sia always brought riansh closer❤💖❤💖

    1. RiAnshfan

      yes all thanks to them.

  6. Can someone share the link to watch today’s episode online as I was not able to watch as I was not able to watch?

    1. RiAnshfan

      u can watch the episode on voot or mx player…but u will get the episode tomorrow.

    2. No they will upload today episode in voot tonight

  7. Can someone send the link to watch today’s episode online as I was not able to watch today’s episode?

  8. Precap??

  9. Omg amazing episode again..but what is the raaz behind the locket? One half is of Vansh and the other is Riddhima. I think maybe their past is connected 🤔 but how did Kabir know this? Oh well I’m still excited for the track 😍

    1. Maybe Kabir knows about Ridhima parents because Anoupria told him, maybe he made her his girlfreind in the past intentionally because that connection between Ridhima’s parents and Vansh or Vansh’s family …

    2. It could be anything but I will not predict and just enjoy the show but yea maybe 🤔

    3. the box in which vansh pick out locket was of his mom uma
      i think something is related to uma’s past life
      o god! negative thoughts are coming in my mind
      vansh and riddhima are brother-sister ?????

    4. What?? Aisa kuch nahi hoga. Makers r not fool to bring romance btw brother-sister. But i think vansh knew already abt riddhima’s parents…

    5. No yaar it may be like Riddima is Uma’s brother’s daughter

    6. Yay!!! I got my old vansh back! The one who always cares riddhima and fears losing her!

    7. Yes yes…
      With a bit of vihaan…😂😂😂😀

    8. I don’t think it’s possible to be brother and sister but I think something is related to Riddhima from VR family 🤔

    9. @ Khawla
      Even I think the same….

    10. @Ridhityagi, hhhh no no no, I don’t think so , not Brother and sister but maybe the parents of Ridhima was obliged to leave her in an orphanage because Vnash’s mother our Vansh’s parents… maybe Ridhima’s parents was murdered by Vansh’s parents or maybe Ridhma was kidnapped by Vansh’s parents

    11. That sounds a little bit better then having riansh as brother and sister

    12. Gabriela

      Please, no!

    13. @Riansh Lover, hhhh yes, anything but not that !!

    14. RiAnshfan

      it is possible that vansh and kabir know about Ridhima’s parents…..but it is sure that there is something bad or else why would vansh be scared about the locket…but i am sure that they cannot be brother and sister.

    15. It was very simple guys as there is connection between Vansh parents and Riddhima parents
      and I think Vansh also not know completely truth because he was also kid that time and he was schocked to same locket as it was there in his mother memories………………..
      As anupriya can kill Vansh mom she collected and known all information about Raisinghanias and she intentionally choose Riddhima as their target as master plan to yet reveal……………
      We will see how this triller ro;ller coaster will take our ride……..

    16. MNO

      Yes kabir said this parcel pose many question to u. U and vansh dunno answers.

      That means Vansh also dunno abt it because he was also kid at that time.

      Good detection..👍

  10. Did Vansh really just say he got Riddhima after much difficulty?😂🙂🔪Recognized how Riddhima didn’t promise Siya that she and Vansh won’t separate again? I guess now some glue is showing that Vansh knows Ridz parents or maybe it’s Kabir’s trap. But if it was Riddhima’s parent’s locket wouldn’t Riddhima have kept it with her all this time. She would have kept it close right? Why would she leave it at orphanage?

  11. Neha1

    Why Vansh’s shocked seeing that Gold Locket…
    Now the story is going to know about Riddhima’s parents and maybe it somehow has a connection with Vansh and maybe his family….
    Now the story is becoming increasing…. I want to know more about Riddhima’s parents/past….
    I also have a that this twist might bring the misunderstanding/separation in RiAnsh’s life….
    What’s the mystery/secret about the Locket and his is that connected to Vansh..???
    Eagerly waiting to know and waiting for tomorrow episode.

    1. Vansh will not let Riddhima go away from him. Now its becoming interesting

    2. Gabriela

      For sure

  12. Please i realy prey k story repeat na ho .vansh hiding a secret and ridhima the jasoos .finds it .vansh knows her parents she will hate him again.for hiding things.plz makers let us enjoy there union .spare us from heart break.again

    1. @ Mary
      Even we also want to see them together but try to understand that it’s a drama. If everything is at peace then who will watch the show. How will the makers attract audiences? it’s just the last episode where everything gets fine. And now when Vansh himself doesn’t want to loose Riddhima, he will manage this.

    2. MNO


    3. Yah .. they show one happy episode
      And 10 sad; revenge episodes
      I need RiAnsh to work together 😌

  13. I still loved the episode…finally gave the feeling that the old riansh is back💕….
    This is what i wanted💖💖💖

    1. @riansh lover
      today’s episode was awesome
      old riansh are back
      vansh is so much concern about riddhima

    2. Yaar…the feeling of having them back is amazing😃❤❤❤❤….
      But as usual kabir always interferes….

    3. Gabriela

      I love today episode but I am scared for precap

  14. Ayshu…. sorry yaar DO din we mein nahi aayi….
    Kal meri cousin ki shaadi thi, aur raat mein mijhe FF likhen thi…
    Air aaj Bihar thi saari tyme

    1. Neha1

      @Den, good to see you here… Kahaan Gayab ho jati ho…

    2. Neha Di first you answer me How’s your treatment going?? Is all good?
      As I mentioned, I was busy as bee……
      Yesterday my crime-partner got married…..
      And today we family had gone for outing
      Also I started an IMMJ2 FF so busy in updating that also…….

  15. Wow… Finally some secret abt riddhima’s past… And something that vansh knew already? Or is it kabir’s plan to create misunderstandings? But both Vansh and Riddhima had seen this locket in their respective homes which means it’s a true story. But how come kabir knew it? Did anupriya tell anything about this? So it means that kabir knows everything about riddhima i.e from childhood? Its really gonna be interesting…

    1. the box in which vansh pick out the locket was of uma
      i thing uma and riddhima are related somehow
      oo god! negative thoughts are coming in my mind
      vansh and riddhima are brother-sister

    2. Tum pagal ho gaya😂😂😂
      How can they be brother and sister🙍🙆….

    3. My gosh.. I don’t think they will be siblings
      It will be awkward 😂
      I predict their parents may be friends
      And Uma Raisinghania related to her parents
      Let’s go with the flow and enjoy the mystery 🎉🎁

    4. @ SM
      The answer of your questions lies in your questions only.
      @ RL
      Everyone can’t be tough like us. So don’t laugh at ridhityagi. After watching these many episodes of IMMJ 2, anyone can go mad.

    5. Well that also came in my head and i mentally slapped myself…

    6. @Ridhityagi yeh same khayal mere dimag mein a raha tha. Par mujhe laga main pagal ho chuki hoon sochte sochte. Lekin ab ab pata chala tumhe bhi yeh lagta hai.

    7. @B

    8. @Ridhityagi, what you said still a possibility, I don’t know what we will say to you if it turn to be like that!! but you are right it’s IMM2, you can expect anything !!
      Maybe if Ridhima is Umara’s daughter, Vannsh is not her son …
      But I still think that is going to be something between Ridhima’s parents and Vansh’s parents, I think they were enemies, a lot of theories I expect:
      – Vansh’s parents killed Ridhima’s parents ,
      – Vansh’s parents kidnapped Ridhima and putted her in an orphanage,
      – Vansh’s parents stole the fortune of Ridhima’s parents,
      – Vansh’s dad was killed by Ridhima’s parents,

      Anything that Kabir will use to separate Ridhima and Vansh. But, it’s a test for their love and trust, they just made a promise before seeing the box, I hope they will stay faithful to it.

    9. Gabriela

      I hope not

    10. MNO

      Yes it might be true from one of ur theories.


  17. I happy that they are now talking about riddhimas parents…and i remember this happening in immj1
    At least its not about vanshs past….like ragani😒


    2. No…it cant be…
      Maybe somebody vansh knew….
      Or a secret that uma knew…
      Riansh cant be brother and sister😅😓

      I HOPE SO

    4. I will cry if they brother and sister😭


    1. Dear i hope you will take me along with you to a hospital…
      My sister is also eating my brains ….
      I know how you feel😅

    2. @RL
      DO OR DIE

    3. 😂😂😂😂
      Same thing happens ….
      But i think immj2 makes me more mad😅

    4. 😂😅👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
      Sideffects of reading lots of FanFiction😅
      U finally predicted hero and heroine of the story as Siblings 😂🤧😂

    5. But Kabir is another level yaar
      After his every plans getting bashed badly
      He wake up and create new riots
      How can be like this 👌🏼😑

    6. @ Ridhityagi & @ RL
      I have empathy for you’ll. Don’t worry. I’ll come to visit you’ll.

    1. Can someone please translate what they said in English? I know it’s written in the precipice of the update… but not all the words are translated. So can someone please translate?

    2. Thanks for the prefab link. It’s becoming interesting, very interesting.

    3. Sorry I meant *precap

  19. Thakur Priyanka

    Now another (raaz,suspense,mystery and thriller) Vansh aur Riddhima ka parents ka kya raaz hai ki aur yeh ahaana itni jaldi Vansh aur Riddhima kay life sey sach mein chaley gayee


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