Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh’s lookalike learns about family


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima asking Kabir to leave. He says you are forgetting something, I had sent you to Vansh, I had enmity with him, I admit I was hurt when you rejected me for him, but I didn’t fall low to arrest him for revenge, I arrested him, I got his watch near Ragini’s dead body. Riddhima says I had his watch, I took it for repair, Ragini died in front of me, Vansh was not around, your misunderstanding is the reason that Vansh isn’t with me. He asks who shot Ragini, did you see him. She says no. He says it can be Vansh, right, the footage also shows Vansh is trying to shoot Ragini… She recalls burning the card. She asks how did you get that footage, I had burnt it.

He says maybe someone saved the footage and sent it to me, that person was in VR mansion, police got Ragini’s body, Vansh’s watch was there, also that footage, what could I do, seniors issues an arrest warrant so I had come here, Vansh snatched Mishra’s gun and forced us to reach that area, he tried to run, he would have been alive if he was in jail, I wanted to give him a fair chance, the matter went out of hands because of him, Vansh’s story is over forever, if you want, you can come back to me, Riddhima. She says Riddhima Vansh rai Singhania, I m Vansh’s wife, now his widow, I don’t want to see your face, you are dead for me now. She shuts the gate. Mishra says she said a lot. Kabir says her heart is hurt, I had also felt this pain when Riddhima left me and went to Vansh. Mishra asks where can Vansh’s body go. Someone is seen checking Vansh’s body. Kabir says don’t know, we have tried to find, there is no wild animal to clear the body, I just said to cover up in front of family, its good, Vansh’s body won’t get final rites. Someone is seen doing the final rites, and seeing Vansh’s id cards. He burns the body. Kabir says look there Mishra, very soon KR signboard will be there instead KR mansion, I will be the owner. The person turns and smiles. Its Vansh. He says every person gets a OTP that transfers good luck, my time has come. He leaves.

After 13 days, Riddhima sees Vansh’s pic. She says its 13 days you left, it seems like 13 years, its said that 13th day is the last day for mourning, but I don’t think I can end my relation with this pain, never in this birth. She cries holding her mangalsutra. She disconnects Kabir’s call. Anupriya says my eyes are really hurt by this crying drama. Kabir says all the pain is over, its just happiness, its time we take the next move, our life’s new chapter will begin. She smiles. He says its our success. Mishra comes. Kabir asks did you do my work. Mishra nods. Kabir says good, it will be fun now. Riddhima looks for her mangalsutra. She sees Ishani going and follows her. Ishani tries to cut the mangalsutra. Riddhima shouts no. Ishani says stop there.

Riddhima says nothing should happen to it. Ishani says I want to know the truth, I can’t believe that Vansh and Siya, they both faced so much that day. Aryan says stop it Riddhima, we know that story is fake like your love, we know you never loved Vansh, you just doubted him. Riddhima says don’t call my love fake, you both don’t have any right to judge about Vansh and me. She takes her mangalsutra and gets her hand hurt. She goes. Aryan asks do you think she said right. Ishani says no, I will get the truth out from her. The guy Vihaan tries to hack something. He goes to get some coffee. He checks Vansh’s bank account and says he has much money, finally its time, I have to check entire hard disk, the fun will begin now. He gets family photos. He checks everyone. He says and this is Riddhima, the most beautiful member of the family, congrats Vihaan, its your lottery, I got money and magic as well. He smiles.

Dadi asks whose clothes are these. Anupriya says its my son’s uniform, someone kidnapped him. She cries. Vihaan says my journey to become Vansh begins. Kabir comes and asks whose clothes are these. Anupriya says leave it, it belongs to my son. Kabir says Maa… Riddhima gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Vernali Mohanty

    No what the hell. Lookalike? This is shit. That means Vansh is dead. And now it seems to me that maybe Kabir isn’t Anupriya’s son. Those clothes were of some other kid who is this Vihaan I guess. I just hope this isn’t true

    1. Isaid alrdy there will do same like all serial

    2. I don’t think of vihaan as anupriya’s lost son because that was drama of anupriya and Kabir to allow his entry in the vr mansion as her second son

  2. WTF????? Seriously, I can’t they spoiled the show so badly like this, urgh! I feel like banging my head somewhere, seriously damn disappointing!

    1. Bang the makers head dude!!!Keep your head intact bcz if you continue watching the show, you’ll see shits like this again and again.

  3. Don’t have anything left to say . Makers are now trying to spoil the story .

  4. Shesha485

    Let me see the show after skipping 10 episodes, at least then I could understand something.

  5. Seriously. The writer really feels we will fall for this shit🙄 Obviously it’s Vansh. If it was Vansh who died from such a hearty fall then don’t you guys think they would have shown his face before this guy burns the body? This is Vansh’s trap and Angre is in on it. Honestly, this is somewhat predictable. There’s always these scenes with one of the main character falling off a cliff and everybody thought he was dead until he showed up again. Vansh acts like a fool to hurt Ridhu and then take revenge. Which he will regret when he knows about Anu, Chanchal, Aryan, and Kabir. Ridhu’s life will probably be in danger by then though. I don’t really care about these. I’m just worried about Sia. Hope she doesn’t go in coma and I hope she doesn’t become mute🥺

    1. Ur words are giving me some hope . But y are they showing as if vihaan just now learns about the family and bank balance?, But i want ur words to be true…

    2. Is it Anupriya and vansh played along🤔🤔.. No yaar can’t be. Vansh died. Vansh chapter over.
      All these while v thought it’s vansh game plan and he is the master mind of all…v were comforting ourselves thinking it s vansh game plan …bt makers fooled us …made vansh character as dumb and changed the entire storyline…such a crap.

      I don’t think Vihaan is vansh… Bcz his behaviour is diff and Anupriya had another son and that person might be Vihaan,who is her lost son whom she loves more than kabir.
      V will get to watch jealousy track between kabir and vansh yearning mom’s love.
      And jealousy track between kabir and vansh for riddhima.
      Let’s c…

    3. No that boy was Kabir as she said it before

    4. Wait wait… Am I wrong?? Is it lost son is kabir??? To whom Anupriya referring too.
      She is doing this drama to make kabir’s entry into VR mansion

    5. Yeah you are right.. They are going too very dramatic(overacting)

  6. Come on guys. Just think it over this type of thing happened in many serials not only in immj 2.I think writers didn’t had any plan or strategy of next thing to show. But let me tell you that guy isn’t vansh because writers are expecting that audience would assume him as vansh and wait for revelation but that ain’t gonna happen.

  7. Haha I found it funny 😂 but I prefer Vansh than Vihaan 😑 why did makers decide to trim his beard. And what is the storyline going about. I’m confused 😂

  8. How can makers do like this!!! Like seriously?!! How can they make the lead character to die, that too within 120 episodes?? I am feeling sad for vansh for dying without even knowing the whole truth. Is there any possibility that vansh come again? Or he got burned completely? But i am very disappointed. Is this the twist they were talking about?

    But i am not gonna stop seeing the show as i need to see the new acting of rrahul as vihaan. But this one would be a big disappointment for all immj fans.

    PS: how many kids does this anupriya have yaar😆😆 and how did she manage to send those kids to school and all😆😆

  9. There might be two possibilities
    1) Vansh pretending to be Vihaan
    2) he will be shown as imposter then Ridhima finds about it. Then turns to be Vansh.

    But I don’t want any lookalike of Vansh. I want to stick in to One Vansh with different layers as makers said before.

  10. The precap!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    LOL!!!!I knew it Kabir and Anupriya will plan like this to get Kabir’s entry in the house.
    But Vihaan??? Seriously!!!!!Look alike drama!!!!
    Maat karo yaar!!!Don’t spoil Vansh’s character like this.
    Just to confuse us don’t show something that snatches our interest to watch the show.
    Just make sure this Vihaan is Vansh. Stop spoiling his character with some cheap things.

    1. I really hope your prediction of vihaan being vansh is true.. IMMJ2 is so incomplete without Vansh!

    2. Exactly yaar

  11. I can’t believe makers took such a big risk! Couldn’t they see how much was riansh trending, Couldn’t they see that all their romantic episodes have had amazing ratings, Couldn’t they see the craze the audience had for Vansh and they just decided to kill Vansh and bring Vihaan? I just can’t digest, I wish I was dreaming.. why makers why?

  12. I must say immj2 fans are very funny, people are crying because of his bread. I’m super excited I feel like this guy will bring jealousy in Riddima . I’m always happy with any Track. I don’t understand why people get angry and the rest, just enjoy it, laugh and cry. yesterday I Did Cry today I’m going to smiling. ❤😂🥺✌

  13. Now the show seriously goes downhill.They killed the character and his aura he had created.Now an imposter and his new love story.Really

  14. 😵😵😵😵😵 Don’t know how to express my irritation in words😠😠😠😠😠 Seriously!!!!🙀🙀🙀 I was waiting for this !!! It’s enough!Iam seriously quitting this show 💔💔 Makers spoiled a very good story🤦🤦🤦Now it’s Ridiculously 🤬🤬🤬

  15. Ohh no. Can’t see any other character in place of Vansh, even if it is played by Rrahul. I feel betrayed by this plot. But even I feel it is Vansh only who is just playing along. Lets see what happens.

    1. Honestly, at this point I’m just gonna read the updates and shut my mouth. I think the writer knows that we would assume Vihaan is Vansh. But it’s all too coincidental that Vihaan, Vansh’s lookalike, comes there at the right places where Vansh falls. Im starting to feel that Vansh and Angre pre-planned this and arranged for Vihaan to be at that exact spot on the very day Vansh fell from the cliff. They did a research and knew that Vihaan would’ve taken Vansh’s identity. I feel real Vansh is also alive and is working from the dark. I think Angre is too calm with Vansh’s death so something is definitely up. It’s either a deal between Vihann and Vansh or Vansh is using Vihaan. But I just feel Vansh isn’t dead and rather they got another man’s body there in space of Vansh and put Vansh ID on him and then Vihaan came along and found the body… I’m serious going to stop these speculations. It’s not healthy😂😂😂

    2. @Asen You could be right. You know what your comment gives me so much hope! I’m also going to officially resign from this show as of now. I’ll be back if something logical and interesting enough happens. Just few days back I was discussing on this very group that how this show had managed to have my interest on for more than 100 episodes, and now this happens.

  16. Vihan…. seriously….. vihan kam vedhanth ( from raja beta ) zayada lagraha tha ….. Didn’t expected this from the maker…. thriller ko comedy Bandia ek hi scene me … vihan ka intro Dekar…. …. and koi ye tho batha do ki diwali wala ” FATHER OF REVELATIONS ” kan hai… plz ye math kehna ki vihan is the one ….

    1. Father to pata nehi “MOTHER OF REVELATION” hai.
      Anupriya hai mother of relevation. Dekha nehi kaise Kabir ko sab ke samne lee aaya.

    2. Mother of revelation dude
      How Anupriya revealed to all about Kabir being her son😂😂
      How sarcastic revealation I had ever seen. Uniform se😩.
      Ek school mein Padne waali Sabko same uniform Milta hain.

      They are really dumb pretending to be smart.

    3. @Rimsha Omg I cracked up so much on reading your comment. Vihaan ko vedant banadiya lol! Actually come to think of it, I think the writers of both the shows are same.

    4. @ nai….. ha yaarrr…. hair style and way of talking same vedhanth ki tara dikha muje

    5. Who is Vedanta? ???
      Vihaan really look like officer Aryan Mathur. (Rrahul’s web series )

  17. Makes spoiled it as i guessed already noone is going to watch now

  18. Guys if Vansh comes as Vansh he probably goes to prison so it’s his new plan to change his look as diffirent person ……….

  19. I’m was annoyed with the script. In this season also double roll. I had seen the poster of Immj where female leads are lookalike. What’s the need to bring that track here??
    And this Vihaan may turn out to be long lost child of RaiSinghania’s😂😂. Or Vansh itself. Or Vansh may return after a while.

    I thought Vansh will be back as Vansh only. But the makers spoiled everything.
    More than previous episodes I’m feeling melancholic on today’s episode. Killed the icon of IMMJ2. This Vihaan is also a criminal like how he is hacking details spying on them even mesmerized for Ridhima.

    The precap really disappeared my annoyance 😂😂
    80s ke movie ki Tarah “yeh mera mera uniform hain…… tum meri maa ho?”
    “Haa meri bacchaa….. tum lout ke aayi”
    same school mein Padne waali sabko same uniform hi deta hain yaar. It’s not a big deal. That mom identified her son with uniform. It’s too hilarious 😂😁😅

  20. I am speechless, this is worst than season 1

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