Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Riddhima gets attacked

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima saying I had contacted Thapa for myself. He asks for whom, what is it, tell me. She says for myself. He asks what. She says you asked me to go away, I thought to make fake documents and go away. He says you thought to leave me and go, and I won’t be able to find you, did you really plan to leave me. She asks what do you want, you have a problem with everything, what shall I do. Vansh says you can’t leave, you can’t even think of leaving, you will always be mine, you can never leave me, whether you like it or you don’t. The video plays. He hears I love you Vansh…. He sees the baby’s video. He says you can’t leave me, did you hear that. He kisses her. He says happy anniversary Riddhima. He goes.

Angre comes to Vansh and says anger is also like alcohol, its toxic. Vansh says she was leaving me and going. Angre says give her a chance, sorry. Vansh says its too late, get lost, leave me alone. He drinks. Angre comes to his room. He says sorry. She asks him to sleep on the bed. She says sorry. He says you sleep well. He kisses her. She asks is everything fine, what happened, you are showering love. He says it was always in me, thanks for coming in my life, I love you. She says I love you too. She hugs him. He feels hurt.

She says let me help me, don’t be shy. She removes his tshirt. She sees the scars on his back. She asks who did this, tell me, swear on me. Angre worries. He says its a misunderstanding with boss. She says it means Vansh did this. Riddhima comes to Vansh. Vansh says I m angry, just go. She asks why did you not take the anniversary gift. He says you think I should accept this knowing your planning. She says I didn’t complete the planning, we get upset with ones we love to see how imp we are then that person convinces us, you got angry hearing my decision, sorry. She gives him the roses again. He gets angry on him. He says you wanted to see if I break down because of your love, that’s why you had contacted Thapa. Ishani gets angry. Angre says it was a misunderstanding, Vansh felt that I misbehaved with Riddhima. She asks what, how can this happen. He says Ishani, forget it, nothing happened to me, he apologized to me, I didn’t feel bad, promise me, you won’t tell them anything, just relax. He goes. She says fine Angre, I won’t tell them anything, I will find out who had called Thapa from my name. She calls Thapa and says I m Ishani, Angre’s wife, who called you from my name, I didn’t call you, tell me, Thapa listen to me carefully, if you don’t give me the caller’s number, then I can get you killed. Thapa says I will send you the number. She gets the number. She says its Riddhima’s number, just wait and watch what I do with you.

Vansh crushes the rose and says this is your reality, a crumbled flower. Riddhima says try to understand. She says please go, I don’t want to understand anything, I will go if you tell this to me meeting my eyes. He says I don’t want to see your face. She asks do you really want me to leave. He says yes, just leave. She cries and goes.

He drinks and recalls Riddhima’s words. He goes to Angre. He says Angre, Riddhima is gone, I told her in anger to leave, she took her clothes and left. Angre asks what. He checks the room. He says there is nothing left, why did you ask him to leave. Vansh says yes, its her game, she made me angry, if I told it in anger, does this mean that she will leave, help me find her. Vansh and Angre go out. Angre asks the staff about her. The guy says she went that side. Ishani pays the man and says you did good work. FB shows Riddhima crying and saying I swear I will convince you, I won’t lose. She gets hit on her head. She faints down. Ishani looks at her and throws the stick. She says she got saved, its time to end her game. She packs her bag. She takes the bag outside. She takes Riddhima in a trolley. She puts her in the car and locks her. Smoke gets filled there. Ishani leaves. Riddhima gets conscious and tries to get help.

Vansh says try Riddhima’s phone. Angre calls Riddhima. He says she isn’t answering. Vansh asks him to check cctv footage. Riddhima shouts for help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. What kind of a sick mind does Ishani have? Rid is pregnant for crying out loud! How can she do such a sick, cruel and selfish act to a pregnant woman???

    1. Ishani doesn’t even deserve to be called a human. How can one stoop so low to harm a pregnant woman?😒😒😒

    2. Gabriela

      I hope she gets the worst punishment at the end of the series.

    3. @Gabriela I also hope so

    4. Parita

      I swear, she’s inhumane!!
      She needs some lesson, how can she be such!

    5. IMM2 Viewer

      Ishani really is the worst and this is exactly what I expected from her.

  3. What the hell! 😤😤😤😤
    Did Ishani try to kill Riddhima? What are you doing? The one who saved you from getting hit by Vansh on your crime, you want to take her life and sorry I forgot are you so cruel to kill an unborn child too . What else can you expect from her

    1. We can never keep any expectations for Ishani. She doesn’t deserve to have a sister in-law like Rid. Why does she want to get rid of Rid’s family? First she killed her parents, then tried to kill her and now her unborn child?
      They say it’s a sin to kill an unborn child.

    2. The only thing which you can expect from Ishani is “Nothing” 😒😒

    3. Gabriela

      She will receive the worst punishment, for sure Angre will leave her!

    4. Angre loves her so much how can he leave her

    5. Gabriela

      @Rukaiya When hi will finds out what she did, he will only think that she is a baby killer.

    6. DDD

      Ishani doesn’t have a heart that is why she does this things. She doesn’t deserve to be called a human also I feel bad for angre because he loves her.

    7. Parita

      Angre doesn’t deserve her @Gabriela di

  4. This is just too much Vansh. You have crossed all the limits. Don’t you know that she is pregnant. For God’s sake dont play with her emotions. It will affect your child too and now you will see what you are without her. This is too much of makers yaar. He loves her makers, no doubt Vansh is not in a mood to play happy scenes as Rrahul but just dont show him if this is the issue. I hope Riddhima rescues in time and comes in new avtar and kill Ishani, Sia and Dadi. Yes I loved Dadi but now no arguments for her.

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  8. Episode starts in 5 minutes

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  14. hlo i am a silent reader the show is going off air so thought to comment . at first i didnt know this show but seeing so many ff s i started this show some months ago its awesome but sadly going off air.i must say without reading the comments i dont get a feeling of fullness

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      We all feel the same

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    Ishani is really doing too much like with a pregnant lady how can she do this she never confronts vansh about anything but instead troubles Riddhima 😠😠

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  18. Ishani deserved more than Riddhima using her name to secure an identity for Gayu.I mean she still is so selfish and cruel.I wish Riddhima gets a chance to slap her harder for us.To be honest,i didnt even feel any pity for her upon her scolding by Vansh.She made Riddhima go through a lot.

    1. Gabriela

      Only slaps? She deserve moooooooore than that

    2. @Gabriera
      She deserves more.Thanks for justifying her cruelty.Indeed she deserves more.

    3. Ishani deserves more than a hard slap. She should be imprisoned for attempt to murder

    4. DDD

      Ishani deserve to be disowned by everyone

  19. Sad that the show is going off air . It is my favourite show , though never commented here .I am fed up with Ishani . Well , what’s the commentary .

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      Welcome! Really nice to meet you! 🥰

  20. So episode starts with Riddhima says to Vansh I went to your office to get thapa nunber and Vansh says why did you call him? She replies I wanted to make fake documents. Vansh says of whom to which she says mine. I wanted to leave as you wanted that you should not aee my face and go away. I will go somewhere you can’t find.

    1. 🙄🙄🙄

    2. Why there is always misunderstanding between them?😔😔😔

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  21. Please send me the link

    1. Can someone share me the link to today’s episode.

  22. guys since it is a fictional show we have to accept it but originally after this much emotional trauma and riddhus stunts do u think dottu\dotti will be healthy

    1. Of course baby is absolutely fine

    2. Gabriela

      we hope so

    3. IMM2 Viewer

      I really hope so, but the end scene today scared me a bit! But I have faith that the baby will be fine.

  23. Vansh says you were about to leave m. She says what you want. She says you want to leave and what to do. He says you can’t think of leaving me. You never can leave as you are mine and I fan find you of nowhere she says I love you.

    1. ❤❤❤

    2. He knows it well that both of them cannot live without each other😌

    3. Gabriela

      YOU ARE MINE! YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE ME, RIDHIMA! by Vansh Raisinghania

    4. I love this scene❤❤❤

    5. Parita

      ❤❤His rights over her

    6. DDD

      Both know that they cannot live without each other then why the hell both of them are not opening up to each other and that is creating more misunderstandings between the two. I loved the scenes that Vansh claims Riddhima to be his.❤️❤️

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  25. He says you cant leave me.

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  26. Riddhima says Vansh as he leaves.

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