Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kiara gets killed

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh saying I was thinking to go for dinner, we just doubt each other, I was thinking to change things, I want a night where we can’t get away from each other, I want my Riddhima today, my love, my wife, my sweetheart, drop your questions, I m not giving any cheat, I swear, we will unite tonight the same way like before, old Vansh and Riddhima, see I bought you gifts. She likes the surprises. Ishq mein marjawan…plays… She hugs him. He asks can you hear anything, you are right, marriages are made in heaven, we destroy them on earth, I will not let our marriage get destroyed. She says I love you Vansh. She pushes him on the bed. They get close. He gets a call. He leaves. He asks where is Kiara, find her. He calls and asks is Kiara with you, what… Angre says she isn’t that side. Riddhima asks what happened, who are you finding. Vansh says Kiara, I can’t tell you anything, you know where is she. She says no, maybe she is with Aryan. Vansh asks Angre to check for Kiara at the gym as well. Angre goes.

Riddhima also looks for Kiara. Angre says she is nowhere. Riddhima says she isn’t answering, did she run away, why are they finding her. Kiara falls down in the living room. Riddhima shouts and runs to her. She shouts Vansh. Vansh comes and sees Kiara. Everyone comes. Riddhima says she fell from above. Aryan checks Kiara and says she is dead, will anyone tell me, what’s happening. Riddhima says I was calling her, she fell from above. Aryan asks what do you mean. She says I don’t know. Vansh asks Angre to check the dead body. Angre sees the dress torn on the back.

They see the tattoo erased. Vansh recalls her call for help. He signs Angre. Riddhima asks what was she doing on the terrace. Dadi asks did she commit suicide. Vansh says no, its a murder. Anupriya says she was a lovely girl, her family will be shocked. Ishani says we are also in shock. Angre says I got cctv camera checked, guard said that no one went in or left from the house. Vansh says it means one of us have done this murder. He asks everyone to admit it. Dadi scolds him. She asks Angre to take the dead body. Ishani asks why Angre, Vansh can also do this. Angre says sorry boss. Vansh says dead body will go for autopsy, I want to know how did this happen, its imp since its a murder. Aryan says it would mean inviting police home, are you sure. Dadi says Aryan is right, just do the last rites and end this matter. Aryan says Vansh is in influence of someone these days, he doesn’t care. Vansh says autopsy will happen. Riddhima thinks of the tattoo. She says someone knew about that tattoo and erased it, just one person can do this who has the black box, Vansh….

Chanchal comes to Anupriya. She says I have come to sleep here, I thought you will be scared too. Anupriya asks what’s the use. Chanchal says so much happened, Kiara’s dead body is here, her spirit will be here. Anupriya says no, I m praying for house peace. Chanchal asks about memory of spirits. She says I had scolded Kiara a lot, she was really scary. She gets scared. Anupriya asks her to sleep. They lie to sleep.

Riddhima asks how can you sit peacefully after killing someone, I m talking to you Vansh, you killed Kiara right, I know it was the black box code, its so easy for you to kill someone and behave like nothing happened. Vansh says you are misunderstanding me. She says I m understanding right, whose call did you get, you weren’t shocked seeing Kiara’s dead body, you got the tattoo, you asked Angre to check her tattoo to see if its burnt well, just tell me the truth. He says I don’t need to explain you anything, you keep good info. She says I don’t think I need to explain you, I will prove that you killed Kiara. He says your life and our baby’s life will be in danger, just back off. She says you worry for our baby now, why not, else who will manage your business. He says you think I killed Kiara, you want to send me to jail or plot against me, what do you want. He calls the police and asks her to talk. She disconnects. She says I regret to see that our love is our Amrit/elixir and poison too, strength and weakness too, I will not let you drink the poison and fall weak, I will find out who killed Kiara. Someone comes to the storeroom. Ishani comes to check the dead body. The person hides. Ishani goes. Riddhima hears some sound and looks around. She reads a message written on the ground… I know the secret of the six hours, shall I tell that to Vansh…

Riddhima runs to clean up the message. Vansh asks her to calm down and cleans her face. He asks why are you playing with gulaal. She says someone else was playing. He asks who is playing with my Riddhima, just lovers do this.

Update Credit to: Amena

    1. Thakur Priyanka


    1. Thakur Priyanka


  1. Jaskiranarora0605

    Hope Vansh finds out who killed Kiara?

  2. 3rd 😍

  3. 5th😀😀

  4. I just read the precap and came here. Are they finally celebrating Holi!??

    1. Sweety21

      Perhaps 😅

    2. Holi was was 16 days ago.
      They married in August. Yet somehow there anniversary is today.
      What ridiculousness is this!

  5. Oh my lollipop child died! 😢😢😢😭😭😭

    1. Sweety21

      Yes I think she dies from hatred

    2. bhaiya are u really crying for lolipop kid😂😂

    3. Yes I really liked her presence after Dadi

    4. @Arnah bhaiya toh khushi me ro rahe hain!!

    5. No never! I really feeling bad for her. What all has happened after I left. I still was watching the episodes

    6. 🤣🤣

  6. Sweety21

    this episode is great and I am watching the whole thing now

  7. Pigeon is clearly blackmailing Rid. He was the one to write the threatening message on the wall about the 6 hours mystery.
    Why am I getting the feeling that Anu Priya did this. She has always been talking about some spirit in the house. If she was the one to murder Kiara, then she would know that a spirit of someone dead would come in the house.
    See what I mean?

    1. That threatening message was written on floor I guess

    2. Gabriela

      Or maybe Vansh wants to force Ridhima to tell the truth

    3. Yes this maybe possible and she might throw out the revelation when not in senses as we know Riddhima is Riddhima after all. Her plan can never be successful. She was so close in decoding the code of black box but she is so fool that she was so late to at least confirm If picture was fully taken or not

    4. Thakur Priyanka

      But I have a gut feeling that Vansh is the person who wrote about 6 hours mystery in order to know the truth

    5. Yes I too feel like that but maybe kabir has entered Mansion and started threatening her if she is not coming back to her.

  8. Kiara is died.I think her AATMA will attack chachi soon..😁😁

    1. Yes Kiara’s soul will haunt her.
      Chachi ko gali nahi dena chahiya tha!!

    2. Really? 🤔
      What if Chachi killed Kiara? I know its impossible but nothing impossible in immj2

    3. @Abc
      Anything is possible in immj2.Chachi might be behind this.Anyway why is she seeing and getting scared over spirits.Does she really have a clear conscience?

    4. Anvee ab kya hoga ?chachi tho gali de diya😂😂

    5. Arey bhaiya wo markar darega q?😅

    6. @Arnah Chachi will get haunted by Kiara then

    7. maza ayega😄

  9. Link please

  10. Thakur Priyanka

    I was shocked when the reaction came from Anupriya when she said Murdered like seriously the person who is expert in murdering she murdered 4 persons and 4 persons she attempted to kill them and pooja,path and shanti pooja which are not in the cup of her tea

    1. I think she only killed Kiara and acting like she has improved herself a lot and still betraying Vansh. You know she can never change

  11. Show: Is showing that it is Holi when Holi was 16 days ago.
    Also show: It is #Riansh’s anniversary when they married back in August.
    Me: What ridiculousness is this?!

    1. I think makers should eat badam more😂😂

    2. Samaila

      Me too ☹️☹️☹️

    3. Arrey don’t think more. It is just a show and do you think any logic matters in immj2 ? I want some function so that truth is out.

    4. @Arnah yes then only unka dimaak sahi se chale gaa.

    5. I think makers made a special calendar for themselves which doesn’t match with ours one😂😂😂😅

    6. Thakur Priyanka


    7. Dears Show started its shooting on end of January and Marriage was also shot in February. So they are too late in celebrating Anniversary as well.
      Makers just lost the airing track.Lol

    8. Thakur Priyanka


  12. Samaila

    Kuch solve nahi hua aur upar se yeh naya mystery. Yaar raaz boldo na!!! I’m seriously sick of this che ghante ke raaz 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    1. I think Van is forcing Rid to tell by emotional blackmail.
      Kiara got murdered and now threats on floor/wall.
      Maybe hi is emotionally blackmailing her.

    2. 😍😍😍😍

    3. Makers:Sabar karo..😅

    4. Arrey itna bhi overreact na karo please. Kuch kuch to pata chal raha hai Vansh ko aur Kabir bhi choot gya hai. Wait for sometime. Truth will be out soon. Vaise bhi mughe lagta nhi ki ye raz ab agle 15 din take reveal hoga. Pehle Ankit covid positive aur ab Maharashtra lockdown

    5. Gabriela

      I really liked the episode, even if I didn’t have any revelations

  13. Gabriela

    For international fans and for those in India who do not have a subscription, it is increasingly difficult to see the series. Those who upload the episodes are ordered to delete them after max 5 minutes and most of the time their channels are closed, and if you are lucky enough to see the episode today, then it disappears. The good part when the series runs on TV is that Color uploaded them on their channel and they stayed there, now if you want to watch an episode it no longer exists on youtube. Just download the episode as soon as you find it if you want to rewatch it. And there was a good part, Colors translated the episodes, which was great for me. It is very unpleasant for us. 🙁🙁

    1. Thakur Priyanka

      So sorry for you Gabbs I can understand it

    2. You are right sister. It is really difficult to watch the episodes but I am luckily able to watch them full. I don’t know how when you post the links here

    3. Main thing is I don’t even download the episode and am able to watch it fully

    4. You need YouTube Premium in order to download videos.
      I get to see like 5 mins of an episode before my mom or sis calls me to do something.
      When I return I can’t see the episode.
      What I do is that I watch 5 mins of whichever part I find interesting. I leave the rest

    5. Gabriela

      @Unnamed I download as soon as I find the episode. Every episode. But it’s hard to find the episodes. Because I delete them immediately. It happened to me that they didn’t download my episodes because they were deleting them in the meantime

    6. Please sis tell me the timing of your uploading as I am dying watch the episode

    7. Join telegram Yaar..
      Episodes are there for more than one day.
      I am following 2 channels ishq mein marjawan 2 and colours TV shows
      Just go and check
      It will be helpful
      I am watching episodes there

    8. Mariam Tarrah

      Hey Gabby me I suggest that you be watching it on desi series coz I also stay in Africa and voot is not there either.But i still watch it on desi,it’s there 24/7

  14. Thakur Priyanka

    Riddhima,Vansh,Aryaan,Ishani,Vyom,Angre: Black Box and Tattoo connection raaz jaantey jaantey Mein Marjawan
    Now : Lollipop ki bachii ku murdered mystery jaantey jaantey marjawan
    We Audience’s : 6 Hours mystery raaz jaantey jaantey marjawan

    1. Samaila

      Anupriya aur Indrani: aatma switch karte karte marjawan

    2. Thakur Priyanka


    3. And now it will be delayed more 15 days I guess. Uff our destiny! 😞

    4. Maker; Suspense creat karte karte marjawan

    5. Thakur Priyanka


    1. Thank you sister but it is blocked here

    2. Sweety21

      This is me I sent through my phone

    3. Sweety21

      What really twin bro

    4. Sweety21

      Ok let me try again

    5. Gabriela

      Thank you Sweety!

    6. Gabriela

      here its working

    7. Parita

      thank you Sweety, it’s working for me too!!

  15. Thakur Priyanka

    Why do I have a gut feeling that Vansh is the person who wrote on the floor in order to threatened and blackmail Riddhima in order to know the truth

    1. Yes even me

    2. Mujhe tho Kabutar lagraha tha…😅

    3. I think so as well

    4. Yes he is the one maybe and who knows Vansh only killed Kiara by ordering Angre after knowing the code? Or she is still alive and Vansh had injected something into her body to make her heartbeats speed and sound slower

    5. Sony Pictures Pvt Limited has blocked it in my country

    6. Gabriela

      @Priyu I think this is how he wants to make Ridhima say what happened in the 6 hours. Scare her!

  16. What I can not understand is that nearly all the family members betrayed Van and got away with it. And bechari Rid?? Van took revenge from her despite not knowing the entire truth.
    They did so many crimes but Van let them off the hook
    Anu Priya killed his biological mother and nearly murdered Siya as well.
    Ishani attempted to kill his child and is now plotting to get black box from Van.
    Aryan nearly killed Ishani’s baby and sided with Pigeon when Van supposedly died. He also tried to take over property several times.
    Siya is now rebelling against Van and has madly fallen in love with his enemy Vyom!
    Chachi has always been traitorous and has sided with Pigeon along with his son.
    Dadi did nothing but I still don’t like her and the fact that she literally can’t trust Van anymore and treats Rid terribly is unfair.
    Sirf Angre and Chacha were ever good.
    Even if Chacha wanted Van’s property and money he still died saving Rid’s child.
    Angre is completely useless but at least he’s loyal to Van.

    Only Rid had to face Van’s wrath which is sad.

    1. Maybe makers wanted to show how the women are exploited in many ways

    2. Thakur Priyanka

      Vansh family members are like snakes if Ekta Kapoor wants Naagin and Naag she can take from Vansh family members for next season

  17. Thakur Priyanka

    May be Maker’s are reading our comments I think so that’s why they gave atlest shots to Ishani

    1. Gabriela

      Yeah, for us

    2. It will be good if they read our comments.Todi tho akal hogi😋
      They will try to fulfil our choti moti wish😅

  18. Sweety21

    It is as a reply abc try

  19. How did Ridhima complain about vansh killing Kiara 😓😠😡

    1. Haha at least somewhere she didn’t change! Not trusting Vansh. 😅

    2. Gabriela

      again, trust issues between Riansh

    3. She should learn something from past

    1. Not working

    2. Sweety thank u🤗
      Bhaiya aap wait karo mey dekleti hoon😅

  20. Happy Navaratri everyone!

    (I know its second day of it but yesterday I forgot to wish everyone celebrating)

    1. Happy Navratri sister. I don’t celebrate or don’t do puja of Murtis but still respect others faith and get involved in the celebrations so Shubh Navratri again

    2. Thakur Priyanka

      Happy Navratri to you also Unnamed

    3. Happy Navatri! I totally forgot about it, but my mom just reminded me this morning lol.

    1. Thakur Priyanka

      In India Sony Pvt had blocked this so it won’t work in India

    2. Gabriela

      See, there are only a few links, and the ones that are still valid don’t work everywhere

    3. Hmm okay no problem. We will wait till Tomorrow

  21. Thakur Priyanka

    Vansh family members are like snakes so if Ekta Kapoor wants Naag and Naagin for next season she can take from Vansh family members

    1. I will happy if dottu call her bua,chacha like..
      Ishani:nagin 1
      Sia:nagin 2
      Aryam:naag chacha

    2. Thakur Priyanka


  22. Redhima needs spanking by vansh

  23. In this show nobody dies, the people who die always come back 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂

    1. Moral:Man is immortal

    2. Gabriela

      true 😂😂 but only the main characters

  24. Hi guys. I’m new here. How are you all doing? Someone please send the link to watch the episodes in India. And can I comment here?

    1. Gabriela

      Hi! Welcome! Please comment with us!

    2. Thakur Priyanka

      Hii Welcome to our Pagalpan family

  25. Gabriela

    TV Shows Gossips

    #Anupamaa, #YehRishtaKyaKehlataHai and #Pratigya2 shoot put on hold for a while ;#WagleKiDuniya2 and #TMKOC also put on hold!!
    Makers to RE RUN old episodes!!
    #IshqMeinMarjawan2, #ShauryaAurAnokhiKiKahani temporarily put on halt!!

    1. Thakur Priyanka

      Thank you for this information

    2. Parita

      Thank you @Gabriela di

    3. MNO

      Wow really…very glad to hear about immj2 going to re-run in tv🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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