Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Family mourns for Vansh


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima crying for Vansh. She shouts how did you let this happen, God… Kabir thinks don’t get God in between, give some credit to me. Riddhima says Vansh didn’t do anything wrong, how did wrong happen with him, Vansh you can’t leave me. Kabir holds her. She says don’t touch me, Vansh died because of me. He asks what are you saying. She says you killed him. She beats him with a stick. He asks what are you doing, calm down. Riddhima gets his muffler and cries. She recalls Vansh. Ishq mein marjawan…..plays…. She walks away from there.

Dadi and everyone come home. Chanchal says you didn’t let me go to fair. Dadi says I felt restless there, something bad has happening, Siya and Anupriya, Vansh and Riddhima didn’t come, why is it darkness here. Angre goes to check. Ishani asks Dadi to come. The lights come. Dadi asks Anupriya why are you wearing such clothes. She sees Vansh’s pic with garlands. She gets shocked. She cries and shouts Vansh. Everyone gets shocked. Dadi says no, this can’t happen. Anupriya thinks plan successful, just see what happens. Riddhima comes home. She thinks how will I tell this to family. She cries and recalls Dadi’s words. She says how will I explain Dadi, I can’t tell them. Ishani holds her hand and takes her inside. Riddhima sees Vansh’s pic with garlands. Dadi asks how did this happen. Dadi asks how did you fail this time, Riddhima. Riddhima cries. Riddhima says I tried a lot Dadi, but I lost Vansh’s life from my hands, I couldn’t save him. She hugs Dadi. Anupriya smiles.

Anupriya says I told them the truth, Vansh and I fought the goons’ gang, Vansh didn’t get caught and ran away, I tried to stop them, his car got out of control and fell into the cliff. Riddhima gets shocked. She thinks why is she lying. Anupriya says Siya attended the call, Siya ran to reach the place and fell down the stairs. Riddhima asks Siya met with an accident. Anupriya says Siya is in the hospital, her condition is critical, everything got ruined in a day. Ishani asks Angre didn’t he know, Vansh used to share everything with him, why couldn’t he save Vansh, how did Vansh die. Dadi says Vansh took care of entire family, he protected us, he used to stand as a shield, why did this happen with him.

Riddhima goes to Anupriya and asks why did you lie. Anupriya asks what could I say, he was arrested for Ragini’s murder, he ran and got killed. Riddhima says he didn’t kill Ragini. Anupriya says I lied for Vansh’s good, such lie is equal to 100 truth, if you think you should tell them the truth, go and tell them, remember one thing, Vansh was like a Devta for him, it depends on you, you want to make him fall in everyone’s life, will his family remember him like a criminal who got shot by the police, or a grandson whom his Dadi loved, I can’t see Dadi shattered, who knows her will to live ends after knowing this truth. Riddhima asks what are you saying. Anupriya says Vansh was not less than a hero for me, I want to remember him like that, enough. Riddhima sits crying. She comes to the room and recalls Vansh. She imagines him and shouts. She hugs his pic and cries. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays…….. She sleeps. Ishani comes to stab her. Dadi comes and stops Ishani. She slaps Ishani.

She asks did you lose your mind, Vansh’s pyre didn’t burn, you want to kill his wife. Ishani says I wanted to get justice for Vansh by killing his murderer, you won’t believe it, she is connected to his death, Vansh died because of her. Dadi says Anupriya told us everything, Riddhima is innocent, Vansh sacrificed his life for us, you want to kill his wife, don’t do this again, come with me. She takes Ishani with her. Riddhima thinks I can’t tell them the truth, I can’t hurt them more. Kabir and Mishra come. Riddhima comes downstairs. Kabir sees Angre. Anupriya comes. She says I spoke to commissioner, he won’t let that incident come out. Everyone comes. Kabir says really sorry, we didn’t get Vansh’s body in that cliff. She asks what. He says he fell from much height, maybe any wild animal has….. Dadi cries. Aryan and Angre take her.

Kabir smiles and greets Vansh. He thinks I have ended your game finally. Riddhima stops him from touching the pic. Iss ishq mein marjawan….plays… She holds Kabir’s hand and takes him out. She thinks you killed my Vansh, I will never forgive you. She asks him to get out. He asks her to listen once. She says don’t act good, I know you arrested Vansh as I loved him. He says Vansh’s story is over now, you can return to me if you want, Riddhima. She says not Riddhima, Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania.

Mishra says we didn’t get Vansh’s body. Someone is seen dragging a body. Kabir says don’t know where did his body go. Someone burns the body.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Is that vansh who dragged the body or vansh was into a new role

    1. Yolanda Cappacio

      I think Vansh was the one who dragged the body. I think maybe it was his plan to catch his enemies. Follow me on Instagram @celebs.kids22 to find out more

    2. S It’s looks like vansh ,the one who dragged the body (it’s clearly seen).
      And i said earlier it is all his part of his game plan.
      Vansh Raisinghania can’t be so dumb r too weak who easily lose and just fall from the cliff for betrayed love.
      According to vansh ishq mein marjawan is his foot.😄 He will either kill the person who betrayed or will take revenge bt he never die fr anyone or anything.

    3. Exactly….he even loved ragini..but didn’t kill himself for her betrayal

  2. Vernali Mohanty

    Don’t tell me that there is going to be a humshakal of Vansh who’ll pretend to be Vansh.

    1. Exactly makers are spoiling it if this happens

    2. Relax. Nothing of this sort is going to happen

    3. A lookalike will spoil the entire story…they should not do that but any who continue watching the show…… was an entire heart break

    4. Yolanda Cappacio

      Maybe but I hope not. I think the humshakal is the dead one. Or🤔🤔

    5. Makers are upto something…let’s wait and watch

  3. Or it was someone else …… i suggest makers shouldn’t replace vansh by some new character

    1. may be vansh duplicate like all serials doing same characters

    2. I hope not

  4. Mera vansh vaapas ayegaa kyaa…
    Iska matlab vansh Jindha Hai….
    Pls riddhima don’t change your decision towards Kabir. Gali dhaenae galiya bee yaadh Nahi aana time pae, sooch sooch kar nayae nayae galiya dhongi phir comment karungi dhekthae rehana. Vansh kaa Dil Koo chot pahuchayeh naa dekthae Rehana vussae jyadha chot Apko hee vapas milaegaaa

  5. Is that vansh or duplicate character

    1. I hope it’s Vansh and the dead one is the duplicate

    2. If it is like that,all this time it was duplicate in VR mansion.

  6. Oh god ….thank you gid for dadi still being weith riddhu
    I told you vansh and angrre are in this together

  7. When will vansh come?😒Can’t wait for him to return.. . I want vansh to return soon.. When will the truth of anubir unfold.. Hate them😞yesterday when vansh fell off from the cliff reminiscing riansh moment it was soo heart breaking💔😞.. Will they replace vansh?

    1. @HD…they can never replace him…..he is coming BACK!

  8. i think the body shown in precap might be of ragini🤔, cause vansh can’t die like this😒,if any other will take vansh’s place humshkl or anyhow the whole story will be ruined 😔

  9. Confusing precap.
    Someone dragging a body and burns it. What’s the point of this?
    Maybe Vansh wants Kabir to be confirmed about his death.
    But if it’s a double role concept then it’s gonna be the worst . Specially you don’t do it with Vansh, makers!!!
    He’s a perfecto!! He doesn’t need a double role to portray different aspect of his character.
    He can do it by himself. So no double role for Vansh.
    I’ve heard rumors that Ragini will make a comeback with Vansh. But it’s not possible bcz Vansh wants his vengeance from Riddhima and if he meets Ragini then he’ll get to know that Riddhima ws actually trying to save her and Kabir and Anupriya is the real culprit. So Ragini isn’t coming back with Vansh. But Ragini shot so many scenes. I am still bothered how’ll those scenes be used.
    Anupriya should get a replacement. Her way of acting is such plastic!!
    She’s a good antagonist no doubt but her acting is still not up to the mark and about the story of Vansh’s death-funniest story I’ve ever heard as an excuse.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Ishq mein marjawan 2 lover...........

    Guys I personally cried throughout the episode there was not a single time will I didn’t cried except the break v.v.very emotional episode.It was Vansh only who burnt our Vansh

    1. My bee throughout episode rothae hee rahim. Even I can’t control my emotions too.
      My ithna connect hogayim kee voo just serial hee thaa bhul kar behave kar rahihu….
      Iski vajasae Meri maa sae Aaj muje achae daat bee milae

  11. After watching such heartbreaking episodes,the only reason I continue watching is for the hope that the emding will be good.Of late,it feels as if Iam watching a devdas 2. Mess with my mind makers not my emotions.

    1. Me too.. I also expect that in the end riansh will be together and everything ends in happiness

  12. Denza

    Guys, Vansh told to Kabir that
    ” his death will be decided by him only not by others”
    That means he is not ready to give up his life. I’m having a feeling that its all his plan. He made a duplicate body and burnt. So I think he is up to something……..
    I wish Makers dont despair us by bringing imposter.

    And this Kabir. He is like Chance pe Dance 😂. I mean Ridhima is in a trauma of witnessing Vansh’s suicide. and he is inviting her into his life.😣.
    I didnt Underrstand why Anupriya lied to all. She might use the chance to kicksoff Ridhima by the audio.🤨
    Thank Makers atleast they spared Sia.

  13. Didn’t understood one thing … form day one makers are trying to make us believe that riddhima can cross any limit for her loved ones….. they even showed us that when she was in love with kabir… she married vansh for sake of kabirs love… Now even on realising that she love vansh deeply….she just stood their even after watching vansh jumping from the clif….she could have done two thing according to me … She could have jumped along with vansh…. or at least she could have pushed down kabir from the clif… but insted she is throwing out kabir out of the house…. Like seriously..this type of reaction doesn’t go well with riddhimas character…..

    1. yeah she could have jumped …tab to samgh aata Vansh se pyar karti hai…. but now I actually find her character the Dumbest

    2. No she was also about to jump but Kabir held her back. And I think she was also in a state of shock so she couldn’t think of what to do.

    3. Bibin Abraham Biju

      Hello she was going to jump but Kabir stopped her in the previous episode. Ok?

    4. Vansh jump karnae Kae baadh voo bee jump karnae try Kari lekin Kabir stopped her. (Vaisae ek Baath bathav hum kisikoo pyaar kare vo maar janaekae baadh hum bee Maarna kithna thak correct thaa.) Haa I also felt kee ridhu jump karnahee thaa. Real life Mae thoo my bee jump kardhaethi lekin yeah serial thaa naa voyi perspective sae hum soochna padae gaa

    5. U all are correct she tried to jump….. jo ki hua nai…. that y I gave 2nd reason also… she could have pushed kabir… bcoz according to riddhima vansh ki halath ka zimmedar wahi hai…. (as the title track suggest HADD SE GUZARJAWAN)

  14. This precap left me so curious.

    Three things may happen:
    1. There are 2 vanshs in this show
    2. Vansh didn’t die and in order to seek revenge, faked his death by burning someone else’s body( i am telling this because the body’s haircut was different from vansh’s , the body had a very short hair)
    3. There is another enemy for vansh.

    I feel 2nd one will happen but still not sure about it. Guys let me know which one u prefer.

    1. I think all along we ve been seeing Vansh’s double. The real Vansh is behind the scene.
      1. the real Vansh in the beginning of the show is smart and ruthless and incapable of loving anyone.
      2. Right from the beginning he knew Ridimma is a spy, so he played their game by putting his double in the house who foolishly fell in love with Ridimma.
      3. Do you know why the makers portray memory loss for the new Vansh? It is because his double has been acting all this while. And obviously, he can’t remember everything his double did.

      If the above is true, then I can say the show is back on track and the makers really got fans with that.
      I have seen such scene of using double happened in Telenovelas, especially with drug lords.

    2. Mayb… mayb this is the ‘Father of revelations ‘ that KaVa told…

    3. I think you are right👍

    4. Is it possible?? 🤔🤔Such a twist.. I can’t believe.. We all want that ruthless vansh to love riddhima not a fake one😒

    5. @pearls your guess may be somewhere true because the story turns out to be least expected by fans.

    6. I prefer number 2

    7. @pearl is it true? I think it will b good to watch thn…This will give weightage to vansh character wic will show that vansh clearly planned inch by inch from beginning to trap by playing this game,as many ppl think vansh character is so dumb. This wil prove wrong

    8. @Pearls From the beginning Vansh was actually falling for Riddhima. If you watch the episodes you’ll see that. Double role idea isn’t gonna be be good bcz we’ve seen a double role in first season and I don’t think Vansh needs any double role.
      Even the writer said that Vansh is a layered character and we will see him unfolding his character till the end of the show. So I’ll stick to “one Vansh with layers” rather than “double role idea.”

  15. I hope it’s not a doppelganger introduction. I really hope it’s a case where there are two Vansh🙄 cause that would be a major flop. I feel Vansh killed a man and dressed him in his clothes to stray police investigation. I feel Angre knows what is happening and is there to observe what is going on in VR mansion in Vansh’s temporary absence. What will happen when Vansh hears the story Anu made up about his death? He’ll be suspicious of her. I really hope Sia is okay but by the time she’s okay Vansh would have came and make Riddhima’s life a living hell from revenge. I feel so sorry for Riddhima. But this is because of her stupidity. Vansh is going to trap Ridhu now and break her, probably in the next 50-100 episodes. Eventually hell recognize that Ridhu was innocent in all this but I feel that by then, Riddhima will either be in danger or leave. He’ll regret. Probably Riddhu will take revenge next🙄 but that’s so typical🙄 Also, I recognized that in the first episode of this season when Vansh met Riddhu at the party he wore two different shades. He wore one when fighting Kabir and the other when he met Riddhu. They said that Vansh is a character with many layers and you won’t be able to understand him until the end of the show. I think the fact that the writer made him wear different cooling shades, tells us that Vansh has many hidden personalities. He is the father of revelation and we will see that play out in the show. But I still don’t feel he’s the mastermind. Btw, what happened to Chitwa, the other guy of the family that writes novels and Rudra. I feel they have yet to do something in that show. Don’t know if I should expect anything from Dadi as well. However in a this I hope at least Angre stays loyal

    1. You are absolutely right and it’s possible. Poor Riddhima😢😢

    2. @Asen the scenario you’re talking about may happen and then I guess we might to see grey Riddhima.
      But I don’t think it’ll happen in that much typical way.
      If Riddhima takes over VR empire, Angre will be her right hand then. But deep down he’ll work for Vansh only.
      If Vansh hears the made up story of Anupriya, he’ll thought Riddhima convinced her to say those bcz he thinks Riddhima and Kabir are behind all these. He didn’t even doubt Anupriya man!
      Even when he was arrested, he went with the thought that Anupriya is a good mom.
      But if Vansh returns, he’ll eventually learn everything. So let’s wait for another 100 episodes.

  16. Since its title is Ishq se marjawan there will not be Ishq,every one will die,so no love and trust in this story,same again vansh will cheat riddhu in the name of love ,again Riddhima will die finally they makers keep on dragging the show.i quit the show.

  17. What is happening iam really heartbroken seeing today’s episode whether vansh really died pls reply guys

    1. @Zoya
      I hope vansh One plan is not the precap of a new form for Rahul with a new role

    2. Denza

      Rrahul sir is still in the show. I had seen a BTS video of RiAnshBir trio dancing on Zingaat. I had checked its not of earliest episodes

    3. I think he’s not dead at all. I mean how can he die just like that

  18. now I really don’t like this story……It’s going same as other serials …. now Vansh will return and take revenge from Riddhima… She is just so dumb…. maltab ‘achcha hona’ is different from ‘bevakoof hona’ ans Ridhimma is bevakoof

  19. @Rimsha same.Riddhima’s intentions are quite suspectible.When Vansh was about to jump why she stood there like a mumb??she could have ran to him and catch his hand.Also when Vansh fell she didn’t hold his hand but somewhere felt she pushed him by his chest.

    1. @Amisha
      Yes, I noticed this
      Redho paid
      Vansh then tried to catch him
      really strange

    2. It could be possible they both planned his death. This story is just unpredictable

    3. @amisha… sorry yar i didnt noticed that… had a feeling that … it could be riansh planning to expose uma rai singhaniya murderer

  20. I think makers would have done one of two things vansh with a new face or vansh lookalike… Story is too obvious no thrill anymore.

    1. Denza

      I had seen a BTS video of trio few days back. I had cross checked its not from any earlier episodes’

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