Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Vansh locates Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh saying she had worn this dress when she came to the sauna to save me. Ishani sees Aryan with a gun. He asks you… I thought Vansh has come. She says you think he will come to apologize, control your anger, reason is Riddhima. Aryan says whatever the reason, he slapped me. She says I can see an opportunity, did you kidnap Riddhima. He says you believe I m so stupid, why would I invite Vansh to save her, you are also capable of that. She says no, if I kidnapped her, I would have sent her dead body, if we delay Vansh in going, then it may happen what we think, go and take a bath, cool your mind, I will do something, Riddhima shouldn’t come in this house.

Riddhima is held captive. She recalls Vansh. Ishani goes to puncture Vansh’s car tyre. Dadi stops her. Ishani says I want to stop Vansh from going, you also want the same, right, think, we can get rid of Riddhima, let me do this. Dadi says stop this kiddish things, he will not stop, he will go at any cost, let him go, just pray that he doesn’t reach there on time. Angre comes there. He sees a ring there. Vansh says don’t worry Riddhima, I will save you, I m coming. Angre calls him. Vansh says I have to tell something imp. Angre says I got something in the parking. Vansh goes to him. Angre shows the ring. Vansh says its Riddhima’s ring, I got this necklace and her dress cloth. He asks what’s these tyre marks. Angre says I asked for the cctv footage. Vansh asks security to show it. They see a car leaving. Vansh says this car came at the same time, they kidnapped Riddhima, I want to know where this car is. Angre says I m already on it. He gets a call. He says we got the car location. They leave in the car. Dadi says shall I call Vyom or not, what shall I do. Vyom answers the call. He asks do you do puja in morning, your sins won’t get washed. She asks did you kidnap Riddhima and threaten of killing her, I don’t care about it, but Vansh is coming there to find her, make sure that my secret shouldn’t come out.

Aryan is in the corridor. Vyom says thanks, tell me what to do with Vansh. Dadi scolds him. Vyom jokes on her. Aryan comes and says Dadi…. Dadi disconnects the call. Aryan asks what happened. She asks did you get any news. He asks whom were you talking to. She says I was trying to find out Vansh. He asks is everything fine, come out. Vyom says who is this mystery kidnapper, we should shake hands soon. Riddhima says Vansh will not leave you. Sara comes and says I told you before, my name is Sara, you killed Gayatri before, you will get saved if Vansh comes, lets see if he comes or not. Angre sees the car and says it means we have come to the right place. Vansh asks the time. Angre says its 7, don’t worry, we will save Riddhima, like she stayed strong when Vyom gave you poison, we have less time, its dangerous task. Vyom comes behind Vansh and hits on his back. Angre fights Vyom. Vyom hits Angre. Angre falls down. Vansh catches Vyom. They fight. Vansh punches Vyom’s face. Vyom falls away.

Vansh asks Angre to get up, is he okay. Angre says yes. They see Vyom gone. Vansh says listen to me, if Vyom is here, it means Riddhima is also here. Angre says you save Riddhima, I will handle Vyom. Vansh says we don’t have time, you go that side, I will see here. Vyom comes behind Vansh once again with a stick. Vyom tries to beat him. Vansh bends down. They fight again. Vansh gets the stick. Vyom takes the sand and throws in Vansh’s eyes. Vyom laughs. Vansh says last time, I had left you, this time, I won’t spare you. Vyom asks him to come on and hit. He says I know your senses are strong, hit me, come on. He runs away. Vansh shouts Riddhima. Riddhima shouts Vansh. Sara says Vansh is punctual, he has come, you have half an hour, you will hear Vansh’s scream, then get the sound. Riddhima asks her to spare Vansh. Sara aims the arrow at Vansh. Vansh comes there. Angre comes there and catches Sara. Vansh goes. Angre removes her mask. She bites his mask. She injects him. He hits on her head and falls down. Sara also faints there. Riddhima calls out Vansh. He tries to reach her.

Vansh goes to Riddhima. She asks him to save her. Vyom says Vansh got trapped. He says be careful, if your foot gets moved, then a bomb will blow any minute.

Update Credit to: Amena

    1. Parita


  1. Gabriela

    What a crazy episode! 😍😍

    1. Parita

      True, it actually seems a great one

  2. Diana.James.Potter

    I’m confused, I might sound like an idiot- but I haven’t seen this show before but I had thought it ended… if so why are there still written updates for the show?

    1. Samaila

      It’s continuing on Voot Select

    2. Parita

      it’s gone to OTT- voot select as @Samaila said

  3. Samaila

    That’s it, koi mujhe batao ki Kabutar 🕊 kab ayega, I’m badly missing my kabbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

    1. Gabriela

      I hope he comes back soon, I don’t want this Vyom anymore!

    2. Parita

      Doesn’t look like if Vyom will be going anytime sooner

    3. Parita

      but surely missing Kabir and his dau diggy dau dau😂

    4. Sony music entertainment

      Yes dau diggy dau dau 😂😂

    5. I really miss Pigeon as well. I miss his dau diggy dau background music.
      He is actually my favorite character. He may be insane but he still is hilarious

    1. Gabriela

      Thank you, Parita!

    2. Parita

      no problem di❤

  4. 3rd or 4th

  5. Priyanka Thakur

    Hii guys how are you all

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      hi di. I’m fine and you??

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      Are you okay?

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      Yeah Gabbs I’m absolutely fine now

    5. Hi Priyanka.Good on my side.How about you and family as well?

  6. This dadi is very irritating 🙄

    1. Gabriela

      And Ishani and Aryan also

    2. Yes, the three of them are getting on my nerves!

  7. Jashanpreet Kaur

    Omg what a update

  8. Hi guys, one thing I didn’t understand, Vansh said that this is the dress Riddhima wore when she rescued me in the sauna, but he was holding a piece of another dress, it is the dress she wore in today’s episode. So it‘s a loophole, isn‘t it?

    1. Priyanka Thakur

      Don’t go on logic even I also noticed this and got same doubt but we are not going to get answers as this series is illogical

    2. Yeah I know, I had already stopped thinking too much about logic here

  9. Priyanka Thakur

    I really hate Daadi now I wanted to know what happened to Daadi that she hell bent to kill Riddhima before she used to love Riddhima more than herself but don’t know what happened after show shifting to OTT she is so irritating now

    1. Gabriela

      What is happening now with Dadi is absolutely incredible and illogical. Ishani and Aryan were idiots before, but Dadi doesn’t know what happened to her to turn into this heartless person.

    2. I badly want to know about the secret that Vyom holds against Riddhima that drastically changed her relationship with her favorite daughter in law.I still cant believe that she truly and equally wants Riddhima dead…
      Of course Ishani and Aryan are spoiled brats who are being overruled by ego,greed,scorn and contempt but about are this still adds up not.

    3. Parita

      I agree i don’t like this dadi at all!! She’s so heartless now, i definitely want to know why she turned into this

    4. I know old Dadi was a bit overemotional type but she is still better than new hell bent on killing Rid Dadi.

  10. Sony music entertainment

    I want sweet dadi back. Before she used to pray for Ridhima if she was in any kind of danger but now….. She was so loving. She has changed a lot. She once stopped ishani from killing Ridhima. But now she wants to kill her😞😞

  11. Mumbai – VR mansion
    Goa – VR hotel and residence
    Le me- I am sure the property in Sikkim will also be owned by Vansh 😂😂🤣

    1. Of course, it’ll probably be VR Hotel and Residencies 2.0 haha!

    2. So funny! Is that where shooting is happening?

    3. Parita

      😂😂😂 VR Sikkim Residence

    4. Gabriela

      VR Mountain Residence 😂😂😂

    5. @Unnamed, I heard that it’s either in Sikkim or Siliguri (in West Bengal)…perhaps, they’ll shoot some scenes in West Bengal and then go to Sikkim, since I think the situation will be better in Sikkim than in West Bengal….but who knows!

    6. @IMM Viewer okay, I didn’t know that

  12. Hi all, I just watched the episode and thought that it was pretty good. However, as not much happened in terms of plot development, I really don’t have much to comment on today lol! I’m more so interested in how the writers will explain the transition of the show from Goa to Sikkim/Siliguri (in West Bengal)….apparently, some people are saying that the cast are not shooting in Sikkim but rather in Siliguri, but let’s see….suffice to say, we’re now going from the sea to the mountains y’all and I’m excited. However, safety does come first, so I really pray for the cast’s and crew’s safety and Rrahul’s mother! In any case, here are my thoughts about today’s episode:
    =The Rai Singhanias proved that they couldn’t care less about RIddhima (and even Dottu…though the baby wasn’t even mentioned at all…how rude…perhaps the writers are just wanting for us to forget about him lol)! In any case, while Aryan wanted to shoot his Vansh Bhai for slapping him, Ishani urged him not to do so (maybe she does love or have some affection for her brother after all)….rather she stated that RIddhima was the problem and it was important to ensure that she didn’t live….her plan was to just stall or deter Vansh from getting to RIddhima in time, so that the kidnapper could finish her off! Dadi, on the other hand, called Vyom to inquire if he indeed kidnapped Riddhima (he told her he did, but he didn’t…the boy and his mind games) haha. In any case, Dadi basically gave him carte blanche to do whatever he wanted with RIddhima but asked him not to harm Vansh or tell him her truth….okay, at least she loves her grandson, which is nice to know! Plus, Dadi stopped Ishani from slashing Vansh’s tires and told her to let him find RIddhima as there was no stopping him…but again, she didn’t say this out of any concern for RIddhima….she told Ishani to pray that Vansh would not make it to RIddhima in time to save her….wow, what a family Riddhima married into lol!
    =Additionally, even though Vyom didn’t kidnap RIddhima, he realized that he should join hands with her kidnapper….I blame Dadi for this…why did she have to tell Vyom about RIddhima being kidnapped….ah, that woman is so annoying! Now, I think Vyom and Sarah will make for a very deadly combination, but let’s see!
    =Concerning Sarah kidnapping RIddhima, what happened to their deal….evidently, Sarah doesn’t care about money, she’s just out for revenge! In a way, I can understand her in this regard….seeing how emotionally wounded she seemed in talking about her past and losing her love, I even doubted that a few million rupees would have made her feel better. In any case, though it was nice to not have RIddhima in the past few episodes for a change (the girl needed a break from all of this emotional torture and that wretched family…even though she was kidnapped), but when I saw her blindfolded, I said, “Ridhuuuuuuuu,” in my mind…I missed our girl!
    =Additionally, Vangre (and somehow Vyom trailing behind them…do villains have a network where they can communicate with each other….how did Vyom find out Riddhu’s whereabouts so quickly lol), arrived at the location/building where RIddhu was kept! And Vyom, lacking the honor that he does, attacked both Vansh and Angre from behind….I actually felt that his blow to Angre was a little too hard, since he hit him in the face. In any case, Vangre hit him and made him go away for a while, but once they split up, Vyom sneak attacked Vansh again….the man can’t stop himself. Then the two frenmies started to fight…. When Vyom took off his shirt to fight, I was kind of hoping Vansh would do the same….I mean we should make it a fair fight after all…but alas, my wish went unfulfilled haha! And Vyom again managed to throw dust or rather some powder in Vansh’s eyes (knowing that he couldn’t defeat him otherwise) and then scurried away!
    =On the other end of the building, as Vansh was wandering around virtually blind (by the powder) to find his lady love, Sarah, who was donning a full black suit and mask, was pointing an arrow towards Vansh…but luckily Angre came at the right time and disarmed her and tried to pull off her mask (though I am still suspicious of him, the boy is not useless after all lol)….However, she injected him with something to make him unconscious, but before he fell to the ground, he delivered one last ninja move, which made her unconscious too….great job Angry Angre!
    =Precap: Again, as Vansh is just steps away from his RIddhima and still blinded by the powder (wipe your eyes boy lol), Vyom plants a bomb in his way, so that as Vansh approaches Riddhima, it will explode….it doesn’t help that both RIddhima and Vansh are blindfolded and blinded by the powder, respectively! Honestly, given that the shooting is moving to the Northeast of India and Sarah will likely stay on in the show (there was a photo from Sikkim that Kristina took recently), there are numerous possibilities for what can happen next! Either Vansh will save Riddhima, but somehow Vyom or Sarah will attack them as they get away and Dottu will pass away (again, I’m not trying to spread any negativity here with talk of the baby’s death, I’m just sharing my theories and really don’t want anything to happen to the baby)! The Sikkim angle could be that after Riddhima miscarries, Vansh takes her there to kind of forget things and be in better spirits. Or, Riansh will escape and then finally Vyom and Sarah will meet up in the building and devise a plan against Riansh…..perhaps, if Angre is Black Mamba, he will join in and then we’ll get more information about why he hates Vansh….I know it’s far fetched, but it’s a possibility. Then, RIansh will go to Sikkim to search for Siya or something. Or perhaps, Vyom and Sarah will sneak RIddhima away and take her all the way to Sikkim, and then Vansh will have to come and continue to look for her….again, these are just some random theories, but anything is possible at this point!
    =Final comments: Overall, the episode was pleasant, but now I’m eager for a Riansh reunion (though it’s been only two episodes since they parted). Again, I’m concerned for Dottu, but will just hope he’ll make it out of this safe and sound! Plus, I’m still wondering if Rrahul will come for the shoot in Sikkim given his mother’s health….honestly, safety and family do come first, so let’s see, but I’m keeping his mom in my prayers and hoping for the best….despite the cast going to some of the best parts of India for shooting, it’s sad that can’t fully enjoy it or their experience is tinged with sadness, given the health crisis that’s underway in India and their personal problems! In any case, I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes and please continue watching on Voot Select (if you have it)….apparently the viewership is down by like 12% or something because people have skipped parts of past episodes….although, this makes 0 sense, why should skipping episodes or not watching them at 7:00 pm exactly affect viewership when I’m guessing there are no advertisements on such platforms…you’re paying for a subscription after all lol…I don’t get it, but I’m just passing on what I read online lol…..I think this is just a strange attempt by the makers and Voot Select to force viewers to watch those horrible Ishangre scenes….why subject people to such torture haha! That being said, take care and till next time!

    1. Awesome review and I’m still hoping Dot will be alright 😍🥰

    2. Gabriela

      Thank you Agatha for the review, it was very good and quite short for you. But I am satisfied, you brought to light everything that was important, plus I also found out your opinions and theories for what will happen next.
      I can’t say that I liked any scene in the episode, but I can say that Dadi terrified me, her behavior has no explanation and her wickedness is without justification. The character Dadi has transformed from a guardian angel into a demon, it is simply inadmissible.
      Beyond the episode, I’m more eager to see what happens in the next episodes, andyour theories can unfortunately become reality, none of which is what we want. But I think Dotu will be in the shelter for now, I don’t know why! And, like you, I’m waiting for the Riansh reunion, which will definitely be extraordinary, especially since these days I had Ishangre scenes that are horrible, hard to watch, as you said.
      It was a real pleasure to read your review, it was enchanting but also useful, because I saw another point of view, clearer than mine. ❤❤❤

    3. Parita

      Awesome Review @IMM2 Viewer!! It was great reading your analysis of the episode, and i’m looking forward for tmr’s episode as well as your reviews. You brght out everything well!!

    4. [email protected], Thanks girl! Yes, fingers crossed the baby will be fine! I’m still going to go with my intuition that the makers won’t feature something enormously heartbreaking, like RIddhima miscarrying the baby, given that everyone is in such a bad/sad mood in India due to the health crisis there….why show such a horrible thing when there’s already so much negativity in the world! Let’s just hope for the best….if the baby makes it to Sikkim/Siliguri alive, then I am almost positive that it will be born…at that point, it will be too heartbreaking (if it isn’t already) for the baby to make it that far and not to be born!
      2. @Gabriela, Thanks so much! Yes, I’m so proud of myself that I’m starting to write shorter reviews lol…it was getting a bit much before…but also I wrote less because there wasn’t much to write about in the episode lol. Yes, Dadi was absolutely horrible today…I mean, at least she loves Vansh, but how can she not care about Dottu….I can kind of understand her not caring for RIddhima because at the end of the day, she married into her family and did betray Vansh before/plus spied on him time and time again, but she seems like one of those ITV Dadis, who would at least care about the heir to the family, so how does she not even care about our sweet Janab Dottu! I really hope none of my theories are right, besides RIansh going to Sikkim to look for Siya…I don’t care what happens to SIya, but at least in this way, they’ll get another vacay! Again, I’m hoping Dottu will be fine and am looking forward to a RIansh reunion, but it’s unclear to me whether Vansh/Rrahul will continue shooting since his mom is unwell….let’s see (but am praying for his momma)….we’ll probably see the Siliguri or Sikkim episodes by the end of this week!
      3, @Parita, thanks girl so much!

    1. Haha!

    2. Gabriela


    3. Priyanka Thakur

      Only chashma is missing

    4. Aww, he was so cute with his glasses!

  13. Hello everyone, I’m back with a review! After so long. I hope it doesn’t get too long:
    – I don’t understand how Ishani and Aryan changed in 5 seconds. One minute ago they were saving everyone and now: they are trying to get Rid killed? Odd people! And that she tried to puncture Van’s car isn’t nice either. Ishani clearly doesn’t know Van and Angre. They could do anything to save Rid. I feel bad that Angre had to marry this woman. Poor Angre!
    – I don’t like this new Dadi. I prefer the old overemotional and sweet Dadi instead of this Mafia, hell bent on killing Rid Dadi. She now wants Rid to be killed! This transition doesn’t make sense at all. She told Ishani to pray that Rid would die! The fact that she told Vyom makes me even more annoyed by her.
    – At least Vyom is using his mind. He doesn’t know who this mysterious kidnapper is but still knows that he should partner up with him or her. I think that if Sara and Vyom teamed up they would make a deadly combination. So let’s hope it doesn’t happen.
    – I’m so lucky that Van has someone loyal like Angre. He is ready to help and protect Van no matter where he is (even if he’s romancing with Ishani, though no one liked their scenes). Its good that he saved Van. Though Van got powder in his eyes.
    – Sara doesn’t care for money. I doubt that a few lakhs would be equivalent to her revenge. She seemed so sad and mad about her love and all. So she’ll take revenge no matter what.
    – I’m happy that Van managed to find Rid in the end. Sara tried to attack Van but her efforts went in vain. Angre to the rescue! Angre once again saved Van but got injected by Sara.
    – Van should really wipe his eyes. Wouldn’t that be the most logical thing to do? But of course logic doesn’t exist in the world of IMM 2. If it did then things would be different. But either way he should use common sense. Where did the great VR’s mastermind mode go to?
    – Precap: I can’t say anything for now. Though the bomb plan was smart. I just hope Dot doesn’t die. But he will eventually! Sad. He won’t survive with so many negative people around. Who needs enemies when they have a family of snakes?
    – Final comments: I think that makers should reveal something by this week. Whether Dadi’s secret or Sara’s past some thing should be revealed. I don’t want Sara or Vyom. I just want Pigeon to be back with his comedic spirit. Also makers are dragging plot. But its for good reason. There are corona precautions to follow so due to that. Be patient and trust makers!
    – I hope Rahul’s mom gets better and my deepest condolences to your family Neha! I heard your uncle died. I’m sorry to hear that.
    This is my review with some personal messages to people. I hope the review wasn’t too long. I hope you didn’t fall asleep while reading! Stay safe during corona and follow precautions!

    1. Amazing as usual 🤗🤗 glad you are back and I hope you will continue to write reviews. I do agree with everything I am irritated by Dadi and Ishani they will never change..🙄 I kinda want to skip those scenes it’s not nice seeing them going against Riansh

    2. Gabriela

      I’m glad you came back, and your review was excellent. I think we were all terrified of the terrible Dadi, and the villains Ishani and Aryan, and you’re right, poor Angre, how can he love a heartless person? I liked your review the most – Who needs enemies when they have a family of snakes? – perfect for this family of villains. I am also proud of Angre, his loyalty to Vansh is extraordinary.
      Thanks Unnamed it was a treat for me! ❤❤❤

    3. @Khushi thanks di. Even I’m fairly irritated and annoyed by Ishani and Dadi. Even I wouldn’t like watching their scenes but actually I didn’t watch today’s episode. I just wrote it based on the update.
      @Gabriela I’m glad you liked it! I’ll try to post my reviews everyday though I’m not too sure whether that’s possible.

    4. @Unnamed, brillant review and please try to come back with reviews more often, provided that you have the time! Yes, the Rai SInghanias are snakes, full stop….Dadi’s behavior was horrible today…I really miss the original Dadi! Yes, Vyom somewhat used his mind today, Sarah apparently is the only villain (with the exception of Kabir post realizing that he loved RIddhima) who is not obsessed with money, and Angre was actually useful to Vansh today haha! I’m really hoping either Dadi’s secret or Sara’s past will be revealed by the end of this week, but I’m not keeping my hopes up about that…let’s see! Also, I really hope nothing happens to Dottu, but fear something might, but am still holding out hope!

    5. Parita

      Awesome review @Unnamed di, after a long time!! IT was great having you write the review for us❤

  14. Am really confused about this sara 🙄🙄…. at her first encounter with riddhima she said she had no personal heart feeling for her she is just doing her job as she is a assassin😒 😒and someone had paid her for doing this😒😒 …. then in hotel after meeting with vansh, riddhima and Sara had an argument about how riddhima had made her to turn this path 😓and how she lost her loved ones bcoz of riddhima😥 and by punishing 😟😞😣☹riddhima(killing vansh😢) she will avenge for all the wrong doings which perhaps are done by riddhu🧐( which we still don’t know🤔🤔 )…. few days before she had deal of 48 hours😐😐🤨 with riddhima but eventually she kidnaps her and give her ultimatum of few hours🕢🕢🕢 (next morning 7:30am) so that she can kill vansh who comes to save her😔😔 …. ufff!🤯🤯!!! Girl (gayu/sara) atleast stick to one thing you said😠😠 … if you wana kill vansh and riddhima just do it na😑😑 … why all this discussion🙄🙄 … do your job and just leav😏 … later if anything will happen, riddhu and vansh will handle by their own😌😌 …. or atleast kill this Dadi😡🤬 first she is really getting on everybody nerves🤨😒😒 … Aryan and ishani, their athmas will never change.😓😓😓… and even i feel they should not change bcoz we love to hate them😅😛😝 …

    1. @Rimsha you’re correct. Sara is not sticking to anything she says. She changes it every few days. This is what she is doing:
      First: I’m an paid assassin. I’m going to kill you.
      Next: I will kill you because you took away my love.
      After that: You failed to stick to your word. Now I will kidnap you.
      What’s the logic here??
      IMM 2 doesn’t run on logic so everything is illogical. We just have to accept that.

    2. Gabriela

      Rimsha, you are so right in everything you write. Surely Ridhima reported Sara’s boyfriend to the police in the past, he died and she probably paid for his deeds, I think. We got used to the idiots of Ishani and Aryan, but this Dadi is awful, and I want her to disappear. Your emoticons are adorable.❤ ❤❤

    3. @Rimsha like Gabriela said I really like your emojis/emoticons. They’re bring in a lot of humour

    4. Don’t take tension, Sara chapter will end soon.

    5. @RImsha, you pointed everything out perfectly! We do love to hate Ishani and Aryan, so I don’t want them to stop being heavily flawed or even hating RIddhima, but I just wish they were a little more tolerable…they could be a little bit nicer and concerned about Vansh at least. Yes, that Sarah doesn’t even know what she wants….but I’m guessing the writers kept on changing her story based on all of the shooting restrictions and all. I think originally they wanted to end Sarah’s storyline, but she’s apparently shooting in the new location, so I’m guessing the kidnapping plot is going to be some transition to the new shooting location…let’s see what happens! In her case, I really hope she becomes a positive character….RIddhima needs a friend or some sense of family besides Vangre…I mean the girl should hold no expectations from anyone else in that wretched family haha!

  15. Hello everyone!It’s been a while since i commented here.I trust that you have all been well.

    1. Hi @Sawwm Abdul! I’m fine and I believe others here are also.

    2. Let’s hope that everyone is safe . After all we could just hope for . I don’t know about others but i am Mumbai ( Bombay – india for my international friends) And in maharashtra specially Mumbai corona cases is increasing very much . Its my last year. Ie 10 th std and i am not able to see my friends or talk with them .Its so sad 😞😥😢

    3. Parita


  16. Needless to say, Ishani/Chandini has arrived in SIliguri:
    Btw, I used to love this song as a kid lol!

  17. So episode was nice . So makers are shifting to shilong … don’t know who gives so much money for travelling to makers . Will only Riansh go together or entire family will go ? . I think shillong would be a perfect place fir Riaansh Honeymoon ( after all we don’t get their Honeymoon) . How is copamma and goldchachi handling each other . I think ,that after so many times makers just brought perfect replacement of kabir i.e Vyom and Sara … after all they both are only enemies ( except kabir and anupriya )who stand against vansh since so many days . Forget about all previous mysteries i.e 6 hrs mysteries, black box truth , dadi past and everything .. Let’s just see future, forget about past … because makes don’t want to clear it . Dadi atleast care for dottu .. because he will carry your raisinghania legacy…

    1. @Abhay, nice mini review! Yes, I agree with what you said. I think they shifted to Siliguri not Shilong, but suffice to say, either place is a perfect honeymoon destination in the Northeast for Riansh. I think the other family members will come along too…at least Chandini/Ishani and Sarah/Kristina already posted up some pictures from the new location….so, I suppose it won’t be a proper Riansh honeymoon lol. In any case, I was wondering the same thing…how does the production team have that much money to first shoot in Goa and then in Siliguri, in higher end hotels….I suppose the hotels are giving them good deals because they can’t be getting much tourism right now, with the situation related to Covid. I’m still holding out hope for a revelation by the start of next week…but perhaps, that’s hoping for too much! As for Dottu, I want him to survive too and am surprised Dadi doesn’t care for him in the slightest!

    2. Thanks Di . But actually i think that makers shouldn’t shift to siliguri. If i am not wrong then siliguri is located in West bengal . And recently after election, the Supreme Court of india is ordering total shutdown to happen in west bengal. So due to shutdown, makers won’t be able to shoot properly . Although siliguri is isolated and natural area but i am scared of lockdown. Moreover, scientist have discovered a new covid strain called as ” bengal strain” . The ” bengal Strain ” transmits through air and its very dangerous. See the research article here
      So in sake of cast , i don’t want them to go to siliguri. Let’s see what will happen 😏

    3. @Abhay, yes, you’re right (thanks for sharing the info/article related to the triple mutant strain in the region btw), that there are many problems in West Bengal, especially after the election and the possibility of a shutdown. I’m hoping the makers factored that into their decision when shifting the shooting there…perhaps, they inquired about it and were told that as long as they shoot at the hotel, nothing will interefere/stop their shooting in terms of a shutdown….but yes, the “Bengal strain” is concerning as you mentioned. Perhaps, the makers are thinking that if the situation worsens in West Bengal, they can slowly shift further East. As far as I know, Siliguri is at the foothills of the Himalayas…perhaps they will eventually go to Sikkim, but are avoiding it because of its high altitude and disconnection from other conveniences (e.g. airports, film equiptment rentals, etc.)…in fact my mom went there as a child and she said that though it’s an absolutely beautiful place, my nani and mama got very bad altitude sickness because it’s so high up in the mountains. Perhaps, going to Shilong would have been better as I think the number of cases in Meghalaya are far lower in comparison to other parts of the country and it should have a good enough tourism infastructure to welcome a television crew….but let’s see what happens…I think now that the cast/crew is in the Northeast, it’ll probably be easier to go further East as the situation worsens (as opposed to if they first went to some random place like Lakshadweep or Andaman/Nicobar and then had to migrate to the Northeast), though, like you said, we should be very concerned about the cast’s and crew’s safety.

  18. Hi all 🤗🤗 I am back with a review and I’m fine now so don’t worry. I heard immj2 location is shifting to Siliguri (tho i have never heard of the place but it sounds like it’s covered around the Himalaya mountains) so who knows we may get more romantic scenes hehe. As for today’s episode, I enjoyed it, the episode was again dominated by Vansh, the possessive side of him for Riddhima is always a treat to watch 🔥
    – Family scene: well I wouldn’t call it a family but this Ishani and Aryan can never change 🤦🏽‍♀️ They are seriously so irritating 😒 Aryan vansh slapped you because you talked bad and down about Riddhima and it’s his wife 🙄 and what can I say about Ishani she is rotten to the core 🤦🏽‍♀️
    – VanGre scene: Aww I love this brotherly bond 🤗 leave it to Vansh and Angre who always saves the day, they work well together tho I must say and this Angre should really leave Ishani to get a better woman than see if she will suffer the same way as Riddhima did🤦🏽‍♀️
    – Flipper dadi 🙄 she is only caring about her secret, is it so important that she can trade Riddhima’s life? That is just stupid, I am hating her now, she used to always pray for Riddhima on tv and now she completely changed 😒 I had to skip her scene because she was horrid and didn’t even care that it was her grandson or great grandson/daughter too in danger 😒 no more words for her …
    – Vyom/Vansh fight: haha well I enjoyed their fight scene it was nice and Vansh always fights well too. Vyom is back to being shirtless again in the precap 😂😂 seriously 🙄 but that fight scene was awesome 💥
    – Angre/Sara: well I’m glad Angre caught Sara but wow she fainted as well as him too😂 that was fun to watch 🤭
    Overall it was an interesting episode minus the first and Dadi’s scene but I hope Vansh does save Riddhima and Dot somehow he is a master in planning when it comes to Riddhima too. I really want that Vansh takes Riddhima somewhere that they cannot be found and start a life there away from those snakes. Excited for tomorrow to see how Vansh manages to get Riddhima out. Loved the flashback scene too❤️ Missing Kabir and Riansh scene🥺

    1. @Khushi, very nice review! Yes, I’m looking forward to the location change…personally, I prefer mountains to beaches (though Goa was lovely too) and I think Siliguri is also famous for its tea plantations, so it should be a very beautiful and romantic location! I agree – the Rai Singhanias are rotten to the core, but I’ve just come to accept it now….I like that Vansh is the only one different from them, even though I wish RIddhima had more support….It’s a bit far fetched but again I want Gayu to turn into a protagonist and then marry Aryan (though being positive and being with Aryan don’t make any sense lol, but it could work since Angre is married to Ishani…though their romance scenes are cringeworthy)…at least, that way Riddhima could have another supporter in the family, but I digress lol! As for Dadi, unlike the other villains (who I know are not capable of being better than they are), disappoints me…I do think she does genuinely care for Vansh, but it surprised me that she didn’t care at all about Dottu…I know RIddhima is his mom and all, but he’s still your great-grandson lol! Yes, I was very proud of Angre today…though I still do doubt him! I’m hoping too that Vansh has some plan…he won’t activate that bomb…at least I hope not. And yes, can RIansh just escape to the mountains with the baby and not look back…though I think that dream is a little way away haha! In any case, great review and it’s good to know that you’re feeling better!

    2. Gabriela

      Khushi I’m glad you’re fine and you gave us a new review.
      The fact that Vansh has Angre always by his side is extraordinary, I hope the writers don’t turn him into Black Mamba. I agree that Angre should find another girlfriend who deserves him.
      The fight between Vyom and Vansh was serious, I’m sorry, but I kind of laughed, I don’t know why, like he was a ninja against a samurai.
      I’m also looking forward to seeing how Vansh manages to save Ridhima, because tomorrow’s precap is pretty awful.
      Thanks for the review it was admirable. ❤❤❤

    3. Thanks girls 🤗❤️ And I’m still a little scared as to who is black mamba but for me right now it looks more like dadi or Ishani 🤷🏽‍♀️

  19. Sweety21

    The cloth Vansh found and Riddhima wore was same but what was shown in the flashback was different.

    Was I the only one to notice this?😅

    1. Even I saw. But these are makers. Everything is illogical.

  20. EID MUBARAK 🌙🎊🎉
    On this special day, I wish u guys strength and faith, the reality of hope, the joy of charity and contentment of a happy heart. may Almighty Allah grant u good health, long life and uncountable blessing, Love u all. عيد. مبارك

    1. Gabriela


    2. Eid Mubarak to you, your family and friends Haseena sister!

    3. Eid Mubarak!

    4. Priyanka Thakur

      EID MUBARAK dear

    5. Parita

      Eid Mubarak!!🎉🎊🎊

    1. Gabriela


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  21. Gabriella dhi, avnee dhi, imm viewers, thanks alot😘, stay safe, love u all..

    1. I can’t believe Vansh gave RIddhima the third dose of that truth serum, after all of this…the man doesn’t deserve Dottu haha! Plus, I’m back to suspecting Angre (not that I stopped)….something tells me that “Riddhima’s confession” will be manipulated by Angre to cause a rift in RIansh’s relationship or RIddhima may wake up, tell Angre the truth, and then record a fake confession to give to Vansh (in order to protect him). In any case, I’m excited!

    2. I am not excited! I am afraid about what will happen between Riansh. I hope Vansh wiil trust his Ridhima and he will not belive wrong thing. I am so upset👿👿👿

    3. Voot deleted it 🤷🏽‍♀️

    4. Some great person said that
      ” Excess of Everything is bad ” . Nowadays, makers are portraying Vangre scenes, their bond and bromance too much . And i think that makers will make Angre as black mamba ( 80% chances ) . Remember when makers showed too much rudra chachu scenes , then makers showed rudra as red hodded figure , then when they showed siya scenes the makers turned her negative. And now makers are showing too much Angre loyalty scene, but I pray don’t make him negative .

    5. Parita

      Woah this is getting scary and excited at the same time. I don’t know what’s going to happen now. Will the video have something negative, because Vansh had tears. I’m actually excited but equally scraed

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