Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima finds Ragini

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh saying don’t worry, I will come. He goes. Riddhima cries and says what shall I do Bappa, how to find Ragini, show me some way. Ragini calls Vansh. Riddhima sees his phone. Ragini says its me Ragini. Riddhima says I m Riddhima, Vansh’s wife, tell me where are you, I will help you, who has kidnapped you. Ragini says Kabir. Temple bell rings. Train passes nearby. Riddhima asks what name did you say, tell me. Ragini says Kabir kidnapped me. Kabir suffocates her. She falls down. He asks her to live her last few breath. Riddhima prays. She thinks of the temple bell and train station. She says where are these two things together, Bandra lake factory. She leaves. Anupriya looks on and gets Vansh’s phone.

Vansh looks for his phone. She says you left it in the temple. He thanks her. She says Riddhima got this phone first, she was talking to someone, she is going out a lot of times, I don’t like her secret talks and outings. Vansh says I trust her, she maybe talking to her friend, Riddhima loves me. She says you know it better, but I m a mum, mum’s worry is like an illusion, it never ends, get ready. She goes and thinks very soon Riddhima’s trust in Vansh’s heart will shatter. Ragini says please let me go, Vansh won’t leave you. Kabir says oh I m scared, you will die here, Vansh will go to jail for your murder blame. He calls Mishra. He gives the phone. Ragini cries. Kabir says look at this, you are very smart, you will know who will kill you. He wears the mask. Mishra gets some box. Ragini says please let me go. Kabir shows the poison gas box. He releases the gas. He shows its effect on the plant. The plant burns. Ragini gets scared and cries. Kabir laughs and says see how the plant got pale, you will also become like that. Ragini shouts help.

Riddhima says if kidnapper saw Ragini calling, then she will be in danger, I m coming Ragini. Kabir shouts someone save Ragini. He goes. Ragini beats the doors. Riddhima says don’t know who is the kidnapper, I will call Kabir, if he is with me, we can save Ragini soon, there is no network, I have to do this soon. Kabir sees Ragini beating the window. He calls Anupriya and says plan successful mom. Anupriya says congrats Kabir, finally Ragini’s chapter is closed, Riddhima’s efforts will fail, she will get double shock, now no one can know who is the murderer of Vansh’s mum, I didn’t let Vansh’s mum talk to him. Siya gets shocked.

Anupriya says Riddhima went to find Ragini, I m sure she can never find Ragini. Siya goes. Riddhima thinks this is the only factory in this area, Ragini should be around, I have to check somewhere else. Ragini hits on the window. Riddhima sees her. She says nothing will happen, don’t worry. She gets a hammer there. She hits on the glass. She gets inside and says nothing will happen to you, take a deep breath, come, we will go out, be careful of the glass pieces, trust me. Ragini says I trust you. Riddhima thinks once I take Ragini to Vansh, my relation will be saved. Kabir thinks I will confirm if Ragini is dead or not. He gets shocked seeing Riddhima. Vansh says yes, I spoke to telecom company, they are sending me cctv footage. He sees missed calls and says is this related to Ragini. He calls back. He calls Angre and says track this number, its off right now, send me the location. He leaves. Siya asks where did Vansh go, the family had to go for shanti puja today itself, whom shall I tell it, its like a bad dream, Anupriya has killed our mum, Riddhima was saying truth, I had misbehaved with her, Vansh should know this. She calls Vansh and says Anupriya killed our mom, she has confessed it, are you listening. Vansh asks what did you say, I can’t hear your voice, there is no network, I will call back. Siya says listen to me once.

Anupriya says so you got to know the truth. Siya says you want to separate Vansh and Riddhima, thank God I didn’t make him hear Riddhima’s recording, you are the real cheat, I won’t let you succeed, you can’t stop me. Anupriya says I will stop you, I had promised that whoever knows this secret will not be alive. Siya gets shocked seeing the knife. She stops Anupriya. Vansh says I hope Siya is fine. He gets the last location of unknown number. He says Bandra lake factory, I hope I get Ragini there. Kabir thinks I can’t let Riddhima fail my plan. Riddhima says we will go to hospital. Kabir says you can’t win over me, you think from heart, I think from mind. He takes a stick. Siya hits Anupriya. Anupriya gets up and says you got legs after many years, run as much as you can, but you can’t go away from me. Siya cries and hides. Anupriya looks for her. Riddhima sees Kabir’s shadow and bends down. She picks a stick and fights with him. He hits on her leg. She falls down. He throws the stick and goes to Ragini. Riddhima hits on his head. He falls down. Riddhima thinks he wants to kill Ragini, it means he had killed Vansh’s mum, I will know whose face is behind, Vansh is waiting to know this since 3 years. She goes and holds the mask.

Ragini says I know Vansh’s mum’s murderer. Riddhima asks who is it, tell me. Kabir shoots Ragini. Vansh sees Siya and asks who has done this. Anupriya says Riddhima… He hears the recording. Kabir comes to arrest Vansh and says this is your arrest warrant, check and mate

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wow , what an episode. I think that Riddhima and Ragini will run away, but Kabir will catch them. Then maybe Vansh will see them , and Riansh will fight against Kabir. Vansh will fall, like we saw in the BTS. Then maybe Vansh will lose his memory.
    I hope it won’t be as I think

  2. Omg ,just now siya got up from wheel chair now they are going to either kill her or her voice will be gone.they can actually close this ragini and Anupriya s chapter which is vansh will be behind riddhu for siya.makers should show something good.for a long time it’s no romance.

  3. I just hope that Siya is fine.It doesn’t seem that Riddhima will be able to see Kabir’s face. Like always something will happen and she will fail to see his face.

  4. The episode is really awesome!!!!!Full on fire!!!
    But I’m afraid Anupriya might harm Siya or she may send the recording of Siya’s phone to Vansh.
    Riddhima is gonna be trapped horribly.
    The promo, the gunshoot isn’t dream at all this time but I think Riddhima is gonna get shot.
    I really hope to see full truth of Riddhima coming out. The makers are dragging Ragini for the 4 months but it won’t be justice to Riddhima if misleading truth comes out.
    It’s gonna be deadly for her.
    Fingers crossed.

    1. I’m having a gut feeling of your wish of seeing Ridhima in her grey shed would be fulfilled soon.

      If there were award ni8 surely Vishal vashista would won Male Antagonist title 2020.

  5. Amazing thriller vibes ….i just hope she gets ragani as soon as possible to vansh …but Siya ..Anupriya will kill her and she just started walking …oh god please save ragani riddhima ,vansh, and siya,

    …..this show is getting back on track ……

    Please watch it on colours at 7 pm because the trp is droping

  6. Ohh no!! I don’t want siya to die

  7. RiyaVaghani

    Woooooohoooooo!🥳🥳🎉🎉 Finally!!! I hope this isn’t a dream!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  8. Maitree

    First🥇 to comment💬

    1. Waiting for your fan fiction

  9. What an episode! It’s really so exciting, I can’t wait to watch this episode on TV
    1. Ridhu heard Kabir names then y she decided to call him
    2.Stupid networks
    3.Sia is in danger
    4.ragini’s chapter is going to complete?

    1. Riddhima did not hear Kabir’s name, all she could hear was K- after that, there was some disturbance so she couldn’t hear it.

  10. Just saw the episode now!!
    My God!!!!Riddhima was awesome today!!!I must admit it.
    Anupriya is roaming inside the house like a psycho killer..
    Thrill it was to see!!!
    Just hoping that they won’t spoil the thrill with some stupid outcome.

  11. Wow. Finally Riddhima finds Ragini. So happy and finally Vansh trust Riddhima too. Anupriya 🤦🏽‍♀️ Siya is doing the right thing. I hope she will be ok soon. Exciting things are coming I’m sure

  12. If siya and Riddhima fail now then i will stop riddhima bewakoof banti hai fir se

  13. Wow.. Kabir’s true face is revealed before riddhima and siya came to know anupriya’s truth.. Now it will be interesting.. I hope siya will be safe and riddhima too and vansh won’t misunderstand riddhima if he see her with ragini

  14. Whatever happens I don’t want a devdas ending

  15. Oh wow ! The show is full on fire!
    I my heart is beeating like a speedy train and BP is heading up as a lightning. IDK whats the 24 hr baazi. But I’m sure that I will be having panick attack in this excitement within 24 hrs.😂😁
    Siya just only stood up on her foot and now Anupriya is up to killing her. Noooo🙏😭
    Vansh is heading towards the location does he doubts Ridhima? ?? Or in order to save her he will fall???
    I am afraid that Kabir might harm Ridhima??
    Anupriya searching for Sia like a psycho killer.
    It’s horribly thriller indeed. It’s made me feel like watching a psycho thriller movie.

    1. are from which district?

    2. Noorjannat

      It’s damn romantic drama thriller,man.this is my frst time watching a serial in IT where we only find saas alas its trp is not as good as saas bahus

    3. A serial doesn’t need to be of saasbahu genre to be stupis …this show’s plot is amzing but storyline is too poor …like some scenes are too poor …the itv which was 15 years ago was masterpiece better than bollywood but now its trash

    4. @Hd
      you found my D.O.B then😅
      Im near to you……….. I’m from Thrissur

    5. Ridhimma keeps praying all the time but why is she not winning? Please we should wait for precap before commenting. Am loosing hope 😭

  16. Ragini chapter over…
    Sia chapter over
    Riddhima khatam..
    Vansh khatam..
    Anupriya and kabir’s victory.
    Very Bad ending..
    They said it in interview there wl be bad ending

    1. 😩😩

    2. Its not ending dear . There are many more episodes to go

    3. No I don’t think it will be an ending. It’s something more than we are expecting. They can’t make riansh like this

    4. @Abc …I dint say show is ending , I said revelation wil have bad ending. This week will be full of revelation (as Vishal and Rahul said it in interview) and that revelations will be bad ending.

  17. Precap spoiled everything..Makers are never going to reveal Kabir’s and anupriya’s truth but misunderstandings between riansh is always going on.. I don’t know why this network issue arises when there’s something important to talk.. For all unnecessary calls there is no network issues

  18. Find my name if u can😁

    Juz now watched today’s precap..OMG!! Makers have u lost ur mind.. We want riansh together… But u guyz have created a big rift between them… hell ya🙄.. after so many episodes we thought today’s episode was on fire and the show is back to track… but u guys have smashed the viewers dream… R we luking like a fool? We were waiting for past 4months to know about ragini… Buy as of watching the precap…her(ragini) chapter will be closed tomorrow… Seriously I don’t know wat to say… I am from tamilnadu… And tis is the only Hindi serial I have being watching.. I don’t if I will watch hereafter… I really wish that today’s precap should be a dream🤞

  19. Hey friends do you read precap.

  20. I sincerely hope this thriller sequence ends on a happy note….but I don’t think it will happen… I can sense riddhima is in big trouble…. heard some news like vansh is gona drag riddhima out of house … by hearing the audio clip… again their will be a server issue of misunderstanding…. and It will take another 50 – 60 ep to prove riddhima innocence

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