Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima marries Vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima recalling scolding Kabir. Riddhima says you hate Vansh as much as you love me, when I heard the gun shot, I thought I lost you, you got killed, that one second, I have died along with you. She says you can’t snatch my life. Kabir closes his eyes. Riddhima says I slipped. Vansh thinks Riddhima is hiding something. Dadi stops Vansh and says we will talk later. Vansh and Riddhima sit in the mandap. They do the rituals. FB shows Riddhima stopping Kabir. She says your death will be his victory, we will win. Kabir asks how will we win, what do we have, we couldn’t get a proof against Vansh, we have nothing, there is no way, I have put my everything at stake, my life, my love, just for my duty, and even then I couldn’t do my duty, I have lost.

She says no Kabir, I m responsible for this defeat, I m sorry, but we won’t lose, promise, I will fight, I will do anything, I will give my life if needed, but I can’t see you losing, we are connected by heart and breath. FB ends. Pandit says this marriage has connected you for seven births, stand up for the rounds. Vansh sees Riddhima. FB shows Riddhima asking Kabir to think of some option. Kabir asks what if I ask you something that is worse than death. She asks him to ask and see. FB ends. Dadi asks Riddhima to get up.

Riddhima gets up. Vansh and Riddhima exchange garlands and take the rounds. Pandit tells their promises. FB shows Kabir saying its easy to die by poison, but live with poison, can you pay this price for my love, can you marry Vansh for my motive. Riddhima gets shocked. She recalls their relation. FB ends. Vansh asks Riddhima to walk ahead. He says I think something is imp than marriage for you, that’s why you are lost. She says no, nothing is imp than marriage. She walks ahead. FB shows Kabir saying I didn’t give you anything than pain, I m asking such a price by which I will also die slowly, can you give this price, tell me. Riddhima says I was ready to give life, you could have asked my life and happiness, but you asked me to live a life worse than death, I m ready to pay the price. FB ends. Vansh makes her wear mangalsutra. FB shows Kabir crying. Riddhima says I love you and can do anything for you. Vansh fills sindoor in her maang. FB shows Riddhima asking Kabir to leave from the mansion and walk away to get freedom, don’t say anything, else I can’t do this.

He picks the gun and leaves. Ishq mein marjawa….plays….. Her dupatta gets stuck to his coat. She looks at him. He gets hurt by the nails. She worries seeing his blood. She does the aid to his wound. He leaves. She goes back to the mansion. FB ends. Vansh sees Riddhima.

Riddhima cries a lot and says why Kabir… Vansh says you are crying on this night, why. He points a gun at her. She gets scared.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This Kabir is incredibly useless as an agent, imagine if India has agents like Kabir who ask foolish girls enamored by him to risk their lives and happiness for him… it sounds like her happiness is a dowry for his hand in marriage… she needs to earn him by doing his job…. what the hell am I reading… Lord just end this stupid show, it’s a fail with the awful characterization of Kabir and Ridhimma. New entries can only fix the hole that these 2 characters create.

    1. Sidrina

      If you don’t like the show then simply don’t watch it… but you have no right to say to end it…… The actors and writers and working really hard on the story and it is actually getting pretty good so you get lost

    2. Dear he/she didn’t say anything wrong. what will happen to a country where kabir like agents will work.police jobs are to save people but he is using his own girlfriend with whom he was going to marry for his own benefits. Even a common people will not do this. Which type of man he is. And if makers have to show these kind of things like a girl doesn’t care about her self respect and dignity just because she loves someone is totally crap. And it better should be stop.

    3. You should not say such thing, a serial is not only about viewers, there are many people who works day and night to make a show successful, so saying that this show should end is unfair to all those people.

    4. Gurvinder bhullar

      You are stupid girl it’s the best show makers don t bring a girl between riansh please please please it’s a humble request

  2. No need changing the characters Riddhima and Vansh are the best match for this show don’t want a new face stupid people should stop watching this show show I’m watching and enjoying this show with my family all the way from Canada 😊💖

  3. I don’t want Riddhima and Vansh as leads. Nor I want Kabir to be Riddhima’s guy cuz what he did was expected but not acceptable. There should be a twist in which Riddhima is Chantomai I mean main mastermind not Kabeer and Vansh.

  4. I still feel kabir is the villian..who else will do such a thing..he is only playing woth riddhima..and i really like vansh(although i shouldn’t😆).
    I feel the show is going need to end it.

  5. This show is a total crap and looks like a trash box

  6. am actually enjoying the show, you guys seeing all these mistakes are you a writter? why don’t you start yo show or even a ff to make it simple and see how much mistakes will be pin pointed. just appriciate others effort if yu don’t want keep yo comments to yoself its better that way

  7. Just think once yaar.If Kabir is a villain then definitely we can accept him doing such deeds. But I want the show to be like Kabir and vansh are United and are wantedly trapping riddhima for something else

  8. Guys I know Kabir’s deeds proves him as a coward and Riddhima’s as a stupid but it’s just the characters but I really like Riansh I used to like Ridhbir before but after kabir’s deed I just can’t accept them and about Vansh no matter how perfect he’s he is a criminal after all(till now)I don’t want a new female entry for Vansh and I’ve enjoyed the story so far now I just hope the story is not dragged and pls just stop saying the show should be pulled off just because you don’t like it rather stop watching it let others enjoy who likes the show

    1. Gurvinder bhullar

      I love this show please not bring new girl between riansh please inki wajah sai hi to show chal raha hai aur unke bich agar koi ladki ayi to show flop hoga aur YouTube par BHI fans keh raha hai you can go and check please don’t bring a new girl between riansh it’s a beautiful couple ok

  9. I love this show please not bring new girl between riansh please inki wajah sai hi to show chal raha hai aur unke bich agar koi ladki ayi to show flop hoga aur YouTube par BHI fans keh raha hai you can go and check please don’t bring a new girl between riansh it’s a beautiful couple

  10. Chantomai is anika dialogue from ishqbaaz

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