Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi’s mom tells the code

Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says in public Deep is Malik. Father cries and says the password is out. Arohi’s mom says I had to save Arohi. He says kill us now. Why would we love but let our daughter go. Arohi is crying says they don’t even know that is not Arohi.

Mausi wakes up in detention. She says someone open the door. She breaks the lock and comes out. She says how will I tell Deep that Arohi know about her parents.
Arohi says I have to take them out. Virat says Arohi’s father after all these years you gave code for the girl who isn’t your daughter. Mom says she is my daughter. Tara sits down on chair and says I am Tara. Not Arohi. Your daughter is my doppelganger. She was punished for all my sins. This is my brother Virat. Virat says we waited day and night for this moment. We brought Anjali and make you trust her. You added her face. We have her face and password both now. We should kill you now. Virat says burn this whole place. Rest in peace. Te leave.
Father says if she isn’t our daughter where is she? Please let us meet her. Virat says she came to meet you but you didn’t recognize her. Virat asks Tara to go and check if the password is right.

The thugs cover faces of Arohi’s parents. Tara picks a stone should i burn you both? You deserve to die after what your daughter has done to. I will burn your faces. I killed your son and your son in law too. Mom says what is our mistake. Tara says your mistake is that your daughter is Arohi. You two will die but first know how I ruined your whole family. Arohi comes out. Tara says you came too. I think you don’t love your life. Arohi tries to stop Tara and hits her. The thugs take parents from here. Tara shoves Arohi. She is about to burn her but deep calls and asys we need her face. Tara still burns the place and leaves. Arohi gets up and runs from there.

Scene 2
Deep opens the locker. Virat says call Anjali to open the inner door. Then you will have to kill her. Arohi screams and runs after the car. She says how will I save my parents. Deep calls Arohi and says come where I ask you to. I need your face. If you wanna see your parents alive come where I ask you. Arohi says I have your mom too. He says don’t waste time.
Arohi comes there and says where are my parents? Deep says go and stand in front of that scanner. The locker opens. Arohi says you wanted gold right? Tell me where my parents are. He laughs adn says I make promise to break. Go and look for your parents. They don’t have time. Arohi screams and says please tell me where my parents are. I haven’t seen a devil like you.
Deep grasps her. Arohi shoves and slaps him. He says go and save them you don’t have time.
Precap-Arohi says please tell me where my parents are. Deep says dont’ waste time. Deep sees a packet in Arohi’s room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I hate writers.
    Because of today episode.
    The whole episode was disgusting.
    First of all respect the women and women values.
    The pregnancy women can’t fight with Goons.
    The Goons treat with nia is very bad way.(don’t shown this type of scenes on TV)
    And the last past deep come to close nia.( this scene is unnecessary)
    Really deep deserve that slap( don’t show this type of scene)
    Am really disappointed.
    Pls arjun and Alisha quit this show.

    1. Hey Rhivu do u remember me how do u do????
      Can u plz read my comment and reply plz..

    2. Hai gud. How r u?
      Glad to see u back. Wt about ur ff.

    3. Hi rhivanya
      me too..

    4. hi rhivanya, today episode is good , i was laughing seeing nia, afterall nia spoiled the whole show so she deserve this kind of treatment from goons. no sympathy for nia.

    5. Sry arjun.I don’t talk about talk about women.don’t show this type of scenes.

    6. Hi I don’t have time to write my ff becoz of my work load and now I am in 12th grade that’s why

    7. Best of luck ur exams.

  2. Finally Deep comes to know that Aarohi is pregnant. Let us see what is his next move. I hope Aarohi is able to save her parents.

  3. Hiiiii
    I came after a long period
    Can anyone tell me what has happened after Nia came plz…..
    I think the track is now boring..

    1. Not at all interesting. Current track is not only boring. Non sense illogical meaningless track.

    2. hi miya, after nia came as usual they showed many iilogical scenes. Nia has only one dialogue deep you are cheater i will kill you. then arohi parents and deep mom become alive. now mission is to find gold.

    3. Satya127

      Me too i don’t have any feeling for nia but they should stop showing this much torture on both alisha and nia also it really gives wrong image…
      Arjun i have a question fir u
      U in episode hew days phela u told that is fake news wht news is fake…..

    4. Hi satya , someone said Alisha will quit the show the show so I was telling this news is fake. As far torture scene is concerned I feel bad for Tara ,deep uski baar baar pithai kar deta hai, but nia torture scene I enjoy here its not about women, this is serial in which Arjun and Alisha work made it big and this nia claims that she is arohi.OK you don’t know how to cry , no emotions and you want people to connect with you. Sorry I am not. I watch this serial online at 7:30 pm but now because I hardly see this for 10 min.

  4. I just hate to day episode

    1. Hi sravanthi.

  5. I hate the last episode.

  6. ..Such a boring n stupid serial..Indian politicnz thinks that Indian citizens are Fool but now serial writers have also same thinking that’s y he/she tried to make us d begining Arohi have only one Aim to find NIKU n Her After so many years she Want to Find her Parents such a stupid Storyline..Arohi is pergnant just Repeat dialoug otherwise in some episodes they hv shown that A pregnant lady is fighting with goons without thinking about her baby. #This kind of Serials must hv air off.bcause serial likers are not as much fool as the stroywriter thinks out… #StopThisSerial

  7. ..Such a boring n stupid serial..Indian politicnz thinks that Indian citizens are Fool but now serial writers have also same thinking that’s y he/she tried to make us d begining Arohi have only one Aim to find NIKU n Her After so many years she Want to Find her Parents such a stupid Storyline..Arohi is pergnant just Repeat dialoug otherwise in some episodes they hv shown that A pregnant lady is fighting with goons without thinking about her baby. #This kind of Serials must hv air off.bcause serial likers are not as much fool as the stroywriter thinks out… #StopThisSerial

  8. As far as i remember, Nia took away all the gold/diamond/everything from another locker that also opened by her face, the one where Deep had first taken her. So this new gold is something else or the same one which Deep initially wanted? and if it is same then Nia should have it no? How come Deep has it another locker in some other place?
    And if Nia knows now Malik is Virat, why is she still asking Deep to tell her about her parents? Suddenly, Virat, Deep are in one team? did Deep always know that Virat has kidnapped Arohi’s parents? Or did Virat always know that Deep too was after this gold? and did Virat act to love Anjali only so that he could use Anjali’s face after getting code from Arohi’s parents? and when did Deep know all this? Before he burnt Arohi, just two days before that was a scene where Deep was so frustrated he was going to shoot himself to death (thinking he was his mother’s killer) Then when he came to know everything and decided to change Arohi’s face to Anjali’s?
    stupid serial. Nia looks like an overexcited cartoon, screaming, running, jumping. And Deep has become so disgusting. The caring sensitive Deep has died along with graceful Arohi. all that is left is a bunch of over dramatic characters running in circles.

    1. Satya127

      Really everything that is best and good and for wht we all used to watch was burned into ashes…..Hate u writers… .

    2. Hi dhara.this every point is going on my not talk about anything. Because we won’t get any answers from makers.
      This stupid writers ruined our favorite show.
      It is a unique thriller show.
      But now everyone love the thrill.

  9. Satya127

    Friends exactly one year before we met our deep arohi and tara….And instantly made us hooked to know wht is going and made us love the adorable cutest couple arsha as ardeep with super title track on the streets of shimala and cutest meeting of ardeep….From that day we all slowly connected to the story always wanted arohi safety we used to love all ardeep scenes and wanted deep to love arohi and at last we all fell with the cutest love story of ardeep but deep’s one turn made arohi’s life upside down she lost everything (but i feel deep as tried to save arohi but failed as he is mommyji kutha ) she was heart broken along with us shocked and along with all of us took a strong will to end deera game but destiny send her to jail….But arohi did not lose hope she showed us how a girl should face these king of betrayers we all were with her from here immj turned to be the best show which us quite unique….The way arohi writes deep’s name and gives him a quite warning the way she fghted and ended that jailer and minister is awesome…And for me the car scene where AROHI breaks it is super….And my alisha as kesari kya swag he bhai…she ended tgat docter and made the fierce full tara pagal how she traped tara and took her place and were we got many super hit plans by arohi where she made those raichands life into a hell and traped deep in her love and played the same game just as deep…And we got many cutest ardeep moments the valentine’s day, manali track…..And so on and then one day they crossed their paths as deep and arohi and tge way arohi become tara and arohi is super.. And then finally the awaited London track where finally after so much suffering AROHI completes her revenge bt giving a beautiful gift for deep the death with guilt arohi not only made deep love her but also made him guilty….But that last instant deep one dialogue made us all think that deep is innocent….Then the revelation of deep’s true side and his true love and the way arohi regrets is super.. And then happened the most awaited twist in tge tale deep had dine many things to save arohi he send tara to jail saved arohi fron raichands and most importantly cleared all the records on arohi and proved her innocent and proved tara is the real serial killer…then there came other twist…where we had loved ardeep vs raichands….And many cutest moments between ardeep we were really in love with their cutest chemistry and made for each other combination and the show ended with there cutest shadi….Finally ardeep got married and the show ended on 13th july…. Missing u soo much….
    After that day everything was trash spiioed everything made injustice to deep,tara,arohi,story,and mainly too all the loyal fans…..We all love arjun and alisha both onscreen and offscreen their chemistry….And basically arsha are one the best persons individually they r just so hardworking dedicated we all used to watch them…And only want them as main leads…
    Stupid writers brought nia from nowhere made every other as side roles
    She is just unfit for this show made this family show as a web content….her overacting,her worst dressing sense and everything made the show lost its charm…
    Some say it is not her fault but she shares the same equal amount with writers…..
    Alisha has the inherent charm and innocence which is the best for AROHI but nia don’t even show any of these she may be a choice for tara or anjali but not AROHI…with all these some people were brought alive whi were claimed to be dead and some people r entered to show their faces and die in the hands of tara and deep…
    Few months before i thought this day will be the special day for immj viewers but seeing show now everyone does think that why this has come….
    We all can learn from this show that how to make the best serial into the worst serial and how to spoil the cutest jodi ardeep….
    My only hope is deep dialogue that after getting arohi parents out anjali face is finished forever
    Please bring ALISHA back as AROHI this will not only brings back the charm of the show but also it is the only way arohi gets justice….Come on deep give back arohi identity to AROHI (alisha)…..

  10. Satya127

    Hi friends dhara,rhivanya,sravanthi and alll sorry for the long message but i really felt bad about the show i wanted to watch arsha but this nia overacting and nonsense track made me stop watching it…please end this track and let nia exit from the show…..or atleast let nia be only anjali and make alisha to continue as AROHI….Because we all fans want arsha as main leads not anyone else….

    Now only i watched on youtube that deep saved arohi’s parents…Arjun was super here…..
    hopefully they get our alisha back to continue as AROHI….

  11. Satya127

    Friends today in arjun insta post he wished fie completion of one year and posted our arsha as ardeep photo…..And many others also taged arsha and producers names with their wishes posts
    …..I dont know wht conclusion i should get from here.. Hope so everything turns to be good…And fastly nia gets out of the show because i don’t want to loose my only show i watch daily and to watch arsha

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