Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi completes her training

Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep’s mom gives Tara bracelet. She asks the servant to bring chunri so she can do arti. He says madam its late. Deep slaps him and says don’t dare saying no to my mom. Bring what she asks. Tara says I am so happy to have a mother in law like you. Ma says deep always take care of her. Promise me you will always love and support her. Tara says why are you silent deep? Deep says I promise.

Arohi is training. Abhi asks her to run faster.
Ma makes Tara wear chunri. She says live happily. Tara touches her feet and says I am so glad I have a mother figure in my life after so long. Someone who cares about me. I was tired of fighting alone. Ma says don’t worry now. I am here for you. Virat sees them. Virat wonders what is tara upto.

Virat stops Tara

and says what game are you playing now? What problems were you talking about? Tara says this is our ace card. Just think that this is my life changing moment. God has given me a chance to live a normal life with deep once again. Virat says really? She says you wont understand..

Abhi asks arohi to break the wall. She says this is impossible. He says break the scarecrow then. Arohi says stop. No one will touch the scarecrow except for me. I will do it. A woman comes there. Arohi asks who is she? A guy says she is guru ma. SHe is our mukhiya. Abhi learned everything from her. She was out for two weeks. she is like mother to Abhi

Arohi washes her face. guruma says so you want to take revenge from your enemies? Arohi says very soon. Guru ma says so you don’t have much time? You have to prepare day and night. Time is here to know how powerful your weapon is.

Scene 2
Arohi sees Deepp talking to media. Arohi says deep no one can save you from me.
Virat comes to deep and says what are you doing. Why is your name outside the house? deep says I did what was right. Deep’s men stop Virat. Virat says I wont leave you.

Tara is leaving. She feels like someone is keeping an eye on her. It is Arohi. Arohi wonders what new game is she playing.

Guru ma gives arohi a medicine so she can be well soon. she says where is abhi? Arohi says I dont know where he is.
Abhi says today is the last part of your training. People hit her. He says there is a power inside you. Use it to defend yourself.
Some thugs come to deep and surround him. He says who are you. The thugs start beating deep.
Abhi says see your inner power and attack. Deep hits the thugs. ARohi tries to fight back. Abhi says you showed today you are ready to take the revenge. He gives her a weapon. ARohi goes to the scarecrow and cuts its head. ARohi says I will do the same to you deep.
Precap-Aroi says tomorrow I will step out to take my revenge.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. this is absolutely nonsense

  2. this is stupid
    ever since nia entered the show I stopped watching it I just read the update to check if Alisha is back
    even the update sucks

    1. Satya127

      Truely….Once think by reading we r like this but for the people who watch it on tv will go mad obviously…..And u r right this nia entry spoiled everything the true love of ardeep,our happiness of watching arsha as ardeep they really made a joke of our support and Love that we gave them amd on top this nia shrama playing her stupid cheap tricks and playing with our feelings….She don’t deserve to be AROHI….

  3. hi satya.. im fine. How are you? nenu nia interview chudaledu kani nuv chepaka naku pichiga kopam vastundi e nia ni sampina papam ledu.. nenu kuda epudu show nundi vellipothada ani wait chestuna actually script kuda kadu e nia ni tolerate cheyalekane andharu show nundi quit avtunnaru.. precap chusanu nia emeki eme emnna jansi rani anukuntunda πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ 1min chustene juttu peekkovalanipistundi.
    nejamga alisha di chala pedha heart thana main role enkokariki evadam adi kuda show big success ayaka really she is super..
    okati chepu asalu sudden ga deep maa ekadi nundi vachindi alisha aarohi ga vunapudu deep thana gatham gurtu techukodaniki chala try chestadu kani em gurtu radu kada entha chetha show nenite epudu chudaledu arjun alisha enka etla continue avtunnaru..
    ninnu nuv antunna nuvem anukovatledu kada

    1. Satya127

      Hi sravanthi i am fine….Ade kada mana problem a nia valla show cendalam aypoindhi….Jansi lakshmi nia joke enti nia vampire dairies lo the worst vampire…Kuncham vunte conjuring devil ki competition ethundhi…..
      Avunu alisha has really a great heart….This mamtha had used this good nature of alisha and made her a side role and gave the lead. Role to her love of life cheater nia….Picchi ekkindhi daniki….intha show success chusi tatukoleka nia ni techi motham ni budhidha lo posina paneeru la chesindhi….Naku ardam kavatle arjun inka alisha ela vunna ro show lo…Neku telusa bayata arjun and alisha ni chuaste vallu entha cute ga vuntaro….Arjun kotha video ayaan tho chuste evaru china vallo ardam kadu….Definitely yaar arjun and alisha r some of the nice actors and perfect individuals in real life this is the main factor we used to enjoy their chemistry and show with ardeep(arsha)…..because alisha as arohi u will find that spark of innocence and smartness and her good nature in her eyes now adays we find that in tara….But this nia chuaste cruelty a kani pedtundhi….Nia ne chusi evaru bichari ani evaru anokoru mali danni acting chusi enka daniki illanti dhi avali ani pisthadhi…..
      Inka deep mummy vishayam a deep raaz ke telusu….A 5min power cut lo emindho emito antha gandhra golam ayipoindhi…..Naku telusi power cut show lo kadu mamtha brain lo ayinattu vundhi….
      Nuvvu eroju chusava immj 8:30 ki challa bagundhi kadha naku ela ani pinchidhi ante nenu one year back ki velli na favorite show enjoy chesinattu anipinchindhi…..malli alisha as arohi vastene show bagupadhuthundhi….
      And last lo nuvvu anavu ga parvaledu Naku….Manam friends and that is the way they call each other our side…..So don’t bother about to…..

      1. hi satya.. im watching only at 8.30 really rishtey lo show malli start chesi manchi panichesaru. 7.30 ki chudatledu just reading update

      2. Satya127

        Ovunu valu malli start chesi manchi pani chesaru….And i wish every arsha,alisha and arjun fans should watch immj at 8:30 and boycott this rotten revamp at 7:30…..
        Nenu chala rojulu taravatha voot lo last two episodes chusanu adhi kudha only arsha parts…..I really felt my arohi in tara….I sweet background music and tara and deep’s mom…..Oh so lovely….I did not find tara but our arohi in alisha…..Hope they clear all the misunderstandings between deera and bring deera together again….And if tara is really changed (in my opinion it wont happen) then i think she should get true love because only true love can change tara for good and please kill that nia shrama role….Over acting only….Not overaction it is over reacting because in my eyes she dont deserve to be called as an actress…..

  4. DannyComments

    Oh please she will do nothing! Arohi is weak! She just knows how to talk and cry and be stupid! Deep will always be ahead and he will make fun of her again. She will loose. As long as she still loves Deep she will surely fail.

  5. Satya127

    Hi friends
    How r u….
    Today after soo many days i watched a perfect romantic thriller show….I can’t explain how beautiful it was onscreen….Ardeep cute nok jok about kheer and bracelet and their cute comprises about acting….Here one of the deep’s dialogue made me laugh like hell “acting mein ” this is really funny deep is a person whose every reaction is a big question whether it is real or acting….And next the first war of tara on arohi….Yaar by seeing that scene on one will believe that tara and arohi are played by same person alisha has sone a great job….In between the cute love that is starting for deep By arohi….In this show( real immj) the things they show r very cute and perfect to see but everytime they comes to be acting or a plan for.Betrayal….Bechari arohi….now lets see wht this great deep raichand will do to stop arohi’s question River….For knowing further please watch immj only on ristey tv at 8:30pm…..
    After watching this episode i came to a conclusion that these writers had gone mad to destroy this cute jodi and a perfect show…
    Now i dont understand wht they want to show….Dont use dussehra for ur stupid rotten creativity….Cheaters like nia shrama telling those dialogues makes us laugh and it always make us hate her more….I think they took nia to show stupid vulgarity and rotten comedy….Ridiculous i did not think i will troll my favorite show like this….
    See mamtha u r only interested in nia once open ur eyes and ears and listen to ur fans demand…..U all r spoiling the show day by day….Dont u get bored by writing same twist every time do one thing kill deep and tara forever soo that u indirectly kill ur show forever and can whole handedly handover this show to a cheater like nia sharma or kill nia role and bring ALISHA back as arohi so that u get back the show’s charm and ur fans love and support…..u still have time bring alisha back as AROHI….Give this gift for those fans who accepted and supported ur once called unique show….Please we only want arsha as the main leads….Not any other person and most importantly not a person like nia who played with our feelings….By bringing our srsha as ardeep u can write wht ever stupid twists u want but bring alisha back with any stupid illogical twist…..Otherwise u will face it…..
    All the fans want only #arsha as their #ARDEEP…. Not a liar and cheater nia sharma.. She only knows to play with viewers feelings….Nia don’t deserve to be arohi
    Immj was the best show only because of the hardwork of alisha and arjun and all fans love their chemistry as ardeep….
    Please end this nonsense track and bring back alisha as AROHI…. Without alisha as arohi the show as lost its charm and became lifeless and a trash….

  6. Hello guys
    This is second time I am commenting on this forum
    I have started watching immj this month only so in first 2 week I have completed all episode in voot
    now I reached to one conclusion this writer has made Arohi a dumbest character
    She is not capable to take revenge from anyone
    These people have killed her brother sister in law and nikku
    Everything happened in front of deep
    But still writer want us to accept Deep as a good character and whatever he has done under pressure
    Now coming to Tara story they have shown Tara father was a cheater that’s why Tara became like this and killed that lady
    But if we see in serial Roma had affair with Prathvi for money see married that wheelchair person(i forgot the name) so when did this guy got time to have affair
    And what was kalyani story
    This serial writers are dumb now they are just moving story being clueless
    Now this new track training why can’t she take a gun and shoot them
    Why to drag all this
    Now I think I have to stop watching this serial
    And actors are also dumb who are playing these senseless character

    1. Satya127

      U once imagine our stand we r watching the show from 1st episode but frankly speaking till 224 episodes u will find it as thr best romantic thriller show and after that of has become the worst they made every character the worst and they dont even have sense that they killed the most loving jodi and characters of the show deep and arohi…..
      And u know about tara’s real father and all….These people for their convenience will change the story and there r many questions that r not answered and will not be answered….
      And coming to this training over action of nia it is simply useless and we all feel like these people always play with guns knife and all why cant she use them…..If i really think as arohi it is better to plot a bomb blast at deep’s house and kill everyone so that she can leave this place and have a peaceful life after wht deep and all did to arohi it is better she learn training about these and use them to kill deep….but no this mamtha will not do that now she will play hide and seek with the 4 characters in the show and she will give another chance to deep to fool everyone disgusting…..

  7. Satya127

    Hi friends good morning
    Did u all watch the latest segments alisha and arjun r looking so cute and in those segments i found our ardeep(arsha) wow how cute and adorable these two look together……Now has deep turned into vasundra kutta tara is well playing with this fact….but truely yaar this show needs freshness and a new story it is better to kill all the characters and bring a second birth of ardeep where arjun is deep and alisha is AROHI then there will be some difference in the plots and mamtha will have more scope to bring something new and we can get ride of nia….
    I feel alisha as arohi in the show has the positivity in the show….It can really control all the negativity in the show….But now watching nia i find negative everywhere….
    When i saw these segments i felt like nia is the villain and our arsha r ardeep…..If this is true how perfect it would be….Brainless mamtha get a power bank for ur brain so that u can clean all the crap that is in ur brain and please fullfill ur fan’s demands…..

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