Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Tara kills Mahraj

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi opens closet. Deep comes and says what are you looking for? She says answers. I did all that because you showed me your bad side. What are you taking revenge for? He says I am made from the ashes of the old Deep. Arohi says but.. He says you can never end this hatred. I will hate you till my last breath. Arohi says I know you can never stop loving me. he leaves. Aroi says where are you going? He says looking for Tara. She says Tara never loved you. Deep leaves. Aorhi says you need a reason to be angry at me. You don’t love her and I know that.

Roma says Tiwari called me. He gave tender to our construction company for getting the society empty. Roma says to Virat aren’t you happy? Virat says you know I don’t like him. Bindya says I don’t know where is Maharaj. Virat says you bring the food.
Arohi sees the locket. It opens. Arohi sees photo inside. Arohi says is that his mother? She tries to tajke it out but the photo is blur. Arohi sees Singhar Raj written on the locket. Aorhi googles and find out its the name of jeweler who made this locket. She calls them. Arohi asks him about the locket. He says we make thousands of lockets. He says tell me if there is something written on it. Deep comes and says how dare you touch it. What did you do it? This was the only picture I had of her. Arohi says it got a bit torn. I wanted to find her out. Stay out of my life. Go from this house. There is nothing left. If she comes back she will ruin your life. Arohi says I just want to help you. He says I don’t need your help. Get out.

Roma says we have to get license. We have to win the entire contract/ Prithvi says you are right. Bindya comes and says papa is nowhere. Please call someone. Virat says he will come back. Roma says don’t worry he might have gone for some work. Arohi follows Virat. He leaves. Deep comes to his room. He is in tears. He says you were never there for me ma. I am so alone. Arohi comes in and says you were never alone. I am here for you. You have someone to share it all with. I really love you. You are not alone. He shoves her and says stop this drama and tell me where is tara? Arohi says stop worrying about her. Take the right side. He says you are walking on the wrong path. Worry about people you think that you own. Your bhabhi and chawani. Arohi says I am sure you would have kept them safe. He shoves Arohi. He says I am not the same. Fear the time they all get to know you are arohi. Go from here and look for them.

Arohi writes a letter I am going from here forever. Forgive me if you can. She opens her closet. Maharaj’s body falls from it. arohi screams. Everyone comes in. Arohi says I don’t know how it came in my closet. Bindya says daddy.. She screams. She says who did this. Please call police. Deep comes. Aorhi says let me call police. Roma says don’t/ We will find him. We have to find out who did this. Deep and virat we should know who did this. CCTV cameras must have caught it. Bindya cries. They all see the videos. Tara kills him. Bindya says why did you do this.. What did he do this. He loved you like his daughter. she cries and says I am an orphan. Roma hugs her. Roma says I thought you are normal.. But she still kills people. Arohi says in heart this means Tara is here. VIrat says Tara why did you kill him? She says I didn’t kill him. Roma says who is in footage then? He was so loyal to us. Aorhi says I didn’t kill him Deep.. Everyone leaves. Tara texts Arohi how was the surprise?
Precap-Tara kidnaps Chawani. She says yyou have one hour to save him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Arohi is stupid she’s getting trapped again its her fault in a way why she still living with those killers in the first place n i think deeps part of the trappings.

    Taras going to apparently go ona killing spree n arohi will get trapped again

    1. yes yasmin sometimes i feel this all is a trap i wish atleast this time deep helps her

    2. Hi Yasmin.again Tara trap arohi.I hope this time deep help arohi.

  2. oohh when deep see the murder he did’nt think that arohi do it i say tara so cute i know arohi can’t do this at last

    1. *he know arohi can’t do this

      I think deep is angry at arohi not because she try to kill him but because i thhink that all declaration of love was a trap to fool him that she didn’t loved him she hate him so he is angry at her but it seems very exaggerate

      1. hii arohi&deep yes i think the same that deep is angry on her because he think that she is pretending to love him

    2. Hi arohi& deep I think the same one.

  3. Hello friends. Nice episode.
    Why Tara kill maharaj.he is a good person. I hate arohi go to deep help her.wt happened next. When deep understand arohi?
    Is deep parents alive.where are them.when reveal this truth?I think when the truth will come out deep aganist Roma.waiting for that day.
    Hey guys can anyone notice now deep don’t call Roma as mummy ji.
    Good night friends.

    1. hii rhivanya yes u r right i hope deep save arohi atleast this time otherwise he is useless

      1. Hi anvesha.I hope so deep help arohi.

  4. History is repeating itself…… Saddeningly

    1. yes and we viewers are bore seeing the same drama again

  5. Hello everyone…. I badly missed u people….
    Anyway this is a clear assassination of deep’s character, i m not liking him at all…. Can they give us better reason to love him, i m hating him more and more each day.. First of all there isn’t any fault of arohi… And i seriously doubt, do deep ever loved arohi… Because if he does..,he would hve regretted a lot and would have thought that his life is meaningless, and would have expected something that could have lowered down arohi’s pain, but he didn’t do anything like that, and the only posiyive think he did was keeping nikku and bhabhi alive…. And i guess after arohi brought nikku to home, he didn’t even turned to him to see weather he is fine or not.. Infact nikku was all scared and didn’t even convey to arohi that deep is a good person…. This story is really growing creepier…. Wht was the poiny to bring tara again…… They could hve shot good moments between ardeep…… Totally confused..

    1. Yes Tanya the CVS show us cheaper things day by day….deep’s anger is totally unjustified……but in latest episode I think deep’s anger just to make arohi leave that house and live happily. The writer of the show is really weak

      1. I hope your assumption is correct, he is just doing these things to send arohi away, because i can’t see deep negative anymore…

    2. hiii tanya we too missed u yes u r right about deep and tara in this track is too much to handle at same time

      1. I guess they r still stuck with thrill genre…. Why the heck they don’t get it that there is no more thril, if they keep showing us same thing again and again….

    3. Hi Tanya. How r u? I was miss you.agree with you what are you said.

      1. I m fine….. Many of the daily commentators r missing over here….

  6. Hope chawani is safe… Makers please don’t kill him too… Arohi will be left all alone then,,, Makers don’t do this
    I already guessed Tara would kill Maharaj and Arohi has to face that since she is acting as Tara but i didn’t expect Tara will kidnap chawani too,,, this is too bad,,,, why makers killing each and every person of Arohi and on Tara’s side everyone is alive,,,, i hate this part

    1. hiii sathya yes makers are making arohi side weak by killing all her support one by one but on tara’s side every evil is still safe

    2. Hi sathya. I also hate raichand family. Still three idiots alive. Prithivi,Roma,virat.I hope chawani is still Alive.

  7. Deep is right,,, she should have went away and looked for chawani before itself since he is the one who really cares for Arohi

  8. History repeating… Whatever, luv u ardeep and ofcourse virat aka vineet raina..

    1. hii fan of immj but this track is really boring

  9. Aarohi trap in Tara plan again

    1. hiii zain yes and sadly without realizing it

  10. Guys this time Deep will support Aarohi………….

    1. hiiib shinjini we hope so otherwise deep is of no use

      1. i hope isn’t a fake spoilers sometime they say wrong

  11. I think arohi is too comfortable living as Tara that she doesn’t wanna leave there house. Its become a hanit for her not revenge. If she really wanted revenge she would get it over n done with n go and live her life to the fullest with nikku n chawanni but she stupidly leaves them alone to go london. Perhaps nikku n chawanni were forced into making that video to trap Arohi. Deep is a slave and will remain one forever. Taras obsession with him keeps him tied to her for life.shes crazy remember she fell off the balcony to show deep how much she loves him after hearing kesari say another women tested her husband.

    Arohis a stupid woman. She’s falling for everything and is back to square one —- trapped for Taras sins.

    1. hiii hajera first she is trapped at arohi now as tara she sometimes forget that she is between evils for her revenge

  12. Habit for her*

  13. hiii friend now again this track is again there from where this all started again the murders and framing tara uff i hate her she is really crazy and nothing can change her somebody please vanish her and raichands now i am worried what she will do with chawanni hope arohi could save him on time.And deep why he is behaving like this first of all he never do anything which shows he really love and care for arohi and if she does something he is angry why rules are different for both i hope atleast deep help her this time and i don’t know how tara and raichand’s got the locations of people who are helping arohi so that they can get and kill them

    1. Agree with you.

  14. I assume Deep is pretending to hate Arohi…. He cannot take her away because he still needs to know about his parents from Roma but at the same time he doesn’t want Arohi to be here since it’s risk for her… He mentioned if Tara is back she will ruin your life,, go back and search for bhabhi and chawani those are the people who really cares for you like that….
    I hope now Deep will support Arohi atleast indirectly

    1. I hope deep help arohi at any cost.

      1. Hi Rhivanya,, i too hope so

  15. The story is exaggerating with the history repeating with some new twists though..but I feel deep is the owner of all the properties owned by Roma ,and Dilip some one related to deep may be uncle dad or some one else..about the track it’s reforming but a bit boring but better than yesterday as yesterday’s epi was boring…i think deep will save Aarohi as Rom a will say pls save Tara and yah he stopped barking mummy ji atlast??? deep is hurt and when u see it from his side u feel he is right but when u see it from arohis u feel she was right but she was too blind by her revenge she couldnt see what was true and false..
    1i feel that deep is angry with Aarohi as she wanted to give him happiness and snatch it from him..the false love she gave which really had melted his heart and feelings (that’s y deep helped Aarohi to escape after that baby drama…i think that the makers wants to give us a special spark of deep s character as everyone tells he is too confusing.. and the story was leaked of Aarohi’s now it’s deep s turn…morever arjun fans are too happy with deeps Change his angry young man avatar his inside softness etc…but I don’t know why I feel Aarohi totally deserves it and also sometimes feel she had her own reasons but whatever said she knew she was wrong and is try to make her mistake by finding deeps parents there’s a possibility deep will start accepting Aarohi after she finds the truth she was so close to the truth too..but I really enjoy deeps anger pain hidden love and concern which actually he tries to hide…on this note I really have to give hats off to arjun bijlani for playing deep??

    1. A good analysis……… Now everyone wants deep to save arohi anyway….and that has to happen… otherwise show will go in another track

      1. True pks and tnx? I am a bit doubtfull of deep will he save aarohi but he also loves her as well as he hates her..he said right “me nafrath see pyaar or pyaar see nafrath..” which means he still loves her but may be he wants to hurt her the way she did to him by ignoring her..u really feel the pain when someone gives you unlimited love and tells it was all a game and revenge after all what he did for her?

    2. Hi nabs.I also love arjun act.he well play a role.

      1. Hi rhivanya yah he potraits the character too gud u really could feel all those emotions together???

  16. I hope this time deep will save aarohi

  17. I dont know how many more peopte will killed by tara will arohi go to jail once again or this time deep will save heŕrrrr will tara get killed by deep & arohi or she will go to mental hospital & will arohi able to find deeps mother

    1. i hope that deep himself alone will kill tara and roma or just one of them to protect arohi at last not now so soon,

  18. Monday – another mahasangamam ??

    Does anybody has new promos link except the mahasangamam

  19. Okey…. I would share my point of view.
    The current track is idiotic n stupid. How can a woman kill a man, double the size of her so easily……… Just by strangulation that too from behind… Had she poisoned him by injection… would have been more logical…. If care is taken for logic i m sure, the whole story will collapse like anything…….. Lol…
    Hats off to tara’s fierceness… N yeah she was right in saying that in killing someone u need her heart… That jazba?
    Hands down to aarohi’s stupidity n innocence, no one in this world is so dumb, if i hvn’t done something be bold enough to say that……

    1. * U (in the second last line) not i

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