Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi brings Chawani home

Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says I know what you are thinking deep. Doctor says to virat you can take her home.
Tara says to Arohi I know what drama are you doing. Virat saysshe just came home. Aroiv says aroi this must be difficlt for you right. People would call you AArohi instead of tara. I mean the other day. Deep says you know a lot about this house, When did you tell her Virat. Virat says not your problem.
Tara says to virat can’t believe you are the same virat who was the player. Virat says only mom and tara knew it, Who told you, Deep says I told you.

Arohi gets a call and goes out. Its chanwani. He says I have fever. I am not well. I got meds but didnt’ work. Arohi says please don’t worry. I am coming.
Arohi says in heart how do I take him to hospital. VIrat comes. Arohi says you? He says when did you come. She says I talked to a doctor for a session. He says I will drop you. Se says no I will go.
Arohi sits in te car but it doesn’t start. THe tyres are punctured. She says someone did this intentionally.

Arohi comes to room and says chawnai.. The entire room is messed up. Arohi says chawani where are you? She looks at all the messed stuff.
Chawani’s door knocks. He says di came so fast? Arohis sits in an auto. Arohi says someone took chawani from here? Who could do that. I hope he is fine. She sees a bracelet again.

Arohi says its either deep or Tara. Or they did it together. Arohi finds chawani. she takes him to hospital. she says who did tis to chawani.
Arohi brings him home. Everyone is dazed. Aroi says someone hit this kid. I brought him here for teratment. Tara says chawani my baby. Arohi says so he met Arohi too. Now he will stay here. Deep says we will all take care of him. You brought him to the right place.
Arohi and tara takw chawani to his room. Tara sits with him and says you must be very tired. Please sleep. Chwani is scared. Someone throws a stone with letter in Arohi’s room. It says I know the game you are playing. Tara says now you will stay with me.
Arohi wonders who killed anjali. Who kidnapped chawani.

She reads the letter that says I know your game. Arohi is scared
Precap-Arohi gets a call. A man says there is a parcel coming for you. Before tara takes it you ave to take it otherwise there will be a problem for you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Hi frnds..
    as usual nothing happened in the whole week.. in to day episode arjun looking so cute n Alisha also.. arsha expressions ??????

    1. Hi sravanthi.

  2. Satya127

    Yes today also it is dragging
    But today arjun and alisha r Super cute
    Today I found our arohi in tara….
    I don’t understand these writers have eyes and ears or not they r listening to our requests or not seeing their viewers growing hatred towards the show…
    Mostly all the comments in Facebook and youtube in each and every video and post related to immj contains 97% requests that everyone want alisha as our AROHI…. Arsha as their ardeep
    I only want to tell don’t loose ur hope guys if we r together we can bring alisha back as our arohi….
    In my point view these producers r not that mad as gul Khan who destroyed their one of the most loved and cutest jodi….
    Because here alisha is still in the show and yash obviously know immj is popular because of the cutest and the perfect combination of chemistry between arsha… Soo I trust alisha will come back as AROHI
    And did u guys noticed in the independence video released by beyond dreams there arsha r seen together and nia and vineet r together…. And in immj how much hate or revenge be there they always kept that love track between arsha everytime so I feel this is not the time to feel bad but to raise our request altogether that we want alisha as our AROHI….

    1. Satya127

      I mean I feel this track is brought to give some rest to alisha for few days like dhara said….
      Let’s see wht happens (obviously nothing happens in the story….) now a days writers are just dragging dragging and dragging and most importantly testing our patience and wanted to know how irritated we r….

    2. Hi satya…
      yes just dragging the show nothing is happening…
      If you don’t mind may I know r u from which state

    3. Hi cool.I hope Alisha will come back as arohi.

    4. Satya127

      Hi sravanthi
      I am from andhra pradesh

    5. Plz emi anukoku ap lo ekada

    6. Satya127

      Hi sravanthi nenu vizag nichi Mari nuvvu I known u r from telangana….

    7. Hi satya.. nenu karimnagar nundi.. tq reply echinanduku

  3. Satya127

    Goodnight guys
    Sweet dreams

  4. Ain’t u tired bro of repeating the same darn thing bout bringing back Alisha as Arohi day In Nd day out.. chill bro relax v all know Alisha was gud in role but for God’s sake enuf wid d crying … Move on buddy.. there is more to life than Alisha Nd Arohi.. Peace out ?

    1. Satya127

      I am telling my opinion that’s it we r not crying
      This is the only show I watch in the whole day… And that too only for arsha as ardeep
      And for me from very first episode I was connected with arohi role which is played by alisha now that suddenly they changed her anyone in my position will feel hurt that they spoiled my only one show….
      I am not tired of repeating my request of bringing alisha back as arohi because it is not only me who feels like that many more others feels the same….
      And I also know it is only a show but thanks for ur suggestion…. It’s good that u have moved on…. But I will be waiting for alisha to return

  5. Before 13 July immj is one of the best show.after 13 july…………….
    Totally ruined the arohi character.
    Yesterday episode I just love arjun and Alisha act.Both are looking so cute. Without dialog their expression said everything. That’s why I like them.

    1. Hi rhivanya…

    2. Satya127

      Yes rhivanya
      The show till 13th was the best
      But after everything has been spoiled
      And I am fine guys sometimes watching nia I get frustrated that’s it….
      I too feel alisha will come back as arohi, because producers also kept lot of hardwork and money for making arohi role perfect they always support alisha and They know we all love alisha as arohi more than Tara so don’t that big mistake of changing the main lead
      And sravanthi I am from andhra pradesh

    3. Ardeep die hard fan


    4. Yes satya.sometimes am also frustrated.

  6. I stopped watching the serial. I will only continue to watch the serial only after Alisha come back as Arohi. I can’t accept Nia as Arohi.

    1. Good for you

  7. Good for u

  8. I like how people cry here

  9. I don’t watch this serial, I want Alisha back

  10. Alish role only for arohi, not suit nia

  11. Nia this episode stayed trp rating only low not increase.
    Fans are like Alisha madam, I like Alisha madam

  12. Nia this episode stayed trp rating only low, not increase trp rating.

    Fans are like Alisha madam, I like Alisha madam.

  13. Hi Satya127 nenu kooda vizag nunchi even l love the show but nowadays it is just dragging hope alisha mam will be back as arohi soon

    1. Satya127

      Hi shyamala
      That’s nice
      Yes this was my favorite show
      I watched it and supported it from when I got the news that arjun as signed this show…. I started watching it for arjun but alisha just took me with her as arohi I supported alisha as arohi from the first episode and now for me it is just horrible to watch anyone in her place and if I wanted to try nia did not give me one reason to accept her she gave me more reason to hate her…. God know why they changed the main lead when there is no need that too how could they do this when they perfectly know that we love arjun and alisha their jodi ardeep their chemistry…..
      I don’t believe myself that I am not even interested in watching the show not even for arjun for whom I started watching the show…. Because when the heart of the show (alisha as arohi) is not there then the connection with it is also not there I completely lost the interest of watching the show… The writers r too talented that in a span of one and half month they made our best show into the worst show ever….. The show can only be survived when alisha will come back as arohi…. They should understand our point because 95-97% of audience can’t be wrong….

  14. me too i want alisha to come back as arohi now i will be waiting i support tara now alisha always the best lol

    in the reall life it would be very funny to be friend with someone like tara i don’t know why but she seems very nice, good people even if she kill so many people but she has someting endearing, lovable,sweet. I wish she will find a men better than deep and fall for him it would be funny if he is a phsyco too

    AND YOU TARA OR AROHI ???? i’m for the both wish them the best and i hope they will be friend and kill deep together it would be funny

  15. U r right satya127 even I started watching the show for arjun Sir but alisha mam as arohi is fabulous she is very good actor but all ardeep fans(arjun Sir and Alisha mam) can’t accept nia as arohi she didn’t gave one reason to accept her as arohi and also there is no need to change the main lead of the show if the makers want to give rest to alisha mam then they can keep tara character aside for some days I am not watching the show from 16 July but reading only updates and your comments which shows how we hate the show now because of nia hope makers will listen our words and bring alisha mam as arohi again

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