Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi to get trained

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi sees Deep and hides. He says why do I feel like she is close? Arohi runs. She screams. Deep hears her voice. Arohi comes back to the village. Deep comes there and looks for her. Arohi is locked inside a door. Yodha comes adn says this isn’t your home. Deep says I am looking for someone and I will find her. Yodha says but you will have to face me before that.
He fights with deep. Arohi looks outside.
Deep says did some girl come here injured? He says yes a girl came here injured. But she left. She isn’t here anymore. deep says what happened to her baby? Yodha says the baby died. Deep leaves.

Yodha comes to Arohi and says after years I have sen someone who has same will power as me. I will teach you to be a fighter like me.
Baba gives Arohi

medicine. Arohi says to Yodha please teach me how to do this. I want to take revenge from people who did this to me. They always fooled me. she tells him everything.

Deep says is Arohi alive? I have to find her.
Arohi says to yodha I want to be strong like you. Someone no one can stand in front of. He says are you ready for this? She says yes.. He says okay go and stand there on one foot. No one will help you. Arohi falls. He says you can’t even stand properly.

Scene 2
Mausi stops deep and says where were you? He says who are you to ask me that? Mausi says you can’t treat me like servants anymore. Deep says I paid you more than you deserved. This house is mine. I can kick you out anytime. Deep is leaving.
Mausi asks her man did you follow deep? he says yes. She says we have to control deep and show him that there are other players too.

Yodha says no one will help her. Let her keep standing there.
Virat asks deep about the deal? He says answer me. Deep says stay out of my business. Virat hits him. They hit each other. Tara stops them. MAusi fires in the air and says stop.

Mausi says keep standing there. You two trusted me and I used you. You are very useful to me. Do what I ask. Tara says how dare you threaten us. Deep says we paid her and she thinks she can rule us. Mausi says you wanna know what can I do? One phone call and your story is over. Deep says she is only scaring us. Call who you want to call. She calls someone and says start the work. Deep and Tara are fainting. Mausi says if you listened to me this wont have happened., Poisoned injection will make you like a dead body. She asks her men to pick her up.

Yodha says to Arohi today is your first training day.

Precap-Yodha starts training Arohi. He says I will take you to your destination. /strong>

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ardeep die hard fan

    ?? shoaib entry cool . But nia as arohi still ?? deep rocks while tara us still same not smart

  2. Satya127

    So hi friends…
    Today our immj (ristey tv) is just super wht an attitude Of deep raichand and the passionate love of deera wow….How cutely deep takes care of tara….And today arohi is looking damn cute in light blue ( one of my favorite outfit of arohi ) and the ardeep scene in the morning related to phone and sweet conversation between them is soo cute…And at breakfast at lawn oh god how fastly deep changes stances from sentence to sentence….Great work arjun bijlani…..And now lets see wht happens next in this twisted tale if ardeep and deera….Guys please watch immj only on ristey tv at 8:30pm…..

    1. im also watching at 8.30 entha relax ga vundo

  3. Satya127

    Hi sravanthi….Nenu ne message chusanu kani i thought we i reply their u might see or not so i replying here….So talking about nia she dont have any shame how dare she talk rubbish on the sensitive topic and hurt everyone feelings….Naku matharam thanu na mundhu vundunte dani ela kottedano nake telidhu….Ponile anukunte fans feelings to adukunthundhi wastefellow….Nia should get lost immediately….

    1. Satya127

      Actual ga sravanthi tara 24 hours vottu petthindhi nia a nka deep plan tessukunaka tanu nia ne inka baby ni chaputanu ani and virat tara ni al chudaleka velu kalisi plans vestaru at last lo valu a reporter tho kalesi deep inka nia madhya misundersanding create chestaru as nia ni tara inka virat padestaru loya Loki kani deep ki anipinchetatu chestra nia kavalane deep ni punish cheyalani padundhi ani and nia ki anepesindhi deep tannani chepadani sooo again so idhi story prakaram kani offscreen segments lo i nia a padipoye s een lo chepindhi that this her last day for the show and will miss it blah blah ani chala pedha pedha dialogues lu mattladhundhi dhani veni andhram anukunaru malli alishavas AROHI vasthadani neku teslusa entha happy ayaru andharu lije literally they danced..But monday telisindhi nia ki siggu,heart ivemi levu ani….Tanu andhari hearts break chesindhi andhrani fools chesindhi feelings tho ataluadindhi tanu mana arohi role ni deserve cheyadu ani prove chesindhi….
      I think its time up friends to show that this is not thriller show but a torture show…And for all this that nia did she has to be punished….Worst actress sorry worst individual because by playing with peoples feelings she lost the right to be called as an actress…..

      1. Hi satya how are you? really nuv chepaka artam avtundi andharu entha disappoint ayaranedi. enduku e nia abadhalu chepi fans feelings tho aadukovadam nakite champeyali annantha kopam vastundi..
        nenu 7.30 ki chudatledu just precap chusanu anthe e nia running race ipoindi epudu learning fighting. eme emanna bhahubali lo anushka tamanna anukuntunda plz Okasari precap chudu

  4. Satya127

    Hi arjun yes i accept some of the points u said
    I know once arsha r out of the show we cant watch them as a jodi again (my self experience my sarun as arshi) but atleast we can watch arjun and alisha doing some good shows then this ghatiya show…
    And if alisha quits yes the show becomes nia and arjun but the show wont exists without alisha so it will be nice lesson for mamtha….
    Mostly 95% people dont feel any pain of nia let her jump of a cliff or undergo anything we don’t care….And i don’t care a damn about this liar nia sharma….Such a cheap trick….
    Yes alisha loves this show a lot and she has taken care of it very much but once think in her position being the major reason of the success of the show and now being a side role hurts very badly…
    If double role is difficult then they could have given tara role to this cheater nia but why to snatch the main lead position of alisha….if u watch few interviews now u feel that pain in alusha too…..
    And last i had already quit this show far back i only watch immj on ristey….but i really want justice for alisha and us…..

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