Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Media publishes news of Roma’s illegitimate child

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says you are my responsibility. I never loved you. I think I actually loved Arohi. Virat comes there too. Arohi is dazed. Deep looks at Virat. Deep says you wanted to say this right? Happy being fooled right? i did everything for you. I prove every time that I love you but then you say things like these. Virat says forget what happened. Lets forget and celebrate. AArohi says he is such an actor. You fooled me like earlier. You can never love anyone. I will kill everyone you love Deep.

Roma shouts. She says they all got this printed that I have an illegitimate child. Who did all this. She gets angry. She says now all this media is calling me. My dream of becoming minister is shattered. Deep says calm down. We will prove this is wrong. Roma says when a women is defamed you can reverse it. Arohi says to Virat what if this is true. Virat says mom is it true? Roma says do you have any shame? you are accusing your mom? Go and ask these channels. Don’t ask me. She gets call from minister. Roma says they are defaming me. Give me time till evening I will fix everything.
Roma says deep come to my room. Virat says but.. roma says go and find truth. Arohi says we want to know truth. Roma says you better stay out of it. She goes to her room. Vedika smiles at Arohi.

Chawani says I am really worried. Aorhi says they can’t find who sent this. Deep calls media and asks them who sent you this info. Vedika says what if they find out who I am. Arohi says they are all childhood pictures.
Roma says to Prithvi this is the price I am paying for my mistake. I helped and allowed you to keep her alive. Then how did this news get on media. prithvi says what about that girl? She is your daughter too. roma says I will kill her if she comes in between my dreams. how did this get to media. Prithvi says I don’t know. I kept this secret for years, Roma says I want to know who did this. Does she know i am her mom? Pritvhi says no she doesn’t. Roma says her name is Vedika right? Pritvhi says are you crazy? How can she be vedika? Chawani says deep knows. What if he tells Roma. Arohi says he wont tell her. He thinks Roma can never do this. Deep will try fixing all this for roma but it will only get worse. What will roma talk to deep about it her room?

Roma says why you look so nervous? Your heartbeat was high too. She breaks vases. Deep comes in.
Arohi follows deep. He collides her. Arohi says how is mom? he says mom is calling a press conference I dont’ know what will she say in it. Arohi wonders what will she say in the press conference. Arohi says I don’t know what she can say. She is very clever.

Scene 2
The press conference starts. Roma comes out. Roma says I was born in a poor family. You all know what poor girl goes through. Life is full of pricks. You all did the same by accusing me. You all know I have two kids. Tara and Virat. Arohi says where is deep? Is he in Vedika’s room? She rushes upstairs. Roma says if you have any proof? Where is my daughter if I had an illegitimate daughter?
Deep tries to faint Vedika.
Roma says if you have accused me of this then only you can get me out of this.
Deep faints Vedika. Arohi comes to the room. She says vedika? Roma says wewill meet in tomorrow’s conference.

Vedika and Deep are not in room. Arohi looks for her everywhere.

Scene 3
Roma and everyone is on dinner. Roma says to Virat why are you worried? Tomorrow’s press conference will clear everything. Arohi says where is vedika. I hope she is fine. Virat says I am ashamed of what they said. roma says Tara come here and eat. You were not in press conference. Arohi says I wasn’t feeling well.
Roma says the girl who tried defaming me.. Her neck is in my hands. I will show it to everyone in the press conference. Arohi says who did this? Roma says you eat the food. Arohi says I am not feeling well. Roma says deep your wife is not feeling well. What to do? Deep takes her hand and takes her out.

Arohi says where have you brought me? He orders pani puri for them. He says this is your favorite spot. He says what do you think about Vedika? Arohi is dazed.

Precap-Deep and Roma torture Vedika. Roma says tell us who asked you to do all this. Deep says tell us. Arohi says to chawani, to save vedika I have to expose myself.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hi everyone 🙂 🙂 missed you all and your comments…. sad to see that the number of comments were decreasing day by day. how is everyone?
    coming to this episode… i was watching immj after an entire week and i still felt like i was watching so many repetitions, i dont know why i felt that, maybe because of how Deep share shrewd glances with Roma while Arohi is clueless or how when Deep takes Arohi to that roadside place at first Arohi says she doesnt recognize but then immediately afterwards she says she remembers lol….. i just hoped that after last week, Deep would be shown as a better person, but no Roma’s loyal dog would still do anything for mummyji. even the scene where Arohi and Deep collide and had an eye lock seemed devoid of any chemistry. (and with those promos of Deep saying he can destroy Arohi’s life, i just felt irritated more irritated at Deep)

    1. Hi dhara didi…I missed you and your comments…. you’re right the past week the comments decreased as the track wasn’t interesting at all.. many have stopped commenting including Sanaa Didi…
      Oh, by the way shubho nobo borsho….I hope and pray you have a wonderful, successful and a blissful year ahead.??

      1. subho nabo barsho sonia 😀 😀 hope the year is very prosperous for you and your family 🙂

    2. Sayanika

      HI Dhara. Long time.
      You have said it all so well. Nothing more left for me to say. I hope the makers reveal Deep before the London track begins. It seems pretty annoying with a bunch of confusing characters plotting against other confusing characters.
      There are only a few things which are actually clear about the show. Sigh!

      1. hi sayanika…. i went out of station and would be going out again next week 🙁 anyways, agree with the confusion. the writers just dont portray the characters clearly, even Virat is sometimes stupid and sometimes clever…. and every character is shown to be progressively worse 🙁

    3. Welcome dhara…. Missed u… Truuu the new promo is disturbing… There is not even proper chemistry between leads, it feels that there eye lock scenes are the forced ones, i think for this the whole credit goes to the current track , there is no passion to be seen, now even i can’t see the passion for revenge… Ardeep scenes r not at all wow for me…. Really i don’t want ardeep to be together anymore….. As far as I remember, arohi was heart sick , because of her marriage now she seems fine with it.. Good for her..

      1. yeah tanya….. Arohi was really sad about the marriage and then she was crying for revenge for nikku…. now she mentions neither her marriage nor that nikku is seriously injured and undergoing treatment…. the writers are doing a very bad job of carrying the story forward as a whole and giving justice to all the characters 🙁

    4. Hai r u? welcome back.I was really miss your comments.

      1. hi Rhivanya, i am good. how are you? i missed you all too….

      2. fine dhara.

    5. Yes deep is irritating me.

    6. Hi Dhara di! How was your trip? Hope u enjoyed! Missed your comments bgm! After many days yesterday we crossed 100+! But many commentors are missing these days! Still the track isn’t that interesting! I hope this Deep’s personality turnover might spark intensity in the story line.

      1. hi shey…. the trip was ok, but i will be gone again next week… how was your new years celebration? happy new year again 🙂

      2. Happy New Year to you too di! You’ll be gone again ohh?It was good! I could’ve sent you pics if you were on instagram!

  2. btw, so it seems Roma does know that she has another child with Prithvi and doesnt care about her illegitimate daughter at all. the torture scenes in the precap seemed really bad to me and i hope after that at least, Vedika never dreams of winning her mother’s love again. after she sees the real face of Roma, i hope Vedika wholeheartedly supports Arohi. how can a woman love her one daughter so much and torture the other one? When Roma was talking sweetly with Prithvi, i even felt that she might soon get Prithvi killed too. i was surprised to see Prithvi talk with Roma so fiercely, in front of everyone he talks quietly with Roma. but when he was arguing about Vedika with Roma, he seemed really protective of his daughter. (and this is the man who shamelessly framed Arohi. he has a daughter of Arohi’s age but still didnt care for Arohi once. dont know how people can be so selfish!!)

    1. I agree with you dhara didi…. prithvi is a loyal dog to Roma…I still feel it disgusting thinking that an elderly woman like Roma who has grown up kids still has an affair with prithvi…cheer
      As for Deep, uska toh khudka dimaag aur Dil lapata hai, kaise dhoond payegi “jhuti khabar” chhapwane waali ko??

      1. hi sonia…. i dont understand why people are so loyal to Roma. Deep still has his reasons. but why Prithvi? Prithvi is worried for Vedika and could have just run away with his daughter long time ago. Roma had Virat and Deep now to fight for her, but back when all these were children, there was no reason for Prithvi to stay with Roma and not care for Vedika. i wonder if Prithvi too thought for a long time that Roma was a good woman and actually loved her, and when he finally realised her true nature it was too late :/

    2. it’s very strange i feel like deep was sincery when he say that he love arohi but when he seen virat he change let’s see if the dog will never change.

      1. hi Arohi&Deep…. i suppose its just because Arjun is such a good actor. whatever he tries to portray it comes off as very sincere and when he changes the next moment we dont know which to believe and which is false 🙁 i am fed of this confusion and playing with emotions of viewers 🙁

    3. Agree wth u Dhara what kind of a mother is she?! I jst hope Vedika shouldnt reveal the truth about Aarohi

      1. hi lutfa…. me too. but some people are saying that the Vedika is actually on Roma’s side and planning with Deep and Roma to trap Arohi…. although then these tortures of Vedika makes no sense. i hope the writers dont destroy every character to give us shocking twists!

    4. Agree with you what are u said.

    5. Yeah di! Totally agree! Prithvi having a daughter almost like Aarohi didn’t think twice before framing an innocent girl! AL these are repercussions! Now his daughter is also trapped!

  3. also, i just cant describe how much fed up of Deep i am. Deep knows that Vedika thinks she is Roma’s daughter. in the updates i read that he even said that he understands how Vedika feels because he is also an orphan. but then he goes and kidnaps vedika. if he believes his mummyji will never mother an illegitimate child, then why he doesnt investigate with Prithvi about the pictures? instead he goes and attacks Vedika. and in precap he is even torturing her with electric shocks 🙁 🙁 so who is Deep? he says he loved Arohi but never protected her, not even once. he fakes his love and care for Tara and repeatedly tells her that he loves her only and is even happy for the baby (while his supposed love is dead!). he kidnaps women (Kalyani, Vedika) on mummyji’s orders and tortures them. sadly, for me Deep is no more a hero. i dont want such a character for Arohi. Arohi is ready to tell the Raichands that ‘Arohi’ is alive so that she can protect Vedika from torture. and Deep has no care for innocents. Arohi deserves better than Roma’s robot.
    the writers have completely spoiled Deep and made him a khichdi character. one day he is smart, one day he is confused, one day he is good, one day he is evil, one day he cares, one day he is cold-hearted criminal. i feel so bad that Arjun has to portray such a character!

    1. hi dhara after along time. deep investigated from prithvi in the dopeher ka tadka it was shown that prithvi tells deep that the pic is real but not roma its photoshopped ….anyways deep seems split personality..

      1. hey nabs…. what is this thing about dopahar ka tadka?? i mean trps are determined by the number of viewers at night 7:30 telecast right? then why do the show has extra scenes in afternoon…. bad ploy to force us to watch repeat telecast?

      2. Actually dhara it depends on the views as well as repeat telecast… Wht i mean is if u watch the repeat telecast as well, then trp will increase…. There is no such boundation, that trp depends on the first time telecast and its views..

      3. oh thanx for informing Tanya, i used to think that trps depended only on the first telecast…. but i dont have that much time to see the episode twice… at what time does the dopahar ka tadka episodes air?

    2. Actually, Deep has investigated with Prithvi about the pictures but he answered all the Deep’s questions very well and I don’t think that Deep will torture Vedika today, its just a precap and one more think Deep has protected Arohi many time but when it comes to raichands, I admit he could not do so but he fired the gun at tara’s foot that’s mean he didn’t want to kill her, he wanted her to escape. I didn’t see Deep killing any innocent person. All were killed by tara or Virat.

      1. hey mohit, i didnt know about Deep investigating Prithvi, thanx for telling me about it…. i know Deep has not killed anyone, but what is the point of keeping people alive and seeing them go through endless torture? he watched mutely when Arohi was torture before jail and even went and slapped her in prison, he didnt do anything to protect nikku once he came to Raichand mansion, Deep need not even shoot Tara because at that point no one was watching him but he did, and he keeps fainting Vedika and kidnapping her….. hopefully Deep will not torture Vedika today, but i still find it very hard to support such a character who does such wrong things.

    3. Exactly I too don’t like Arjun playing such a role and if he’s to be Aarohi’s future partner, the writers better stop switching his personality! We’re already sick of Deep’s character! They’re making it worse

  4. Hi everyone, in today’s episode I saw a different side of Roma….I didn’t know that Roma would still be characterless, heartless mother for Vedika… finally after some episodes I loved today’s episode as Arohi has created a doubt on Viraat’s mind about Roma’s character….and also both Deep and Roma are heartless creatures, they don’t deserve any mercy….as predicted Deep changed his words in front of Viraat and also kidnapped Vedika on Roma’s orders….I hope Arohi doesn’t fall prey to their trap.

    The best part was when Roma scolded Viraat and asked him to find out the truth…

    1. Hai Sonia.yes I hate Roma.please anyone kill her.

    2. hey sonia… i hope Virat will finally have something to do of his own other than arguing with Deep, we still dont know how he got out of jail and what about the investigation of the molestation case, he was trying to kill Tara but gave up on that soon and does not seem to be worried anymore that Tara is still pregnant with heir of half the property (maybe because he was the one helping original Tara??)…. all his tracks are left halfway 🙁 i hope now atleast the writers let him develop his doubt and resentment for Roma and go against her openly

    3. Hi Sonia! I also wish Aarohi realizes the fact that she’s being fooled! And Roma scolding VIrat was something I felt happy too!

  5. There is not even in a single positive scene which i can cheer for…… I think they r going around the same track again and again, i think they r running out of plots…
    Idk wht makes deep think that roma as a good person by heart… Arohi shud hve reacted strongly whn deep asked that she don’t remember that particular place, she seemed so confused and stupid by the way she reacted…. Now they shud play this game face to face, enough of this hide and seek…

    1. Hai war start between arohi and deep.let see who win the battle?

      1. Hii rivhanya….. I don’t think so that war has started…. After 2 to 3 episodes it will reach at the same point..

    2. agree Tanya…. its like the tenth time that Arohi doesnt even think that the place or object might be important to Tara. she just says she doesnt know and then stupidly says that she remembers now -_- the writers havent left any positivity to show positive scenes…. maybe Deep could have started getting chawanni educated like he wanted when he first brought chawanni to the house, but now Deep doesnt care. it could have led to further bonding between Deep and chawanni but no. even Arohi is not shown to care for nikku. at least on screen she keeps no eye on nikku, so dont how she says she will protect nikku from danger….. even Dilip is not shown to be improving 🙁

      1. Idk how come raichands are not suspicious against the kid, chawanni… As far as i remember he ran from the house for the second time and i remember well that he was standing in a carefree style, when deep was burning so called tara’s body…

  6. It seems Aarohi wil neva get her revenge as always weneva she want to ruin Romas family deep is always deir to ruin her plan and the way deep was talking it seems he has started suspecting her so the problem is would she try to prove to be Tara or take her revenge as long as deep is deir she wil neva get justice and de show is actually getting boring it has been a month since they have started revenge drama and yet until now nothing like revenge has being shown as Aarohi didnt succeded in anything except deep shoting Tara which probably she is a life it feel like Aarohi made the biggest mistake of her life by involving vedika in her plan if vedika take Aarohi’s name her game wil be over

    1. Hai lutfa.I don’t think vedika tell arohi name.

    2. hi lutfa…. truly the revenge plot is going no where. Arohi starts doing something without a proper planning and then Deep starts doubting her or begins failing her plans….. now that everyone thinks Arohi is dead, at least now they should stop showing them doubting Arohi/Tara and focus on other aspects. i hope the writers had focused on Deep’s parentage instead of this stupid illicit angle between Roma and Prithvi

  7. Sorry for not commenting. ANY got bad news. Tara is a live, deep is going to trap Arohi.
    Roma, vedika, deep all are in it together.
    I understand that their some that want deep to be good. But he is not.
    Arohi played a stupid game. Now she got everyone that has help her,into danger. Oh Arohi the person that you should have gotten down first is deep.

    1. Hai Mo.

    2. hey Mo…. i suppose everyone guessed Tara would come back alive and frankly she brought some spark with her. the rest are becoming boring…. but i agree that Vedika betraying Arohi is real bad news. Arohi told her everything and if Vedika tells these secrets to Roma and Deep, then Arohi’s whole game will be lost….. but then Roma would have also realised that the person Deep shot is Tara and both Roma and Deep should have been devastated about it…. but we still dont know who was helping Tara so anything is possible. i seriously dont want Deep trapping Arohi again and will lose all interest if that happens 🙁 lets watch and hope for the best….

    3. Hi Mo! No worries! Yeah Aarohi played bad this time! Her moves are bit risky!

  8. Loyality at its peak …….. Inhumanity at its peak

    Stupid writer ….hey Arjun just leave the show and join naagin 3 we will see both Rajat and u

    Simply there is no ishq in ISHQ MEIN MARJAWAN

    Now I really hate Dee…..but u somehow remind me of Karan in Mahabharata who was also in same position as u now….. but u know this is not Mahabharata

    1. well said… its only “april fool?”

    2. Hai pks.yes it’s the mid of April fool.

    3. hey pks… ishq mein marjawan has everything except ishq bwtween leads lol…. half april gone and there is still no mention of going to london or Arohi getting any of her revenge 🙁
      it would be fabulous if Arjun returns to naagin 3, naagin 2 ended in one huge cliff-hanger when Rittik (lookalike?) caused the death of his own daughter….

    4. Hi Pks! Though it’s Intekaam! I don’t even see any Intekaam at the first place! They’re fooling us at the end of the day!

  9. P.S.T

    today episode was great, except from deep&Aarohi romance, seriously their romance has no chemistry just fall on and catch her and look at each other u can’t see the connection between them, but with deep & tara u can see with all of that & more.. I really miss tara , when is she came back so we can see that kill look and the romance with deep. seriously guy who has more chemistry and u can fell are connection more just by even look at each other or hug, i’m going with deep & Tara, u can just tell that they have more connection, chemistry and the romance it spot on . i miss you tara please come back to the show and give more spicy and dangerous looks of your and but with more feeling and care for deep this time. hope tara return this time she listen to deep more. but their romance nothing should change their are killing it …. come back tara.

    1. Hai P.S.T. definitely Tara will come back in London track. With guess only.

    2. hey pst… agree about the chemistry… Deep doesnt even know that this is Arohi so their coming closer on Deep’s part is just him coming closer to Tara. and Arohi is just irritated by him….. Tara on the other hand was mad about Deep and their was a passion in their scenes.

  10. one thing is sure from ydays episdode… deep loves arohi but his love has no meaning to himself as he is only living for mummy ji….

    he says whaever he is today is only because of mummy ji so he can do anything for her…. if he was orphan he could still be alive n could have been living a life of a common man but because of roma he has become a criminal… n hes no more human just a robot….
    i feel he should take revenge on mummy ji for making him whatever he is toady instead of being loyal to her

    1. Yes Saras deep is robot of Roma.he do anything for Roma.

    2. hey saras… your last line made me laugh and it is very true too. Deep is a depressed, criminal without any joy in his life who gets insulted every other day by Virat and even Roma. so what is he grateful for? he doesnt even want to be with his wife but Roma forces him to take care of Tara and fulfill Tara’s wishes….. its not like he is independent, or doing his own buisness or has achieved something that he is proud of… chawanni’s condition is better than Deep’s.

  11. welcome back dhara..?. hope you had good time.
    we missed you this whole week.

    1. hey Saras, i went out on some work. the work is completed but i would be going to visit Gangtok next week so again wont be able to comment 🙁 i missed each of you too….. hope after return form gangtok i will be able to comment regularly 🙂

  12. hey someone remind arohi her nephew niku, for whom she was desperately looking for n started all this game is still unwell n waiting for her to take him out from that den. from so many days she did not even take his name once….

    1. Writers forget the name arohi…..

    2. Ha true! The neither showed Nikku nor took his name! She’s loaded with problems she forgot about him.

  13. U know what in order to save his guddi prithvi should help Aarohi

    1. Hai imm. I want prithivi help arohi.

    2. Yeah Imm! That’s what I feel too.

    3. hey imm…. nice idea, but Prithvi doesnt even know that this is Arohi and not Tara. maybe he could get Vedika’s phone and msg Arohi saying he will do everything that Arohi says in return for Vedika’s safety…..

  14. Hi Dhara, Shifa, Rhivanya, Shey, Sanaa, Sayanika, Sonakshi, Sobhana, Babe, Mohit, Saras, Arpi, Nayana, Avensha, Salley, Tanya, Sonia, Moneera, Sobhana, Cherry

    Dhara welcome back ? we missed you…

    Coming to the episode,, i really feel bad for Arjun,,, his character is not consistent,,, we all wants him to change to positive and unite with Arohi but the makers are repeating the same Deep again and again… TRP will definitely go very low if they continue the same things…..

    1. Hai sathya. We want deep change into positive.but…

    2. Hi Sathya! I also feel trps would drop if this continues! Make Deep either positive or negative and finish this off! Otherwise we’re here struggling to find the real Deep!

    3. hi sathya…. i missed you all too and glad to be back 🙂
      i too feel viewership will decrease with this repeated track…. Alisha and Arjun have chemistry as is evident from Deep/Tara scenes, but the writers are just destroying it.

    4. I don’t get it do tara really loved that place and that particular stall…. Seeing her high standards i don’t believe this..

  15. Immj is no more interesting and thrilling.I am getting bored these days.I thought that this is the best serial and it will be always.But……Track is on the same path.It is no longer progressing.Trp decreased from 2.7 to 2.0.It is no longer in top 10.Further the Trp will decrease and it will be no longer in top 15 too.I hope track moves forward and someone(any from arohi’s enemies)is killed and destroyed.

    1. Hai are you?
      Trp decreasing it a sad news.

      1. I am fine.Trp decreasing is a sad news but immj deserves this.If Trp decreases then the makers will make a note of it and will move it in a correct manner.So Trp should decrease further.

    2. Yeah Vicky! I am also anticipating a death of a Raichand! If so the story will be on full swing!

      1. Yes.Definitely.

    3. i want two things… one of Arohi’s enemy destroyed (maybe Prithvi trying to save Vedika, because the writers dont show Arohi killing anyone directly) and Deep coming to know about his parents and connection with Dilip and starts going against Roma…. these two things and Trp will be back on track!

      1. Yes.Why did u not comment these days???I missed your comments very much.

      2. hi vicky, i was actually out of station for the week and so couldnt watch. i would be gone next week again too…. but hopefully after that i will be able to comment regularly 🙂 i missed reading comments and discussing too…

  16. Deep is good in torturing someone, now he try to torture Vedika same as he did to Arohi… Even now arohi trust on deep, she thought that deep won’t tell anything to roma… He is really worst than virat,i thought when virat was trying to slit Kalyani’s hand, deep might feel upset like arohi do, but now he turned out to be an evil…Deep knows that roma is not a good person, who always order him to kill someone even though he doesn’t hate her, if it turns out that roma destroyed deep’s family, then i will b very happy as he destroyed many family nd many innocent people life bcoz of mummy ji….. I hate u dilip singh, bcoz of u, arohi save deep from virat,i know deep might b related to him,but he shud understand what deep had done to arohi, he doesn’t deserve to b alive also,if he is there, all arohi’s plan wil b failed, kill him first….

    1. Hai babe.I don’t like this kind of deep.

    2. So true Babe! I also wish for the same! Deep is worse than ever! I don’t think if he was even good at the first place! He’s just thesp!

    3. hi babe…. Deep was shown to have a soft heart, he wasnt able to shoot kalyani and didnt want Deep to hurt Kalyani with knife…. but now Deep is shown to be smiling and willingly manhandling Vedika. the writers are just butchering Deep’s character! Deep is not an idiot to believe that Roma is still a nice person, Roma is the opposite of nice. there should be a picture of Roma in dictionary alongside the word ‘evil’

  17. Hello friends. How r u all?
    Yesterday we crossed 150 really happy.

    1. Hi Rhivanya!!! Yeah with very less commentors we managed so! Am also happy!

  18. I read comments of saturday’s episode. Some were asking that what was exciting in new promo. For me, more interesting thing about new promo is that Deep finally knows about arohi’s truth. It’s not boring hide and seek and some were saying new promo is full of negativity but you know arohi was also saying the same thing about Deep in previous London track promo, Then why only this promo is negative. I think all of you think Deep is negative and Arohi is positive so you differentiate the promo and but I think Deep will also be a positive character in the end of the serial.
    Many of you are wondering about the title of the show, I think it will also be justified in the end because there can’t be two lovers in Deep’s life so it will be Tara who will kill herself in love of Deep instead of going to jail or asylum like “Behad” show. These two show have few common things like one lover is psycho and kills herself in the end.

    1. hey mohit… Arohi wanting to kill Deep has a backstory that viewers can relate to. Deep falsely married Arohi, planted false evidences against her, led to her imprisonment and indirectly led to the death of her brother, and the trauma of nikku and disappearing of bhabhi…. Arohi didnt know Tara/Roma/Virat that well or didnt even trust them or love them like she did Deep. so her hating Deep and wanting revenge doesnt make her negative for us…. but Deep destroyed the life of an innocent for selfish reasons. still we hoped that he has some regret, that he did love Arohi and would help her next time. helping Arohi would have redeemed Deep a little. instead he says that now he knows about Arohi he still can take away everything from her again. how can that be justified?….. Deep knowing about Arohi and trying to trap her again and a open game between Arohi and Deep can be made interesting, its just that as viewers we will be disappointed in Deep’s character

      1. Completely agreed with you Dhara ?

  19. Someone has said in previous episodes that Virat can’t love arohi because she is a lookalike of his sister but then how can she hate or kill lookalike of her own sister.

    1. Exactly Mohit! I too can’t remember who it was but your statement is true if VIrat can’t love his sister’s lookalike how could he kill his sister’s lookalike? Makes sense

    2. Valid point.I already think this.

    3. umm… but Virat was ready to kill his won sister to kill the baby… if he can kill his won sister, he wont have problem about killing the duplicate

    4. Everything is fair in love and war…. Yeahhh so u can love anyone u want…

    5. I think what dhara said is right, there is no true love in this raichand family.

  20. I think roma and deep scene delete from original telecast. May be it’s shown in afternoon episode (dophar tadka episode)
    Why main important scene delete from original telecast time.I can’t see afternoon episode at all the time.I don’t like this idea from colors channel.

    1. hey Rhivanya… i agree, during the day we all have work and cant always watch the afternoon episodes. so what is this logic of showing extra scenes then? show the whole thing in the evening itself na…

  21. Hey guys
    Which part you like most
    1.ardeep romance.
    2.Roma and prithivi romance.
    I know it’s funny question.

    1. Roma and Prithvi romance ??

    2. Of course Roma and prithivi because there is no romance between ardeep( Only revenge) so enjoy what u r watching be it ardeep or priroma

    3. Roma and Prithvi lol…. atleast it showed how Roma suddenly changed her manner and acted sweetly with Prithvi when harsh words were not working. that is the main weapon of that woman – sweet words!

    4. Hahaha….nice question

  22. Mastermind deep is back.I like mastermind deep he against Roma mean but he aganist arohi so…..

    1. Yeah! Same here I also like to see him likewise!

  23. Is deep knows Tara is still live.
    I like deep and Roma expression.

    1. That’s a Mystery whether he knows she’s alivs! I think he does! If the Promo is true!

  24. Hello Everyone! Last night I waited for so long to comment on this update! It takes too long to update IMMJ ?!!!
    Coming to the epi, it wasn’t boring this time afterall! I’m so so pissed off with Deep’s character! He’s a marionette under Roma’s hands! He’s always like “Your wish is my command! Ji mummy Ji” MY FOOT! Why the hell doesn’t he understand that Roma is a woman who doesn’t give a crap about her own child? Then what’s his stand? When Roma said, “I don’t have all these motherly affections, I don’t have feelings as such-and-such” I felt it meant about all her children in Children in general! I accept she framed Aarohi to Save her Tara, but I feel that was also because she was scared her name would get tarnished if her the so-called Roma Raichand’s beti is in jail, I think same goes to VIrat! She’s just concerned about her image! Nothing else!

    1. *all her children in general!

    2. hey shey…. interesting view. i thought Roma does care for Tara and Virat, but what you said is also possible

      1. Just a guess ??

    3. Hai shey.Roma don’t care about vedika.she is very selfish women.

      1. Yess Rhivanya! She’s a selfish self centered woman

    4. Me too fed up with the way Deep character is shown ?

  25. Sayanika

    What a stupid move made by Colors TV jist to increase the TRPs. They want viewers to watch both the original and dopahar ka tadka. Like seriously? No one has that amount of time to waste. ?

    1. Yes are correct.

  26. Also, I liked to see Prithvi showing some stand on his own, otherwise he was also like a puppet all this while! I have this faint feeling, since Prithvi loves his daughter, he would do anything to save her from these people, Maybe he supports Aarohi in future? ( He really did look infuriated at that time and very much disappointed)
    And in Roma’s confo speech, she was talking about herself, I Roma Dilip Raichand, Dilip is Singh noh? Not Raichand (what’s that?)
    Also the way Roma gripped Aarohi’s hand when she was talking about killing Vedika, I somehow felt she knew Aarohi is supporting Vedika or else she knows this is Aarohi they’re just playing a game with her? Afterall, Aarohi, Vedika and Chawanni are always together discussing something and nobody in the house feels suspicious with all her looks and attire completely like herself and not Tara?! Surprising!
    And yay yay, I am so happy that our Deep Smartypants is back on action though he’s onceagain opposing Aarohi which is not something to be happy of! I think this’ll intensify the story more!

    1. i agree shey, the dinner scene was suspicious, also when Deep took Arohi to that pani puri stall…. i dont know what to think or who to trust anymore. hopefully Prithvi will finally revolt. he knows a lot about Roma, he is the only one who knew about Kalyani secret and maybe he will reveal Deep’s truth to Deep or Arohi…. anyways, hope things progress soon

      1. Yeah Di, they all have double standards! I hope Prithvi turns for good!

  27. Writers played a good move finally in putting Deep into action! Otherwise the story was getting boring! Now we have something to discuss about!

  28. Guys one more thing I just noticed, not about the story! Telly updates has upgraded! Now the commenting section has an extra optional gap! Website! Did anyone notice?

    1. Yeah just noticed,, some changes on look and feel too in the UI

    2. hey shey…. i just noticed the new updated version…. i dont know how it feels on mobile but on laptop it feels a bit unknown 😛 will take time to get used to it….

    3. Yes shey am noticed.

  29. Good news…..
    Our comments are getting posted in a fast manner(in seconds).Thanx tellyupdates for such a great update.We were waiting for this so that we can comment in a fast manner like in any other social networking sites.

  30. Hey friends I was watching naagin 1st 2n 3rd…. Episodes…..what an eye contact between Ritika and shivanya WOW ……so guys if u really bored by watching IMMJ then u can watch naagin on voot … I am betting u feel like u r watching 1st time…

    1. I Know Rhivanya! I miss Naagin too

  31. Hello all,,, as most of you guessed here is the new spoiler

  32. Oh my god I guessed right! Thanks for the spoiler news Sathya! Wonder whether it’ll be true though!

  33. And thank you Telly Updates! For the nice upgrade! Sometimes I get the upgraded version sometimes the old though! Please try to fix it sooner or later! Anyways thanks!

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