Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi loses her baby

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Baba treats Arohi and says only miracle can save her.
Deep is drinking. Tara comes to him. She says control yourself. I don’t know how can Arohi do this. The person who loved her so much, she took all his dreams. She took your baby with her too. She took her own life so you never see your baby. Deep says leave me alone. Virat says we can never find her body. There is a forest there. Deep leaves.

Mausi says to Surekha I know what to do with deep virat and tara next.

Scene 2
Arohi wakes up. Her body hurts. She screams. A little girl says di don’t try to get up. It will bleed. She calls her brother. Her brother comes in. He puts Arohi on bed. Arohi screams my baby. The man says her stitches are bleeding. The old man says she is very strong.

Anyone would have died. she has will power. The man says she isn’t going to die. She has a long journey to go.

Deep is looking for something. Tara says what are you looking for? he says Singhaniya file. Tara says you need to rest. He says I am fine. Dont’ behave like I need sympathy. And ask Virat to arrange my meeting with them. Tara says of course you are fine. She is gone from our life. She hugs him and says we will live like we used to. Just us. Deep smiles. He says past doesn’t come back. Move forward in life. He leaves.

Arohi opens her eyes. She sits and screams. aroi says my baby.. She sees people dancing outside. Arohi goes to the Yodha and asks him where has she seen him before? Arohi says you saved my life. All this.. You dressed my wounds right? He doesn’t answer. arohi says how did you bring me here? And my baby.. How is my baby? Please answer me. The person who treated me must know how is my baby? Please answer me. Is he okay? The old man says you have lost your baby, daughter. Arohi is shocked. Aroho screams and cries. She says this can’t happen. Arohi says this can’t happen.

Arohi comes in deep’s dreams adn says I will kill you. Deep wakes up in shock. Tara comes and says Arohi is dead. sHe is gone. Deep is going out. Tara says I will come too. Deep says you wont come with me anywhere. Deep goes to the jungle.

Arohi asks the guy you never speak. You are from city but why are you in this jungle now? He says this isn’t jungle. The city is jungle where dangerous animals live. We have peace here. Arohi says I have to go back. I met everyone. Thanked them for helping me except for you. Thank you for saving my life. I am going. He says where will you go? Arohi says to the man who took my baby from me. A man says but you are still weak. He says let her go. No one will stop her. arohi walks out.
Deep is outside the jungle and says I will find you Arohi.

Arohi walks in the outskirts. Deep is near her. Arohi says my child was my reason to love. You took him from me. I wont cry anymore. They will. Arohi sees Deep. She hides behind a tree.

Precap-Arohi sees Deep and says you took my child from me. This time you will have to pay back with your life deep.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I didn’t watch the episode yet. Is it still Nia as arohi or is Alisha back?

  2. In today’s episode the background music does not suit to that nia

  3. In today’s episode background music does not suit to aarohi(nia)

    1. Satya127

      The show itself does not suit nia then wht about song

  4. gud, finally she lost her baby.. silly lady, she should have lost it long back.

  5. Satya127

    Hi friends….How r u all
    Sorry rhivanya i am not able to comment due to my weekend classes….
    So first today one hour special episode was just super i cant explain how happy and relaxed i am seeing my ardeep shadi and finally the true faces r out about the deep raichand and tara raichand…..And now starts the cute love story of ardeep…..and a passionate love story of deera….
    And now coming to second one (if anyone hurt with this i am sorry but its my opinion)
    Friends arjun sanaya and alisha r my favorites and the most common thing in them is that they r honest,always they stand for right,they r hardworking and dedicated and on all they r super cute both onscreen and offscreen And most importantly they r not liers like the irresponsible nia sharma….I did not see any worst actress then her…the girl who played arohi friend mayuri and vedhika r far better than this nia sharma…..
    I used to think she may be a nice person outside atleast and always opposed bashing her related to personal issues but she proved me that she is the worst person in real life too….What a great lie wah sach me kahu nia is the biggest dokkebazz…..When u r really not quitting why to tell these dialogues and give fake interviews nia sharma u very well know that most of the people out here hate u as arohi and r still waiting to watch alisha as arohi then why to open ur shit mouth in this sensitive issue related to every fan…..How could u….U proved that u r same as that deep in real life such a person i had not seen if u dont have any time please do some othee shows why to create all these nonsense…. I will never accept u as my AROHI ever and ever a lier like u dont deserve to be AROHI
    Nia proved me that she does not fit for anything she should learn acting first just does nothing reads the script shouts runs here and there do all the vulgar content spoil the essence of the role she is playing and of the show and on top playing with the feelings of fans….. I had seen Thousands of people were so happy that u r leaving the show and were eagerly waiting to watch their alisha as arohi…..and u played with their feelings for this u will definitely face it nia….
    And now coming to the great creative mamtha yash patnaik….I had a question for u….If u like nia that much why don’t u do ur plastic surgery and turn into nia why to spoil our arohi,why to play with fans feelings, why to do injustice for alisha….Why….I always used to think that ur production house is nice and i felt that u always consider viewers feelings and opinions….But what a cruelty….U r just a stone by bringing ur great love nia in the show u had spoiled all the show along with arohi and disconnected all the connections we have with the show…..Don’t write bullshit quotes about ur ownself stating that u r a writer in Twitter and insta because if we have been in ur face we could had written the best tracks then u keeping in mind the feelings if the viewers….Such a pity on u…
    And now coming to story till now nia learned running from PT USHA and now she will learn and prepare for Olympics from shohib( i am not against him he is nice) and this great deep raj singh and his razz dabba and tara and virat great creative murder plans….By seeing all this i remember one my favorite deep’s dialogue ‘blah blah blah e sunn sunn ke na meri kaan pak chuka he …..Mann kartha he mein meri kaan ko poddhu ‘ like literally….baseless revenge again….
    Friends please listen why u all r wasting ur time watching this rotten show which did not respect us,which does not care about us,who had forgotten our love and support and r so selfish and greedy…Why….I know the only answer will be to see and support our arsha but for that we all have a great opportunity to watch our arsha as ardeep and deera on ristey tv we all can watch our arsha feel relaxed for sometime and forget this crap revamp….Please its high time dont let they use our weakness but this is the time we show them the reality that we fans r not their prisoners who will accept all the crap they show in the name of twists….Please boycott this show….So that it comes to an end fastly and let them understand wht happens when they play with fans feelings….And most importantly we can watch our arsha in different shows because they deserve a better show then this…..
    Coming to me my request and protest does not stops #wewantalishaasarohi or otherwise off air the show….U will only watch my arsha as ardeep only….i don’t want them to force their vulgarity and nonsense on me… friends please watch immj on ristey tv on 8:30 pm….

    1. Hi satya.really I miss you. Bye.

      1. Satya127

        Hi rhivanya….I will really miss u but if u have time come

  6. I watched an episode today after a long time, just hoping that maybe alisha will be back as arohi. But no. Wow. What a liar nia is. Why make stupid claims that it was the last day of her shoot and she had a nice time? Why make such lying statements especially when u know most of the fans want you gone. Its like u are taunting us. Wow.
    Second, i officially quit immj forums and show today. I started watching for arjun but now i hate deep. His wife and baby fell off the cliff and he has zero emotions on his face. I dont care for this scheming emotionless man who plays with every girls feelings and destroys lives for his won selfish reasons. Even tara is far better than deep. She has mental issues. Roma was her mother. She couldnt deal with the childhood shock of father’s abandonment. She is not right, but far better than deep. Even the original plan of trapping arohi was not tara’s. She wanted only deep and was even ready to surrender to police when she thought deep was going close to arohi. Tara’s place is in a mental asylum. But deep’s place is in the worst regions of hell.
    I then liked alisha both as arohi and tara. But that arohi is dead. And tara’s role has been turned into a weak idiot woman. I hate to watch alisha’s condition. There was time when she rocked as arohi with her mind games. But now she just says three lines repeatedly every episode as tara. Why is alisha doing this? She should quit this show and then no one will watch immj anymore.
    Alisha didnt deserve this. And the viewers and fans didnt deserve it at all. Reporter, surekha masi… Not one good trustable character. Everyone changes face and loyalty with every episode. Only tara is consistent. But writers think consistent character means repeating same lines everyday.
    Bye bye immj. For me the show ended with deep and arohi’s marriage and wedding night.
    Rhivanya, satya, shravanti, saras, sana, salley, shifa, sonakshi, zain, shey, arjun, lutfa and many others. I am glad at having made friends with so many of you, discussing over this show. Hopefully we will meet again at some other serial. Until then, have a good time guys 🙂 bye

    1. Satya127

      Yes dhara, we all had a same story which connected us….We started watching for arjun fell in love with the story and alisha as both ardeep and deera supported them and gave them the best show award but they did not even think twice to break our hearts in one day they killed our arohi whom we all love…And brought a person who does not deserve to be arohi they brought a big lier who played with our feelings….
      And yes i accept ur each and every point…..
      This show does not deserve a fine actress like ALISHA and a fandom like us….And truly it is hurting to watch alisha as a side role who brought the show to the top….
      And i too feel the same that tge show ended with our real ardeep shadi….
      But if u have time come because for sharing my experience of my favorite immj which is coming on ristey TV and to control the frustration on this rotten show i will be here….

    2. Are you serious about your understanding about how serials are made? They shoot several episodes ahead in time and not just the day before the episode is telecasted….it’s not done daily basis….I am sure she might have said it when it was actual day for her…but she didn’t say she is jumping off the cliff and the final day of the shoot is over…
      they do not shoot episodes on daily basis….it might be true that it was her last shoot…but not this episode….you have to wait and watch.

      1. Satya127

        Let ur understanding come true and let nia prove her statement then we will see
        I know how their shootings r done i can expect how they shoot but like u really think these were the scenes that were shoot before like really….

    3. Dhara, ek hi serial dekha mene aur asne meri halat karab kar di, mein ab kyoi aur serial nahi dekh sakta.

    4. Hi dhara.really I miss you.bye.

    5. Hi dhara.. miss you.. bye

  7. O my god i was think now nia sharma won’t be back

  8. !i will miss you miss dhara!
    i lik your comment so much !
    i think nia made prank perhaps for desapointed the wivers who dont accept her !
    really the story lose her sauol when nia come she absoletly not sweet for arohi role !
    i start watch for bijlani after saw him in pardes mera as ragav i loved his caracter and acting ! i dont inderstand haw a such awsome artist accept to do such bulshit show !!!

    i also notice that deep after lose his wlfe who pretend loves and his child he back with tara and virat maussi who all made their best for kill arohi ! he return to his live withaout any emotion any guilt !
    i see a video of incoming episode where deep try to kill arohi ! what this man ! he is realy psycho !
    even she was comit suicid he must have a guilt because she dead becz of him !
    what bulshit storyline really i desgust !
    i hop this time arohi will still with shoheb who will loved her and never back with that desgusting deep!
    he not deserve any hapiness it s chock for arohi to lose her baby but deep dont deserve have a child ! so he is criminal haw can he educat somone or have a family ! tara is the onre he deserve they must stay together !
    arohi deserve good person who car and realy love her i hop she stay with shoheb and deep will die by jalousie !

  9. miss dhara you say that the deep splace is in the worst region of the hell!!
    i lik this comment so much !

  10. Fire accident,countless kidnapping, zindha thafnana,zindha jalana,etc.. Iski baath bhi baccha zindha tha,ab kaisa baccha zindha nahi hai makers logic se ab bhi baccha zindha hona chahiyey.
    Am fed up with story line.
    Am watch this show only for arjun and Alisha.
    But this deep too much irritating me.and Tara repeat the same dialog.
    Tara character is very strong character. But now….
    I don’t know why Alisha continue this show.pls quit this show.
    Now am quit this show.bye immj. Bye my dear friends.
    I miss all my dear friends. (Dhara,satya,sravanthi, shey,shifa,miya,arjun,shraddha,zain,Sanaa,
    Salley, saras,sonakshi,and many friends sry I miss anyone)
    Hopefully We will meet again in some other serials.

    1. hi rhivanya.. how are you? some what im busy so I didn’t come to comment I didn’t watch the show since last one week. just now I have read the update except Tara no one is good. me too want plz alisha quit this show.. remaining all let them go to hell..
      I miss you dear ????
      take care.. bye

      1. Hi sravanthi. Fine r u?
        I miss you so much. Take care my dear.bye.

    2. fine dear.. I hope we will meet again. miss you. bye

  11. Hi satya.. how are you? nenu koncham busy vunde serial chudaledu.. I just hate this drama asalem jarugutundi.. andharu nia vellipotundi show nundi ani expect chesaru kada nejamga these writers playing with viewers emotions.. asalu arjun entha cheta role etla chestunadu I really hate him.

  12. here is answer of your favourite question. Aalisha must quit? my opinion why she must not quit.
    1. theory 1 – Aalisha and arjun must quit and join some other show question is this possible ?does arjun repeats working with actress, he had done many shows had he repeated them? I dont know but if answer is no, then no chances of Arsha. forget it. do correct me if i am wrong.

    2. if she quits nia will be sole leader of immj, is this justice to aalisha , it will become arjun and nia show.

    3. tara has given side role – yes , and what about deep he is also doing side role. Whole show is concentrated on Nia only.

    4. tara given same dialogue – yes. Atleast her motive is clear she loves deep and will destroy everything that comes in her path. what the hell deep is doing kabhi Tara Kabhi aarohi chewing gum hai kya?

    5. I dont want ardeep as it will become web series. Deera are much better.

    6. Nia is not even close to Aarohi why do i feel her pain. Deep behaved good with Alisha as aarohi but thats not the case with nia.

    7. Aalisha’s double role is difficult task, but playing tara only is much easily. getting same wages per month with less amount work. so why will she quit now?.

    8. She loves this show as she has become popular with this show only.

    9. quitting lead role is not an easy task.

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