Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Virat kills Niku

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Virat says see Tara. The last part of Arohi’s family is dead too. Arohi looks at Niku’s body. She is dazed. Arohi screams and falls down. She faints.
Arohi is in her bed. She dreams of Niku being killed. Arohi says it was a dream. I hope he is fine. I have to find him. Chawani video calls Arohi. He says there is surprise for you. Niku comes on screen and speaks.. He saysv how are you? Arohi is in tears. She says niku? Can you speak? Chawani says he will be fluent soon. Niku says did you look for mama? i miss you and mama. Please come back. Arohi says I am coming back soon. Chawani says deep has got to know about his mom. Please come back here soon. We are running from here. Arohi plugs in USB. Deep is playing with Niku in it. He plays and talks to Niku. Arohi smiles. Deep was kind and nice to him. Arohi says I am sorry Deep. I got to wrong. I should have not done all this to you but Niku. Thank God he is speaking now. I have to find them. Arohi runs downstairs.
Virat says to Roma they can’t find him. Niku’s dead body is hidden. Aorhi is dazed. Arohi hides. She comes to Dilip and says they killed Niku. How could they. She screams. Arohi says I couldn’t understand deep. I dont know what to live for when Niku is dead too. Dilip points at Deep’s picture. Arohi says Deep is not here with us anymore.

Arohi prays for Deep’s peace. She prays for Niku too. Arohi wears a white sari. She comes to Roma. Roma says what happened to you? Arohi says deep was my husband. I should be sad on his death. i am praying for niku too. Virat says are you crazy. Arohi says deep didn’t want him to be killed but you are a beast. Virat says what are you then? Roma says if deep was alive you would have been in jail. He saved Arohi every time. Tara says he saved me too. Roma says he was selfish. I gave him everything but he kept Arohi alive. Virat says he was a puppet. Arohi says he was husband and I loved him. she leaves. Arohi comes to her room and sees the sindur. She recalls her marriage with deeo. Arohi says I couldn’t see the truth behind you. she is in tears. arohi says I am sorry deep. sindur falls. Arohi sees a tile lose on floor. she takes it out and sees her photos with deep. Deep has hidden them there. Her handkerchief is there too. Arohi says I knew you would keep it safe. She is in tears. Arohi reads a letter. Deep wrote I am so helpless Arohi. I never wanted to trap. I know you wont believe but thats truth. I am so unlucky. I had true love but I couldn’t save her. After sending you jail I realized what I lost. i don’t know if live will give me a chance to apologize you. I am your sinner. the first time you saw me I was the same person as you saw me. There was nothing lie. I was dead without you. You gave me love and trusted me. I failed to protect you. I don’t deserve you. But I promise I will always take care of Niku.

Arohi is in tears. Deep comes and says Arohi come here.. she runs and hugs her. She realizes she was just imagining it. She sees deep everywhere and runs after him. arohi screams deep.. Roma says he is dead. Arohi says he is alive in my heart. Roma says I will burn everything related to him. Virat brings his stuff. Arhohi says no please dont do this. Pleaase don’t burn things related to him. Virat burns them. Arohi screams no.. She picks out things from fire.
She says deep I can’t even tell you I really love you. Roma says she will forget him soon. A man comes in. He has deep’s picture on his face. Arohi is dazed.
Its deep. Arohi is shocked.
Precap-Everyone is shocked. ARohi hugs deep. He shoves her and says the wound hasn’t healed yet.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ooohh tnks for the update i will watch this episode he seems so sad but i hope that this time deep will be on arohi side and that is not a game again

    1. I hope so

    2. hello arohi&deep

      no this time deep will take revenge with arohi now becoz this is daily soap “yaha kabhi pyaar karne walo ko nhi milate hai”…and now we have to see what will deep do now will he continue to be in the side of roma or else he will change himself dont konw??

      1. “yaha kabhi pyaar karne walo ko nhi milate hai” what does it mean i don’t understan hindi please translate thks

  2. enjoyed the episode to the fullest i jst hope Deep finally learn the true faces of Raichand family and join hand with Aarohi and ruin all of Them i jst hop he doesn’t turn negative again and about Nikku i hope some how he turn out to be a life

    1. Hi lutfa.I don’t want deep again trap arohi.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Now deep will hate aarohi and love hate game will start… But i hope deep and aarohi realise love for each other and fight with enemies and save niku too…

    1. But nikku is died.I want ardeep live a beautiful life.

  4. Is Niku dead? I hope not, I was so sad yesterday. Now I am confused.
    Very good episode, I enjoyed a lot.
    Yes I wanted deep shot.
    Now he is alive, I hoping that niku is alive.
    Deep looks mad!

    1. Hi too enjoyed.

    2. Me too.

  5. Finally deep came back soooo happy

  6. Hello friends. How r u all?
    Nice episode. But sad for really he dead.what happened with precap.
    I think love hate story start.
    Arohi love deep.
    But deep hate arohi.again revenge start.
    What happened with was she came in jail.i hate all raichand family.except dilip and deep.both are Singh.where is deep know everything.
    Best part: ardeep hug.but it’s dream.and cute.
    I felt sad for arohi.more emotional.
    What a twist in two episodes.
    Deep is really a good deep is alive.who help him.
    Good night friends.

    1. Hi Rhivanya,,,, Me too happy that Deep is back,,, His letter was so sweet and it’s just what we wanted to hear from Deep for so long ?
      Hope Deep’s hatered towards Arohi goes off soon….
      What about that real master mind precap…
      Can someone tell me what Roma said about Deep,, Dilip and Wasundara
      If Dilip is Deep’s dad then who is Kalyani

      1. Hi sathya.

    2. Hey sathya Roma said to arohi:
      1.Deep is orphan.I am take care of all the time.
      2.he need a information about vasundhra (deep mom).but am not told anything about her.Dilip knew everything. But he can’t to speak.
      Roma not to told vasundhra is a dilip wife.still truth is not revealed sathya.
      That’s why deep aganist arohi.
      I hope u understand.

      1. i think vasundra is dilip sister and dilip is deep oncle is more logical than father

      2. Got it,,, thank you so much Rhivanya ?

  7. Am really happy deep came back.

    1. My guess vasundhra is:
      1.dilip sister
      2.kalyani sister
      3.kalyani full name is vasundhra kalyani.

      1. i write sister then i saw you post

  8. A good episode…… Deep is back… In just one scene his anger, hate and love are shown in his eyes.and that dialogue at last was awesome….if u want to feel that then u should watch it rather than just read the update

    1. Hi pks.yes awesome scene.

  9. Wow deep is back feel bad for Aarohi she misunderstand deep i think now deep hate Aarohi and Aarohi love deep its all about Ardeep. Roma you are disgusting person
    Virat ko kya Hua itna change pehle mom ko pgl bnana chahta tha ab ussi ki baat manne lga prithvi lost her daughter and he again become roma pupit raichand are so cheap except deep and dilip

    1. Hi zain.same question virat and prithivi support roma.

  10. arohi is more sad for deep than niku, but deep betray her even if he has his reason i want him to repent really and to be arohi side hope niku really dead this time he really doesn’t serve at anything sorry for niku fan but it would be good for arohi to move on and have nothing to loose and be strong

  11. if you want spoiler : but there nothing good im sad why deep will turn like this ohhh

  12. I was not able to comment on these last few days?…i dont know why I feel this is all a trap for Aarohi but hope deep is not in it? I just don’t understand didnt anyone notice the pentdrive and the broken tile lol doesn’t anyone clean the room anyways back to the point…i enjoyed Aarohi repenting for her stupidity…and nikku ?? he is too small to die and is chavanni dead too? why does the cvs remove the positive characters or the helpers and only fill negative shades in the show…first deep then prithvi then virats then Roma everyone who were really helping Aarohi at that time weren’t really helping but trapping her..i was waiting for yesterday’s update to write but it wasn’t written so ill do everything here..
    1 I was really hurt when Aarohi was shooting deep and was much annoyed for her various kinds of I think she deserves it
    2 why didn’t she ever tell nikku to tell about deep by writing in a paper
    3 deep to hate Aarohi or forgive as he also played with her at first I think This is all a trap and Tara had already come to raichand mansion well anyways see but I hated when aaroh I got to know about deep day b4 yesterday and she thought was that means my bhabhi is alive I was like seriously that man who tried to save your entire family and u you’ve just killed him and not worried ab t that and her Sil is alive and is happy 4 that??
    4 what happened to Tara
    5 who helped deep was it Tara or is this deep or deep s doppelganger but I don’t think they will bring two twins???
    6 what’s happening Roma was sent to jail prithvi hated Roma because of killing vedika
    (I think Tara has come and revealed everything and later they released Roma)**

    1. Yes it looks like a complete trap for arohi… There are many questions in my mind also.. I can’t explain here…but one thing how can deep just save in just 2day when he got 2 bullets one on his stomach and another on his heart …it is impossible to recover in 2 days……….

    2. Hi r u. I was really miss your comments.same questions here.but no ans.let see what happened next.

  13. The trp s are decreasing day by day it’s 1.5? but the good news is that it’s back in the top 10? London track also was boring till the last episode but it will be added to the mahasangam?? now the shows becoming interesting though deeps true intention was shown..and finally Aarohi realized deep s love?? I liked how she was avoiding to not burn deep s memories I wished deep sees that? she was really becoming like Maya in beyadh ??it was enjoyable?? hope it’ll get good ratings

    1. i feel like you nabs i hope this time is not a trap but it’s so strange i don’t understand why trapping and not kill her if they know they want to have fun ??? where is vedika body ? where is arohi bahbi and chavani what are deep intention ? IM GONNA BE CRAZY WITH THIS STORY LOOL BUT I LIKE IT

      1. Because Tara was sent to jail in London so they will trap arohi and relief Tara

      2. Tara sent to jail for Deep’s murder but he is alive so she will get released easily

  14. So who was the “asli Khiladi” that Roma was talking about?

  15. Oh thanks for the update but i watched the episode arohi was in a very bad condition she is feeling gilty in her self by seeing her i also started crying

  16. I just hate Viraat what does he get by killing a child
    I think Tara sent that Aarohi killing Deep video to the Raichands and they are conspiring against her
    As the Pandit said whatever is there is not happening but whatever is not there is happening
    She has to face conspiracies and cheats

  17. Hi friends. I AM BACK.I didn’t watched IMMJ for 1 and a half month.Started watching from Monday and commenting today.Today’s episode was very sad.Feeling bad for aarohi.But if we were in her place we will do the same thing.So she should not blame herself as it’s not her mistake.Hope nikku is not dead.Deep is back in stylish getup.Hope that Ardeep come together and destroy if Deep starts hating arohi then show will become slow for some time and Trp will also decrease. HOPE FOR THE BEST.

    1. Hi ru? Wecomd back.

      1. I am fine.Thanx for welcoming.

  18. Where is Dhara and all other daily commentators.Comments are very low.

    1. yes this episode there are less comments than the other

  19. spoilerrrrrrrrrsss don’t read next part if you don’t wanna know. I read that deep will fake hate for arohi to fool raichand family let’s see if it’s true i hope sooooooo

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