Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Arohi is CBI officer

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says you played such dirty game. You didn’t let anyone know you are CBI officer. You made me human. I didn’t hide anything from you. But you were there for me just to fool me. Arohi says no I was there just to protect you. Police dept. thinks you are doing something big and wrong. They appointed me to keep an eye on you. Arohi says I came back for this mission. I started keeping an eye on you.

Arohi saw deep’s every moment. there was a spy camera in his watch. Arohi says I didn’t want to deceive you. I want to save you from doing the bad things. The moment you told truth, I trusted you. I knew that my Deep is far away from those sins. DEep says words like trust and love dont’ look good on you. Arohi says you are just like my dad. I feel so alone. No one is with me. I am sure love and trust are just words used to fool people. Arohi says listen please.. He leaves.

Boss is watching them on camera. Arohi says to Randhir deep is so hurt. He did so much to save my family. My whole mission will fail. He says you have to protect your mission. You have to tell deep you did this because of your duty. We are going to meet that other officer today.

Deep comes to room. He tears the letter and throws it on Arohi. Arohi stops him. deep falls on her. Deep says you can never convince me. Arohi says I ddn’t want to deceive you. Deep says let me go. I dont’ trust you. Will you arrest me? Arohi says I wont let anything happen to you.
Randhir calls Arohi and says yyou have to come. Deep go and do your duty. You promised never to leave, I think that was for this moment.

Scene 3
Arohi and Randhir comes to meet the CBI officer. It’s Ranjit. ARohi is dazed. She says you.. He says yes I am CBI officer. He says police dept. had doubts on deep. I was also hired to keep an eye on him. Arohi says who attacked you? He says I have caught them all.
Arohi meets her dad. She tells Deeo that Ranjit is CBI officer. Kiya listens too.
Arohi says you are right papa. I dont’ know there’s something. I can’t see it. I have to go. deep is mad at me. She leaves.

Arohi comes home. She says deep.. Where are you. Se calls him but he doesn’t pick. Arohi texts please come back I am waiting home.
Deep comes home in the morning. ARohi says where did you go? Please dont’ do all this. He says your lies are killing me. Don’t waste your time on me. He leaves.
Ranjit says deep eat with us. He says I am not hungry. No one has to wait for me. Arohi says I will give breakfast in his room.

Arohi says you are mad at me. Why are you not eating. I made your favorite things. He says stay away from me. I don’t want you near me. He ties her and says don’t leave this house. don’t come between me and my mission. I wont let you manipulate me anymore.
Ranjit comes and releases Arohi. He says go and see where is he going. She says deep gave me a swear not to go after him. Ranjit says he isn’t what you think he is. Go and catch him. rohi says I should have told him. I have hurt him.

Deep says I am the real player in this chess. she doesn’t know how I played with her.

Precap-Arohi sees some picture. Boss says now Arohi know about my plans.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yeh show naàgin ki hi tarah senseless bne jaaa RHA hai. Glad that it doesn’t come anywhere in trp list but why is it running, gonna end, more than happy????

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