Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Villians create misunderstanding b/w aarohi and deep

Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tara ask but how we both will do this? Virat say as we are not alone.. Kashayap come and they both goes on flashback how virat called 📱kashyap, kashyap trapped aarohi.. And all plan everything (1 week se 24 hours end nhi hue)… Deep think 🤔please believe me aarohi, I shall save both of us as well my baby and we all stay in hilly🏞 areas, seeing pics in mobile…he says just hear me once and everything will be fine… Kashyap call📱 deep and inform that aarohi is not ready to meet him, she will kill herself and might abort child.. Deep deny his words saying aarohi can’t do or say this…kashyap ask him to go and check.. Deep say she love her child so she will not kill herself or baby, he goes from there… Kashayap say we cleared stage 1…


come to that place and think about deep words.. Aarohi think🤔 why my heart think to believe deep but mind says no… Tara shoot🔫 at her, but virat say just shoot🔫 on sides so that we can get her to that place where we planned….

Someone come infront of Deep car.. People gather and create secene… Lady turn out to be sulekha, as kashyap striked deal with her to have countless money💵… Deep say sorry and try to go, but people doesn’t let him go…

Aarohi reach near cliff and get kashyap call📱, he tell deep want to kill you, just hear that recording… Recording says deep say that I can’t let aarohi and baby go away, she can’t play with my future… Aarohi get shocked😱… She think🤔 what to do, to leave or to stay?? Finally stick to stay and listen to deep… Tara repeat her 24 hours line again… Deep ask people to take lady to doctor…

Deep aarives at same place and see aarohi standing near to cliff and think is she planning to jump?? He walk towards her and hold her hand.. Aarohi ask him to leave, when tara pull rope and aarohi fall down from cliff… Aarohi think deep did what he wanted, he killed me..he is devil.😈.. Deep think why aarohi did this? Why you killed🔪 yourself?? Ishq me marjwana marjawan….🎼🎼🎼 Deep walk towards cliff and virat send kashayp to him.. Deep try to jump when kashayp stop him saying aarohi killed🔪 herself in her zidd.. Deep says I did everything for my aarohi, my love and my baby, now both are dead, I shall die too… Kashyap say no, she died herself in anger😡, she killed your baby and herself to keep you in guilt…

Precap: Deep drinks🥃, tara and virat console him.. Tara say aarohi did wrong by killing🔪 baby and herself… Deep say we didn’t find her body yet.. Virat says we will never find… Deep see white figures.. He shout aarohi.. Tara cup his face and say she is dead.. Deep says, but i think she is alive..

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  1. Thank you shraddha for detailed update.
    I hate this makers.
    I hate this immj.
    I hate that keshyap character. Please some one kill him.
    Why introduce the anjali track?
    Why deep change arohi face?
    Wt about anjali & 80 croros back account?
    Wt about gold?
    Who is deep mom?
    We won’t get any answers from this makers.
    Am really fed up with this storyline.
    Repeat the same story.
    After rewamp am watch this show for arjun and Alisha act only.both are fabulous actors.
    Patiencely am watched this stupid track.
    But now ruined the deep and Tara character.
    Am sure arohi not die.she will come back.but Alisha not come back as arohi.when arohi fall down from cliff only shown deep and new arohi memories. Why they not shown a single scene between old arohi with deep( am not accept that scene).
    I miss my dear friends. (specially dhara,satya,sravanthi).

    1. Rhivanya,
      There will not give answers….if they give all the answers then the serial will end… this is not typical Ekta Kapoor serial (Ekta’s serials are actually sick if you ask me…no content just scene after scene and thousand episodes)….
      This is not romance genre serial it’s romantic thriller and hence so many loose ends for the viewers to keep thinking …”what…what just happened…why?”
      If you have understood the writers they never leave the suspense in each episode….it’s just keep the story going..
      There is still anjali, she will come back…then Virat will know Tara tried to kill her….so Nia will still be in the serial but not as Aarohi but as anjali….tara’s Character was good as a psycho killer…now her character is just plain stupid….all she does is yelling with same repeated dialogues….
      I am sure it’s Deep’s and Aarohi’s plan…remember he said…” I am the only one who can save your life” to Aarohi… I am sure he knows Kashyap and surekha has switched parties….
      This is not a romance serial…please keep that in mind…it’s all about suspense and thrill…since the beginning….they can’t do the Ekta way of leap after leap with no story…like Kumkum Bhagya….

  2. I am sure the twist will be Aarohi is alive and it was all Deeps and Aarohi’s plan….in the scene where the mob stops Deep’s car… Deep notices that woman and knows something is fishy…’s just for few seconds but he sees her when her pallu flies..
    Tara and Virat are up for some big surprise and soon Aarohi will come back with her old face…the writers just like keeping the suspense ….it is very unlikely that they will kill Aarohi and let the villains win!

  3. Tara ko ab acha bana do

  4. What’s going on in this show? Please makers, give any clue about Deep’s true intentions. Please. Sometimes I feels its boring

  5. even deep know that tara get her all best and use to kill arohi and his baby he come back to her!
    and also he confesse to her that he feel that arohi is alive!
    the precap scene is allucinate ! tara keep a moral speesh and judge arohi saying that haw arohi can get suicid and snash a child from the one she loved ! and haw can deep trust that it s suicid haw he dont inderstand that its tara virat plan!
    the way he return with tara means that he never loved arohi and want the child only! he back to tara like he return after burned arohi alive!

    on other sidre i learn that nia not leave she will back as arohi
    deep and arohi will hate each other , arohi think deep try to killed her and assumed that he never loved her and only used her in his plans and used her feelings and weakness!!!

    even this show is not love story it s triller made with suspence only!

  6. The New role character is coming Shoaib Ibrahim.. The new role will be of importance in Aarohi’s life as she will lose her baby in the ongoing attack. And Shoaib’s character will step in and save her. But still Aarohi will deal with her trauma mentally and Shoaib’s character will help her in the same as well…

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