Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mausi killed

Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mausi says I will tell the name of that person. Arohi recalls she met Mausi. Mausi said I asked you to get me packet. You will bear the consequences. ARohi said I have been trying. Tell me what is in it? Mausi says only I can ask you questions. I can tell deep any day about you. He can kill you. Arohi said deep will kill you first. Mausi said I can accuse you and he will trust me. Arohi said I did everything but ma ji keeps those keys with them. Mausi says like you did all impossibles in past. You have to get it to me.

Deep says you are daring enough to be standing in front of me. Tell em who is that person? Mausi says Bindya. She is behind all this. She stabbed me. The knife was hers which was found near the cliff. I don’t know who asked her to do all this but that

person is dangerous. She is responsible for her death. I came here to tell you about her but when I saw her body I was scared and I ran.
Mausi says to Arohi you don’t have much time. If you don’t get me that packe everyone will know about you.

Tara is dazed. She says I will cheer up deep. She pretends to fall. Deep says are you okay? she says I will be fine if I rest. Deep picks her and takes her to the room. She says I was looking at you. You looked worried. He says don’t worry about me. She says you leave me all the time I love you so much. I will do anything. I have no one. She hugs him and says don’t distance us. Deep says I have to go for work. You rest. tara says can’t we spend some time together.

Scene 2
Arohi goes to Wasu’s room. THe trunk isn’t there. Tara comes close to deep. She takes off his coat. Tara says remember when we used to spend good times together. Deep recalls his moments with Arohi. He says I don’t wanna recall anything and dont stop me. He leaves. Tara says how can he do this.
Arohi says to Abhi that trunk isn’t there. mausi said she will tell deep at 8.

Arohi comes to mausi and says let me tell you some exercise that will help you in relaxing. Wasu says I don’t need it right now. Arohi says you have to do it to keep your body healthy. Arohi tells her how to exercise. Arohi falls on fire alarm and it blares. Everyone is annoyed. Deep says abhi do something and stop it.
Mausi sees greed isn’t good. It can get you killed written on the mirror. Mausi says who is trying to scare me? The lights are off.

Wasu is sitting with Abhi. She says you are a very good boy. Arohi goes in wasu’s room. Mausi is hidden there. She looks for the trunk.
Abhi plays trumpet. Wasy says very good. Arohi says what will I do now? The lights get fixed.

It is almost 8. Tara says deep.. Mausi asked everyone to be in hall. She wanted to tell us a truth. Someone shoves her dead body from the balcony. Everyone is scared.

Precap-Tara says who can kill Mausi? Arohi sees a shadow. she says who is that? Is that the murder? What is the secret in that trunk.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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