Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Nurse tells Arohi isn’t pregnant

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1Roma says how is my daughter? Deep says save my child and baby. The doctor comes and says I will save the child and mother just coordinate with me.
Vedika says she taunted me for being orphan. prithvi syas if Roma finds out she will kill you. She says ma should be all mine now. He says you dont’ know roma she will kill you. Go from here before anyone finds out. He drags her and takes her out.

Virat syas how did all this happen? Deep says I am focusing on Tara’s health right now. Virat says I will find out who did this. Roma says shut up. If you know then bring that person here. He says in heart Arohi is alive she did all this.
Deep comes to temple. His conscience says why are you so worried? You couldn’t save Tara. You don’t care about tara you care about the promises you made. Tara is your responsibility. Deep says no I love her. His conscience says you can’t fool yourself. Your love is Arohi. Deep says shut up. sge
Doctor says Tara is out of danger now. Roma says to deep give sweets in whole hospital.

Prithvi asks vedika to pack herr stuff. She runs from her room.
Vedika comes to hospital. She sneaks in the room and says if Roma finds out that I gave you poison she will kill me. But i have to kill. She takes off Aroho’s inhaler. Arohi holds her hand and says you gave me poison. She takes her mask off. Arohi struggles to breathe. Arohi says stop it please listen to me. I know that you are roma’s daughter. She stops. Arohi says i know everything. I was the one who texted you. I gave all this so you get your mom’s love. I knew you would recognize me so I texted you with that number. I know what you suffered. Vedika says you re lying. You are roma’s daughter. She says I am not. i am Arohi. Vedika says who? She says the one roma destroyed life of. You can’t imagine what they did with me. She tells her everything. Vedika says I can’t believe I am part of such a family. I am ashamed to be their blood. Arohi says I am sorry. Vedika says I am sorry. I will help you in everything. tell me what to do. Deep comes in. Vedika hides under bed. He kisses Arohi’s head and goes out. Vedika says thank God he didn’t see me.

Roma comes to hospital. She says how is Tara. she asks nurse. She says Tara is better. Deep says how is the child? Nurse says what child? She isn’t pregnant. Roma is dazed. Roma says are you crazy. She says her report says she isn’t pregnant. Virat says wake her up. I want to know the truth. He gets in the room. Doctor comes and says what is happening here? Nurse says I told them she isn’t pregnant and they came in. Doctor checks the report and says she is pregnant this isn’t her report stupid. Roma says thank God. They go out.

Arohi says thank you doctor. You saved my home and life. Doctor says he will find out one day or other. Arohi syas I will tell them on right time. THanks for everything.
Deep says to Virat what were you trying to say? Virat says you have kept Arohi alive. Deep says she is dead. Roma says enough. We are in hospital. Virat leaves. Deep recalls killing Arohi. She syas Arohi actually alive?
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. On today’s episode the temple scene was ?
    And finally arohi told the truth to vedika but yet we will have to wait and see abt vedika ‘s character but yet dragging the pregnancy track?? virat uses his brains time to time today he thoughtit was arohi and was about to shoot her but yet again arohi saves herself..really when will they stop this pregnancy and tomorrow again mahasangam ???? and the storyline is yet about the aashique??

  2. On today’s episode the temple scene was lit???deep and his innerself. And the pregnancy track yet been dragged. Vedika seemed to be a ray of hope we will see what will happen but there is a change and a hope in this’s becoming better day by day..hope the writers will recover fast from their sickness as I saw an improvement..virat ‘s brains switch just turns on and off all the time?? he wants to prove that arohi is alive..and tomorrow mahasangam and as usual it’s all about tu aashique?? dead tired of these people showing mahasangam all the tym

    1. Hai are writers consider our points.

  3. so today finally deeps truth partially revealed that he loves arohi n tara is his responsibility..

  4. Does anyone know who had helped Tara in keeping a watch on Aarohi

  5. Does anyone know who had helped Tara in keeping a watch on Aarohi when tara kidnapped Nikku

    1. Hai idea.some mystery is unfold.

  6. I jst hope Aarohi didn’t make the biggest mistake of her life by telling Vedika the entire truth as its said blood is always thicker than water

    1. Hai lutfa.I am not trust vedika. Is she really support arohi.

  7. I really don’t trust videka i hope she won’t do somethink wrong, she say whats this family but did you see at yourselft you wanted to kill tara thinking that she is pregnant

    1. Riena

      Who is deepika? I really confused

      1. hi riena nit deepika its vedika she is roma and prithvi s daughter

    2. Hai arohi& too

  8. Hiiii everyone….. I think vedhika will use this nd try to save Roma nd also prove she is her blood ,perfect daughter..without Tara there is no spice in immj.I hope Tara will be back with full of revenge nd hatred twds deep nd her family for not recognizing her…..of course dumb arohi she’ll do smtg stupid….

    1. Hai Maya.happy Tamil new year.I want tara come back.I felt bad for arohi.let see what happened in upcoming episodes.

  9. Riena

    This epi make me scared. Uhh thank u doctor, u helped my aroohi.

    1. Hai riena.yes doctor help also happy.but how many days going on this fake pregnancy drama.

  10. Ohh Very less comments. Do you know why the maker still continue the fake pregnancy drama. What this is the most irritating thing

    The temple scene was good but it can be better if this scene would have been shot in house in front of mirror.

    Now vedika is another supporter of arohi that means no one can doubt about arohi.

    If deep has no brain I mean to say the writer has no brain.

    Oh again maha sangam.Hey maker if u have no backlog episodes to telecast then stop showing us it on Saturday . We can see it on Monday

    Finally if our favourite lead actors are there that doesn’t mean u continueing torture us….STOP IT

    1. Hai pks.I also like Temple scene.I hate this mahasangam episode. But what can do?

  11. i dont think that vedika will turn out to be negative because then the entire show will have only arohi chavani dilip and nikku as the positives and the rest of them antagonists..arohi really needs support so i feel that the makers should not turn vedika turn negative for her mothers love…and in the london track again there will be another entry[dont knw whether we know them]i only dont hope they will drag it like this..aarohi should use her brains and plan a better revenge but first from deep cauz deep will get to know its aarohi staying with him and not tara then deep will help aarohi as we got to know he loves her and deeps character should be revealed..

    1. Agree with you

    2. Riena

      Hii nabs, sorry my mistake. Virat, tara and vedika? Bad character na?

  12. Hello everyone
    Actually l don’t watch the episode. ……yesterday because rain their was no current supply…
    Nice episode…..finally they revealed the deep character. ….Thank God…
    Vedika get to know the truth. Does she try to help arohi or not????
    Pregnancy drama is still continuing ……Temple scenes was awesome
    Wowww virat is still using his brain against deep..
    Another mahasangam. ..l hate these……
    Well next week onwards my university exam are coming……So its time for me to study and prepare for exams…..Gonna miss immj ….and my family
    But evenever l got time..l will be here
    Bye guys

    1. Hello shifa.all the best for your exams.

    2. Hi shifa ..all the best my dear.

  13. Hello friends.
    Sorry for late comment.
    I like today episode. Love humshakal deep scene.and I like viraat expression.
    Happy Tamil new year Maya and sathya.

    1. Tq…..same 2 u

  14. Hai saras.yes now my confusion also clear.

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