Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kashyap work for Money only

Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kashyap work for Money only

Deep say don’t do this aarohi.. Aarohi say I was doing wrong till now but not now, you shall not see my or baby face now… She goes.. Deep say please believe me, I can only save you..
Virat scold his men and ask them to find aarohi soon, otherwise I will kill🔪 you.. Virat ask tara to have patience.. Tara say I gave 24 hours⏰ to kill🔪 aarohi otherwise I shall kill 🔪myself.. Virat say please believe me… He call someone and ask to do job..
Aarohi is walking thinking about past a few days secenes… Virat men see her and run behind her.. Aarohi hide on terrece.. Men search her and all hear aarohi voice..they run away… Aarohi think how come sound came from that side.. Kashayap say I did this.. Please come with me..

Aarohi say why should i believe you? Kashayap says Because whatever I did, I do for money💵💵 but I too care for Baby as I have too lost it… Both goes before virat men see them…
They reach at some house, aarohi say thanks to kashyap and tell him that she forgive for all what you have done.. Kashayap say I shall go arrange everything…

Aarohi relex and see tara and virat.. Tara say you need to die, you need to go away from deep and my life… Aarohi throw pillow and try to go, but strik with dining table… Tara say you lost so soon, but aarohi pick red chilly powder and throw on them… Aarohi run🏃🏻‍♀ away… Tara say Why you didn’t shoot🔫 her?? Virat say we shall catch her as she is pregnent.. Tara repeat her lines of 24 hours ⏰(kitni bar bolegi, kaan pakk gye sunn sunn kr, iss se to kud ko maar hi le😋😜)…

Deep say if anything happen to our child, I will not forgive you aarohi.. Aarohi think that she will save her child… And she hide… Tara and Virat come there and try to find her, they go in different direction…just than aarohi phone📱 rings and both hear and come back.. But before that she goes away…finally Deep gets fine and he calls📱 aarohi… Finally aarohi pick call and ask him to stop troubling her.. Deep say please listen to me atleast for baby, you listened half truth…. Aarohi say I have no strength now, you are just like snake🐍 who can kill their loved ones for their personal benefits… Deep say please let me tell you full truth, please one last time and meet me at Kandala cliff…aarohi think should I believe or not?

Tara is there too.. Tara has seen aarohi and is about to shoot 🔫aarohi, but virat stop her.. Aarohi run.. Tara repeat her lines again.. Virat say we shall kill🔪 aarohi but not by our hands, rather by creating misunderstanding… Tara say I am not interested in your plannings.. Virat say have patience…we shall kill aarohi but letting her think that Deep killed her and letting Deep live with guilt that Aarohi killed herself and baby in her zidd… I have planned everything… Tara say why should I do this? Virat say because Deep always protected aarohi and asked time ⏰from you, and there should be big reason for this… They both fooled us with death drama And now we shall do drama but death will be sure..

Precap: Aarohi reach at cliff.. Kashyap inform that deep called her to kill her.. Deep ask aarohi to come… Aarohi try to go and fall from cliff… Tara and Virat smile

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  1. Aarohi has suffered since the begging instead of giving her justice she was giving death really writer’s have lost it completely

  2. Samfath1996
    Finally nia to exit the show

  3. Samfath1996

    Arohi will be saved. Maybe alisha s will come back as arohi

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Since nia entry show already lost its charm… And again we shall see only revenge drama only….

  5. Toda after seeing and hearing what Arohi said to Deep on phone made me cry too. Whether Alisha or Nia I felt bad thinking the amount of suffering Arohi had to go through. Although I have a feeling that Arohi may survive. I mean the female protagonist cannot die otherwise the show will come to an end.

    1. Satya127

      I too felt the same….Those dialogues were really emotional and right arohi wont die….Because these writers will loose their one of the victim and an opportunity to torn her….

  6. I cant understand wts going on makers mind.
    I think arohi won’t die.because she is not do anything wrong.but her baby will die.
    I don’t know nia quit the show or not.but Alisha not come back as arohi.( some insta post proved)
    Deep dialog: “uske picche ek vaja hai”.
    Aakir deep ka vaja kya hai.3 months ho gya abi tak patha nahi. deep chaatha kya hai.
    Repeat the same story. And dragging the story.

  7. Ufffffffff I really don’t understand why do I again and again start watching this disgusting one….. it’s just a ridiculous show ……wohi drama….kuch tho logic hona chahiye… Ufffffffff

  8. Nia has said in interview of telly masalathat this is her last day of shoot.So is it mean that our Aalishu is going to play Aarohi again.. If this is so then i m so happy . Plz reply me guyzz(( link of video

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      I don’t think that alisha will be back as aarohi, but I think some other will come as I think baby will be introduced and as always nia doesn’t want to play as mother, so might be she is quitting and new aarohi or their baby will take revenge…. This is my thought…

      1. Satya127

        I dont think shraddhasharma that baby will come for taking revenge…..But if nia quits thwn definitely the role will be given to alisha only and of course she is the main lead and in one the interview in the starting of this track they told that it is for this track only aliaha will always be the main lead only…lets hope for the best

      2. i pray tha nia leaves and alisha comes back as arohi. but the direction of story seems to be the end of arohi’s character. ir may be after this . the arohi and the child will live seprately. and the story will began to unite the duo

    2. Satya127

      Agter watching this i am in 50-50% that nia quits or not lets see
      But if it is really true i am really happy because arohi will survive anyway and the only one left to play AROHI is our alisha…..
      It would be nice with the support of that new man gaurav arohi gets her face back and comes in a brand new avatar where arohi (alisha) just bangs the hell out of deep….Wow
      I think now the writers should bring a fresh plot with arsha as main leads

  9. Whatever happens but how can they kill Arohi? Why does she always suffer. Arohi has to survive.

    1. Satya127

      She will….The story is mainly about arohi and deep so arohi will survive

  10. in this episode nia acting is nice , finaly she will quit the show ! as pear insta info arohi not dead she will be saved! but her baby will die ! arohi will back to take revange for her child and the revenge war betwen arohi deep will repeet again !
    the writers dont want love story this show is only triller made with a lot violance and blood only stupid track and game
    finaly love story of deep arohi was just suggected for hoock the audiance!
    as pear insta they will hate each other!

    1. Satya127

      I too feel the same but question arises as now who is arohi…..
      Is it really nia leaving the show or is it a prank or plan to gain trps because now many of us can happily watch immj again as nia will not be there….
      If nia really quit the show,then all the hate i have for her will definitely change into respect for her….But if it is joke or something then i really nia deserves the huge bashing….

  11. Tara’s dialogues sound constipated….howling “Deep, Temne mujhe Dhoka Diya, Aarohi Korea’s mardungi….chaubeez ghanto Mein uska kaat dungi, warna khud ko khatam kardungi”….etc etc …it’s literally the same dialogue almost every episode….there is nothing else she talks….makes me want to throw up…. same with Virat….either end tara’s Role or they should start writing other lines for her to say….her role is redundant…I am sure Virat will come to know that Anjali is alive and he will change too…

  12. Satya127

    Dont know whts happening…..
    Friends is it really confirmed that nia is quitting the show…..(please clear this to me anyone )
    And i think there r hardly 4-5 characters in the show so if they kill the main character they will definitely dont have anything to show so arohi will not die….this is for sure…..Because these writers victim is always arohi only so they wont kill her…..

    1. Don’t believe in nia interviews she is good actor in real life also and nia never wanted to play role of mother so her baby will die.

    2. No satya.I don’t think nia leave the show.she only continue the arohi role. Her baby will die.arohi is main lead of this show.that mean nia is main lead of this show.bitter truth.
      Repeat the same story with new faces.that’s it.
      Am fed up with this storyline.
      Deep repeat same dialog.
      Tara repeat the same dialog.
      No thrill.

  13. People, you know for a minute I kind off started to enjoy Nia’s presence as Arohi. Sad to hear in the interview that she is leaving. Now even I have a question that who will be Arohi? Alisha or will Nia come back? I don’t know why I felt that Alisha kind off gave a hint that Arohi will survive when she said ‘sab serial mein marke wapas atha hai’. It looks like she gave a slight hint to the audience.

  14. People, finally I got a clue that Arohi will survive. I am happy 😀😀😀😀😀. Well this the link from where I confirmed the news………..

  15. Another link which will prove that Arohi will survive, and she will eventually end up losing her baby due to the fall from the cliff.

  16. i dont understand. If Nia didnt want to play a mother/pregnant lady, then why she accepted this role? Or the writers could have shown a month leap instead of three months. There is no reason why they chose three months and if it were only a month, it would be ok to see Nia with no belly. But here she is almost 5 months pregnant. Its ridiculous to watch her holding her flat stomach and crying baby baby. i still dont know if Nia will be really gone.
    But whatever happens, i dont want Deep and Arohi to end up together anymore. Arohi has lost everything just because of Deep and his stupid plans and reasons. Everything was going well during their wedding. Roma died. Police were looking for Tara. Virat was also in jail. Sooner or later, Tara would have been captured and Arohi could have enjoyed her pregnancy like a normal woman. But Deep changed Arohi’s face, and made everyone believe that Tara was Arohi. Virat was released due to lack of evidence. And Arohi suffered in mental hospital, running for her identity, getting attacked numerous times and ultimately losing her baby. Because of his decision to change Arohi’s face, everything got ruined. Police till now dont know about Tara. Whatever his reasons, Arohi should never ever forgive Deep. She should point blank kill them all for what she has suffered.

  17. No actor on Indian TV wants to play pregnant role…unlike Hollywood and English serials…which is very sad…..whenever there is a pregnant role there is always a leap with ready made baby and story will become off track,….
    I doubt nia will leave the show…and I am sure Alisha wanted to do pregnancy role so plastic surgery….I am thinking baby won’t die….but Alisha will be back as Aarohi and nia will be anjali…..

  18. No actor on Indian TV wants to play pregnant role…unlike Hollywood and English serials…which is very sad…..whenever there is a pregnant role there is always a leap with ready made baby and story will become off track,….
    I doubt nia will leave the show…and I am sure Alisha did not want to do pregnancy role either so plastic surgery….I am thinking baby won’t die….but Alisha will be back as Aarohi and nia will be anjali…..

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