Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi kills Deep

Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi shoots Deep. She recalls moments with him. Deep reaclls the life he lived with her. The gun falls from Arohi’s hand. Deep falls down. Arohi says my revenge is done. She leaves. Deep closes his eyes. He dies.

Pankti sees someone in mask. she runs from there. She looks for Ahan everywhere. Pankti is confused. She sits down and cries Ahan.. she realizes she was dreaming all this. She is in car with Ahan. He says what happened? She says nothing. He says its a beautiful city right? She says yes. Thank you so much for all this. He says we will have fun here.
Vikram says to Manav do you know where kyra works? He says yes she wants to be independent. He says why can’t you work in JNT? She says I want to work on my own. He says you are stubborn like Ahan.

Roma says to Virat and prithvi what you thought? You will plot all this I wont know? Virat says I dont’ know what you are talking about. ROma says I have do some much for this empire. I will rule this. Whoever messes with me will die. Prithvi says you killed Vedika. she says yes i did. She came in my way. Prithvi has recorded it. Virat says come in. Police comes in. Roma says how can you do this. Virat says you will pay for it. Police arrests Roma. She says leave me. Prithvi says pay for your sin now. Police takes her.

Scene 2
Aorhi says where am I. never thought I would do this. I wish deep never came into my life. It would have been so beautiful. I would have married Vishal. I wish i could see the devil in you, I wont have been here today. I loved you and you ruined my life. You killed my bhabhi too. I killed you I had to. i ended what you started in Shimla. She says where is my bag? She looks for it. She says where is my passport. How will I go back to india. Arohi sees a man talking on phone about Ahan and Pankti’s concert. He comes to her and says why are you crying? My name is Viranj. Here is my card I am indian. arohi leaves.

Ahan proposes Pankti in a street of london. arohi calls Pankit. She says I need your help. Ahna says I am coming. Lets go to consulate. Arohi says thank you for being here. Pankti says we are coming don’t worry.
Tara calls arohi. She says you thought I would die?? Where is deep? Arohi says i wont ever tell you. If you loved him you would have known he is dead. Tara says that can’t happen. Arohi says your shivering voice guves me peace. YOu lost. Tara says you can never go back to India. A man stops Arohi. Tara says these are famous killers here. they will kill you. arohi runs from there. These men surround her. Pankti and aHan come. They run. Arohi says they were here to kill me. They are Tara’s men. Ahan says lets go from here. Pankti and Arohi run from there. Arohi says thank you for your help. Pankti says what have you decided next? Arohi says I will go away from Niku and Chawani and go away from here. Ahan gives her all her documents. Arohi says I would have been so worried if you two weren’t here. Arohi says I saw Viranj here please be careful. She leaves.

Ahan and Pankti come to food street. He says lets eat something. she says why is Viranj here? He says don’t worry I am here with you. They enjoy in streets on London.
They shop am enjoy food. Viranj comes to them. He says you here? He says yes. He says you will have so much fun in concert here. Everything will be so good. Your hotels are ready. Ahan says thank you.
Ahan and Pankti come to a shop and buy things. Pankti says what was arohu saying about VIranj? He says Viranj can never do anything wrong. He says don’t worry. I think he is genuine. arohi didn’t say anythign bad. Pankti says we can’t trust him much, We just met him. A man steals her bag. Ahan runs after him. Viranj joins ahan. They all run after the man. Pankti says my passport is in the bag.
Viranj takes the bag from the man. He says be careful. Ahna says thank you so much. He says I am here for you both.

Tara calls Arohi. Arohi says you have been defeated. Your thugs couldn’t kill me. Tara screams in anger. She says you can’t go anywhere because you don’t have passport. Arohi says you dont’ either. Police here will serve you. See how you go to jail for killing Deep. You will be easily caught. Tara says what. Arohi sends Tara video of her killing deep. Tara screams no.. Deep. She screams. Police comes outside.
Precap-Pankti is in he rroom. Someone is in the room. She wakes up scared. Roma and Virat come to Arohi and say thank God deep’s game is over. Someone comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. AMAZIINNNNGGGG AROHI SO SMART ! i enjoy today episode ::: PLEASE CAN someone tell me what deep was saying to arohi before she kill him (i think he is still alive but we will see) did someone have any information about arjun biljani he is still in the show ? we have to wait one week before see him again ? I don’t know why but i feel like deep was trying to say to arohi that he was really sincery with her that he really loved her, i think he will come to say that later i still don’t believe in deep death, one last think taraaaaa hahahahah go to helllllll 🙂 i hope she will go to jail for five years

    1. Hai arohi and deep.agree with you.

    2. Deep said to arohi” thanks it’s good if understand truth”

    3. why he say that i don’t understand

    4. when i read with subtitles deep say why ? i hope you could understand the truth
      this is wrong or what ?? because if really deep say that it change many think, it like he say there are some reason that you don’t know

  2. omg! what the twist now because roma was saying that “asli khiladi to abhi zinda hai” .who is this asli khiladi now??

    1. Woh asali khiladi arohi ki bhabi hogi I think


    3. I think asli khiladi will be roma husband who was on wheel chair

    4. Hai preet.may be dilip.

  3. I hope that this time deep will understand that roma doesn’t care about him, i think that the precap was arohi dream she will see him in his dream because she feel guilty for killing someone.

    Just wating for deep re entry in the show but this time to repent and be arohi side, the fact that she shoot him can change him and make him realise how much she is in pain

    1. I hope so.

  4. Arohi you are even worst than Tara. And going to watch this show anymore.

    1. Not going to watch. As I am Arjun fan

    2. i think arjun will be back in one week

  5. Aarohi….she jst nail it this z what is calld killing 2 birds wth 1 stone

    1. Hai lutfa.

  6. Episode was nice. But if Roma is sent with police then why in precap she and virat were together and saying asli khiladi toh koi aur hai. Is it Arohi’s ex boyfriend or brother??? God knows

    1. Same question here.

  7. good episode

  8. im happy f or tara.she shouldand gt more punishmentand sure deepand is alive.

    1. Is deep alive.

    2. Hi Rhivanya,, i hope Deep is alive

  9. I seriously feel bad to see Deep dying. I wish he could have been kept alive. I am confused who is the real game player? Even I hope Deep survives and returns back in positive shade in helping Aarohi against the real game player. However I suspect that all the time they showed Tara’s father on wheelchair and positive but I suspect that we might be the real game player. Oh God I hope the show does get diverted from it’s actual plot. How long will the show run? I hope it ends positively. Oh please Deep come back in positive shade and support Aarohi.

    1. Hai shinjini.agree with you.I want deep come back.and ardeep live a beautiful life.

    2. I like the twist.

    3. me too i want deep come back not for revenge but for love

  10. Will deep be gon to death or he will come back & what a fantastic twist it was

  11. Nice episode waiting for monday mastermind of this game come i think its should be related to Aarohi Arjun I m also arjun bijlani fan he is not die so soon i m sure he will be come back ahaan and pankti bored me tolerate them just because of Aarohi

    1. Yes am also hate mahasangam.

  12. i think there is double role of arjun … “asli khiladi to abhi zinda hai”

    1. I don’t think arjun play a double role.

    2. i don’t think too and i don’t want,

  13. deep was saying to arohi before she kill him : kash tum sachhayi jan pati . (it’s good if u understand truth)

    1. why did he say that don’t understand ?????????????

    2. when i read with subtitles deep say why ? i hope you could understand the truth
      this is wrong or what ?? because if really deep say that it change many think, it like he say there are some reason that you don’t know

  14. ShraddhaSharma392

    I am confused, seriously deep role is over?????????? and this mahasangam is more confusing, who will be captured by police either tara or aarohi

    1. i think deep will come back later let’s see

  15. Episode was nice. But wht about deep. He will come back or not

  16. Nice episode but wht about deep I’m arjun fan he will come back or not

    1. Hai sathya.

    2. so precap is just arohi nightmare, deep doesn’t have a twin i don’t hope what do you think ??

  17. Hello friends.
    Really heart breaking and disappointed episode for me.this is am not expect from arohi.I think definitely arohi punish deep.but she kill deep. How arohi how.when arohi try to kill Tara her hand is shivering. But she come to deep very strong and shoot twice.
    But deep said.khash tum sach jaan paati.that mean deep love arohi.arohi always said am not kill any one.but punish my enemies.but now…..super acting Alisha and arjun.
    Arjun nailed it.i can’t see deep death.please come back.
    What happened in precap. Who is the new entry.

    1. Hi Rhivanya,,, how are you?
      I too felt bad when Arohi shot Deep that too it’s worst when she shoot second time…
      Deep always helped her by letting her alive and escape from all these,,, i agree it’s all because of him Arohi undergone all the troubles,,, but murder is not the right punishment,,, Atleast Deep has some regret and guilt and saved Arohi though he is very loyal to Roma but in return she killed him…. Initially she was saying she will show what true love and then will snatch that from him that’s the big punishment to him,,,, don’t know why she changed her revenge to murder him….
      Will see what writters have in store for us

    2. Am r u?
      Agree with you.I also don’t know why arohi kill deep.i can’t understand wt’s going on writers mind.I hope everything will be good.just I want deep come back. And ardeep live a beautiful life.

    3. Am fine Rhivanya ? i too hope Deep comes back soon

      I read in the below spoilers that he is coming back,,

  18. Hello Rhivanya

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