Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi tells deep everything

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Deep looks for Tara everywhere. Tara comes. Deep says where did you go? She says thank God you are here in front of me. She hugs him. He says what are you saying are you okay? She says yes. Tara says I feel free from that Arohi and everything. She says I will tell you something very important. Deep gets a call and says whatt.. I am coming there. Deep says Tara I have to rush somewhere. Its very important. Tara says we have to go back India. He says why? She says I will tell you deep leaves. She says I will go home and meet everyone in the home.
Chawani says to Nikyu get ready we have to go.
Niku writes in book mama. Chawani says I don’t get what you are trying to say.Chawani says don’t worry your mom will be back we will dance together. Niku laughs. They both dance and play together.

Tara comes home. She says I will celebrate today. I will live my memories back with deep. How dare that Arohi live with deep and sleep with him. I will burn everything. She takes her luggage out and burns it. She takes out Arohoi’s passport to burn it too.

Deep meets Steve. He says you wanted to talk about something urgent. Steve says the gun I gave you is not licensed. Please return it. Deep comes home and says Tara where are you? Tara is breaking stuff in anger. She says Arohi is dead. Deep says what are you doing. Arohi says that Arohi is in London. She called and challenged me. Deep says what.. She said she will send me back to Inida. Deep says what.. He says the one I met was her. Arohi says she said she will kill me. i will kill her. Deep says where do we have to meet her? She says the location. Deep leaves. It was Arohi. Arohi says I will come with you. She can harm you. Deep says I know waht i am doing. Arohi says we will kill her together. Deep says you can’t kill someone here. Arohi says you are not taking me because you want to save her. Deep says are you crazy? he leaves.

Deep comes to location where Arohi called him. Deep says Arohi where are you? Arohi says deep I am here. She says you thought you are so clever. i am here in front of you. He says Arohi? Arohi recalls she came to the road when Tara gave her injection. She called Steve to give her meds and water. He says I work for anyone who gives me water. He called Deep so Tara couldn’t talk to him. deep says then where is Tara? Aorhi says I came to London with you. I was me living with you all this time. Deep says you are lying. She says yes I lived with you every moment. I stayed in your house as Tara. She tells him all that she did. She says you thought I can’t play your game on you? Your sins could never be forgiven. I made you shoot Tara. I lied that I love you. I hate you with every inch of em. How many proofs do you need? I dont’ care how pure is your love but all I know is that you have lost. I wanted you to love so that I can break you eternally. She says I only hate you and my hate is pure.

Deep says you played your game well. Then where is Tara? Aorhi says don’t shout. She tells him how she has locked Tara is a closet. Tara said I wont leave you. Arohi put tape on her mouth. She says you thought you could give me poison and I would die? Arohi gave her the same injection. Tara said you can’t even kill an insect. Arohi injected it in her but stops. Tara says you can never be as brave as me. Arohi locked her in the closet. Arohi says you took everything from me but you I wont kill you. You will live and suffer every moment. I will kill the monster who started all this. Arohi locked her. Arohi says you will never know where your Tara is. Arohi says you sent me to jail even after knowing what happens to a woman in jail. Arohi recalls all that happened to her. arohi grasps his collar she says I have died then why did you come to my life. But now I am here in front of you. I will take my revenge. He says i have no regret of what I did. I did it for my family and that was my faith. Now tell me where is Tara. Arohi says you will never know. He says you are not the Arohi i knew. Arohi puts gun on his chest. Deep is shocked.

Precap-Ahan and Pankti are in London too. Somoene is following Arohi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I don’t know why nowadays am getting bored of this show,,,, same trapping,,, same swapping between Tara and Arohi,,,, same Deep keep saying same thing loyalty,,,
    Only good thing is Alisha act, She is classy as Tara

    1. Hi sathya.yes Alisha looking gorgeous.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I am really confused with episode… aarohi ka revenge pura hua bhi hai ya nhi?? ????

    2. Why aarohi did stupidity by telling truth to Deep?? she should have first injured him, then tell truth…

    3. tara said right, to kill like tara, aarohi needs strength and mind like killer…

    4. I doubt on Deep words or uske heart and mind me same feelings nhi hain…????

    1. Hi are correct.

  3. Hello evry1… scene were Aarohi was telling deep everything and shouting at deep 4 everything she went through was just so emotional and de best part was watching Chawani making Nikku smile and de way Aarohi defeated Tara was extremely superb

    1. deeps words are deceitful his tongue tells something but his eyes his soul his inner spirit tells something much opposite….thats deep he is deeply confusing i agree but his heart can never lie after aarohi takes the gun he says”u cant be ‘MY’ Aarohi” that were some words from his heart u could feel it but arjun a marvelous actor super….

    2. Hai lutfa.I like chawani and nikku part.yes arohi is so emotional.

  4. Seriously guys I was hating arohi for trying to kill deep but after she was confessing and saying all the things that she went through in jail I think it’s better that she kills him. But at the same time I don’t wantdeep to die either. Who else agrees with me?

    1. me too Neethumol when aarohi went to jail i felt she should take her revenge from deep but not by killing him i never expected that…i doont understand is if aarohi does the same thing with deep what is the difference between them and her,but she did it for revenge and deep did it out of his consequences and loyalty thats the only difference i see..yah even i felt sad when aarohi said those things happened in jail with her but deep also was hurt when she told about the prostitution in the previous epi…but doesnt mean she should kill him deep never tried to kill aarohi though he caught her and gave or shot her on the leg[tara thinking it was aarohi]…he gave a piece of advice to her too telling find a partner for yourself and moveon in your life but his eyes were full of pain when he said that i now just hate aarohi. dont know why she also wants to become a murder then it is not a blame which was false she really is a murder she killed maya the doctor though they were accidents she was involved too but she had to kill deep out of tara roma virat really those are the real culprits

      1. Agree with you.

  5. Hello friends.
    I personally like the episode.
    Love arjun and Alisha act.
    Arohi gave jewels to goon then how to wear the jewel in next scene.arohi get the passport
    mean why she wants ahaan help.Tara will go to India.but was she escaped? Arohi not kill Tara mean then how to she kill deep really die.
    Deep deserve this.because he play with arohi emotions and feelings in shimla.When arohi came from jail and spread a fake news arohi was died.that time why deep not worried about arohi.why he can’t realised his mistake.arohi asked the question to deep everything is correct.deep asked arohi where is Tara?
    This is for love or Tara really love deep.yes mean why deera not live a happy and normal life?
    If arohi knows deep is not responsibility for ridhi death what will she do?
    Is She accept deep.
    What happened next?
    I hate mahasangam.

    1. Ridhi (bhabhi) is alive. She is the side of tara.
      Don’t ask me how i know?
      Understand the story u will know.

      1. Why would she be side of Tara, unless she is someone else. Or she forgot who she is. That could be it.

        Well done Arohi for getting your passport back. Very clever move.
        I hope she shoots deep, I don’t care much for him anyway. Because it was deep, who made arohi, who she is. I liked when he said you not my arohi anymore, you are someone else. I was thinking that, this is your doing. I wish arohi killed tara as well. Then this tara business would end.

      2. no i don’t think impossible how many time they try to kill tara and tara kill her husband.
        We didn’t see arohi kill deep maybe she didn’t do it, i wonder why he was saying where is tara where is tara he don’t love her its clear

      3. hi mo dont say that deep also has his own valid reasons….he always saved her family as much as he could save even her deep would have eloped with aarohi if she didnt get to know his truth and there is quote responsibility always comes in between love….it was sure deep who made her strong by giving her strength by giving her the bagawath geeta……waiting just for deeps character revelation because i know deep cant die so easily

      4. but Aarohi&deep tara is his responsibility and he cant loose his responsibility….and will wait and see is this true it could be ridhi is alive as i cant see nikku like that maybe they show it like that to make us viewers believe that bhabhi is alive we will anyway get to know

      5. I dont think ridhi is Tara side.

    2. haha rhivanya even i was going to ask about the jewels strange and another mistake by the show but can u remember aarohi wore this same earrings when she came to raichand house kidnapped herself etc why couldnt deep recognize it….by finding logic here will make us totally crazy so lets think aarohi has sets of those earings…but rhivanya deep doesnt deserve death i also want deep to be punished but not by killing him by his loves hands i want deep to go to jail and tell aarohi the reason he did it…..waiting till deeps story is out there so many question marks over him maybe he is doing this out of his helplessness will anyways wait and see…loving these twos acts great and wonderful performance by aalisha and arjun

      1. Agree with you.I can’t see Deep death.let see wt happened next.

  6. Episode was mind blowing Alisha and arjun acting was superr Aarohi tell deep that she is going through that time Ardeep eyes was in pain Aarohi ne deep ko mar diya ya nhi nikku and chawanni part was good. Mahasangam don’t like it but it seems interesting

    1. Really arjun Alisha is a super actors.

  7. There is just a little comments london track wasn’t as i hoped. I don’t understand many think. DO YOU THINK THAT AROHI KILL DEEP REALLY ??? she try ????????

    1. may be deep will get saved….aarohi doesnt have the guts of killing as tara said…may be she will just shoot him but not at the heart its going to be shown today anyways right dont need to waste our mind and time by thinking about it as ive just lost my interest on ardeep totally

    2. I don’t think arohi kill deep.but writers mind…..

  8. They should make show interesting by entering some more unknown carecters like one more girl like chawani & two younger twin girls

    1. what do you mean by one more girl like chawanni

  9. WhO will take the revenge in the place of arohi

  10. Ye Pankti aur Aahaan kabhi inka picha nhi chodenge

  11. I am wondering whether really Deep’s character will end or what? I don’t support in anything as I am confused what is right and wrong in this episode. Will this show end soon or what?


    Hope this spoilers is not true or did Arjun really taking a break from this for his next show,,,, not sure,,,, but definitely without Arjun viewers will be dropped drastically…

  13. after watching today’s episode at the end they show in next ep , i think there is double role of deep’s character …

    1. no just i think that deep is not dead like she think and maybe its arohi dream because she feel guilty she is a murderess now. I think that we have to wait one more week before seeing arjun in ishq mein marjawan or maybe im wrong

  14. I hope Ishq mein marjawan as a show ends positively. Guys I saw today’s episode in which Aarohi actually kills Deep and frames Tara. Moreover it showed that at the preview Virat and Roma are happy that Deep died and they inform that now game will change and become easier because the real game player is still alive. God I got goose bumps hearing this. Like I said I just hope that the show ends positively with Aarohi living a happy life. I hope the show makers make Aarohi even more stronger to face the real game player.

  15. I think I am slowly loosing the interest in this show. I hope they don’t stretch it for too long.

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