Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Reporter gives arohi a letter to find her parents

Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi comes home and recalls what deep said. Deep is getting the whole house decorated. Tara wonders what is he upto now. Arohi recalls that Depe said he saved her life. Arohi sees bullet in the wall. She says Tara or Virat tried to shoot me?
Tara says where did Anjali go? Who is helping her? Virat or Deep? Is it deep?
Tara cuts her hand. Virat comes and says what are you doing. she says what i should. No one loved me. Dad never loved me. you and mom left me. Deep handled me. He loved me. He was there to be my friend. I love deep. He can’t belong to anyone else. I will lose my mind. Virat says control yourself.

Arohi says so deep saved my life? Why? What is his plan?
Tara says if deep leaves me who would be with me? Tara says what did you do to

stop your Anju? She would take my deep from me. Virat says our lives aren’t apart from each other. We never got anyone who would love us. Tara says I want to spend my whole life with deep.

Everyone hears band baja outside. Deep comes with an idol Everyone comes outside. Deep says its time to add the idol in this house. Tara says you didn’t tell. He says it was a surprise. Virat says Anju where were you last night? She says did you do what I asked? Then dont’ ask me any questions.
The journalist comes there as pandit. Deep says you are a journalist. He says we do this as family thing. Mausi says come with me.
Deep says to anjali you have decorated the temple really well. Tara says this pooja is happening in my house I will prepare for everything. Deep says yes you are my wife you should handle everything. Tara goes to kitchen. Deep holds Anjali’s hand. She says I dont’ need your help. He says I want everything my way. She says you dont’ get what you want. He says I saved your life last night. she says but intention matters more. Deep says humans think about circumstances. Arohi says in some games you lose when you think the other person is weaker. Deep says I don’t do that. I know how powerful the person is. But by the time that person knows the game it would be over.
Tara says to Arohi you can go now. Tara and Deep do the pooja together.

Tara says to Deep what game are you playing. He says only focus on pooja. The pooja starts. Tara says anjali you are not our family you can step back. The thread breaks. Arohi goes to fix it. Deep says let me help you. Arohi says I don’t need your help.
Tara and Deep do the pooja together.
The journalist/pandit comes to Arohi and says you wont take Arti Arohi? Arohi says I am Anjali. He says I know you are Arohi. I am a reporter. I know youu are Arohi. He gives her a letter and says this will tell you where your parents are. Arohi is dazed. She says what are you saying. I am Anjali. He says okay then give it back to me. Arohi takes the letter. He smiles and leaves.
Arohi is about to open the letter. Tara takes the letter from her and smiles.
Precap-Tara says I asked that reporter to come here. Is he interfering too much in our house? Let me read this letter. Tara opens the letter and is dazed. The reporter comes there. Tara says what is this?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Miss old immj.
    Miss old ardeep.
    Beat part: Tara and virat part.

  2. I already stopped watching it….
    Most boring script in the show

  3. *best

  4. Sahina

    Nia is delivering the dialogues as if she is giving a speech in front of the mass….No emotions no feelings….just delivering…Why the writers dont understand our feelings… they are making the show’s so that we can entertain,but why do they make the script so uninteresting..Ok,samjte hai galti insaano se hoti h but atleast they can rectify their mistakes..2mnths already passed but still not a single mystery disclosed.. They are just bringing more and more mysteries,atleast they should unfold one and bring anothr…Hating Nia as Arohi so much…In Jamai raja she was #ok for her role but how can the writers think that they can replace Alisha frm the main lead and we will keep watching it…Guys now we have to take some actions otherwise,or we will be called as loosers…If on popular demands other shows can chnge their mistakes and bring their favourite character back then i think we can do the same

    1. hi satya, thursday and friday episode are total bakwas and vuglar web series. forget on tv , i cant watch these online.
      only tara is worth to watch today.

      1. Satya127

        Yes arjun
        Those episodes r the worst…. I was literally shocked because this used to be a show which we can watch with family arsha as ardeep romance is always up to the decent line but this nia is soo disgusting totally they turned the show into a vulgar web series…. I really want tara o kill all of the people in the serial including anjali deep everyone with some big bomb…. And then they bring a new love story with arsha as main leads…..
        In those two episodes frankly speaking ardeep flashback is only the best… They were looking soo cute… Coming to arsha be it deera or ardeep their romance does not look vulgar like this nia scenes but for me ardeep (arsha) r the best….

      2. Now sword fighting is coming. Useless producer,director, writer. Yeah satya I agree.

    2. Satya127

      I am with u Sahina…..
      Of course I stopped watching it before only boring khichidi…..
      We all love arjun and alisha work we love them more as ardeep and only because of this nia we alone not watching the show missing our arsha…..
      Today at the same time at 7:30 I watched few scenes of our immj that r from shimla track these r just soo perfect…… These writers spoiled everything…..
      Before I could say that the show I watch has great unique storyline with perfect main leads with super chemistry and cutest and romantic love story….. But now there is nothing left in the show beside arsha as side roles…..
      Some people say it is writers fault wht Can nia do with it but nia is also responsible for this fault along with writers she not even acts just shows emotionless face, do all the web series content destroy arohi character completely wearing the stupid costumes over acting ki dukan he….
      Fir kind information arohi is simple, innocent smart daring and beautiful by heart and by nature… But nia is doing like she is some fashion diva having 5 months baby who just runs here and there all the time careless attitude etc wht not……
      And on top alisha with arjun as ardeep is one the best jodi in tv and talking about arjun ardeep is one the best Jodi in his career but arjun beside nia looks like brother and sister if I have chance I would play that taro ka pullonka song of arjun from dance deewane for nia and arjun….
      I want to ask these producers u gave many great love stories and beautiful jodies devakhsi from kuch rang pyar ke esa be and ardeep from immj then why did u spoil ardeep…. Disgusting writers let them make them realize their mistake everywhere u see everyone want only alisha as AROHI back nia does not deserve AROHI…..#wewantalishaasarohi

      1. Hi satya.agree with you.the trp will be increased by a good story. But the current track story is not good.

    3. Agree with you.

  5. Everytime Tara is shown stronger than Aarohi

  6. Satya127

    All the fans want only #arsha as their #ARDEEP….
    Immj was the best show only because of the hardwork of alisha and arjun and all fans love their chemistry as ardeep….
    Please end this nonsense track and bring back alisha as AROHI…. Without alisha as arohi the show as lost its charm and became lifeless and a trash….

  7. Hi everyone..
    how are you all?
    nothing is happening
    Lost interest in commenting

    1. Hi sravanthi. r u?
      Yes not at all interesting. Love only Tara act.

      1. Hi rhivanya
        Fine dear..

  8. Satya127

    Let us boycott immj on tv then the trp will automatically decrease and then they will understand the height of our anger let us all try and make this khichidi dirty web series face it’s lowest trp ever it should be out from all The lists…. And it should really face it for using our weaknesses of watching arsha and for forcing this meaningless crap and killing our old immj….

  9. I dont know why but I feel like arohi will fall for virat in future because seeing the way virat was talking about true love I think so .who agrees ?

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