Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep kicks dany out

Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi takes deep’s gun. she says leave it. What are you doing. He says let me die. I killed my mom. Arohi says you didn’t kill anyone. He says I shouldn’t live. I killed my mom. Arohi says you promised to live with me. He says I just want to die. Deep picks the gun. Dany takes the gun. He says what are you doing DEep says go from here. Deep says to arohi go away from me. i killed my mom. I am a beast. Arohi slaps him and says shut up now. I know about your mom. You didn’t kill your mom. Roma lied to you. To save Roma Tara shot towards you and your mom. You can’t kill anyone. Deep says what if this was the truth? Arohi says you didn’t do anything. I will go and find everything. Wait for me here. Chawani says dany has fainted. Arohi says stay here.

Arohi picks dany and calls doctor. She says doctor is coming. She stops his blood. Arohi says there is no first aid. what should I do.
Dany says thank God I came. Deep could even shoot you. thank God I came and saved you. Deep pulls Aroi’s hand. He says what are you saying Enough. You can never make Arohi yours.
Deep takes Arohi to room. He says you left me to him? Arohi says he was bleeding. I had to save a life. He saved your life. Deep says he loves you. and I can’t share you with anyone. Arhi says you never have to. There will never be anyone in my life but you. Deep says promise me. He lits a candle and says take a round around it with me and tell me that that you will always be mine. Deep says I promise you there will never be anyone in my life. He hugs her.

Doctor comes to dany. He says to nurse I have given him injection. Dany feels like fainting.
At night, Chawani wakes up. He sees a shadow. Chawani says who is there.. Didi.. Arohi wakes up and runs to him. She looks at deep. Chawani says didi save me. There was someone in my room. arohi says let me check. She checks around and says there is no one. Chawani says I am really scared. arohi says come with me. She says don’t worry I am here. Sit I will get you water. Chawani sleeps on the couch.

Scene 2
Deep comes downstairs in morning. He says to chawni where is arohi? You were asleep here? He says Arohi brought me here btu she never came back. I slept on the couch. Deep looks for Arohi. He goes to dany’s room and sees them sleeping together. Deep says i will kill you. He hits dany. Deep says how dare you. ARohi says he didn’t do anything. Deep says its not your mistake arohi. He did all this. Dany says i don’t know how all this happened. deep says get out of this room. Dany says I dont’ know how I got into that room. Deep kicks dany out. Arohi is crying. Deep says dont’ cry. Arohi says I don’t know how i got there. Deep says dany did that. hwo did you get in chawani’s room? Arohi says i went to chawani’s room to get him water. When I wen to kitchen there was a glass already. I drank and fainted. deep says someone is trying to come between us but they never can.

Dany says I dont’ know how i got into that room. He slips and sees a chip. Danyy is dazed.

Precap-Dany calls Arohi and says I know about tara’s plan. He goes to Roma and Tara and kidnap her. Dany comes to Deep. Deep says why are you here again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi frnds…
    nothing is happening in the story not at all interesting…

  2. Hello friends.
    Nice episode. Finally arohi saves deep.arohi slap deep ??????
    And ardeep expression awesome.
    Deep trust arohi.I love Danny help arohi.
    Good night friends.

  3. absolutely no idea who is helping whom.. total.confusions

  4. dont no how far its true but i had Roma and Danny wil die

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