Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi and virat to live in raichand house

Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says get out of this house. This house only belongs to Virat. Police comes and says we got news that virat and anjali came here. Arohi says this house is of Virat. We have to kick him out. Media reports all of this.
Tara comes and says read it. Inspector reads it. Virat reads mom named this property for Arohi. Arohi says how is that possible. Tara says Tar loved you so much. She gave the house to me. Anjali says Virat is still half owner of the house. Deep says we can’t live here with tara’s brother. Go to court we will give you the money. Paolice says according to the papers at the moment only deep and aroi can live here. Deep says get out. Virat says see you in court then. I will get you out of there. Tara says no one needs to go anywhere. Virat is the half owner of this house then he can live here with Anjali. Equal. Your face gives me a connection. Let’s live together. ARohi says welcome virat. We will all live here.

ARohi says to Virat Tara is around as well. We will find her.
Tara says I don’t need to be scared of Virat. He wants his job back by getting Tara on the death sentence. Welcome back home virat. Let me know if you need anything else.
Aroi says you said I can’t even be close to this house. See I am in. DEep says I will get you out of here. she says bring a new threat. VIrat says are you threatening Anjali.
Virat takes ARohi to Roma’s room and says this is my mom’s room. You can stay here.

Arohi says you know everything. Why you play with my feelings. For a moment I thought m,y deep came back. You sowed your real face again. You can’t fool me again. I wont ever trust you.
She comes out. Someone has placed a wire on carpet. Mausi comes in and says I want to talk. She steps on wire and faints. ARohi rushes her to hospital.
Deep comes to hospital and says she got her here on time otherwise her life would have been in danger.
Arohi says you are an amazing actor.

A maid stops arohi and says anjali madam. Is everything okay? She says yes. Maid says your life is in danger. I will come back on work from tomorrow. Arohi says sit in my car. I liev in raichand house these days.
The maid says you are living in virat’s house? Stay away from him. His intentions are bad. You promised your dad that you wont ever give up. You are very strong.
Precap-Police arrests Deep.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. nothing to say,drag and drag. almost all the old characters are killed. New characters are being introduced everyday. but no secrets are being revealed. Nia is just making up assumptions half of which are wrong (Like anjali’s suicide and Deep doing everything for money) i shall count the number of days that this maid will remain alive in the show lol

    1. Hi dhara.

    2. Just dragging the story. No interest.

  2. Hi frnds…
    Mon to Fri day in whole week what happened in the story nothing is there.. not at all interesting… No suspense.. No thrill.. Nothing.. this show becomes normal routine serial this is not immj…
    Only Tara is awesome…
    This Nia has to die with shock why mausi came in middle..
    Anjali servant is more beautiful and nice acting than nia..

    1. Hi sravanthi. 100% u r correct. Nothing happened in whole week.

    2. hi Sravanthi, i agree that immj has become like every other show. the uniqueness is gone. only leads separated continuously. every show does this. show a leap and then make viewers wait for the reason behind the leads separation. Only difference is here they are trying to confuse us with the male lead may or may not be evil.
      But we know Deep. Deep had done bad things before but after London track Arohi forgave him in one second and was even asking forgiveness from him. did Deep ask forgiveness from Arohi for sending her to jail and her brother’s death?? this time also, they will give some reason and Nia will forgive Deep. today also she said that Deep did one drama and i was ready to forget everything…. so everything on repeat. again Arohi getting her revenge from Deep. it was interesting the first time. Not again.

  3. Dialog of the day:deep said to reporter,” tumku kaafi masala mil chuka hai tum abhi ja sakthey hai”

  4. If anyone want upcoming scenes. Yes mean I will give a link.

    1. Satya127

      Now no one r interested in knowing wht happens next… These episodes r just dragging boring…. This is not at all our immj which it is used to be…. Which we used to love…. The writers spoiled everything…. Arohi role, deep role, ardeep cute love story, thrill, suspence, there USB itself they did not leave….. They just suddenly brought this track, gave us this much huge shock and forcefully forcing us to watch showing our weakness of watching our favorites arjun and alisha… No story, nothing is left….
      U know guys before 13th if there used to be any disturbance in tv signal or any power cut I seriously used to call tv people and used to clear the channel for only too watch my favorite show… I used to stick to the TV without thinking about anything I used to enjoy every thing of the show… But today when there is a power cut at 7:15 I was least bothered for the show when the current came at 7:45 I just kept the tv for arjun I just got only minimum of 2 minutes of his presence I thought I missed something btabout after reading the update I understood how they just sidelined around and alisha in today’s episode…. I can’t believe myself I am the one who used to be so excited in watching my favourite show is today did not give any interest to watch it not even for arjun and alisha…..

  5. Nia which day get out this episode

  6. Makers pls kill tara and arohis charactor.. and cast ur favourite actress nia to anjaly and move the story of immj.. alisha pls leave this show. I cant see u a sidelined charactor in ur own show.. nothing more to say.. i am not watching this show anymore.. gudbye

    1. alisha panwar (arohi) aur deep ka romance bhi deta to hum ye serial zaroor dekhte but i cant accept this nia sharma as arohi she dosent have that cuteness neither that revengeful expression of alisha so gud by immj u lost ur charm

  7. I also don’t like this nia as arohi. I request to the show maker plz bring Alisha back as arohi otherwise I am not going to watch this show

  8. U r right Anindita

  9. Satya127

    Guys requesting here does not make anything we all should also not loose hope……
    Guys do u remember in London interviews of arsha their in the live chat with fans arjun used tell them to tag colors if they have any issue regarding the show like that we alive frustrated see mommy ji chamcha for thus arjun said to tag colors…. So same here
    As I said before if we all tag colors and tag BRING ALISHA AS AROHI in all the related pages of immj colors beyond dreams arjun and alisha bash mamta… And keep trending this tag every day I believe they will surely understand our point of view…. If we r together then we bring alisha back as u I mentioned there is a change of lead in kasam but they brought krithika back with fans repeated requests and protests there krithika left the show for a while but her our alisha is still in the show… To bring her back as arohi is easier too and fans r also ok with any stupid illogical twist they bring alisha back as our AROHI…. For me I am doing the same in my posts in my social network sites so guys come on don’t leave this decision on writers… Because they r just met with an accident due to which all the screws, nuts r vanished due to which they lost their memory they forgot the great hardwork of alisha in making arohi perfectly and the love from all their loyal viewers who accepted their unique concept and won they forgot that their show is a love story along with suspence thrill and now they r making the best show to the worst show ever… Because frankly speaking immj had lost its charm by introducing this stupid track now people r also not interested in knowing about deep’s mystery past…
    So guys come on tag colors and show them that they should bring OUR ALISHA AS OUR AROHI…

    1. Satya127

      Sorry guys it is not bash mamta it is yash mamta typing mistake don’t take it in a wrong way
      I am telling anyone to bash anyone if we do that all will blame us not the writers what we do should be in a right and meaning full way only…..

    2. Satya127

      I mean don’t bash anyone
      I am telling u guys these auto correction of keyboard is just irritating when typed it changed all the meaning if wht I wanted to say
      If u guys have any doubts or issues please let me know….

    3. Satya127

      The correction of above is that
      I am not telling anyone to bash anyone one…. If we do anything like that the total blame will come on our sides like at the time of ipkknd 3 all fans want sanaya but due to some fans bashing the other the issues was sidelined…. That the blame went in sanaya and ipkknd fans now I don’t want anyone to blame alisha or immj fans what we want to convey them we will convey them in a perfect and in a correct way only

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