Ishq mein marjaavaan 2 FF. Part-33 The last part

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Let’s start.

After having dinner then riddhima stands but suddenly she feels dizzy and about to fall but vansh catches her and everyone become worried now Riddhima is unconscious so vansh took her in the arms and goes to the room and made her lay there-

Vansh- Angre call the doctor fast.

Angre- yes boss.

Angre calls the doctor and after sometime doctor came and check her then came out of the room-

Vansh- how is she?

Doctor- Mr Rai Singhania actually she has taken so much stress and exertion that why this happened to her.

Vansh- ok doctor.

As doctor goes vansh and all the Rai Singhania entered the room when Riddhima gain conscious and-

Vansh- how are you feeling?

Riddhima- Hmm I am fine.

Vansh- why are you taking so much Riddhima.

Uma- yes riddhima this is not good for your health.

Riddhima- maa sorry πŸ₯Ί.

Ishani- bhabhi no need of sorry just take care.

After 9 months.

Riddhima was lying having a baby bump but suddenly it’s started paining she shouted-


Vansh came running towards the room and was hell tensed. And also all the Rai Singhania’s

Vansh- what happened Riddhima?

Uma- vansh what type of question you are asking she is having her labour pain.

Vansh- ha maa I know Angre make car ready and Siya Ishani pack all the stuff of Riddhima. I am taking her.

Vansh took her in bridal style and moved towards the car and reaches hospital as soon as they reach and Riddhima was in ICU shouting so loudly because of too much pain and vansh and all the Rai Singhania’s are hell tensed outside the when they heard a crying sound of baby all of them became happy then doctor came outside and said-

Doctor- congratulations Mr Singhania you are blessed with a baby girl.

Vansh- thanku so much doctor but how is Riddhima.

Doctor- she is fine but unconscious due to tiredness. And also we are shifting Riddhima and baby to the room directly you all can meet them there but make sure riddhima should take rest properly.

Vansh- ok doctor.

After half an hour.

Baby and Riddhima was shifted to the room and all of them goes to meet both of them. After that when Riddhima gain conscious vansh was sitting beside her only-

Riddhima- vansh where is my baby? And who is he/she?

Vansh- Riddhima we have baby girl.

Riddhima- vansh I want to take her in my arms.

Then vansh gave her baby when nurse and told vansh to move out so that riddhima could feed baby and vansh obediently agrees and moves out then riddhima feed baby after sometime she got discharged from the hospital πŸ₯ and they came to their house-

Then they lived a happy family life β™₯️.

The End….



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