Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) FF – Epi 9

Episode begins when kabir says all was your plan. Our wedding, all conversation in jail. Ridhima says ofcourse it was plan. Vansh came to meet me. He was genuinely sorry for getting me  arrested but just then he saw your aid spying on us so he signal and we started acting. when he went we were casually talking just then we saw you. Kabir says so much planning. U r very lucky vansh. U got ridhima.

Vansh says interesting.My enemy is praising my wife. Good job. But iam still angry on u ridhi. U shouldn’t have done this. I was there for u .Ridhima says I know vansh. That’s why I have planned for u. I can’t see because of me u r having this problem.

Kabir slowly bends down and picks gun. He says vansh,let’s get this over good bye. He was about to shoot when police cums and shot kabirs hand. Kabir says thank god u guys came. Arrest vansh. He killed everyone with help of ridhima. They just confessed.

Police goes near vansh and ridhima. Kabir smiles. His smile vanishes as they said thank you so much mr vansh rai Singhania. And our capable Agent Burning Fire. Kabir says what are saying. Police says kabir she is our agent Burning fire. Ur boss. Kabir looks on shocked. Kabir says in temple u called me ridhima. So that vansh will marry u again. Police says you are under arrest kabir.

Kabir says she killed ragini. How can u arrest me. Ridhima says let me explain. She goes near kabir. She says bring them. Kabir gets surprised to see ragini and all other alive. Kabir says who killed them right vansh. Vansh says no. I didn’t. Ridhima says when ragini came to vansh as sudden. We were surprised to see her. She came and told vansh that she is his ragini . Actually we were surprised as I was searching vansh for years I didn’t get any lead how can ragini find vansh easily. We got to know it was trap. Someone was trying to frame vansh. We got ragini in custody. She didn’t take ur name. After ragini all the people u have sent were in our custody. After that I got to know about u.i got ur file. We investigated and found u r our kabir. But we didn’t knew the reason. So we planned together. Now your game is over.

Kabir says then how about u killed agent neha. Vansh says I didn’t. When we were talking. Neha gets to know about us. About our planning. Ridhima saw u so she went to u and I followed neha. I was just asking neha that its over. She got frightened and jumped.I was about to hold her but missed. I couldn’t save her.

Ridhima says your game over. Arrest him. Riansh went home. Dadi cums and hugs ridhima and says finally my daughter in law returned. Aryan and ishani apologizes to ridhima that they didn’t know that u r our bhabhi. Ridhima says it’s ok when we got married u guys were abroad studying. Vansh says we should surprise you guys. They hug ridhima. Ridhima smiles at vansh. Ridhima gets a call. She says what ok. Agent Burning fire is on the way. Vansh says it means u r leaving. Ridhima says duty calls. Have to go. Vansh hugs ridhima. Ridhima packs her bag and went. Angre cums and says boss we got ur father’s killer. Vansh let’s start our mission.

Precap: Kabir escapes from jail. Ridhima in danger.

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    When will you upload today episode. I am addicted to this fan fiction.plz can not wait for today episode . It is my humble request to upload today episode. This is unpredictable and awesome FF .The Chemistry between Ridhima and vansh stole our heart ❤️.Love you riansh ♥️.

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