Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) FF – Epi 8

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Episode begins when vansh calls kabir. Vansh says he wants to meet him and clear everything. Kabir says how I believe u. Vansh says fine. U tell the time and place. Kabir says ok. I will message u. Vansh thinks today I’ll finish everything. I don’t want to live like this. He gets kabir message and smiles. Ridhima saw vansh smiling. She thinks vansh has something in mind. She sees vansh drives the car. She follows.

Vansh cums to a place. He thinks this is the place which everything started. Kabir cums and says yes. This is the place. Vansh looks at him and moves towards him. Kabir also cums near him. Vansh says can we forget everything and make a new start like before. Kabir disagrees. Vansh says then how about one last hug. Kabir gets some flashes. He agrees and kava hugs each other. They move apart.

Vansh says kabir u made me a murderer. What I have done to u .we were friends right. Kabir says no. U r my biggest enemy. Vansh looks at him and says but for me u was my best buddy. We grew up here in this orphanage. Kabir says right we grew up here but I used to hate u. Vansh says I didn’t do anything it was destiny. Kabir says no  vansh it was all ur plan. Vansh says trust me. Kabir says no. I thought u were my friend that I can share everything to u . But u destroyed everything and now I will destroy u .Kabir takes out gun and points towards vansh. Vansh Also takes his gun and points towards kabir.

Kabir says u know vansh where u r .I was supposed to be there. I was supposed to be kabir rai Singhania but u came infront of my success. Mr Rai Singhania was going to adopt me but u came infront of them. U saved little siya. Then they adopted u. I was very angry on . U always snatched my things. U snatched ridhima. I love ridhima. But u married her. Vansh says u loved ridhima what about ragini. Kabir says I didn’t love ragini. Actually point is this I knew u from childhood u were in loved with ragini. U always roam around ragini . Ragini was ur childhood love but ragini loved me. I was just using her. Were were friends right. We were five best friends right from this orphanage. U,me,ragini and angre. And that ridhi. I used to hate her. U took angre with u. After that ridhi ran away from orphanage. Just me and ragini were left. I used hate u. I used to made plans from childhood how to ruin u. Vansh gets shocked.

Vansh says iam sorry. I requested papa to adopt u but he said u have illness. They wanted to have their heir. That’s why they adopted me. Kabir says stop it. U are a liar. Vansh says trust me. Kabir says no from that beginning I studied hard and iam a police officer. I wanted to arrest u. But i didn’t had a proof so I send ragini  to spy u. But u killed her. U killed everything body who was in my plan.U didn’t get me a proof. So I wanted a girl who will ruin u. I saw ridhima. I knew this girl has something. I pretend to love her and use against u. I thought u will kill ridhima and I’ll will get the proof but u didn’t u married her. I was confused. I thought I’ll stop ur wedding and u will get to know ridhima was with me. I was using ridhima but now I think I love her. Vansh looks at him.

Vansh says u made me a murderer. U made me killed innocent people. How could you do this. When I heard agent kabir is behind be I didn’t thought it was u. When I saw u. I was shocked. I thought we were friends. I didn’t know u have poison in ur heart. I wanted to knw why u do this. Now I can get relieved. Now let’s end this chapter. Who will win.Who will be alive. Ridhima was hiding and heard a gun shot.

She runs and sees both alive. Kava was about to pull trigger when ridhima shouts stop it. They saw ridhima. Kabir says what are u doing here ridhima. Ridhima says u used me kabir. I loved u. Vansh says what are u doing here. Kabir says I love u ridhima. Iam sorry. Ridhima cries kabir drops the gun and hugs her. Vansh looks on. Ridhima pushes kabir. Kabir says iam sorry ridhima. I know I did wrong with u. I was just wanted to take revenge from vansh. Kabir looks towards vansh and says yeh ishq ki hadh Tamara nhi hai vansh. Yeh mera hai aur ridhima bhi.

Ridhima gets emotional and runs towards kabir. Kabir looks at her and opens his hands. Ridhima sees kabir and passes him and hugs vansh. Ishq mein Marjawan plays. Kabir looks at her.

Kabir says ridhima iam here. Iam sorry but I really love u. I can’t live without you. He gets shocked as ridhima laughs. Vansh says interesting very interesting. He walks towards kabir and looks towards ridhima and smiles. Kabir gets confused. Kabir snatches vansh gun and aims at vansh. Ridhima looks on. Kabir was about to put pull trigger when ridhima says stop kabir or I’ll kill myself. Kava looks at ridhima who holds a gun and aims her self. Kabir says what are u doing ridhima. Drop that gun. Ridhima says no first u throw the gun. Kabir says what. Ridhima says throw the gun away or else I’ll shoot myself. Kabir says no and throws the gun away. Kabir asks ridhima to drop the gun. Vansh looks on. Ridhima doesn’t. Vansh gets angry and slaps ridhima. Ridhima hugs him. Vansh responds. Kabir says ridhima why are u  trying to help vansh. Ridhima says as Vansh is my husband. Kabir says he married u forcefully. Ridhima smiles and looks at vansh. Vansh says interesting very interesting wifey. Good job. Kabir looks at them and shouts ridhima

Ridhima says slowly iam mrs ridhima vansh rai Singhania. Vansh hugs ridhima and says thank God u r ok. Ridhima says nothing will happen to me when u r my side. And I wont let something happen to u as am alive.

Kabir says ridhima how can u betray me I know I have done wrong to u. But that doesn’t mean u will help vansh.

Ridhima says kabir u didn’t understand. Vansh is my husband. Vansh says let me handle it sweetie. He walks towards kabir and says I told u I have my lucky charm. She is my lucky charm. Ridhi. Kabir looks at ridhima and says ridhi. Angre cums and says yes ridhi our ridhima. My sister. Kabir says ridhima is ridhi whom I hate. Angre says yes she is that ridhi whom u hate. Ridhima says kabir its very  interesting. Vansh used to love, ragini. Ragini used to love u . U now love me and I love vansh. U hate ridhi because she used to roam around vansh. U hate me kabir. Kabir it means i was not trapping vansh. Vansh was trapping me. Ridhima says no. I was trapping u. U made my vansh a murderer. Kabir says but u ran from orphanage. How u met vansh. Ridhima says when I ran away from orphanage I met a couple. They adopted me. They educated me. When I grew up I was searching vansh and angre. But I didn’t get any lead. My parents decided to get me married. They invited vansh and angre for my wedding. On my wedding day my would husband died. And people used to blame me. My parents were heartbroken. I was sitting in the mandap crying listening to people talking. Someone said who will marry this girl. I was about to leave when someone held my hand. I look at him. I felt something. He said he will marry me. He promised me that he will take care of me. He will stand with me every time. He was my father’s best friend son. I look at his eyes I couldn’t say no. We got married. He took me at his home.I  told him that I can’t love u as I love my childhood friend. He held my hand and told me it’s ok. I saw him wearing a old friend ship band. I asked him. He told me that his childhood friend gave this to him. Her was about to say her name when i said ridhi. He was shocked and told me how do u know. I told him iam ridhi, ridhima. He gets happy and says iam vansh.

Kabir says how many years back. Ridhima says five years back. We were happy together when ragini came. Kabir says vansh killed ragini. How can u help vansh. Ridhima says because I killed her not vansh. It was just an accident. I just pushed her and she fell on the table. Vansh just took my blame on him. After that u were sending people and vansh used to kill them becz they got the proof against me. I used to clear all proofs against him. We got to know someone was conspiracy against vansh. We didn’t know it was u. When angre bhaiya told us you are the master mind behind this. We thought why would you do this against vansh. He was vansh best friend. We didn’t know the reason behind it. I thought I will get the answer my self. I didn’t told vansh and angre about my plan. They gets to know when I went to vansh party as party planner. He was so angry .He told me to stop and back up. But he saw agent neha spying on us. She took our pics. He knew u was here. I told him i will not stop. Vansh every time tries to stop me and u were using me.

Precap: Kabir gets arrested. Riansh on another mission.

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