Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) FF – Epi 7

Hi guys, how are you today. I hope you were missing my here it goes.

Episode begins with  kabir says she is my ridhima. She knows who is saying truth. Vansh says u know kabir who is telling truth and who is lying. He goes near ridhima and says one day you will find out truth and that day they u will regret and vansh wont be there for u. Ridhima looks at him. Ridhima thinks I can see truth in vansh eyes. Is vansh saying truth no ridhima kabir can’t betray me.

Inspector comes and says ridhima u r free. U can go now. Ridhima gets happy. KaVa looks at her and smiles. Ridhima says to vansh see kabir has freed me. This Is my love .Vansh gets teary eyes to heard that. Ridhima goes towards kabir when vansh holds her hand. Ridhima turns to him. Kabir sees them. Kabir says but I didn’t bail u out. Inspector says yes kabir but ridhima’s husband bailed her. Ridhima looks at vansh. They have a cute eyelock. Immj bg plays.

Vansh says you r free now go with ur kabir. Kabir looks on.but remember kabir she is my wife. She is mine. I won’t divorce her. I have all rights on her. U snatched ragini and I snatched ridhima. Hissab barabar. Kabir goes when ridhima follows him.

Outside Ridhima stops kabir and says why is he is leaving her. Vansh told I’m free. Let’s go from here. She holds his hand when kabir jerks. Ridhima looks on shocked. Kabir says I’ll always loose and vansh always wins. And this this tim I made a perfect plan because u I lost again. I hate u ridhima. Vansh smirks.

Kabir went. Ridhima gets shattered vansh cums. Ridhima hugs him. Vansh felt something. Ridhima cries saying why vansh why always me. Why I loose everything. First my parents left me on orphanage and now kabir. Vansh says ridhima I wanted to tell u truth but u didn’t believe me. That’s why I  did this. I have lost ragini and I can’t afford to lose u. Ridhima looks on. Vansh says iam sorry ridhima. I can’t see u shattered. He hugs her tightly . Immj plays

Vansh says let’s go ridhima. Ridhima says where. Vansh says VR Mansion. Ridhima says ok.

In VR Mansion

Vansh cums with ridhima. Dadi and all doesn’t look happy. Vansh says ridhima grahprawesh will happen. He ask dadi to do.Dadi does. Vansh thinks kabir tit for Tat. I hope ridhima believes me. Ridhima thinks I have to find out connection between kabir and vansh. This is not just of ragini. There’s some thing else. Thats y have entered VR Mansion. I have to find out but where.

Dadi says ridhima I thought u were a gud girl. I thought u will understand vansh. Vansh says dadi she understands me. She was on wrong way. But now she is on right side. He ask ridhima to go and change.

Vansh thinks kabir kabir. What have u done. We had a amazing connection but u ruined it. I want to know what u exactly want from me. Fine I’ll make a new move. Maybe this is my last move. Now am done. I  can’t kill anyone I’m tired. U made me a murderer a villain. Now enough. Tomorrow is the last day. Who will die.

Precap: Kabir gets to know he loves ridhima. Ridhima follows vansh. Kabir and vansh puts gun on each other.

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  1. Awesome update

  2. Thank you thank you thank you so much for updating it fast…. Just loved the episode…I was just wondering if you could update it in wattpad as well……?

  3. Finally riddhima and vansh are together. Am really happy for that

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  5. It’s awesome ❤️

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  7. Amazing update please put the next episode as soon as possible

  8. plz upload FF ep 8

  9. Why don’t you upload episodes soon or daily just like aired episodes on colors… I’m daily browse this site to read your ff episodes but you upsets me…it’s quite disappointing…

  10. Why don’t you upload episodes soon or daily just like aired episodes on colors… I’m daily browse this site to read your ff episodes but you upsets me…it’s quite disappointing…

  11. Don’t you think that it’s been a long time since your last post. Mn we’re waiting for Your ff…. If You’re really tooo busy thn just finished it quickl….

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