Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) FF – Epi 6

Hi guys I know u r missing my ff. So it’s here.

Episode begins when kabir goes to police station to bail out ridhima. Inspector says we r sorry kabir we cannot. Kabir asks y? Inspector says u know kabir its  not in our hands. Kabir ask inspector if he can meet ridhima. Inspector denies and kabir went outside and shouts vansh. I hate u vansh. I’ll destroy u, I’ll finish u.

Vansh cums and says interesting very interesting,tum ne  yaad kiya aur vansh hazir. Kabir says how can u win every Time vansh. Vansh says I’m the winner. I not a loser because I have a lucky charm. Vansh says can I meet my wife and he smirks. Kabir gets furious and went.

In VR Mansion

Aryan gets to know about riansh wedding he fumes and calls everyone. Anupiya says what’s the matter. Aryan says u know what vansh bhai did,Everyone was clueless. Aryan says Vansh has married that ridhima. Ishani says what.

In jail

Inspector says to ridhima that someone special wants to meet u. Ridhima says kabir and gets happy. She hears footsteps and says kabir I knew u will cum to rescue me. She gets shocked to see vansh. Vansh smiles and says how are you my sweetheart. Ridhima glares at him. Kabirs aid spies them. Ridhima says vansh where is my kabir. Vansh says ur husband is here and u r looking for ur boyfriend. He sings tu pyar hai kisiaur ka tujhe  chahata koi aur hai.

Ridhima says to vansh please tell vansh where is kabir. Did u kill him. Vansh says not yet but will. Ridhima cries. Vansh says u know I killed people who betrayed me. I hate when they betrayed people. I wanted to kill u but I cannot. U wanted to knw that iam a murderer or not. Yes ridhima I’m a murderer but  no one knows . IM THE REAL VILLAIN. It’s all about me not u nor kabir. Ishq ki Hadh Mera Hai Aur Main hi hisse  paar karunga.  Ridhima says vansh u did wrong thing by telling me. Now the game begins. Vansh says  its already begun and ended I’m the winner. He goes. Ridhima cries. Kabir aid cums and says ridhima kabir is trying hard to bail out. Ridhima says I know he will find some way. He goes when ridhima sees something on the floor. She picks up and sees a girl’s pic. At the back its written ragini. Ridhima says this is ragini. Who is ragini. Vansh says she was my fiancee and ur boyfriend ex girlfriend. Ridhima says kabir. Vansh says yes sweetie.  Kabir sent his ex girlfriend to me to spy. I loved her and she betrayed me so I killed her. And now  he sent u but this Time I married u and saved u from kabir.

Ridhima says u r lying vansh. Kabir can’t do this. He loves me and don’t even try to separate me from kabir. Vansh says he is using u. Kabir says enough vansh. Riansh looks back and saw him.

Precap: Ridhima grahpravesh in VR Mansion. Kabir and Vansh Game begins

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  1. Sis you made us wait for long do post your next update soon

  2. You made us wait for long time sis do post your next update soon

  3. Hey your fan fiction is good but I would give you one suggestion. Pls dont use short forms because it kills the flow of the story and also irritates the reader. It might take more time and effort, but it is definitely worth it.

  4. Interesting very interesting…. waiting for ur update yr… u made us wait so long



  6. Interesting…..
    Very interesting….

  7. your writting really creates the suspence to the readers keep it up, the plot is good

  8. OMG, I m reading this for the 1st time… and ur soo good at this, btw what if Kabir and Ragini had a past connection!! It would be sooo damn interesting, like idk if u guys saw the post on Instagram of rrahul Sudhir he posted a sceane of Ishq Mein marjawan…. the clip is sooo good tho.

  9. Inshelloflove

    You are updating very late well thanks for this update. Hope you update soon.

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    Rrahul is so hot!! He should be in bollywood

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