Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) FF – Epi 13


Episode begins vansh asks siya what have u done. Kabir comes between them and says talk to me. Vansh says iam asking my sister who the hell are u. Kabir says iam ur jija ji. Talk with manners. Ridhima looks at siya who smirks.

Siya says to vansh I married to kabir. Now he is my husband. I know I hurt u bhaiya but I don’t have a choice. Vansh says you don’t have a choice. What happened siya. Did he do anything. Did he blackmailed u. Siya says no bhaiya its just complicated. Kabir says siya is my wife now vansh. Vansh says shut up, I’ll call the cops now.

Kabir says sure u may but before that think u will sent ur sister’s husband to jail. Don’t even think that vansh. If I go jail ur sister will also go to jail. Vansh says what.

Kabir smirks and says siya can I tell your brother what have you done. Siya gets tensed. Ridhima says what she did .Kabir says ridhima. Vansh says don’t take her name or else I kill you. Kabir says go ahead. Ridhima thinks siya is tensed it means she is not happy by marrying kabir. Kabir moves towards ridhima and about to touch her when vansh holds his hand and slaps kabir. Kabir smiles.

Aryan says what’s going on. He goes to siya and says what’s happening. Why did you married kabir. U knw he tried to frame vansh bhaiya. Siya says I know aryan but I was helpless. Vansh says why did you married kabir. Kabir says because he had a deal. Ridhima says deal. Kabir says siya came to meet me in jail. I told her that I have a proof against her. Vansh says what proof. Kabir says siya and I was studying together. In same class. One day siya  killed a boy. Vansh and others get shocked. Kabir says siya pushed him from the terrace and he died. Siya says bhaiya it was just an accident. I didn’t know he will die. Kabir says I was there and I saw everything. Siya says I went to meet him in jail and he cracked a deal. If I will marry him then he will give me proof.

Vansh says u can’t do this siya. Siya says iam sorry but now the truth is iam married to him. Vansh gets furious and walks towards kabir and says you blackmailed my sister. He slaps him. They engage in fighting when ridhima saw siya smirking. Ridhima says enough vansh. Leave him. Vansh doesn’t. Ridhima slaps vansh. All looks on shocked. Ridhima says now the truth is siya married him. Now he is siyas husband. Siya says yes bhaiya I want to tell you something. I love him. Ridhima looks at siya. Siya says from the beginning. Kabir says and I love her. Vansh says I can’t believe. Now get out of my house. Siya says ok bhaiya if kabir goes and ill go with him. Vansh says then go. Siya was about to leave when ridhima stops them. Ridhima says they will stay here. Vansh shouts ridhima. Ridhima says this is my house vansh and ill decide who will stay here or who will not. Vansh looks on shocked. He goes. Ridhima goes near siya and kabir. She claps. Ridhima says amazing yaar. Your acting was nice. What did you thought siya. She looks at kabir and says welcome to hell. She says I wanted to throw u guys out but there’s a dialogue dost ko karib rakna chahiye aur dushman ko aur karib. Siya says you again failed my plan ridhima. I thought I’ll leave the house and vansh will give me my diamonds. Ridhima says so get ready today will be ur reception. Siya glares at her and kabir smiles.

Sometime after ridhima throws a reception party. Vansh cums downstairs and saw the decorations and gets angry. Dadi asks him to calm down we can’t do anything coz siya married to him and ridhima is the owner. Vansh says ridhima has to pay for this. Kabir comes with siya. Kabir smirks towards vansh. Dadi says where is ridhima. Ridhima says iam here dadi. All looks upstairs and saw ridhima wearing a red saree. Looking gorgeous. Vansh looks at her ishq mein Marjawan plays. Kabir also looks at her. Ridhima comes downstairs and host the party.

After sometime a boy comes to the party and looks at ridhima. Ridhima and vansh sees him and gets shocked. Vansh looks at ridhima angrily.

Precap: Ridhima dance with kabir and vansh. Ridhima slips when other boy holds her.

  1. It’s disgusting….

    1. what exactly???

  2. Oh my god! Siya with kabir amazing turn!!!
    Thanks for quick update

  3. am enjoying yo creation amaizing writer

  4. Am I the only person who’s awaiting for new update

  5. Harwinder singh

    Ep 14 bhi dalo ge k8 nhi apne ff ka

  6. Oh my god! Almost a week now you make people addicted of your ff’s and now no updates!!😲😲😔
    I think I should have to start thinking of a reel story to keep my mind calm😂😂

  7. Hey bro…..when are you posting next episode?????it’s been a week since you have posted….please post regularly

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