Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th September 2016 Fan Fiction

Dhaani- Viplav plz book the tickets na, I m dying to bring Maaji and Dadaji back here.
Viplav- Accha baba, let me try..
He calls a person and asks him about today’s flight tickets.
Viplav- Ok sir.
And he cuts the call.
Dhaani(curious)- What happened Viplav? Did u book the tickets..
Viplav- No Dhaani, they are saying that its festival time so they can’t do anything till two days…
Dhaani sits on the bed sadly. Viplav could not see all this. Suddenly he gets an idea. A smile comes on his face.
Viplav(thinks)- Why not call Raj?
He calls him immediately and asks him to book the flight tickets for today.
He smilingly cuts the call and goes near Dhaani.
Viplav- Aey Shikayati Pudia, I have told Raj to book the tickets for today and he will soon be coming with the tickets, now chalo smile..
Dhaani hears this and hugs him in excitement.
Dhaani(smiles hugging him)- Thank u so much Viplav, u really are the world’s best husband.
Viplav(breaks the hug and smiles)- Then my reward?(forwards his hand)
Dhaani- Which reward?
Viplav- Those three magical words.
Dhaani- Which words, I don’t know.
Viplav- Oh come on Dhaani, or I will get angry ha…
Dhaani(smiles)- okay I will try…(stammers)I….I….lo…
Viplav(interrupts)- Dhaani yaar, u are proposing, say it with love na…
Dhaani was about to say something when Sushma calls her down.
Viplav- What a timing yaar!
Dhaani- Accha Viplav I m going, dadi is calling.
Viplav(holds her wrist and says in a childish way)- No na Dhaani, first tell I love u then go.
Dhaani(pleads him)- Leave my hand na Viplav, if Dadi comes here and sees us like this what will she think?
Viplav(acts stubborn)- Let anyone come, u will have to tell I love u then only I will leave u.
Dhaani(hurriedly)- Okay baba, I love u, now plz let me go.
Viplav(makes faces)- No u said it hurriedly and not lovingly(smiles)Tell with love na.
Dhaani(caresses his face)- I love u Viplav, now let me go na.
Viplav(leaves her hand)- I love u too Dhaani, now u go or Dadi will come here.
Dhaani- And u realised it now that Dadi will come?
Viplav nods smilingly.
Dhaani- Besharam!
And she leaves smiling remembering the incident while Viplav sees her going and smiles.
The episode ends.

Precap- Raj to bring the tickets.

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  13. Really very good write up. It seems the serial is still going on. Will be happy to read about dhani’s next pregnancy news and how viplav will take care of her as well as his own experience thoughout. Vidha and atharva’s cute disturbance during vidhaani’s private moments and how viplav manage to love dhaani also can be thought of. Missed the show like anything in the evening. I wish if there is IKRS season 2

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