ishq ka khel ishqbaaaz khelte hai…..Episode 1

Hey ishqbaaazians I am ananya Gour and a die hearted fan of ishqbaaaz first I was a silent reader but now I am with my own fan fictions hope u all like it

(Shivika and gaukara are happily married )

Shivika ‘s room

Shivay and anika are sleeping peacefully when someone came and knocked their door

Shivay – anika someone is knocking the door

Anika – I know someone is knocking

Shivay – so what are you waiting for go n open

Anika – why me you go n open

Shivay – anika…. you go open

Anika – okkk…let’s do stone,paper,scissor and decide

( they were so sleepy so these conversation was going on in a sleepy tone )

They do stone paper and scissor (in a sleepy way ) and shivay loose

Anika – yeah……I won now you go….

Again someone knocked

Shivay opens door and was shocked to see rudra their

Shivay – rudra…what are you doing here at this time

Rudra shouting and making cry baby face – bhaiya bhaabi plzz save me

Anika also wakes up

Anika – rudra what happen ??

Rudra – bhaiyaa…bhabhi…. mujhe bachaiye

Rudra was jumping and hiding here n there and was so tensed

Anika – rudra stop jumping like a monkey and tell what happen?? Who is behind you ??from whom do we save you ??

Precap – obro ‘s are in tension

That’s it ……..

Sorry if there was any grammatical mistakes

hope you all like it this was my first attempt to a ff plzz..plzzz comment I need your comments and support to continue

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    Ananya Gour…keep writing. Wel come to fan fiction section of Ishqbaaz….

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    Welcome yaar. Aww do cute episode

  5. Hi Ananya…Welcome to telly updates..Episode is very nice dear..Keep Going on

  6. Nice yaar, hope you will give equal space to all pairs?

  7. Wlc dear, next part soon.

  8. Awesome update ,☺️☺️☺️

  9. Ha ha superb dr a d I think he shd be afraid of sumo and pl post next part soon…..

  10. its a good start keep writingg

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    Go ahead dear , this is nice !

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  15. iloveyou ananya and im your biggest fan

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    Cool Stuff Keep it Up

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