ISHQ HUA Episode-9 by manu

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Episode starts with shivay getting someone’s call and his eyes widens after reading the name..
It was rudra’s call.. shivay got excited to hear what Rudra has in store for him..

As soon as shivay picks up the call.. Rudra starts to cry..
Shivay(worries): what happened?
Rudra: bhaiya everything is finished.. everything..
Shivay(now panics thinking something happened to ishana): will you tell me what happened?
Rudra: ask what not happened.. everything is finished bhaiya..this day is worst day of my life.. what just happened shouldn’t have happened.. I feeI like before watching this I should have died.. shouldn’t have come here..
Shivay(now shouts): what happened Rudra?? Just speak up..

Rudra keeps crying.. and shivay panics more and more with each passing second..
Shivay( shouting at an even higher pitch) : just speak up Rudra.. what happened..
Rudra(crying): bhaiya I fell on the road.. my binoculars and goggles broke..

Now this statement just added fuel to shivay’s anger..

Shivay: what the wack Rudra.. have you lost your mind.. you are crying for this silly reason.. don’t you have were talking like someone has died.. I got so scared..
Rudra: even I got scared bhaiya.. these were my favorite pair of binoculars and goggles.. I lost both of them bhaiya.. bhaiya I could not save them.. they broke in front of my eyes bhaiya.. I let them break..
Shivay: they were just materials Rudra.. stop behaving like you lost someone.. u lost something.. now just get to back..
Rudra: bhaiya you won’t understand.. pain of losing something so dear.. patthardil person..(stone-hearted) for you they were materials but for me.. they were my partner in crime.. I mean partner in solving crime..

Shivay cuts the calls and angrily runs his fingers through his hair (his signature step)
Shivay turns to only to find daksh staring at him..

Daksh: what happened?
Shivay: It’s nothing.. Rudra.. like always was crying..
Daksh: after all he is your brother..
Shivay(raising his eyebrow): I don’t cry.. ever..
Daksh: ya you don’t cry.. it’s actually you routine to start complaining about everything around you..
Shivay: there is difference between crying and complaining
Daksh: nope.. complaining means crying only..
Daksh: btw.. I have to fly back to London.. one of my projects is in trouble..
Shivay: dude, just stay here and relax. When I am here why are you tensed I will manage that from here..
Daksh: why??
Shivay: what why?
Daksh: are you superman?

This reminds shivay of anika..inside his brain a flashback is played..

Shivay(in an over irritated tone) : nope.. neither I am superman.. nor batman nor he-man nor shaktiman.. I am just huuuuu-man..
Daksh laughs at shivay’s reaction..
Daksh: well how did you came to know that I will ask about others too..
Shivay: I just knew.. now let’s focus on the work. I have much to do..
Daksh: tell na.. someone has asked you this before..
Shivay: shut up Daksh..
Daksh: tell me please..
Shivay.. shut up..
Daksh: tell.. tell..tell
Shivay: okay fine.. yes someone had asked me this before..
Daksh: who?
Shivay: she..
Daksh: every girl is she.. your she must be having a name na..
Shivay: anika.
Daksh: oooo.. anika..
Shivay: will you shut up and focus now..

Daksh smiles at shivay but keeps mum no as not to increase shivay’s anger..
After sometime daksh leaves for home.. and shivay was about to leave when he notices anika picking some papers from the floor..
She looks here and there and finds the entire office empty..
Shivay(to himself): what is wrong with this girl.. can’t see for even a single day go back to her home on time.. doesn’t she care for herself..
Shivay goes to anika and stands there and speaks
“what are you doing here?”
Anika looks up : playing football.. come join..
Shivay: can’t you ever give a straight forward reply to whatever I ask?
Anika: can’t you ever ask questions that make sense..
Shivay(takes a deep breath): what are you doing here anika.. it’s too late now.. night is not safe for girls..
Anika: I am not some chui-mui girl.. I can handle dangers that come on me..
Shvay: your parents must be worried anika.. you should head to home..

On hearing parent’s name.. anika stands up in anger
“you don’t have to worry for my parents.. and leave me alone..”
She runs from there in haste..

Shivay: is she mad or what.. he leaves from there in anger.. but waits outside the office because he knew anika won’t get auto at this time..

********in OM******
Om is seen sitting near window.. he was holding a bangle( like the one ishana used to trap om)
Om closes his eyes and his mind rewinds some moments..

***near art gallery***
Om was going into his gallery but hears some music.. he had never heard any kind of music in this area before.. he looks here and there and tries to guess from where the sound was coming.. then starts walking towards the direction of sound..
He reaches the room from where sound was coming.. a board was hung there..

This board was new.. there was never a dance class here.. om opens the door..
And finds a girl in orange suit teaching dance to some kids..

Zulfon se bandh liye dil
Seene pe se udne laga aanchal
Mujhse naina mila ke
Mausam hone lagge paagal
Sabse hoke befikar
Nachun main aaj cham cham cham
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..

whatever steps she was doing kids were repeating it.. her face was not shown..

she turns the music off and says
“okay baccho.. today’s session is done.. we will repeat this again tomorrow.. Now you have art class”

All Kids in a single tone.. ”thank you ishana didi”
All kids leave the class..

Now ishana was standing near music player and setting her hair and dupatta.. and om was standing at door..
Suddenly she turns.. she was looking into her bag and her hairs were coming in front of her face which made it difficult for om to see her face.. suddenly her leg twists and she was about to fall when om holds her..
Her eyes were closed in terror.. hands on om’s chest.. her fingers on his chest were generating some sensations in om’s body..
Her hairs were away from her face due to gravity.. her face was clear..

She was beautiful.. flawless.. more importantly.. cute..
She was murmuring something continuously. . om bends and tries to listen her words..
“bappa save me.. bappa save me”

Om smiles hearing her words and says
“bappa answered your prayer see you are safe miss ishana”

Ishana opens her one eye and sees om.. om smiles at her.. she was behaving like a 4 year kid..
She opens both her eyes and looks into om’s eyes.. who was already looking at her with a smile..
Om and ishana keep looking into each other’s eyes without blinking.. none was ready to give up.. both kept looking at each other.. they were lost.. both were lost into each other’s intense eyes..
Suddenly ishana breaks their moment and tries to stand when she again falls back into om’s arms due to the sprain.. she shouts “’s paining a lot”
Om helps her in standing and makes her sit on a chair..
Ishana takes out a ointment spray from her bag.. and was about to spray when om takes it from her hand
Om: let me spray it.. you sit straight
Ishana: but I can do it on my own..
Om: yes I know, but shh for now.. let me do it..
He holds her ankle.. as soon as his fingers come in contact with her foot.. Ishana feels electric current throughout her body.. like she has touched some live wire.. she takes her foot back.. but om holds it again..
Ishana closes her eyes.. as she could feel that something was wrong with this man..
Om applies the ointment and leaves her leg.. he stands up and says
Om: done.. you can try to stand up..
Ishana(opening her eyes): thank you..
Ishana tries to stand up.. and was able to now.. her pain has lessen..
Ishana walks towards the door and turns
“how do you know my name?”
Om: I heard the kids calling you ishana did
Ishana: so you were here from about half an hour?
Om: yes, actually never saw dance over this place so thought to watch it..
Ishana: oh..okay..
She turns to leave.. but stops again and turns
“wait.. you are.. you are.. omkara singh oberoi???”
Om: yes.. why??
Ishana: o my god.. are you really him??

Om: what happened.. you are talking like I have done some crime..
Ishana: no no.. I mean.. you are such a great artist.. I mean among best artists of india.. I can’t believe you are standing in front of me..
Om(smiling): thank you.. but don’t create so much of fuss..
Ishana: no I mean I have been to many exhibitions of yours and I love your work..
Om: thank you..
Ishana: may I have your autograph?
Om: some other day..
Ishana: when?
Om: when time will be right..

Ishana smiles at his dialogue and says “I will wait for that moment”
Om: me too..

Both look at each other and smile..

Om(in his mind): ishana..

Ishana turns and says : yes??
Om: what?
Ishana: I thought you called me..
Om: no..

Ishana leaves from there smiling and thinks “why I felt like he called my name”
Om thinks “how come she knew I called her name”

Both say together “strange”

Om tightens his grip on the bangle and says
“Ishana I am trying to find you from past 5 years but I don’t understand why I feel so restless these days.. I was always worried for you.. but from past one week..Something has changed.. I get strange feelings at times.. Something has happened.. I don’t know what….where are you ishana.. “

He looks up into sky and says
“bappa just one hint.. one clue.. show me way.. way that leads to her.. bappa help me to reach my ishana”
“this feeling is”
Takes a pause and smiles

–sorry for mistakes—
–happy winters guys—
–I hope you had a great time reading this—
–hope no one will throw eggs on me after reading this—
–thank you–

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      i feel contented after reading your comment 🙂

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    1. Manu24

      haha.. i wish you get your shivay soon..
      as far as i am concerned.. *fingers crossed*..
      and thank you so much dear..

      btw.. what’s your name??

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