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Kunj: Baaton baton me pata hi nahi chala kab time nikal gaye… Uncle aate hi honge…
Twinkle: Hmm..
Kunj: To aaj kuch bhi ho hum bolke rahenge… (So…We will tell the truth today anyhow…I think I should leave now.)
Kunj: I will get freshened up…
Kunj leaves to bathroom.
Alisha comes to meet Twinkle.
Alisha: How are you?
Twinkle: Better.. You din’t go to college today?
Alisha: Actually this hour, lecture is not there..I thought of meeting you…I will leave soon.
Twinkle: Okay
Alisha: Everyone was asking about you at college…We miss you there…
Twinkle smiles.
Alisha: Ohh..I must say this…Your Kunj…He is smart and handsome as you told earlier…
Twinkle tries to stop Alisha as Kunj is in bathroom and he can come out anytime..
Alisha: Frankly it was hard for me to believe that you are in a relationship and that to a man like him..
Twinkle: Alisha, We will…
Alisha: I am sure you were the first one to propose him, Right?
Twinkle is confused.
Alisha: Pakka tumhe hi usse pehle pyaar hua hoga…Itna acha ladka tere peeche pade ye toh hone se reha… (You did the first move..right? I don’t think he fell in love with you and was behind you…)
Twinkle doesn’t respond to her.
Alisha: Dekh..Offensive mat lena…Per kahan Kunj, itna smart and handsome aur kahan tum, nerd and introvert… (See, I don’t intend to hurt you..But fact is fact…Kunj is so smart and handsome…And look at you…A nerd and introvert… )
Twinkle chose not to give answer and is simply listening.
Alisha: He is so good looking and you are just an ordinary girl…He could have got much better looking girls…I think you were behind him and you managed to get him in your hands…
Kunj comes out from the bathroom wiping his face with a towel.
Kunj: Alisha, I am sorry to prove you wrong..But..I was the one behind her…
Alisha looks puzzled.
Kunj: By the way, I was in bathroom and heard you talking to Twinkle.
Alisha looks at Twinkle..
Kunj: She was interrupting you to tell that only..
Kunj keeps the towel.
Kunj: You seem to be very much interested in our love story…Don’t you?
Alisha has turned pale..
Kunj (Looking at Twinkle): Sweety, you should have told her our story…
Kunj: Since you are keen to know about our story, I will do the honours…
Alisha: It’s just that..
Kunj: I was about to leave..But I will leave afterwards..
Kunj sits in sofa. Twinkle is looking at Kunj with an expression of ‘what are you upto.’
Kunj: Don’t worry…I know it’s embarrassing to share our private moments with someone else…But she is your bestiee…You have told me how many times in college she has asked this question. She desperately wants to know about us…I will tell it to her once in for all..
Alisha is confused whether he actually meant it or was it sarcasam…
Kunj: Alisha, Don’t mind…you know how she is…A bit shy…So never shared with you…
Kunj: I was behind her. I fell in love with her..You know your college is just infront of our symbiosis campus. I saw her for the first time, while she was going to college..
Twinkle looks at him surprisingly…
Alisha saw her expression.
Kunj: See Twinkle’s expression…She came to know about this today. I have never told this to her before..
Alisha seems convinced..
Kunj: Everyone was in a group making so much noise. I saw a girl who was quietly walking towards the college gate…I spotted her because she was different. I started noticing her everyday..I felt she is different and I should make her my friend..
Alisha: Okay..
Kunj: I was the one who approached her and started talking. We became friends and then slowly I started falling for her..
Twinkle has no clue what’s going on and she is just listening to Kunj with an expresson of agreement.
Kunj: Alisha, you have no idea…How hard it was for me to convince her… I tried everything possible to get a yes from her..
Kunj: I heard you telling her that she is an ordinary looking girl…so her chance of getting noticed and be in a relationship is less compared to others..
Alisha: I…
Kunj stops her…
Kunj: For me,it’s not the external beauty…It’s what she is from inside…So soft and calm…Innocent, loving and caring…That’what matters…
Kunj: All the things you find in Twinkle as negative, is what have attracted me to her…My perspective is different from you… I feel she is perfect for me…
Alisha: I didn’t mean to hurt her…I was just…
Kunj: Of course..You won’t…You are her best friend and won’t hurt for sure…
Alisha (with a weird face): Thanks for understanding.
Alisha wanted to get out of the room anyhow..
Alisha: I will take a leave. I have to attend the next lecture..
Kunj: Sure…Bye..
Alisha: Bye Twinkle, Take care…
Twinkle smiles…
Kunj: Anyways…As Twinkle’s friend, I want to tell you something…Don’t go for the external beauty…That can fade easily…Look for someone who really loves you, not your face… Glowing face and external beauty can vanish in few seconds by an accident or any other mishappening…Chose a partner who loves you for what you are from soul and not for your external appearance…
Alisha looks at him sharply.
Kunj: I think you got my point…I hope you don’t miss the next lecture..bye…
Alisha leaves.
Kunj looks at Twinkle.
Kunj: Yaar, kaise sehtey ho issko…Kitna annoying hai… (She is so annoying…How do you bear her..)
Twinkle smiles…But the smile had a happiness of winning.
Kunj: I heard everything from the bathroom…She was literally humiliating you…Why don’t you give her back?
Twinkle: I tried once…And you are still suffering for that mistake of mine.. I don’t want to trouble you more. So thought of keeping mum…
Kunj: Twinkle. This is the only way to deal with such people…Give them, then and there…She won’t dare to utter a word against you from now on…At least when I am around you…
Twinkle: Thanks Kunj…But…we were thinking of telling the truth to everyone today…Now what?
Kunj: I know I goofed up our decision..But honestly I don’t regret…I feel great that I saved you from her taunts and humiliation.
Twinkle: Thank you…For everything…
Kunj: By the way, you don’t need to thank me…That smile of victory which you gave to Alisha when she said bye was enough for me…
Twinkle smiles…
Kunj: Your smile is so beautiful…wait,I will call Alisha and tell how beautiful you are…
Twinkle (blushing): Enough…Kunj…
Kunj: I am serious yaar…Keep smiling…Your smile is…
Tej enters the room. Kunj have some casual talks with Tej and they go for a tea at the canteen. Kunj wanted to discuss with Twinkle about what to do next with Tej and Sanjay.
Kunj: I will be back in 2 minutes. Twinkle needed tea. I will go and give it to her.
Tej: Don’t worry. We will go together after finishing our tea.
Kunj sits back.
They come back together and give Twinkle tea. Kunj looks for an opputunity to talk to her. But he couldn’t as Tej was around.
Tej: You are late. You don’t want to leave?
Kunj: I …I wanted to meet the doctor.
Tej: It’s okay..I will meet him, if you are getting late.
Kunj: That’s fine…I will meet him and then leave.
Kunj meets the doctor and comes back.
Tej: You didn’t leave?
Kunj: I forgot my mobile and bag here. I came to take that.
Kunj (while taking the bag) makes a gesture with his hands to Twinkle. Twinkle doesn’t understand..Twinkle with her eyes gives an expression of what. Kunj understood that he won’t be able to talk to her.
Kunj has kept his mobile on charging and is kept in the right side of the Twinkle’s bed. He is standing on left side. Twinkle is in sitting position with pillows kept on her back. He leans through the bed without hurting Twinkle and takes the mobile. While coming back to his original position, he goes close to Twinkle.
Kunj (in her ears,) whispers: Call me, when he is not in room.
It gives an impression of Kunj half hugged Twinkle. Tej saw that, but pretends to be on phone…Kunj leaves.
Precap:- Yuvi Kunj Discussions
Will try to post one more by Friday.
Jisha 😉

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    Post asap

  2. Shalu ChoudharyH

    Superb episode kunj give perfect answer to alisha and tej think that kunj hugging twinkle? aww twinj well story is so intersting plz post soon dear

  3. Hi Di brilliant episode kunj took twinkle s side loved it plsss do post soon love u take care

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    luv the way how kunj give answers to alisha.
    twinj convo were also sweet …
    luved it…
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  5. Awesome chap…I dont know how anybody could dislike this………this is really awesome

  6. SSK

    Amazing episode. The way kunj handled the situation was amazing. Plz post soon ?

  7. Ramya

    Awesome di amazing.
    Kunj ka answer is just perfect.
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  9. Ananya_DSK

    Hello Jisha di…. You are doing an amazing job with this narration… So cool!! Kunj was at his best so far in this episode… Knowingly or otherwise, Kunj speaking of Twinkle’s beauty and her character was totally sweet!! Twinkle blushing!!! Oh so cute!!! Absolutely loved it…

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