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Hello guys how are u all ??? Hope u all are fine see I am back again …….
Thanks to all the members who commented love u all sooooooooo much …..
Chalo without any bak bak I’ll start ….
Plzz comment guys ????????
And silent readers plz comment ….
Chalo let’s us begin ….
Recap : anraj wedding and twinkle expecting …
The episode starts with kunj coming to his room and sees an irritated twinkle and smiles ?? ……..

Kunj pov ::::

As soon as I entered my room I saw twinkle with irritated look I thought what happen to this siyappa queen I moved towards twinkle and asked her what happened uff kunj I am getting bored staying in this room all the day she replied yeah u should take rest nah baby I said with my smile no kunj I wanna go out do some work but babee mummy g and maa were not allowing me ufff I don’t want to stay here said twinkle and I laughed at her antics go and get ready we are going out I said she smiles and kisses my cheek and said I love u Mr husband I love u too my jaan I replied

And she went to get ready soon we left for hospital first for checkup I was waiting outside and twinkle was in I hope everything will be fine I don’t want anything to go wrong this time I was lost in my thoughts when Dr sanjana called me inside her cabin ….

I : may I come in doctor …

Dr : yeah mr kunj come …

I : what happen Dr is everything fine ??? I asked worriedly …

Dr : kunj u know nah twinkle had a miscarriage before and she was so weak u all have to take care of her kunj she needs rests kunj …..

I : yeah doctor I’ll take care of her ..

Dr : it’s good kunj u have to be with her 24/7 well I have prescribed some meds for her give it on time okay …

I : yeah I replied and came out of cabin and was shocked to see twinkle with tears eyes …

K..un.j what..U said inside was that true I…ii lost my chi..ld before she says in a ??????
Trembling voice …
Twinkle twinkle listen I made her sit on a nearby bench and ask her to calm down yeah twinkle dat was true we lost our child when our accident happen but see nah babaji returned our happiness back nah twinkle now plz don’t take stress plz I said while she nod and hugged me and i hugged her back soon we left from hospital …
Kunj pov ends ….
Twinkle pov ::::

I was shocked to hear dat we lost our child I was completely broken I don’t know how to react I was in trauma and kunj has made me understood the point calmly I know my pain is so small Infront of what kunj bare in these months how he has bare so much pain I didn’t know how he reacted when he got to know about our child no twinkle u can’t cry u have to be strong for him I have to be his strength not his weakness u have be strong for ur man who has bare evething alone now I’ll not become his weakness yes twinkle no more tears now what has to happen had happened I hugged kunj and soon we left from hospital in the midway I saw kunj looking at me secretly and he was trying to divert my mind I am very lucky to have him in my life ….

K : twinkle I heard usually people have mood swings when they are expecting but you yeah I know my siyappa queen is different from others …

I : huh kunj there is nothing like dat I look out of window and shouted ice cream ..

K : omg thanks babaji my wife is normal he said while I passed him a death glare and he makes his puppy face aww I just loved my husband he is my life …

Soon we went out and had ice cream and left for sarna mansion …

Twinkle pov ends …
Twinj was in the hall talking with anraj on video chat …
An : congratulations Bhai bhabhi ..

T : thank you Anaya …

K : come here nah we a are missing u …

Soon yuhi and mehbeer too joined the video call ….

An : yeah Bhai I wanna come there but these Raj he is always bzy in his work …

R : oh madam don’t blame me twinkle u know even this madam is bzy in her works ..

Meh : ohoo Raj now don’t fight with her

Mah : and Anaya u too don’t fight with him …

Anraj : how was ria and Aman …

Meh & mahi : they are fine …

T : uff plz try to come here …

K : yeah we all will have fun …

They all chat for sometime and ended the video call …
Kunj takes twinkle to their room and ask her to take rest and have twinkle medicines while twinkle was admiring her caring husband …
Kunj pov ::::
I gave twinkle her meds and she was just smiling looking at me hawww I know I am so hot I passed a smile to her and we decided to tell about miscarriage to the family and we went downstairs and called everyone and I told them and I can see their shocked faces they looked at me then and twinkle and hugged her and guessed what happen now they are taking care of twinkle more than before .,…I am so lucky to have a cute family ??
Kunj pov ends …

@ night twinj room …

Twinkle was not getting sleep and kunj was working sitting on couch and twinkle looks at him ..

K : what happen jaan sleep nah u know I have work if u are getting disturb I’ll go to study …

T : no kunj she said and turned to other side n thinks huh sadu sarna he knows very well I can’t sleep without him huh …

Kunj looks at twinkle n thinks I think I should stop my work for sometime n he stands from there and goes to twinkle and lie beside twinkle n cuddles her twinkle smiles and kunj pecks her forehead and ask her to sleep while she smiles and slept kunj stood from there and without disturbing twinkle and went to do his work …

Soon the days were passing kunj has taken leave from his office to take care of twinkle and Manohar too granted him kunj use to take care of twinkle fulfill her every craving every demand and her cute mood swings twinkle condition was getting better from before Usha Leela babee used pamper her alott and even Misha was also expecting they all are sooo happy and was take care of their dils …

L : can’t believe days were passing so fast na babee see it’s 8 months now ..
B : yeah pata hi NAHI Chala

U : everyone were bzy I am thinking to do some function so dat all can meet ..

Man : yeah mee too thinking the same ..

Rt : let’s do baby shower function of twinkle and Misha …

Kab : yeah dad it will be good ..

K : yeah …

Rt : so done we will do baby shower function tomorrow at Taneja mansion

All agrees for it and Leela takes twinkle to their house …

Screen freezes

so guys howw was the episode????
We’ll share ur views ….
Babyeee I am going …
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned…
3 more to go ????
Sameera ????

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it ??????
    Awesome I loved the episode it was so sweet and Twinj are lucky to have such a caring family ……. ?
    Love you post soon ?

  2. Sohi

    Huh! I hate you
    I said na don’t give count down
    The episode was cute and somewhat emotional too
    Do continue

  3. Baby

    ohhh god sameera didu……… 😀
    shooooooo cute n lovely episode as well as emotional
    luvd it to eternnity sooo vry sweet
    luv u lods♥♥♥
    post nxt aap

  4. Aanya_pandey

    3 more to go!!!! Yaaayyy n today’s update it was fab.. d way kunj consoled twinkle.. n all family member taking care of twinkle??

  5. Hey Samy, don’t do this na why r u count down always ??? I told u na m filling restless coz think to end but how will undrstnd, huh..???
    Ok the epi is overloaded swttttness..?????? Love it so much,❤❤❤ HoW swttt my twinj r ???? Thanks 4 mscrg part. ???? post soon,
    Love you ?????

  6. Presha

    Hey Sam lovely loved it cute one just loved it to core
    Love u

  7. Chiku

    Woaaah!! Soo sweet??lovely. Loved it????
    Post soon

  8. RUTU.....

    Hey Sameera lovely episode with so much emotions just loved it

  9. Soumyad

    Hey sameera the episode was very nice and sweet…loved the way kunj took care of his wife…plz post soon
    Luv u….

  10. Mindblowing episode sameera kunj’s care for twinkle was superb keep posting soon

  11. SidMin23

    Hey Sam it was brilliant and twinkle should be proud to have such a carrying husband and loving family’s which is busy in take care of her as small child they are pampering her lots and exited for baby shower and why today their is no white mail Sam???? Love each and everything about today episode do post can’t wait now 3- more and it ? official episode

  12. Samy diii u r jst wonderfull u know. Hw do u write so fantasticly.loved to see hw twinkle was making her understand.i know that only 3 r left. I wont force u 2 continue more. Its ur wish only post soon. Love u di

  13. Kruti

    That was an extra sweet epi…..loved it

  14. Shreya098

    Sweet epi. ..?❤??
    Loved it❤❤

  15. Angel20

    Cute episode!!??

  16. Asna

    Lovely n cute episode… live the way kunj is taking care of twinkle… lots of love…

  17. Shalini15

    Hi Sammu my sweetness ki dukan ye daily counting karke mujhe dara kyun rahi hai… pehle bhi kaha hai end karne ka sochna bhi mat… nd agar socha hai toh another story plan kar lo…

    Well episode was mindblowing nd cutest…. loved kunjs care for twinkle… awww how cute he is… nd really they are lucky to have a sweet family…. post next asap..

    Love you♥♥

  18. The episode was cute and awesome
    Liked twinkles cute behaviour
    Do continue

  19. Twinjfan.tamanna

    really cute epi yaar and specially when kunj said twinkle is normal… loved it
    post soon

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

  20. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey sammu
    As always cute epi… Loved it… Woo-hoo 3 epis to go… Can’t wait for it… Sammu plz try to continue after century too plzzzz…

    Love you?

  21. Sam awesome amazing episode
    I loved Kunjs character he so cute n caring

    Awesome amazing
    Loads of love keep smiling

  22. Fabulous. It’s my favourite ff.

  23. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous marvelous cute epi

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