ISHQ FOREVER TWINJ episode 70 + Author’s Note

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Hello guys how R u all well I am fine and I am back again ??????
This is my last epi before quitting tu so I request plz comment today plshh plshh
Thanks to all the members for their lovely comments love u all ….
Paavu don’t apologise yaar I can completely understand studies r more imp and adya u too????
To chalo seedha epi pe chalte hai baaki ki baatein badme ….
So let’s us begin ….
Recap : twinj got I’ll due to rain …
The episode starts with guest started coming at sarna mansion Manohar usha welcomes them ….
Tanejas too comes there n manohar welcomes them …
M : ohh Ram n hugs him …
Leela n usha babee too hug each other
When a lady ask usha to call twinkle ..
U : okay I’ll call them … she sees anaya n ask her to call twinj …
An : okay mami …
@ twinj room :::
Twinj was still in hugging position when Kunj breaks the hug n looks at twinkle
K : let’s go twinkle everyone must be waiting for us …
T : yep kunj they smile at each other n entwined their hands (sajna ve plays)
An : oye love birds everyone is calling u
T : yeah we r coming n smiles at anaya
K (pulls anaya ears) : love birds haa I’ll show u when Raj will come ?
Twinkle laughs n anaya blushes n left from there …
Twinj comes down everyone looks at the loveliest couple they r looking so cute together n media started taking their pics ….
They meet leela n rt mehbeer everyone
L : stay happy always beta …
Rt hugs them and they meet mehbeer
U : twinkle kunj come here n makes them meet her friends…
Lady 1 : wow usha g ur dil is so beautiful..
.kunj smiles at looks at twinkle ..
Lady 2 : ‘yeah she is so beautiful kunj u r very lucky to get a beautiful wife n winks at him …
All laughs n kunj blushes n Abeer takes kunj with him …
After sometime all r engaged in talking with each other twinj were standing by holding their hands ….

An : attention everyone…
All looks at anaya n she continues attention everyone as u all know dat today is my bhai n bhabhi reception but it is getting bored isn’t it ???
All nods n anaya continues so let’s play a game together ….
R : which game anaya …
An : so all the couple’s who R standing here will have to identify their wife’s being blindfolded
Everyone cheers n started plays men’s are blind folded ….
First Rt turns is there he missed to identify then Manohar then comes kunj
Kunj was blindfolded n was moving around the ladies n goes towards twinkle n stands beside her n then left from there twinkle gets angry while kunj comes from behind n holds twinkle
K : ye hai meri jaan …??
All cheers for kunj n he opens his blindfold n looks at twinkle smiling
Then the game continues while kunj whispers what happen siyappa queen
T : nothing Mr sarna I thought …
K : dat I didn’t identified u right …
T : yep n smiles at him …
K : even u go far away from me I’ll identify u twinkle but I’ll not let u go anywhere n smiles
Both smiles at each other and the game ends ….
Man : as u all know my son got married so now it’s time for our daughter n calls anaya….
Anaya blushes n looks at Raj ….
B : so we decided that we will do anaya n Raj engagement day after 4 days …
All claps n congratulates anaya n Raj n twinj teases them ….
Rt and leela too congratulate them and all the guest left from there ….
Only sarnas n tanejas were present in sarna mansion… all elders are sitting in the hall having chit chat….and all the youngsters in twinj room ….
T : so guys anaya n Raj getting engaged n pulls Raj cheeks ….
R : shut up chipkali n blushes …
K : ha Raj ur blushing uff ….
Ab : look at anaya too …
All teases Raj n anaya n have fun with them ….
Mah : so bhai bhabhi what u two decided ?????
Twinj : about what mahi ???
Mah : about honeymoon where u are going ???…
Twinj blushes n looks at each other …
R : now see who is blushing n hits Twi slightly….
T : ohh guys well leave it lets plan to go picnic what say guys ???
K : yeah nice idea (trying to divert the topic)
Meh : but where we will go …
An : let’s go vizag I heard its so beautiful city
Ab : yeah we can go there …
K : but we will not go by flight
T : den how we will go …..
K : we will go by train enjoying what say twinkle ….
T : yeah it’s nice idea …
All agrees to go to vizag n goes to tell d elders ….
Man : wow good idea we can go there and there is my farm house too we can get anraj engaged there ….
K : papa farm house ???
Man : yeah kunj actually i had buyed farm house there to gift you ….
U : now it’s decided we will go to vizag
L : what vizag and looks at Rt
T : what happen maa u seemed tensed
Rt : no twinkle leela is not tensed we will go when we r leaving kunj
K : tomorrow morning…
All gets shocked n ask what ????
K : yeah I have taken tickets our train is in tomorrow at 7:25 am ….
All gets shocked again ..mehbeer anraj leela Rt everyone left from there to do packing …..
U : kunj twinkle u too go n do ur packing
T : okay mummy ji n they left from there
@ twinj room :::::
Twinkle comes to the room followed by kunj and says …
T : I am so excited for the trip …
K : really jaan holds twinkle by waist
T : uff someone is getting so romantic today …
K : ha we got married a day before only my lovely wifey n pecks twinkle on lips
T : kunj leave me we have to do packing
K : no I won’t twinkle n tightens his grip
T : u will Mr sarna n tickles kunj
K : hahahha twinkle arah siyappa queen okay I am leaving u ….
T : dekha Maine kaha tha na twinkle taneja Jo bolti hai wo karti hai n shows tashan ….
K : ahhan twinkle taneja or Mrs sarna
T : ops sorry correction Mrs sarna n throws pillow at kunj …
K : now see Mrs sarna n runs behind twinkle ….
They both run in the whole room making its messy and both falls on the bed kunj on top ….
T : hahaha it’s so fun kunj ..
K : yeah twinkle …
T : now kunj get up nah ….
K : now I won’t leave u n smirks at twinkle ….
Suddenly they hear a knock on the door
K : uff ye anaya b nah meri romance hamesha kharab karti hai …
T : hahahah kunj ….
Twinkle opens the door n anaya sees the whole room messy …
An : ops I think u came on wrong time
K : yeah u came on wrong time
Twinkle looks at kunj surprised while anaya laughs seeing kunj ..
An : sorry bhai well bhabhi I came to give u this sweeter usha mami have for u and bhai ….
T : thanks anaya I’ll pack this too …
An : okay bhabhi continue ur romance saying this she runs from room
Twinkle turns n smiles at kunj ….
T : kunj …
K : twinkle …
T : plz help me nah in packing …
K : okay n smiles at her …
They both does their packing and falls asleep in eo embrace ….
Next morning….
Kunj wakes up and breaks his alarm clock n sees twinkle sleeping peacefully then sees the time omg it’s 6 …
K : see this siyappa queen sleeping peacefully but I have to break her sleep
Twinkle twinkle plz wake up …
T : kunj let me sleep nah …
K : twinkle see the time we have train at 7 get up …
Twinkle gets up with a jerk n says kunj tum mujhe pehle nahi utha sakte thay
K : lo ab isme me meri hi galti hai
T : ha sadu isme b tumhari hi galti hai and takes clothes n goes to freshen up
K : hey twinkle I woke up first so I’ll get freshen up first …
T : noo I’ll freshen first n goes to bathroom …
K : huh this siyappa queen pehle meri dil cheen liya fir room and ab bath room bhi ?????
After sometime twinkle goes to help usha and they pack snacks for their journey …
Anaya babee Manohar kunj comes there and kunj gets a call from mehbeer …
K : what yeah we all r coming …
T : what happen kunj …
K : they all r on station we will leave too
All nods n left for station. …
Screen freezes..
So how was the epi guys …
Do comments plzzzz …
Author note ::::
Thanks for supporting me guys I am stopping this ff for some days n I’ll be back in Jan with a blast …???
So sorry to all the ff writers I won’t be able to comment on their ff’s…
Plz meri taraf se 1 comment include kar dena ????
All ff writers r amazing guys keep doing ???????
And UMm kya bolna mujhe UMm ….
Right miss me n don’t forget me n my ff
Chalo I am going now ….
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned
Sameera ???
Lots of love ???

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  1. Awwwww sameera u have ended dis isn’t fair yr dis was one of my favourite n I never thought u will end do early dis is really nt fair I’m gonaa miss u badly ur ff
    Dekho na apni frnd quit kar rahi hai tho kitna bura lagta hai
    N my order is u should come back at any cost else I won’t talk to u
    N journey of ur ff was super frm childhood story to upto now ur ff each epi was just I loved it
    N love u take care

    1. Sameera

      Ramya mera ff abhi end nahi hua hai yaar I’ll resume it in Jan with twinj journey from vizag n lots of masti ????

    2. Den it’s a very good news I’m so happy by hearing dis dear n I’ll wait fr u

  2. Kanchi

    Sameera R U going to end this ff or continue it in jan plzzzzz tell me na I just love this ff
    Plzzzzz do continue this ff
    We can wait till jan plzzzx

    1. Sameera

      Yep kabhi I’ll continue it from jan as i can’t ab Able To come on tu for some days ?????

  3. SidMin

    Just loved it I love the way you write your plot everything Twinj romance and sweet talks
    Take care and will wait for you comeback Love you so much that you cant even count ?❤

  4. Chiku

    Hey sam,
    So u posted last episode today but the good thing is u will be returning in January. I am soo happy u didnt ended the ff. i am waiting for January now. I cannot forget u and ur ff. its just amazing

    Todays episode is very cute, lovely. Its just mind blowing.
    Congo for 70 episodes??????
    Loved it
    Return soon in January
    Love u??

  5. Heya sameera…
    The episode tho #cutenessoverloaded ?? loved it to the core ❤❤

    Thank you tons sameera for not ending ff…will miss you and ur ff so much…I’m so much used to ur daily updates and ur cute TwiNj scenes…dont know how am I gonna be till Jan…dear if u get free time in between do post one or two episodes…I’m not forcing you only if it’s possible…Desperately waiting for Jan…

    All the best for your studies…

    XOXO ❤❤

  6. Kruti

    Sam……soooooooo damn sorry itneeeeee saare epi pe comment nahi kiya…..kya karoon mai bechari padhai ke bojh ki maari??

    On a serious note….all d epi so far were splendid….nd tdy’s was also amazing

    Will be eagerly waiting to see u back soon…..will miss u
    Loads of Love ??❤

  7. Tanishasharma2108

    Hey sameera I will surely miss your ff pls continue it at any cost in jan
    Love you??

  8. Aanya_pandey

    That ws really good epi yrr.. will b waiting fr u to come back n update new epi
    Till then tc dear

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Hy sameera …..
    Awesome episode…. Cuteness overloaded…..enjoyed the episode….. Loved it to the core…..amazing u write…..

    Would miss u….hope to see u back in Jan….loved u loads….???

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous lovely epi… continue soon…

  11. Beautiful episode sameera I will miss you so much take care

  12. Sohi

    Hello sameera well are you stopping this ff now or after some time. The episode was amazing I will miss you and your ff very much bye

  13. Hey Sam,
    Firstly a bada wala thanks for not ending it as when smone leaves for certain period they end their ff like aamu did.Thanks for not ending it.The epi was too gud.Luved it.Miss u.N how can we forget u?Miss u n I know that when u cme back u will just rock it. Cme back soon but I may not be there to cmt as I am also leaving TU for smtime. Sorry for that but will read ur ff for sure.

    Lots of luv,

  14. Superb epi Sam… yaar i’ll miss u nd u’r ff vry much… Love u nd this lovely ff… Nd u also don’t forget me okay… Always remember that u have a jabra fan of your’s who loves u nd missing u very much… Hope u’ll come back soon… Love u… Take care… Baabbyyeee….

  15. Awesome amazing lovely cute epi sameera
    Miss u nd ur ff come back soon
    Srry for late comment

  16. Hi Sammu, how are you? okay I know I’m tooooooooo late… really very sorry for that… actually I was not visiting TU since few days bcz of very busy shedule… so pls yaar forgive me….

    Now comming to the episode…. so…. it was super dupar hit n mindblowing episode n cuteness toh overrrrrrrrfrloaded… loved its each n every part…. twinjs romance n their scene was superb…. I loved whole episode..

    N I’m happy that you’ll continue it in january…. N don’t worry I’ll never forget you but you also don’t forget me…. I’ll miss you my darling…. come back soon….

    Well agle saal milenge…. till then take care youself….. love you sooooooo much♥♥

    N all the best for your exams….


  17. Yaya.
    Sorry, Sameera.
    I couldn’t read and comment.
    But, this ain’t the end, Right?
    You’ll be continuing soon.
    I’ll be waiting.
    Come back soon.
    Loads of Love?

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