ISHQ FOREVER TWINJ episode 100 and summary

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Hello guys how are u all here I have posted the century episode last night but it got posted on kkb page I have resubmitted the article and it didn’t posted so again I am posting it with summary ….
Enjoy ?????????


sam rahman
to me
18 hours agoDetails

Summary till now : This ff starts with the enemity between two families that is sarnas n tanejas entry of cute lil girl is shown which is revealed to be twinkle she gets hit by a boy who is none other than our kunj n they both became friends kunj gave a new name to twinkle jasmine n he doesn’t know her real name and he too tells his name sid bcoz at home everyone used to call him sid they both became a best friends of each other at mahaaarti their families get to know about sidmin/twinj friendship n thy blame each other and decided to separate twinj Manohar sends kunj to Germany while tanejas send twinkle to Paris …a leap of 18 yrs is shown kunj entry is shown who is celebrating his friends bachelor before his engagement then twinkle entry in Paris is shown she Mets a boy yuvi and it is revealed that twiraj were also friends them yuvi drops twinkle to airport who was going to Germany for attending ashna her friend engagement their twinj again meet n recall a flashback of airport scene where twinj fights and twinkle drops a nail cutter in kunj pocket due to which he got caught at security check they come back from flashback and attends the engagement then twinkle takes some flat and she has to share dat flat with kunj and they both agrees kunj n twinkle used to feel dat dey know eo but never talked about it then twinkle gets admitted in same college in which kunj is there they became friends then mahi entry is shown and yuhi relationship is revealed then it is revealed twinkle is a popular fashion designer and owner of sidmin creation nd she came to Germany in search of sid only kunj also got to know about sidmin creation owner and he decided to see how his jasmine look then he got to know dat twinkle is his jasmine only n gets happy after dat kunj tells twinkle about him and they both get happy recalls their childhood n spend some quality time together then twinj hides their feelings thinking what if twinkle/ kunj thinks them as beast friend only they kept quiet and kunj introduces Maya as his girlfriend to know twinkle feelings twinkle got to know about this plan she calls Abeer n introduces him as her best friend kunj gets jealous of them and they decided to do party where Abeer is seen romancing with meher n kunj shows twinkle dat when twinkle ask him to say how it’s matters to him and kunj proposes twinkle and she too confess hee feelings for kunj and makes him meet Abeer n meher (Twi cousin n her husband) kunj gets shocked bechara k popat hogaya then twinj share come cute moments together ushar came to meet kunj where usha shows her dismay when mahi name was taken they used to do fun at college n all and they did special play in their farewell which shows friends importance in life then they write their exms n gets passed n came back to India …

In India they used to meet secretly kunj cousin anaya entry is shown then twinj mothers to got know about them n ask them twinkle tells her parents dat she n kunj loves eo where as kunj too tells d same Rt gives a condition to twinkle if kunj says dat he loves twinkle too then he will get her married someone is shown listening to this convo Manohar n Rt came face to face n ask kunj about his feelings he denies d fact dat he doesn’t love twinkle she gets shocked kunj left from there n goes in flashback where usha tells kunj to say dat he doesn’t love twinkle or else she will tell mahi dat she is an orphan kunj choose his sister happiness den it is revealed dat anaya hates kunj thinking dat babee loves kunj more Dan her den at party Anita declared twiraj engagement yuhi n twinj gets shocked them sad moments finally d day of twiraj wedding where yuhi gets married and everyone got to know about dat leap of 6 months is shown where twinj gets successful in the careers and twinj united and they decide to know the reason BTW enemity families babee tells kunj dat Manohar sis veera loves surjeet n they thought dat she loves Rt and Rt and veera got engaged after dat

Rt Mets leela n falls for her he calls veera n tells her everything and she makes the get married and goes to surjeet house at night where he tells her dat he doesn’t love her now n ask her to move on she gets shattered and committed suicide written a letter in which she told dat she is ditched by d person whom she loves d most n everyone thought it Rt and dat was reason …twinj n yuhi clears the confusion between d families n surjeet apologise to them for hiding d truth them Manohar n Rt decided to get twinj married everyone gets happy then twinj engagement haldi n mehandi sangeet bachelor party n now finally their marriage happens then at twinj reception all decided to go out for a trip to vixag but leela was sacred to go vixag they all went their twinj had fun and theydedcied to do anraj marriage and on wedding day twinj accident happened in which one died then a leap of 8 months is shown where kunj is seen alive and family thought twinkle died then twinkle entry is how as RJ jasmin and she meets a boy kabir and calls him Bhai and they were in Hyderabad kunj came there for meeting n saw twinkle then kabir tells him dat he and his wife Misha has taken care of twinkle and she has lost her memory then kunj got to know about twinkle miscarriage then leela revels about her son kabir who lost in vizag and cries here kunj decided to make twinkle rwacall their past and introduce himself as siddhant and then he gets succeeded twinkle gets her memory back and twinj along with mibir and then while family gets happy seeing twinkle and decided for anraj marriage leela reveals kabir being his son and they all had a family moment then anraj marriage happen twinkle expecting news came then twi got to know about her miscarriage then kunj consoles her and days passes by they celebrate twinkle baby shower them finally the day arrives when twinj were blessed with a boy and a girl who they names kush and tani ..

(Huh so this was d short summary I didn’t describe it in detail as u all may fall asleep

So here is the link for century episode ….
Hope this time it gets posted correct if not go to my home page …..

Chalo bye bye I am leaving …
Sameera ????????????????????????

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  1. Sohi

    The summary was good
    Phirse purani baatein yaad agayi
    I have already commentend on your ff
    Do Read it
    And reply is must
    At last but not the least do continue
    All the best

    1. Sameera

      Thanks once again yaar ??????
      Yeah I have replied to your comment ??????

  2. I will miss ur ff and even u….last episode was very cute and awesome… I have not missed single episode also…you are a superb u come back soon…

    1. Sameera

      Thank you sooo much somu ??????

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome…will miss you n your ff….

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome…will miss you n your ff…….

  5. dii this journey is vry special for all of us….ech and every episode i remember of dis ff….love u meri jaan….a song i dedicate to u dii…this is for u
    “Hua hai ajj pehle baar
    jo aise muskuraya hun
    tmhe dekha toh jana yeh
    ke kyun duniya mein aaya hun”

    “yeh jaan lekr ke jan meri
    tmhe jeene mein laya hun
    main tmse ishq krne ki
    ijazat rab se laya hun”

    This few lines r for u samu di….love u

  6. Presha

    Hey Sam u refreshed my memory I read ur ff from episode 1 but started commenting from epi 65 as earlier I do not have courage to comment but I did it and was happy but will miss u and ur ff plz come back soon and I have commented on ur ff and I have messaged u on TU plz reply it and I have also send my number do call or watsapp me plz plz
    Take care
    Love u and will miss u????☺☺???❤❤????????????????

  7. Aanya_pandey

    That really good to read this summary!!!

  8. Baby

    dii…… it ofco read it……..☺
    pura ka pura bhot emotional yaad aa gyi
    n srsly m abhi like pucho mat
    bt udhar cmnt kiya hai n yeah reply is must……….
    ohk ab or mat rulao………kunki ab aap bata bhi nhi re naa kab vapas aane wale ho
    haan thik hai sry abhi toh cmnt kiya mene
    love u di c u soon☺☺☺

  9. Sameera dii…
    Jaisa ki hamesha bolti hun kabhi baat nahi kiya but don’t know why i feel so ki i have a relation with you. May be some unknown bond. I love you so much. Sachii. Please give me something so that we can be in contact if you can. Love you always. I will miss you. Please na jaldi aana. I know bahut kaam comments kiya but jaroori to nhi ki harr baat ko bol kar bayan kare. I hope ki u know ki i have read all your episodes. I love all your episodes. I am gonna miss you and your writing dii. Love you…. So much…. ? Yaad hai na lover hi hun…
    Love you…
    Take care…..
    Gonna miss you…so much…
    You cutee little sista i.e. Lover…
    I know jyada ho gaya… Bye.. Will miss you…. And wait for you. .

  10. Sam yaar congratulation for u’r ff’s dhakkad dhamal wala century… It was super se bhi upar wala ff… Loved it from the core of my heart… Yeah i knw ki bohat dino bad comment kiya… Bt seriously yaar i’m very busy wid my studies… 2nd feb se meri finals start hone wali hey… So nowdays i’m quite irregular on tu… But read all the epis of ur ff… But can’t comment… Very very sorry for that… Maff kar de na yaar pls… Nd sun mere exams arahehe so mere liye pray karna… Nd u too best of luck for u’r future… Keep writing like this… Will miss u nd u’r ff… Love u now nd always… Baabbyyeee… Ummaah…

  11. Hey Sam awesome summary
    Sari yade taza ho gayi
    Sry fr short comment lack of time
    But come back wid a blast dear
    Love u keep smiling

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