ishq forever (ishra, swasan, arshi, raglak) (epi-9)

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ishitha comes home wid swara . swara says ap rest kijiye mein chalti hun . ruhi sees ishita and comes running to ishitha and sits on her lap . raman who has just now come home shouts , ruhi , ut jao , mumma ko aise disturb nahi karte , unke pass baby bi hai na , in an angry voice . ruhi gets hurt by raman’s words , she starts crying and goes to her room . kushi says bhaiya , why did u scold her , she is only 5 years old , will she understand anything if u scold like this , now she will think u love baby more than her and goes to ruhi’s room. Ishitha says han raman u should have not scolded her and goes from there . kushi goes to ruhi’s room and sees ruhi crying , she goes and tickles her . ruhi laughs and says mein ab kisi se bath nahi karungi , ap jayiye . kushi says apki kushi bua se bhi nahi . ruhi says nahi ,kushi is abt to go when ruhi stops her , ruhi comes and tickles kushi , kushi says ruhi tell me one thing , who is my most favourite ? ruhi says me but don’t know now u will like me or not and goes from there , kushi gets thinking .

the next day everything was the same , everyone was on their busy schedule .
at evening laksh finishes all his works and goes to ragini’s company , ragini and associates . he goes and sees ragini seeing and a file and talking to her assistants abt a case . laksh says may I come in. ragini gets surprised seeing laksh . she says kiya tum jao . here r the keys , give it to watchman and go when u leave . laksh says ragini , there is a partywhich is being organised by our clients ,so here is a dress , I don’t know if it is good , wear it now and get ready , we r going to home , we’ll pick swara and sanskar and go to the venue . ragini says ok and goes and comes back in a beautiful red gown . laksh gets mesmerised seeing her . ragini says hello , lakshhh chale . laksh says what, han ok .
ragini and laksh enter maheshwari mansion . ragini says laksh why is house so dark . suddenly the lights gets switched on and ragini sees many people , there . they sing happy b’day song . ragini just then realises that it was her b’day today . swara says di , u got so busy that u forgot ur b’day ? then everybody wish ragini . ishitha says cut the cake ragini . ragini cuts the cake and feeds it to laksh , then ruhi and then swara and everybody else .

ishitha says party is incomplete without dance is it not , but today it will be a different one , I have some chits wid me , all the men will take chits and the name in it will be their dance partner for today ok . all of them take chits , laksh opens and finds ragini’s name . Anjali says arnav tum bhi jao na , arnav says di , I came here for ragini , she is like a sister to me , I don’t wanna dance ok . Anjali says over smart math bano , ab jao and pushes his to take the chit . sanskar opens his chit and sees ria , his and ragini’s childhood friend’s name in it . raman opens it and finds ishitha’s name and gets happy . arnav opens chit and says oh my god . yes it was kushi’s name . the music starts playing and all the couples start dancing. Laksh dances gracefully wid ragini ,and takes her aside while everybody r dancing . swara is dancing wid somebody and sees sanskar dancing happily wid ria and gets jealous , while dancing ria calls sanskar near and whispers some thing in his ears .

sanskar smiles . swara thinks , sanskar what r u doing wid ria and gets even more jealous . sanskar sees swara and senses her jealousy and smiles and continues dancing . meanwhile , ragini says laksh why did u bring me here . laksh says I did not give u any gift today , ragini smiles and says ok give whatever u want to give . laksh says whatever ? and goes close to ragini . ragini smiles and says lakshh everybody r waiting outside . laksh says I am giving u ur gift and kisses her . they hear ishitha calling them . ragini kisses him back and says I think now we should go , laksh smiles and they go back , kushi stamps arnav by mistake . arnav says kushi , pagal ho kya . kushi says ap pagal hai , and ya u and I had a challenged that we will not fight . arnav remembers it and says han han , when did I fight wid u , it was u who started the fight . a couple pushe kushi by mistake , arnav holds her and says kushi , see and dance , u r falling on me . kushi says I am sorry and continues dancing wid arnav . ishitha says raman , I feel our baby loves to dance . raman says whose son is he and holds ishitha tightly . ishitha says have u talked to ruhi ? raman says no , I have not . she is too angry and hurt . ishitha says han , raman says but I was just worried abt our baby . ishitha says she is also child only .

raman says I will convince my princess . ishitha says ok , and smiles. Swara who was no longer able to see ria and sanskar together says ria ur husband is calling u . sanskar says swara , . mujhe kuch jalne ki smell aa rahi hai,vo bhi yahin se aa rahi hai , tumhe aa raha hai kya . swara says sanskar , bas karo , I know how u both were dancing together and how u were flirting wid her . sanskar says swara I cant get a better wife than u . swa:then what was she telling to u , that too she was whispering . sanskar says meri ma , now listen to me , she said I am lucky to have such a beautiful wife like u . she said that ur looking fabulous in this blue dress and hugs swara . swara says pata hai, bas test kar rahi thi ki tum kitna sach bolte ho . sanskar smiles
to be continued…..

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    Ruhi shud’ve been handled u wrote she will think they luv d baby more than her.khushi ruhi bonding is so beautiful n cute.laksh gifted a red gown 2 ragini n was lost in her seeing her in that dress.loved it.ragini’s surprise b’day celebration was nice.chit dance was nice.raglak kiss was romantic.jealous swara n sanskar enjoying riya was complimenting swara in sanskar’s eyes.loved swara saying that she knew d truth n she was only testing his honesty.ishra’s unborn baby likes dance?ha ha..they r thinking a lot abt d baby.arshi fight was funny

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