Ishq-E-Kismat Episode 6 – A New FF Tashan-e-Ishq

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So here is epi 6

Twinkle is walking towards class Yuvi comes behind her
Yuvi-Heyy ,
Twinkle (cheerfully)-Hellooo
Yuvi offers her some chocolates
Twinkle(confused)-so many chocolates!!!!For me???why???
Yuvi-Actually since few months,u were stressed up all because of me. Actually just simply saying sorry I felt was not sufficient.

But straight away asking u for coffee may again spoil things between us.So,I opted for a mid-way solution.Pls accept these as a token of apology for my unintentional mistake.
Twinkle -Ohhh my God,such a huge explaination.Waise I would have joined u for coffee too.
Yuvi (shyly)-Sure,I mean great. So tdy evening at shenoy’s
Twinkle-Actually now that u have given me chocolates ,coffee next time.

Twinkle leaves giggling
Yuvi has a smile on his face

Twinkle has narrated all to Mahi
Mahi (teasingly)-u should have gone for coffee He genuinely seems interested in u.
The way he looks at u , yaar just look into his eyes,There seems ocean of love.

Twinkle-Shut up Mahi.Simply don’t make a mountain of a molehill.He just wanted to apologise.Nothing else.

Mahi-Hmmmm I know everything .I have a PHD in all this luv shuv matter.

Scene shifts
Twinkle and Kunj are in library.
They are studing
Yuvi enters
Yuvi (mischievous tone)-Twinkle if u are not scared of me May I join u guys.Actually I need help in studies from my genius brother as exams are approaching.

Twinkle-Yes sure

Yuvi sits next to twinkle

Yuvi-So Kunj Sir pls teach ur both students me and twinkle.

They all laugh

They are shown to be studing together
While Kunj has a very serious approach
Twinkle and yuvi keep on doing mischiefs while studing

Examination set up is shown

Kunj is seriously answering his ppr

While twinkle is shown to be helping yuvi in copying

Exams end..

Yuvi-celebration time, lets go for a movie guys

All three go for a movie

Twinkle is sitting between yuvi and Kunj

Student of the year is shown on screen

Twinkle is deeply engrossed in movie.
She is getting enotional

Kunj is adoring her

While yuvi tries to hold her hand to calm her

Ishq wala love plays in Bg

All three head to a restaurant

They seem to be having a gala time.

Scene shifts
Twinkle, Kunj and yuvi are in a factory for industrial visit
Kunj is seriously observing all machineries
Yuvi n twinkle are busy gossiping

Suddenly kunj observes that a machinery setup is about to fall on twinkle
He rushes n pushes her.
The assembly falls on Kunj
Twinkle also gets hurt
But is dumbstruck n terrified to see Kunj bleeding n trapped under assembly
Yuvi helps twinkle to get up
He runs to Kunj
All students and teachers have panicked.

Precap- yuvi and twinkle are waiting outside in hospital
Twinkle’s hand is band aged
She is very worried for Kunj
She is crying
Yuvi gently takes her hand in his hand N assures her everything would be fine.
Entire family comes to hospital
Twinkle n yuvi together pray to ganesha for Kunj.
Twinkle hugs yuvi n cries inconsolably.
She blames herself for everything.

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