Ishq-E-Kismat Episode 46 – A New FF Tashan-e-Ishq

Hello Everyone,

Extremely sorry for such a late update.

Actually I am having some health issues.

Was unable to write

So was just drafting little by little


I will try and end this ff soon

As will not be able to post regularly

N donot like to make u all wait.

So will try to rush a little with my plot

Thanks for all your appreciation for previous epi

In past epis we had seen that kunj was very upset with manohar as he had spoken rudely to twinkle.

Kunj had quit his family business.

Though twinj successfully united sid and rinki

And mr raheja also apologized to them

Lets see what happens next.

Twinkle is very tired and in deep sleep on the morning following party.
Kunj has woken up early in morning
He has also got ready in formals to go somewhere.
Without disturbing twinkle much
He just stares at his sleeping beauty.
Kunj’s pov-I know u r my lucky charm.twinkle things are going to be challenging for me but ur support will make everything smooth.i have to prove myself.i need to do something in life.
Donot want u to take stress so will be saying a lie to u sorry .

Kunj takes a small paper.
He writes” Good morning Twinkle as u were fast asleep Didnot want to disturb u I am going to meet my friend.
Will return in night
If my phone is unreachable pls donot panic
Maybe due to network issues
Will keep in touch
U eat breakfast n lunch properly
Take care of urself.
If u need anything pls go to gautami chachi

He places note before her bedside table
Gives her a flying kiss and leaves

Scene shifts.

Twinkle lazily wakes up
She calls out to kunj
Notices the note
Reads it
N makes a poker face
She dails his no.
It is switched off
She types a sms and gets up from bad
She sluggishly goes n prepares tea for herself.

Kunj is shown to be in discussion with a panel of people(seems like giving an interview)
As he is confidently answering questions
Someone enters the room
He is a familiar face to kunj
Kunj gets little worried
One interviewer-Mr Kunj pls meet our Marketing head Mr Verma
Mr Verma-We know each other He is Mr Manohar Sarna’s son.
Kunj beta why are you giving interview?
I mean u already are in your father’s business n he always praises your good job.
Kunj(mustering courage)-uncle I wanted to try working I wanted to gain some experience of working elsewhere
Mr Verma(unconvinced )-kunj does manohar knows.

Kunj’s pov-This opportunity is definately gone now.

Interviewer-Mr Kunj It was amazing meeting you.
We will contact you shortly if we select you.
Thank u

Kunj thanks them
N immediately leaves
He doesnot want to face more questions from Mr Verma.

Scene shifts

Mr verma calls up manohar
He is telling him something
Manohar gets upset
Manohar-Thank u so much Verma ji for informing.Actually kunj had just casually expressed he would like to work with some other company.U know kids these days.I thought he was not serious.Anyways pls donot offer him job.If possible just suggest him to first focus in family business.
Mr Verma-yes sure manohar Take care.

Manohar seems hurt
He goes near window
He sees twinkle watering plants in garden

Twinkle suddenly notices manohar has joined her in watering plants
She is little frighten
But smiles
Manohar-Beta you know like you are nurturing these delicate plants We parents nurture our children .we want to protect them from every wrong every problem.
In this we actually get overprotective
End up being too harsh.
Mr Raheja is not an easy personality.
I was very scared he can take legal action
So in panic i reacted that way
N kunj took it in plain monetary terms.
Twinkle(attentively)-yes papaji i can understand.
Manohar-beta pls i need a favour from u .
Pls i want u both to keep working with our firm itself.
Twinkle-Papa ji pls donot wry Just give kunj few days Let his anger settle down let him mellow down a little I am so sure he will be back.
Manohar(sadly)-I donot think so.
Otherwise he would have never gone for an interview.
Manohar-yes my friend just called me and informed me he has spotted kunj in his firm giving interview

Twinkle-papa ji pls donot wry.I promise we will come back

Manohar keeps his hand on her head
Twinkle feels blessed

Scene shifts
A tensed kunj is drinking coffee in a cafe
He switches on his phone
Sms from twinkle

His face lights up
His tiredness fades away.
Before he could type out or call
His phone rings
Twinkle calling
Kunj-Hello twinkle
Twinkle(softly)-kunj kunj
Kunj-what happened ?Is everything fine?
Twinkle-where are u now?how long will u take to return?
Kunj-but what happened?
Twinkle-kunj I didnot want to disturb u but I am having unbearable stomach ache feeling giddy too.
Kunj(worried)-From when?did u take medicines pls call up in main house or wait i will call n ask chachi to be with you.
Twinkle-no no that is ok.i just asked u .donot wry i will be ok.u return at convenience
Kunj-Twinkle pls look after urself properly i will come soon.
Twinkle-hmmn i will rest now bye tc cannot talk more
She cuts the call

Twinkle smiles-Come mr sarna come

Scene shifts
Doorbell rings
Twinkle opens the door
Kunj(worried)-Hey are u ok?did u call chachi/doctor???is it still paining

Pls pls sit down first twinkle

Twinkle- I am ok donot wry so much.

Kunj-no i guess we should consult doctor once may be could be food poison due to yesterday’s party.

Twinkle tries to control but fails to n brusts out laughing
Kunj is puzzled
Twinkle-relax I am fine I just wanted u to return soon

She holds her ears n apologises
Kunj gets angry-Twinkle i got so worried what sort of mischief is this?this is not funny.
Twinkle-It is called revenge.u too lied u had gone for an interview.right??
Kunj-so?i lied so that u should not take stress n ur lie gave me stress.well no point talking now.i am going now to freshen up.

Before twinkle could say a word kunj leaves

After some time he is resting on bed

Twinkle gets food

Kunj-Pls take it I am not hungry.

Twinkle-mr sarna anger is never taken out on food pls eat it.

Kunj-It is no anger i am not hungry.i am tired pls let me rest.

He turns his face on other side

Twinkle’s pov-so u are showing me attitude now watch out

She has a mischievous smile on her face

Soon twinkle feels a tingle on his nose

He is surprised to see
Twinkle sitting beside him

With lipstick

She has actually coloured his nose red

Kunj-Have u lost it???

Twinkle-no re i have gained it!!!this red nose suits u perfect.god forgot it so i created

She laughs out loud

Kunj controls his laughter

Twinkle-Mr sarna donot get so angry on trival issues else u will turn bald

She teases him n runs

He chases her

Kunj-wait out now let me paint ur cheeks red wait
He runs behind her

He throws a pillow at her

She throws it back

They indulge in a cute pillow fight.

Twinkle gets tired she sits on sofa

She apologises holding her ears

Kunj looks at his face in mirror
N ends up laughing loudly

Scene shifts

Twinj are eating food

Twinkle-kunj see i just wanted u to return home earliest because tdy papa ji had come he was hurt because u are trying for job elsewhere.
See kunj in anger and protectiveness parents do say somethings but we should not mind it.

Kunj-Twinkle if it was just about me i would never mind It involved u
This is something which has been in my heart since a long time
Always dad focused just on business
I have seen maa cry for him.
He has never attended a single annual function of mine
He has no clue when i passed kindergarten and when i graduated.
Twinkle he was never there

Twinkle keeps her hand over his
As she notices silent drops of tears falling from his eyes
Twinkle-but he is there now.kunj my father has also never been there and still is not there but papaji is here he is protective he loves u only cannot express.pls kunj let bygones be bygones
Pls just for once place urself in papaji’s shoes
How will u feel if our son ,got angry left ur business which u built over several years and starts working with someone else
Just think about it.

Twinkle leaves with empty dishes

Kunj keeps looking at table

Tears drop from his eyes

Scene shifts

Kunj goes to main house at night itself

Twinkle smiles as she sees him go.

Manohar is in his room

He is very upset

Silently sitting on rocking chair

Tears fall from his eyes

He opens his eyes notices kunj right in front of him

Kunj sits on his knees
He holds his hands

Keeps his head on his lap

Tears fall from eyes of both

He caresses his hair

Both apologise to eachother.

Scene shifts

Kunj returns

He is smiling

Twinkle opens the door

He hugs her instantly

Kunj-All seems so beautiful feel like a huge burden a burden i was carrying since so many years is gone.I have got back my father
Thank you twinkle

She smiles.

Precap-Twinkle is planning for kunj’s bday with manohar,ram and gautami
Twinkle-chachi i want give kunj the most memorable gift pls suggest.
Gautami-any thing heart felt twinkle.
Anything u give anything u express will be hos biggest gift.

She takes leela’s suggestion over video chat.

Leela-tell him three magical it dear.most beautiful chance.just make ur best friend ur husband..

Thanks for reading.
Take care
Stay safe.????

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