Ishq-E-Kismat Episode 45 – A New FF Tashan-e-Ishq

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Twinj are walking back home
There is a glow on faces of both
Twinkle-Thank u thank u thank u kunj It was all so much fun n the food beyond description.According to u what was best part of tdy’s day
Kunj(adoring look)-Glow on ur face,shine in ur eyes and ur million dollor smile.

Twinkle blushes

They enter house

Twinkle-Let me atleast check my phone now u too check urs kunj pls

Kunj-As u command

As twinkle switches on her phone
She sees several missed calls from rinki
Kunj’s phone immediately rings
It is Gautami
Gautami-kunj ???????where were u both.
Is everything fine?
Kunj-yes chachi all good actually chachu knew twinkle n i had gone to visit CN TOWERS
Gautami-ohhh yes he told us but since ur phones were switched off we got worried
Gautami-kunj u and twinkle pls come to main house Mr Raheja wants to meet u both
He is waiting here since a hour or so
Kunj-what happened
Gautami-pls come here first pls

Kunj disconnects call
Twinkle gives him concerned look
Kunj-I donot want to see that mr raheja’s face.
What does he want now.
He wants to humiliate us in our home

Twinkle-Relax kunj.I think rinki is in some problem there are several missed calls from her.

Kunj-what are we supposed to do in that?I am not going anywhere.

Twinkle holds his hand

Twinkle-pls for my sake pls.

Kunj looks in her pleading eyes

Twinj together leave for main house.

Twinkle-pls pls pls kunj donot get impulsive for my sake pls let him talk He is elder to us.

Kunj unconvincingly nods-we should respect elders and elders should just respect business earning money and humiliate us.

Kunj makes faces

Twinkle gently strokes his back to calm him

Twinj enter main house.

Mr raheja walks upto them

He folds his hands

Mr Raheja-Twinkle,kunj I am extremely sorry for all that happened yesterday I shouldnot have overreacted so much.very sorry.
Twinkle u were right
Rinki’s happiness is only with sid
I always since past 20 years after her mother passed away wanted to see my daughter smile
I set up this whole business so that she could stay like a princess
But when it came to marriage
I went astray
I started looking out for a son-in-law who will be very rich someone the world should see and say Mr Raheja got the richest son-in-law
I forgot happiness cannot be linked with richness
You were so right twinkle nick was causing discomfort pain to my daughter
Thank u so much
All because of u
Ur words
Today my rinki is married happily to love of her life sid

Twinkle(excited)-Rinki married sid

Mr Raheja-Yes immediately after u both left Rinki mustered courage and narrated me the entire ordeal which she was going through because of nick.
She told me she had hidden all this for my happiness my reputation
Ur words kept echoing in my ears
I felt i couldnot be a good father
I immediately told rinki to call sid
He indeed loves my daughter a lot.
I got them married

Twinkle-Thank u thank u thank u so much happy for rinki

Mr Raheja-God bless you twinkle.pls pls u both come to my house tom for a reception dinner.
If u have forgived me u both pls come

Kunj is all silent

Twinkle nods

Mr Raheja leaves

Kunj silently leaves

Manohar is shocked as kunj didnot utter a single word

Twinkle is confused too

She too leaves

Twinkle-kunj u should have atleast once spoken to papa ji

He keeps walking

Twinkle follows him- i am so so glad rinki got married to sid.R u not happy

Kunj-hmmmm yeah good for them

Twinkle-Whats wrong with u

Kunj-nothing u congratulate ur soul sister rinki

Kunj leaves

Twinkle is confused at his anger

Twinkle calls up rinki
N congratulates her
Rinki continuously thanks and apologises to her
Even sid thanks twinkle.

U and kunj definately have to come tom for dinner pls pls

Twinkle-sure u both enjoy .goodnight.

Twinkle enters their house
She notices kunj has already slept.

Twinkle to goes n sleeps.

Scene shifts

Twinkle brings tea for kunj
Kunj smiles n drinks it.
Twinkle is waiting for him to speak
But he is silent
Finally she breaks the ice.
Twinkle-kunj what are u wearing for tonight’s dinner?
Kunj-which dinner?
Twinkle-Rinki n sid ka reception dinner
Kunj-Twinkle I am not coming

Before she could say anything
He leaves

Kunj is reading news paper
Twinkle sits besides him
He pretends to be too engrossed in reading
Twinkle inches closer to him
He is non reactive
She keeps getting closer n closer
Kunj-what is it twinkle?Do u want to sit on my lap???
Twinkle makes faces
Kunj-Twinkle pls donot do all this I am not coming
Kunj stands up and starts walking away
Twinkle-but why kunj?
Kunj-A place where u were humiliated,i will never step there
The people who made u cry ,I will never see their face

His words touch twinkle’s heart
Her eyes get moist
She gives him tight back hug
Twinkle-N what if i only ask u to do it pls kunj pls.
For me

Kunj-how many things should i do for u.

Twinkle is about to cry

Kunj-before u bring flood of ur tears,I am wearing that ivory kurta and jeans

Twinkle jumps in excitement n thanks him

Kunj smiles seeing her happy.

Twinj enter party lawn
Mr raheja welcomes them
Rinki holding sid’s hand comes rushing to them
She gives warm hug to twinkle
Sid-Twinkle kunj thank u so only because of u i am with my rinki.u know that night if i wouldnot have received rinki’s call i was all set to leave this world forever
Rinki is my lifeline.
Twinkle-I know sid.but one should never think of taking such drastic is very precious.n our life is imp for others too.
Our loved ones

Kunj is impressed listening to twinkle’s changed thoughts

Sid hugs kunj

Kunj congratulates both.

Rinki-u know what twinkle u and kunj will have a very very blessed life together as you both have made two lovers unite.

Twinj smile

Music plays

Tum hi ho plays

Sid and rinki dance romantically
Mr Raheja is glad to see them so happy.
They pull twinj

Kunj is feeling awkward but twinkle gets in his arms n they too dance romantically.

All are clapping

Twinj are lost in each other’s eyes

Precap-Manohar is talking to twinkle.
Twinkle latter goes to talk to an angry kunj
She teases him for being so angry
She starts making his nose red using lipstick
They start chasing eachother
And throwing pillows at each other

Take care
Stay safe????

  1. Fantastic.
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    Precap is amazing Waiting for the next part

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    Amazing one !!!
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    Kunj is such a sweetheart !!
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    Precape seems interesting !!

    1. Presha

      Hey !!!
      Where have uh been for so long ??!!!
      Are uh alright ??
      I mean its been a week and we have not seen you ?!!
      I hope uh are doing good !!!

  3. Kunj Awwwwwwww ?
    How cute nd loving he is ? , nd i guess twinkle is also falling for him . Just love the update ..sweet nd simple … thank God u don’t exaggerate things ☺️ waiting for twinkle to express her feelings ( i think she don’t know about it right now ) ??

  4. Beautifully written …. amazing

  5. nice one
    precap is so lovely

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