Ishq, Dhokha Aur Locket: IMMJ2 Analysis

Hello Guys! I am going to do an analysis for last week’s Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 episodes.

So let me first start with

Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania- Proof ke bina, Nafrat Mein Marjawan:  Like Seriously! How much did that poor Riddhima have to prove herself? I felt so sorry for her. She tried to love Vansh as much as possible to prove her love for him. And what did Vansh do? He made Ahana his fake wife and hurt Ridhhima’s feelings so much 💔. She did not have any proof, but still Vansh should have at least tried to trust her and give her a second chance for the fact that she loves and cares for him so much and tries to prove her love for him without having any proof. Only once Sia gave him the proof that Riddhima isn’t bad and told her whole story Vansh forgave her. Otherwise if Sia did not recover, Vansh would be happy that Riddhima went away and would have thought good riddens. While Riddhima has gone away forever. Is this even called true love?

Emotional Riddhima: At first when Vansh wasn’t forgiving her, she begged and begged so much that she forgot what is self-respect. Vansh went to the extent of making Ahana his wife and making everyone not recognise her. He hurt her feelings so much. But still Riddhima did not give up on Vansh’s love. She still tolerated everything. Because of her emotional heart she was ready to die and lose self- respect for love.

But finally she realised how insulted she was. She found out how she lost her self respect and took her stand. Now that is Strong Riddhima. She was ready to go away from VR mansion telling the Rai Singhanias that they don’t deserve her. That is how I want Riddhima to be.

But later, she easily forgave Vansh in two minutes on hearing few emotional dialogues from his mouth. She told Vansh like 100 times more emotional dialogues but he did not forgive her at all for so many days. His heart was like a hard stone which doesn’t melt easily, whereas Riddhima’s heart was ice for sometime, but it melted.

Locket mystery: This locket mystery seems very interesting. It’s about Riddhima’s parents. Now Riddhima is officially back to “JASOOSI MODE”. Thank you so much Kabir. Finally when Riddhima and Vansh can peacefully live their life happily, you spoil it with some new problem.  Anyways you will be reading about him soon.
And this locket thing well yes it is a mystery. But why is Vansh so nervous about it? How is he related to Riddhima’s parents. And my mind posed many questions when he had the other part of the locket. He should not hide it from Riddhima, he should trust her and just tell her everything. But no, he will not do that. Come on! Riddhima can give her life for Vansh. She loves and trusts him so much. He can tell her. I am sure that Riddhima won’t lose trust in him. But what he is doing now is called hiding the truth, cheating and lying.             Like even Riddhima had the courage to tell the whole truth of herself being Kabir’s spy. Whereas Vansh is scared to tell about her parent’s truth.

The Sly Fox: This foxy Kabir is playing a big game with everyone right now. He first cheated Riddhima as his boyfriend telling her to go to the VR mansion and spy on Vansh. Now that Riddhima knows his truth, he is playing another game with them. I cannot believe it. How does he know so much information about Riddhima, her parents and Vansh’s relation? He is a true villain I must say. He literally extracted so much of information from both of them. What will he get with all this? What will he get with the separation of Riansh?

He just wants revenge, but will get nothing from it.

The ulterior motive behind all this is to get the property. Literally this is too much of obsession for property. He is going till this extent for it.


Ok guys so this is all I have to write about this. And those who read my fanfiction and love it, Thank you all so much once again… and I am very sorry to keep you waiting for the next episode. But I guess you will need to wait for few more days. I will definitely post by the coming Friday, if not then I must be really busy. Also, Please do express your opinions on my analysis and do tell some of your theories too.

  1. Damn true yaar!
    Each nd every words were true..

    I m also not getting why vansh is hiding the mystery of riddhima’s parents from her?🤷
    If he trust her then what’s the problem..!?
    And really kabir is very good villain saare kaam ache se karta hain😂😂
    But what will get from this revenge..umm nothing and property toh bilkul nhi vansh ke hote hue..toh milega kya time waste just go and live ur life man!!😅

    1. Thank you so much. Yes this Kabir may be very cunning in all his locket masterplan.
      But ultimately the biggest fool in the world 😂
      Because by separating Riansh and taking revenge on Riddhima, he won’t get the property. At the maximum, Riddhima will leave the VR mansion. But it won’t help him in any way.

  2. FirstRaysOfSun

    It’s amazing!!!!!!

    1. Thank you dear 😊

  3. Amazing 😉

    1. Thank you 😊

  4. Really nice! Every point is true. You are a very unique person. Everyone else just writes fan fictions which are also very amazing. But no one has written any analysis till today. But you decided to stand out and write a ff.
    Hats off to you dear.

    1. Sorry I meant *analysis not ff in the second last line

    2. Thank you very much dear it 😊. Actually there were no plans. I just randomly thought of it at night so I wrote it 😅.

  5. Wow amazing!

    1. Thank you

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