Ishq Aaj Kal (Love at these days) – Episode 16 ( Who is Escaped? )

Recap: Meera hacked Gautami’s lover’s account. Shivangi knows his ill intentions. Shivangi with Roumil, Rocky, Aaliya, Avni travels in flight to rescue Gautami.

The episode starts,
Rocky says, “Shivangi, still three hours are there for landing. I think they must be landed in the airport.” Shivangi says, “Yeah, Rocky. But still it is evening. So, I think they must have food and atleast they go for shopping. This might take almost three hours. Before they enter into their room, we’ll land in airport.” Aaliya says, “If it happens as you say, it would be good, bhabhi.”

After three hours, they landed in Nainital Airport.

The Police officers in the AirPort told Shivangi that Gautami is safe with them and further said that they couldn’t catch her boyfriend

They are shocked and happy to see Gautami sitting there in airport and crying. Shivangi runs to Gautami and hugs her. Gautami cries, “Rahul is missing, Someone has kidnapped him. Please fin him.” They are shocked. Avni – “What happened, Gautami? Say clearly.” Gautami – “We just came out of the plane. then, Rahul asked me to sit here. He said that he is going for lavatory. But he didn’t come back. I searched him all the where. But I couln’t find him. I filed a case here too.” Shivangi – “Thank god” Avni – “Gautami, can you say who is this? Avni shows Raghav’s photo to Gautami. Gautami – “He is my hubby Rahul. He is missing.” Shivangi says, “Gautami, Rahul is a cheater.” Gautami looks at Shivangi. Aaliya – “Not only he cheated you, he cheated many girls including Avni.” Gautami is shocked to hear this. Avni – “Yes, Gautami. He created another account and he flirted with Avni. He even dated me. Then he decieved me.” Gautami cries and faints.

Shivangi spills some water on fainted Gautami. Gautami get into her senses and cries. Avni consoles Gautami, “Gautami, Social media is always trustworthy. It is true in our cases.” Gautami – “I can’t even imagine Rahul is a cheater. How could these guys exist in universe?” Avni – “Yes Gautami. I don’t know where has he gone? But his real motive is to consummate with girls and take it as video and uploading in Internet.” Gautami – “But Why has he left me alone?” Shivangi – “Something made him doubtful in the middle. Thats why he escaped.”

The scene shifts to a small house.

Rahul is seen hitting a punchbag intensely. He thinks, “My high budget got failed because of her useless family members.” Rahul gets a phone call. He attends the call. Rahul – “Thankyou so much Dude, for saving me that her family members are following us. But I couldn’t tolerate that she escaped from me.” The other end – “Its Ok, Sameer. Friends are there to help eachother. I found that they hacked your clipboard. I guess they must have read all your chatlists. They are just a simple hacker but I am a pro-hacker. Seriously I forget that your name is SAMEER as you have 50 fake names for each girls.” Rahul laughs. Sameer says, “Tomorrow Avni is coming with me. She won’t escape from my trap. She is also from a rich family.” (The Author want to highlight that this social media playboy’s real name is Sameer)

The scene shifts back to hotel.

Roumil, Rocky, Shivangi, Gautami, Aaliya, Avni are in Hotel room.

Shivangi says, “Social media is maximum filled with decietfullness and false hopes. But if the people is clever, they could find his love even in anymedia. The same happened with me and Rocky.” Rocky says, “It doesn’t happen so easily. First we have to clarify whether the opposite person had made his real profile picture. Many of my friend are irritated because their lover had kept fake DP to impress them” Shivangi – “Also, we should not share our Contact no. on the first day itself especially for girls. Gautami and Avni are sitting quitely listening to them sadly.

Avni gets a message from Sameer calling her to come Nainital. Shivangi smirks. Rocky says, “Game over Playboy.”

To be continued…..

To my readers,
Hope you know that Social Media Love is not always the safest nor safe. This fan-fiction is to end by next episode. Give your comments.

  1. Jasminerahul

    thank God.they all reached near avni.shocking that rahul who is actually sameer was informed by his friend that he has been traced by avni’s family n so he escaped.but why does he still expect avni to join him when he knows that her family knows her true colour? I am waiting to see how rahul will be trapped

    1. Shesha485

      Thankyou. It is because he could not guess who hacked his account. Also, he don’t know Avni and Gautami are relatives as still marriage isn’t happened.

  2. i didn’t expect it to end so soon. will you be coming back with a new ff?
    but it was a great f. i m super excited for the next episode

    1. Shesha485

      Thankyou so much. The next episode will release tomorrow (Monday) Yes. After this I’m coming new ff. It is releasing today’s afternoon

  3. Adhu

    Nice episode. It was good that Gautami got saved.

    1. Shesha485

      Thankyou so much

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