Ishq Aaj Kal (Love at these days) – Episode 15 (Gautami in a trap)

Recap: Rahul is disguised as Raghav and trapped Avni and Gautami in his love. Avni escapes from the trap. Gautami is going to Nainital with her Rahul. Shivangi, Avni and Aaliya are in shock.

The episode starts,
Shivangi – “I didn’t even think about this darker side of this social media.” Aaliya – “Bhabhi, what shall we do now? One side, Gautami is with that fake boy. Another side, Avni got a message.” Avni – “Still he is online. What shall I do now? Shall I block him?” Shivangi – “Wait, Avni. You just text ok. Then, we plan something.” Avni texts him. Aaliya – “If I am a hacker, I will hack his account. Nonsense.”

Avni – “There is one idea. It is better to hack his account. Do anyone know any hacker?” Shivangi – “My friend Meera (Surbhi Jyoti from Tanhaiyan, also appeared in Noodles drama episode) is a ethical hacker. Let me call her.”

Shivangi speaks to Meera and they hacked Rahul’s mobile clipboard so that whatever he types is visible to Shivangi. Aaliya – “So what is the use of it, bhabhi?” Shivangi – “He has so many accounts thats why he flirted with Avni and Gautami. So, he must logged in to one account and then he must logged out to enter into his another fake account. During that time, he must type his password of account. As we have hacked his clipboard, we could find his password.” Avni – “So, we can find how many girls are trapped and we can file a legal complaint on him.”

After half-an-hour, they somehow hacked one of his fake accounts. The girls came to an conclusion that it is his real account. While checking his private messages, they find a shocking news in it. In that they found that he will have a physical relationship with the girl and takes video and would blackmail her for money. After getting wanted money, they would upload it in the internet. The three girls blood shivers.

Avni – “We must save Gautami at any cost.” Shivangi – “We must file a police complaint.” Aaliya – “We too must go there to save her. It will take 12 hrs to go Nainital by plane. Within 9 hours, they’ll reach the place. We must go there as soon as possible. “Shivangi narrates the incident to Rocky and Roumil. Somehow, Rocky, Shivangi, Avni, Roumil and Aaliya entered the flight. They also filed a police complaint.

The scene moves to another flight where Rahul and Gautami are travelling. Gautami is lying on Rahul’s arms and they were speaking about their future marriage life. Rahul thinks, “After uploading your video in Internet, You won’t be there to marry any boy.” He smirks. Gautami says. “Rahul, why are we going to Nainital?” Rahul answers, “Actually I am in thought of surprising you.” Gautami says, “I love you Rahul.” Rahul says, “I love you too.” He thinks, “I can make dollars by selling your video to Americans. But atleast I get lakhs by blackmailing you. No one could find me that I am the reason for your worst future.” He smirks.

To be continued…

  1. Jasminerahul

    surprising that meera made a re entry to hack this fake man’s accounts.good that they got more information about him.shocking that he uses girls n blackmail them cheap of him to think about selling avni’s video n blackmail her.good that they filed complaint.hope they will catch him n save naagin2 too avni became a victim.hope here she doesn’t.

    1. Shesha485

      Thankyou so much

  2. hey i m so sorry but i just read your previous 3 episodes. i was a little busy. the ff has taken a nice turn with social media n blackmailing. I love the track

    1. Shesha485

      Thankyou and No problem. But I am waiting for your ff’s new episiode too. Post it as soon as possible

  3. Adhu

    This is a good episode. It’s true that many gets trapped like this. It was good to see this track in this FF , it really throws light over such heinous crimes. I hope they can help Gautami. Rahul is so cheap. Such people should be punished hardly.
    Keep going??

    1. Shesha485

      Thankyou so much.

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